Airbourne 2011 was so…….2011? April 23rd 2012

At first a lookback. What was airbourne 2011 and how did it affect me? It was amazing! No doubt about that. Africa, USA,
Phillipines & Mexico really delivered everything i dreamed of. I woudln’t go that far and say it created who I am today.
When I look inside myself I can honestly say I had it in there all the time, just like the wildest lion in a cage. Just the
matter of having the gut of releasing that energy and have fun with it. I did learn though that everything is possible if
you just work hard enough for it. Some call it sacrifce, I call it dream creation. I think that is the outgoing message I
want to share with this blog. Life sure is amazing and regrets is something i put in the same bag as whatever comes out
from a dogs bum:)

So back to the reality where I actually walk on legs and feet. That reality often gets mixed up with the one in my head, my
dream reality. As I have done before, I want to quote Adam Savage from mythbusters again:” I reject reality and substitute
it with my own! ” Cant fail, that simple.
So walked out of that plane in Stockholm in middle december with a fresh bull shark dive still in my head. Money in wallet
was changed for lovely experiences, hard lonely work hours became new friends all over the world. But the wallet was a bit
light. The exchange i needed to create here in Sweden was this—> time for money! I have time, I need money. So what do I
do? Taxi driver licence? YES! SELF FIVE! Started immediately with a distance course to learn evrything for the tests. about
6 weeks later I had another plastic ID card in my wallet. About 9 hours after that I had a job. To me that is wourth
another self five! KLATASCH!

As you can probarly imagine my life stretched out from returning to sweden upon this point is like this: work, work out,
eat, sleep. That simple:) It takes my where i want to go and I am so happy for it! All those hours by myself delivering
post gives me time to figure out the next step, because there is ALWAYS a next step. Sitting back and you might just miss
that train. Dont let anything like that fool you and miss out on your dreams! Taxi work is also loads of fun! For me that
is only something I do on weekends from time to time. Partying people are so funny and im happy to give them a colorful
ride back home after a tremendous evening. Thats what my taxi’ing is all about. When you step into my car, you have fun and
are allowed to aswell! So give me a call and I take you for a ride:)

A lot of thoughts and emotions so far in this post but straight to whats happening this summer which is start of Airbourne
2012. Have you ever thought off doing something spectaculur? A challange? Widen your limits? Thats whats going starting May
10th. Me and my flatmate Patrik see a continent called North America, inside we see USA. USA should be conquered. Lets do
it on bicycles:) Sounded something like this:
_ Hey Sven, we totally should cross USA on Bikes!
– yeahh man we should, how far is it?
– Just a bit over 6500 kilometres, Look I found this website with maps and everything!
– Patrik, we are the right boys to do this! Highfive! Kör ba! ( which means just do it)

I wasnt that hard to convince that this trip is going to be epic! Patrik is the perfect partner for this and I couldnt have
asked for a better one! That is whats kicking off Airbourne 2012, We are crossing North America on bicycles! Which also
means crossing 4 timezones:) To me that is a very cool touch!

Lets break it down a bit in details. You already read the part about the distance, about 6500 k’s. And whats a reasonable
goal to set? A bit of calculations resulted in an average of 92 kilometres per day of cycling. That we will do over 69
days. On top of that we have added 7 days with no cycling what so ever. Going back to the start of May 12th leaves us a
finish line somewhere around July 25th. The math is that simple. That is whats happening!

Excited? We are! i cant even keep my pants on! But will do for now, in respect for people around me…..Amen. For this we
got ourselves a Kona Sutra 2012 bicycle which is a hybrid bertween a roadbike and mtb. Leaves us a bot more room not to be
so gentle regarding packing and stuff! The Packing is going to be sorted in 4 bags front and back plus a small one on the
handle bar. Accomodation is mostly in our lovely new tent which has only been slept in (read with) once. 2 weeks and a
couple of days and counting!

With support from our sponsors, 2XU Compression and Posten Fritid, we are ready to rock n roll!

Stay tuned Dudes and Sheilas! Adding a map of our planned route aswell!



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