Belleville, France

Day 123, 9188 km

Hey all of you!

Today is going to be a shorty with a really strong reason and it is spelled B-O-O-R-E-D. I have taken my santa claus bag full of cycling gear and my steel horse to Belleville just north of Lyon. This is where I was suppose to start the grapepicking a week ago, but the farmer delayed the start a week. But there was a chance for me to maye go work for another one until that, so I sticked around the area but unfortunatly nothing came up. The nationalparks was a little to far away so Mcdonalds has been my second home for a while, where I’ve been planning, planning and planning:) Nothing else much to do! But it’s been good and I found much interesting information from other cyclists regarding Africa and South America.

Since I have been on the same place I have been contacting cycling hosts around to stay with. And it has been great! I felt so welvome everywhere and got so good information about different kinds of things. Fanny, Guillaume, Luc, Vincent, Anne, Maryse and Kristjan you are the best and have all contributed to the forever burning flame of Airbourne! Postcards are coming from Africa, guaranteed!

Yet another great info is that Linda is coming to see me again, this time in Malaga! It feels like this vacation is getting longer and longer, something I most deffinitly will eat up in those sandstorms i Africa.

I have also thought about this fee on the website and after a discussion with Bruce, my divefriend from Sardinia, i have decided to NOT let it happen. Bruce made me realize that it takes away the heart and spirit of Airbourne and the whole idea of charity, which should come from just that place. I want everybody to follow my step of adventures as easily as reading their email. Putting a fee on it is not making it easy, it’s making it worse. So No to fee and Yes to real charity from the heart all around the world!

I have some project ideas in that area coming up when I reach USA, what that is about you will see, It does still require some planning and is kept a secret:P

Well, tomorrow at least something is happening and I am going to the farm to start working. Nothing can stop me now, or else I will just pick anything I can find:) Meanwhile I do that you can enjoy some pictures from Lyon and up to this date.




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