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August 13th

Vancouver, Canada

Nighttime….the best time of the 24 hours a blogger like msyelf enjoy the most. Its coming up against 12 pm and im awake by myself, which gives me loads of inspiration. It has always been like this when I write
here. I guess my mind likes to freeflow when everybody else is alseep:)
Me and my 2 fellowtravelleers have just came home from our last planned excursion (funny word) and our flight home goes in 2 days. The last couple of days have been great and filled the expectations of a sum
up of an incredible journey. We will tell all of our granchildren about our shenanigans (or alien people, who knows who we will meet up next?=). It all depends on how creative our watcher up there can be. If he’s
in my class,.,.,., well then.,..,,.future is going to be exciting:)
Canada has delivered just like as expected with great outdoor avtivities just about everywhere. So that’s the line we followed for this last post in this trip. (it’s ok to cry a little bit)…

Since the day me and Patrik spotted whales bikeside a couple of weeks ago, we´ve longed for the orca watch tour! I¨m not going to call them killer whales because that sounds so hostile. Also orca is simply a
cooler name aswell:) Outside the coast of Canade we spotted these amazing animals and they are the kings. That is personally defined since they hunt Great Whites’. We saw their dorsal fins and upper part of
body surface in sets of 5-6 times before they went down a longer while. With a little ID help from our guide we spotted Cookie, Oreo, Doublestuff and Blueberry (the big male) and some others. The “bigmama” in
the pack was Grandma who’s around 90 years old! I can only imagine what she has seen and encountered during her lifetime under the sea. Makes a diver a little jealous:) We looked very cute on our yellow
environment protective clothes and felt really small.
Other than the orcas we also spotted some seals and a sea lion resting on some rocks. Not strange at all since that’s food source number one for the black and white whales. Exciting though was the spot of an
american beld head eagle, a real icon! Such beauti with its white head and brown feathers!

Since Patrik is a pilot he has a airplane need to furfill. So when we found out that Canadas biggest airshow was less than 2 hours away it was a deal. Abbotsford Airshow did also celebrate their 50th birthday this
year so lets hit the road!. Our suspiscions of the amount of people was actually well high so the day was really pleasent. As guided we placed sunscreen also on our nostrills since we look up so much:) Luckily we
did so we didn’t miss al the action. Canadas airforce showed their proud fighters CF-18 Hornet & Snowbirds. USA didn’t want to be worse so their F/A-18 Superhornet TAC & Thunderbirds did also deliver. Our
heering did dissapear for a little while when these guys spinned (span?), looped and everything else you can do!
Red bull Air race did disable my stomach a little bit just by watching. These extreme turns makes the pilots endure up about 12 G’s! Amazing and loads of fun to watch.
Amusement wasn’t all caused by airplanes Canadas Skyhawks (parachute team) wera playing around over our heads, sometimes by themself and sometimes in formation. Adrenaline was at its highest when they
dont let go of formation until last second. I really thought they were dying there for a while:) ANd if you want to take another step why not step into one of those Squirrelsuits? Red bull presented these flying
maniacs throw themself out in these winglike suits. Impressive! Any level closer to a bird is hard to reach.
Before leaving this day I also want to mention a funny angle in this show. Imagine yourself an oldguy in a portable toilet doing #2. He has a talent of building stff and happens to own a jetengine. It doesn’t take
much longer than the time for him to finnish his needs until that particulur “portipotti” has the engine attached to it:) And we had the luck of see this project race around in the airfield, with a fireexhaust bigger
than the vehicle itself:) That was the funniest thing I had seen in my life,.,.,.until 3 hours later. Apperently this guy wasn’t unique because a schoolbus showed up also with a jet engine:) The driver showed us its
full potential on the runway and it was FAST! People are awesome! That if something would make the kids show up for school:)

The day after we had more outdoor fun. Lynn canyon was an area with short day hike type of trails. We hit one of those and found ourserlves in a waterhole. The water was freezing cold so luckily the sun warmed
us up very quick among the stones. Throw in some fresh berries and our morning was great. The evening was planned for a kayak ride in the sunset and so it became:) But after some indian food, hard to miss
since indian people is around every corner here. None of us had any real experience of kayaking before so when our guide (Dwight) talked about rough conditions, we were certain of getting a bit wet:) but the
truth was the the whole evening was calm and the sunset as beautiful as it should be! Patrik and Frida was a good team and myself joined a local; weren’t that bad either I msut say:) We also learnt that Brittish
Colombia has more helicopters than the whole world together:) That too is impressive!

Yet another morning and it was time to explore the town of Vancouver, something we saved for our first days. At first we entered Queen Elizabeth park just southeast of downtown. The view was cool together
with all the colors of the flowers. Our feet went a little tired from walking around so me and Patrik insisted of a visit to our favorite thing to do….a brewery:) Beer is good, No doubt what so ever!

So Vancouver downtown=check. That leaves today which we spent in Whistler, the ski resort and host of the ski competitions of Vancouver olympics 2010. Since it’s summer, downhill BMX is the thing now and
we felt the pulse all around the village. We strolled around the stores and watched a little bikecircus, guys who jumped around boxes on their bikes. Trial I learnt it’s called:) Amazing what you could do with 2
wheels, some steel and loads of balanze!

And that’s about where we are now. It’s getting late (my favorite time) and the home departure is getting closer:( Always a strange feeling but I embrace it. See no reason why noit? It’s been a great ride !

Our future is ahead of us (really!?) and for Frida and Patrik that means moving in together. A better suited couple is hard to find and I wish them both best of luck!
Myself is going back on working as postman/taxidriver, starting next day after homecoming. Just have to see what awaits around the next corner. You never know what horse the rifer of life is choosing. The fast
and powerful arabian or a small Shetland pony, cruising around. Life do though get its bumps such on an icelandic but thats the time to climb off, tie your horsie to a saloon, hit the whiskyglass and lean back:)
Your brain, attitude and good will takes you everywhere you want, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

That’s the number one message of this blog:





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