Agrigento, Sicily

Da7 80, 6384 km



Another warm and beautiful in the spririt of the swedish bicycle tourer. I look into my fictive mirror and say: Mirror, mirror whereever you are Please tell me who the hypest are? And the answer do that is all Italians everywhere! The way they communicate with their hands flying around everywhere is just remarkable. The volume and tempo itself is loud so I just sitback, relax and enjoy the show:)
Last weeks has been tough, bicycle breakdown, sickness and the website not working. I passed that stage with a “holiday” stage where I had the pleasure to reunite with my fishifriends with the diving! I haven’t been diving in the mediterranean before so Sicily was a cool experience! Unfortunatly the weather was a little bad when it was my turn to go into the caverns, so that did not happen. But I did 5 dives and a whole 10 minute recorded video with great memory. That one I will try to upload as good as I can after the Switzerland movie. It’s all about having luck and finding good internet:) I believe in luck, everything always sort itself out:) Cycledestiny should be a word…

The dive I remember the strongest is the wreckdive at KT-12 from Sardinia. Supercool with a ghost feeling all over it. I lived outside the diveshop in my tent and spent a lot if time with the staff. Bruce and Fabian lived here too and Lorenzo hang around a lot. Bruce runs the thing together with his father and Fabian does his Diveleader course. We ate and drank good to celebrate good diving:)

Jag & Bruce

Jag & Bruce

After that I amxed out a 150 km cycling day to westcoast, had in mind the caverndiving that never happened. The diveshop wasn´t that impressive neither but the dive was ok. I did see a swedish couple though in Kent & Malin. We lunched together and talk about a lot of things in life. Very nive people who I wish a great holiday!. I had a spectaculur dish with eggplant and cheese…thats it..A lot of cheese! No one can fail that..
So after that I realized that the ferry to Sicily only went twice a week so another race down to Caiglari (260 km in 2 days) was ahead of me. Went well and much because of the less “climberly” Sardinia compared to Corsica. Still My legs were sour so I slept really good at nighttime:) In Cagliari I spotted my favorite animal as a child, flamingos! But my reactiontime with the camera was like a turtle so I only caught one before they took off. Nice one though:)

10 hours on a ferry means loads of candy adn movies/tv-shows as usual. I rolled off the ferry in pace with my bike for new sicilian adventures. The first that got me was the lack of African winds (you know, when someone put on the hairdryer on the already 30 degreees plus environment?) but here the wind cooled down. Lovely! I am now at my 3rd day here and have reached Agrigento, who is a city known for greek ruins. I have cycled through lemon- and olive trees which have been my campsites. Really good ones since they protect good from the sun! Im having a hard time finding oatmeal and that struggle continues. Well, mussli works good to with powdermilk so I really shouldn’t complain, but porrdidge is gooood!
I will now continue along a cycleroute called La Bella Italia all the way up to Pisa where my girlfriend Linda comes and see me, only 15 days <3. I had plans of going to Malta but the ferries only goes once per week and are very expensive so I put that on hold for future. Malta seems to be the place to dive in Europe so that will happen for sure. My friend from work Mattias has been and Im jealous of him!. Instead I save that money to gear up my bike for Africa in the end of the year….

I have also for the first time in my life replaced a broken spoke:) A little scary but it worked like a charm. I have said it before and say it again, everything solves itself if you just play it cool. That’s how I plan to tackle Sicily and the rest of Italy. The Mozzarella has its home around Naples and that is something I don’t say no to=) I haven’t tried a real pizza yet!

So vacationtime running towards its end for many of you, my family has been around with motorcycles x2 in Sweden and Poland. Very cool! You should stay cool too and we hear again next week!



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