Upcoming Adventure: Cycle around the world for charity
Why?:  A challenge and to make a difference
Start: May 2013

“You have reached a place for inspiration, adventure & joy. These are some of the goals I hunt for in my quest for new challenges.

Every day creates new opportunities to develop and share experiences with all other wonderful people in the world. My personal opinion is that an adventure is an highly individual expression but also unites us in our passion and courage to dare to dream.

In the morning we open our minds and encounter all sorts of secrets just waiting out there, ready to be exposed in our very own reality. The only thing that determines whether this is reality or not is your own imagination. So spread your wings,


Alexander “Sven” Scott, Citizen of World

In the blog you will find all my adventures and the plans for what’s to come, to cycle around the world! (May 2013)


Here you can see where I’m biking today :) Use the zoom tool in the upper left corner and click/drag to move around the map. The left menu (the list of check-ins) can be minimized with the arrow to enlarge the map. My position is updated daily.