Antoher day on the road

June 21st

Rest Area in Sweetwater, Wyoming.

Gooood day Folks! The sun is powering out all of its best and it’s time for some news in our fantasy
bicycleworld. Since last a lot has happened so bear with me and read all of it!

Last time we spoke we spent some time with the friendly firefighters in Newton. That feel like ages
ago, like a time long enough to invent a new wheel:) When we camped for the night in the middle of
nowhere we probarly did our first really big mistake. The grass around in Kansas is full of “spikey
balls of death”. You mexican geeks know what Im talking about, for you others it’s like small sharp
grasstuff that bicycletubes isn’t really coming along with very good:) Next day resulted in 4 flat tires:)
haha..The mood went down a bit but luckily america shows us her best side again. A really cozii old
guy stops over and offers to go bacvk to town where we just came fram. He tried to pick up some
new tubes for us since we were almost out. Boy, we were happy:) Although he didnt find any, some
icecoldwater went down like a waterfall! That friendly manner just turned our shitday til’ something
awesome:) laughed a lot after that! And of course when we tried to pay the dude a bit for the water
and effort, all we got for answer were ” Have a nice ride fellas, safe travel”. WOW!

New day and it can only get better then yesterday we thought…we were wrong ;) The wind was
messing a lot with us the upcoming days. We struggled to keep 11 miles/hour which is comparible to
our standard of 15-19 miles/hour. All flat fields and long straight roads and wind between 20-30
miles/hour. INSANE! The wind didn’t weaken a little til’ lunchtime next day. We also turned
direction a bit and went a little more south. So a flipped pancake later and we were flying in 25
miles/hour:) haha..
During these days we had an on and off companiontime together with Garreth. He is a very cool guy
from Florida (check out the pics off the guy with the lowrider bike) just doing his own thing.
Whereever you are Garreth, hope life treats you well!
These days we ate so much food just to keep everything up. And off course even more Subway was
on the menu:)

Evening of windy day #2 was spent lodging in a church in Lake Sheridan. This was our last night in
kansas before entering the allmighty Colorado! In here we enjioyed free wifi and slept in the kids
room:) The floor was all carpet and really soft. We slept like the kids that use to be in there, although
they aren’t sleeping a lot I guess..

From Kansas we entered Colorado with so much excitement. We finally are going to meet our
precious mounatins:) But first some flat parts in which we ended up meeting a legend.
Gillian from New Zeeland has hosted cyclists for many years. She even has trailers on her garden just
to let bikers sleep there:) We made friends with the neighbour goat and watched Los Angeles Kings
kick New Jersey Devils butt in NHL Stankey cup finals:) Glad they won! Origanlly we were
supposed to watch Swedens opening game in europeen championship in football ( soccer for you
americans=) ). But a chineese woofer accidently spoiled the game for us :( Noi hard feelings though.
He just smiled and said sorry. Totally impossible to be mad at him:)haha.. We borrowed Gillians
kitchen and made som super good mexican tortillas with avocado and stuff. Yummy!

Almost 5 weeks of cycling sets its scares on both bicycles and bodies. Our beloved ones needed new
backtires and gears + brakes were in desperate need of tuning. So the timing of the biggest town on
our route ( Pueblo, Colorado, with its 102,000 people) came perfect! We exchanged our old backtires
(continental contact) for a schwalbe marathon plus. The dimensions are the same but the new tire are
thicker and therefor leaves more protection for the tube against the ground. That is the tire all touring
dudes use so we would like to be as cool ;) The tune up of gears and brakes also were a success so the bikes felt like new when we picked them up…But that was after a small visit to DENVER!!!!

Bicycleless as we were, we rented a car and set sail against Denver, 1,5 hours away. First goal was easy,Cheesecake factory! Can´t get enough of that. We even ended up eating there 2 in same day when we also stopped there at midnight on way home:)
As you all sport nerds know, Denver has top teams in all big american sports; Denver Nuggets (NBA) Colorado Abalanche (NHL), Colorado Rockies (MLB). We took the oppurtunity to check out the modern Pepsi Center where not only Avalanche and Nuggets goof around. Also Lacrosse team mammoths play here. The Arenba was mindblowing with its all luxury restaurants and suites. Peter Forsbergs in the roof made us happy. I was proud too to see Patriks Roys jersey hanging next to it. A funny detail was the safe the basketball players had in their locker room. During the games they have to protect their BlingBling somewhere:) Hahaha..funniest ever……UNTIL we saw the showers. Basketball players are giants so they apperently need giant height in their:) Patrik looked like a small ant compared:)Strange though that the toilets were standard size. Giants in there? That would be a look…;)

Denver also borught us some good beer and food via Hard Rock Cafe and 2 local breweries. We went to Great Divide and Breckenridge. The beer was amazingly fantastic! Even better when Patrik got served 3 and only paid for one. We say thanks for that:) Was a bit hard to distuingish the difference after a while but it was soooo wourth the visit. The mood in in their and all the nice people to talk to. Well awesome! And when we turn our backs around, we spot hundres of bicylists going down the mainstreet. Cars and everybody else had to step aside, they owned the place. That apperently happen now and then. A cool tradition and nice touch of a seriously cool bicycle town that Denver is.

Well, you heard about the second Cheesecake factory visit so lets jump to morning after. MORE FOOD! Aimed for our second favourite; IHOP! Pancakes and hashbrowns filled us to the width and we almost didn’t fit in the car anymore:) hahaha.. Denver really gave us the nice time off that we needed which felt really good. On way back we stopped by our swedish friend IKEA for some snacksbuying. Great that home isn’t that far away, ever:)

Back on the bikes and started one of the top hits of this trip, Rocky Mountains. The climbs were tough but the views and sceneries were astonashing and breathtaking (not because of the physcical troubles =) ). Check out the pics in the album, they say it all! And in the middle of everything we ound this little cute candy store up there. Perfect for candy freak like me:)

Well, tomorrow we will have passed 3000 miles and another 1000 to go in our normal plan. Time flies when life is a pie:) Hehe…rhymes….;) For everybody who cycle or are into running; please consider compression clothes and espacially those from 2XU. The brand really deliveres what they say and feels great! They look cool too! The performance is what we all look for and it whey wourth every penny!

Thanks folks for all the nice comments we recieve. It is so much fun to hear what you are up to. Soon is midsummer in Sweden so we thought of making it our own day over here. Too bad IKEA isn’t nearby. But you can buy swedish fish here so lets do that:)

This blog has been read in 28 countries I realized yesterday:) Its very inspiring and I want to keep it up the best I can! Miss all of you guys i met all over! You are all a part of me!

Next Episode will include Yellowstone, SUCK ON IT ;)




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