Hello all of you!

After some last minute donations to the official fundraiser for Airbourne, I now declare it finished:) All together we raised over $3500 which I think is an incredible number. The swedish cancer foundation was a little more popular and recieved a little more than seashepherd. Of course I do think about how big this number could have been if I continued 2 more years but I am very happy anyway. The goal of $5000 was close enough.



(Above is the reciept of the donation for swedish cancer foundation. 13511 swedish kr equals to $1960 and due to taxrules regarding donations in Sweden, this number will be a little higher. That will be sorted out in spring 2015).

My adventure around the world had an idea of visiting friends and diving all the exotic places I could find. This last point would have reached its top in Cocos Island of Costa rica. Here you can find hammerheads in big schools (30-40 individuals)! But due to the chocking sharkfinning industry this is one of the last places on earth to see this miracle. That is why diving here shortly became an icon for this trip. To me seeing this feels very important and that is why I am going there in the end of June. During 10 days I will dive this magic place and hopefully spend some times with these magnificient and unique creatures. I will upload pictures and videos here on the website.

The post about Costa Rica will be the last one in the chapter of my life that has the stamp Airbourne. A chapter that during 6 years has taken me all over the world and became a lifestyle. When I think back on everything I have achieved I feel very proud and happy. It is very hard work behind it which became very rewarding 10 times over! If someone asked me if it was wourth it the immediate answer would be YES!!!

All this perspectives I will take with me and use in the life in front of me, the so called future. I encourage everybody, especially the young ones, to follow up if you have the slithest dream om something. All that hard work os wourth it, down to the last drop of sweat. If your dreams happens to cross any of mine, i will be happy to help out with tips and hints. The spirit of Airbourne will continuously be shared with talks and lectures so maybe I see you some day:) Remember, LOVE LIFE!



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Eskilstuna, Sweden

Hello everybody!

A lot of you that follow me might already know but for all you others this might come as a shocking surprise. I have decided to end my around the world cycling adventure due to a knife robbery that occurred on the night between Monday and Tuesday in Dakar, Senegal. I wasn’t physically hurt, still have my life and hopes that my bicycle and all my other stuff are having a good time wherever you are. In the post today I want to describe what happened, how I reached my decision by explaining my thoughts that lead to it.

During the night I was camping a couple of hundred meters from a beach in Dakar. By approximately 2 am I got awakened by a knife slicing through the fabric on my tent. After that I got pulled out and met 4 guys of which 2 of them had a knife each. They search me and all of my bags and I mean everything! The smallest sound I made and I got a knife to my throat and was threatened to shut up. They even ripped my necklace straight of my neck, even when I cried it was from my family. When these monsters at last are leaving I am sitting there in the night with my empty cycle bags, clothes spread everywhere along with some small stuff. I begged them to let me keep my MasterCard and passport which they gave into. After that I collected what was around and walked, with one shoe, to the road for a taxi to closest hotel.

This event has destroyed the whole freedom feeling I had about this cycling adventure and I do not feel like it anymore. Of course I had estimated that I was in a high risk of being robbed, with concern of the countries I was about to travel to. But this was way too much for me with the whole knife and that it lasted for so long. I thought I was mentally prepared for everything but clearly I was wrong. I don’t know if anyone could continue after something like this. I know that I wouldn’t feel safe continuing and also knowing that my closest ones in Sweden would be super worried; no that is too much for me to carry. I have way before this decided that this was the very last adventure before I settle down in Sweden together with my future Linda. That is the motivation I have right now and where I want to go. Since my graduation in 2005 my life has all been about working hard and a lot, saving money to go traveling. Most of these years my home has been my backpack and it has been really fun. But that feels like a finished chapter now and I look forward to all the time I am going to have to actually do somethingJ

Do I feel angry and disappointed? Yes of course since this was the greatest and most important adventure of my life. But a couple of days has now gone and I want to describe more how I am thinking about it. All the perspectives that I’ve gained during these years “on the road” are so important for the person that I am today. I have seen, heard and experienced so much poor and sad environments that it is very easy to appreciate what I have here at home. I have a job, a wonderful girlfriend, a home, a future, healthcare, safety and possibilities! Something that many people don’t have but really deserve! To think about this makes my situation very hard to complain about. I feel incredibly happy of being alive, some others doesn’t come out that happy after a robbery like this. The men who did this are partly egoistic pigs with no respect and deserves to rot in jail BUT they are poor in a very tough culture. They stole things from me but can never take away my memories. I still did 15000 km from Sweden to Africa and raised over U.S $3000. I am very happy with that.

A big thank you to all of you that has followed me these 7 months and contributed to the great sum of money for charity. I feel very proud! Remember, no one can do everything but everybody can do something!

A big thank you to my sponsors for believing in me and I am very sorry for the ending. Hope you are not all too disappointed and can understand. I hope also you gained something for these last 7 months!

Airbourne out…





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Louga, Senegal

Day 220, 15557 km

Click here for an interactive map of my around the world cycling adventure!

IMG_0959 (2)_800x591

Hello and happy new year everybody!

2014 is up and running and I have cycled more than 15 000 km on the roads of Europe and Africa. Todays news is about one highlight that I have passed with excellence, if I can grade it myself:). To cycle the 3000 km between Guelmim, the port of West Sahara, and Nouackchott, capital of Mauritania and the biggest town in the desert) was preheand an exciting challenge. How was the bike able to face the weather elements wind/sand, would it hold physically and how would the guy on top of it cope mentally with just sand, flies and camels as company along the road? That was my spinning thoughts before and it was correct up to a point but sahara was much more than that (and I was not lonely). A great experience added to my list of conqueers:P

My new mastercard that I waited for in Tan-tan did not have the same speed as me on the roads from neutral point of view. When it hadn´t arrived on the thursday that week and the postoffice were closed until Monday, something had to be done. So I left Youness and his family ( which I wrote about in the last post) and ordered a new card adressed to the swedish consulate in Dakar. My days were also running out for my visa to enter Mauritania so beeing back on the road was a wise decision. The wind was with me as scheduled in the area and although I had a late start on friday I still did 150 km. That was when the funny thought of making 200 km in one day popped up. Was it possible? the truth was…yes but not only in ONE day, I did it TWO days in a row:) Since the landscape wasn´t changing very much the speed was more a proof when locking down on the cycle computer rather than looking around myself. But it was certainly not lying showing average speedes of 27-30 km/h. During these days I was very happy of cycling during the cold season with daily temperatures of 20-25 degress. Compare that to the hottest season which peaks up to 50 degrees! My nights were comfortable, evenings and mornings was borderline of having shortsleeves and legs. So, perfect I guess:)
The landscape was more rocky than the great sanddunes I had min mind, but they still were around. And with the wind I was glad it was more rocky because the sand was all in my face when the rocky part was hidden. The first days did not have so much camels neither but a few loooneys were around:) And to their honor I tried some of their milk from a roadstand. It tasted.,.,.,awful! “The locals” told me is good for you and make you strong, well, yeahh I guess it has proteins and such but the smell was sour. Luckily my pee was rapid after that, I hope..:P

During day 3 or 4 (can not remember, blaiming the camelmilk) the road turned a bit more south which ment sidewind and some headwind back and fourth. The flying feeling previous days was “blown away” (haha) so I had to enlighten my fighting spirit instead. I was sttruggling hard and to seek windprotection was impossible. I tried this during lunch in some kind of stone building with holes in it. The food that day was more crusty than it should:) My Windfree ( the windsound reducing gadget I have) was helping me get throught the day but the big saviour was my own miscalculation to my advantage. During these kind of days I put up small targets in front of me to keep the moral up. Today I said to myself only to drink water every 5 km and when I was at the next shop I buy something sweet. I thought I knew the distance to the shop so when it arrived almost 20 km before that point I was overwhelmed of happiness:) Happier beardguy was not to be found on that continent:P

IMG_1006 (2)_800x600

In my guide to Westsahara (which is to be found in last post) one can read about a guy named Marfoud, a cyclehost and only inhabitant oin the rural area called Bir Anzarane. As I was approaching this area and it was getting late I asked by the military checkpoint if they knew this guy. They so did and told me to keep on going and they catch up with me. Wow! My moral after that windy start was now mile high and it took only 10 minutes for a car coming up behind me and stay there for 30 minutes. That was a little stressful though:) He then overtook and pointed to a communicationpole in front of us. No Marfoud was found here but yet Mohammed and Mustafa. This night was really a memory for life! Mostafa first showed me a prefect tentspot inside the walls of the communicationpole, windproof! But then changed his mind and told me to sleep next to Mohammed in his little stonecabin, then changed his mind again and I could sleep in there all by my own:) In a bed, well Africa bed which is a woodcrate covered with a mat, but still:)
Mohammed and Mustafa lived hera and was guarding the pole. They were on eachother about everything in a very comical way, just like 2 cartoons and I have never laughed that hard with someone not knowing a single word of what we are talking about:) I understood quickly that they did not have company that iften. We shared a meal of omelett, vegetables and bread which was rinsed down with sweet mint tea. The night became late and I fell asleep nicely in he quite, windfree hut.

This night, as all nights in Sahara, was very starry and positively a good thing about having go out at night for a pee:) A magical feeling appeared when standing there looking around. Also before that when the sun is going down, the surrroundings presented itself with beautiful colors and made the bearded cyclist a happy faced dude:) So a breakfast of tea, milk and bread with “the cartoons” and I was back on the road again.
My guide was very handy for knowing when I had water and food to pick up. I got water from barrels, taps and bottles from stores and military who gladly handed them out to me:) On a certain point I was running low and found a bottle beside the road. Luckily I had my water purification in Xinix Aquacare to use. If the water turns a bit yellow (yes, suiting color) it is ok to drink and to my advantage this was perfectly fine to drink when treated. The food was off course a bit more expensive than Morocko but still very cheap. Restaurant food for just under 2 euros for example. My internet on my cellphone worked on and off, which was sad when I tried to contact my family during xmas holiday. But we talked a little and that made my day a little better anyhow.
This xmas eve I spent with broking another spoke and discovered tht my pannierholder back was broken. The spokes was a common problem also for my french cycling friend here and about the pannierholder, that could be fixed with a screw and 2 small “flat things”. I have also played a bit with the breaks which were offtuned for a while. And with the breakdown of my solar charger, Brunton Ember, that sums up the bad happenings. Could have been worse I must say:) My tires are still good and I am replacing Ember with a china/ebay alternative later on.

That was the geeky material part, now back to the real fun:) Westsahara was swapped for Mauretania with an exciting 5 km in between, No Mans Land. No one owns this part and from what i learned business are going on and it is surrounded by landmines that has been around since Elvis had diapers, sort of. So the reciepe is to stay on the road until the other side,.,.road,.,.it was like going on a mountain covered in sand surrounded by car wrecks and broken tv´s (!). But I made it to the other side and they surpricingly let me in. I changed a very small amount of money at the boarder due to the bad exchange rate, though I wait to Nouckachott to make the big deal. The money here is like monopaly where 1 euro is about 900 mauri-money. It was more normal in Morocko where 11 dirham were 1 euro. So 3 days to go to Nouackchott and then the desert was transforming to something else. I passed a sign the warned me about landmines so I stuck to the road like an unsweaped roadkill. The wind was with me in the beginning but then the road changed a bit to east and left me struggling again. The temperature here was a lot higher and on the evening I felt my arms and nose were fried. Because of the wind I did not feel this during the day so sunscreen was a routine from now on, as the start of malaria precaution pills. I was staying with the military checkpoints these days who gave me food and water and were more nice than the military up in the north. Not at all they were rude or anything in Morocco, they just cared a little bit more here in Mauritania. But the people were more closed and communication did not wrok at all. Neither signlanguage or my google translate app was any good and this was also confirmed to me by a german tourist. He had droved down to his holidayplace in Senegal every year since a while back. he said the Mauritania is just a passing point and I agreed. Even the town of Nouackchott was not nice in any way. The dust, overcroudness and people everywhere can be a a charming chaos sometimes, but not here. Mauritania was not for Sven. one good thing was though that I was invited to Mohammed, one of the military, in his house in Nouckachott. I have a pitcure with him in the gallery where I look so exhausted, and no questions, the roads were sandy and I was struggling hard that day with 190 km:) The Senegal embassy here gave me my visa and after some internet catching up with the world I was heading for new adventures, leaving the desert.

As I reached Diawling National Park just before the river and boarder to Senegal, this was a fact. The desert was crossed and I entered black Africa with all its excitement:) Here in Senegal it is much more trees and villages. Children everywhere screaming for gifts. But more about that in my next post…

So summed up I am very happy I choosed to add Africa to my around the world cycling adventure. Even though Mauritania was something of a passthrough I have felt safe all the time and has loads of new experiences in my backpack. The nicest people, except “the cartoons” was all the truckdrivers who sounded their horn for me and some even thought I should go with them for a while to rest my legs. I told them I wanted to cycle but they could happily ride next to me to protect me from the wind:) Most of them did not get that..
Senegal has started really well and I am bout to stay with a couple from Holland soon just outside Dakar in the town of Thies. In Dakar I will be going back to Visa hunt to Guinea, Ivorycoast and Ghana so I think a week is honest to say I will be around.
2014 has started excitingly and Linda has booked a flight to meet me in Florida, and as mentioned in last post, I will reappear in Sweden a couple of times.

How is your 2014 going to be like?



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Tan-Tan, West Sahara

Day 207, 13594 km

Click here for a map of my ongoing route around the world!


Hey ho everybody!

Christmas coming up soon and I hope you all celebrate it with your loved ones all traditionally as you want it to be. That is not quite how my christmas is going to be but I still can feel my loved ones close to me, pushing and helping me on my adventure who now has reached town of Tan-tan in Western Sahara. The town even has a symbolic gate made out of two camles facing eachother. As I passed it the weather was not very deserty though. Cloudy was a follow up from rain during the night. Here I am now sitting in the house of a newfound friend, Youness. We met when I had lunch in town and since my new mastercard not has arrived yet (it is beeing sent to the postoffice here in Tan-tan) he let me stay here with his family. Youness is a couple of years younger than me and works as a car mechanic in town, absolutely not dealing with motorcycles:P. But we will talk more about our meeting later on..

Now I want to mention my friend Jim Scarborough, you remember the sharkfeeder from Blueplanet Aquarium in Emerells Port, England? The guy with the shark slippers? Yep, that´s him..He entered a 4k traditionrace last week called Santa Dash in Chester, England.
But since Jim has a science background, dealing with threshersharks in Malapascua, Philipines, he wanted to make this a fundraiser for their cause after the typhoon. So why catch some attention and run in a full Scubagear minus the fins? That was his goal and also made it through on the time of 22.40.
I lift my hat (or helmet) off for you Jim, a cool idea for a great cause!


While Jim was sweating in his santasuit, I was too but in Marrakesh where I left town without my wallet but still with a good feeling inside of me. I mean, things like this will likely happen on a trip such as mine and I am not Mr Perfect. So the aim for me is to “minimalize” these occations with help from my own experience and common sense. Summed up I learn from my mistakes to become a greater and more responsible person. With this in my mental backpack I know that WesternUnion is a great way to transfer money fast without any trouble. At least in this part of the world and that it is a good idea to spread out the money a bit for a backup. This last thing I knew but that is where I made the mistake. The whole situation solved itself very nice with Souffiane who helped me with internet so I could block cards and phone my parents for a transfer. If I had my money spread out I could have solved this on my own and if Souffiane had not showed up, I would be forced to “beg & please” to use the internet. Not the most charming way to fix things.
I think everything has a solution as long as you just put some effort & energy in the cause.
The weather had now become warmer and warmer which especially made the tentnights much more welcoming, where I now could sleep without ALL my clothing. My drysession during lunch is not happening anymore on a standard day, well yes if it has been raining. But a little problem was still this thing with sending my postcards. The wifi in Africa is often to weak and I failed to send them. But I solved this by buying a prepaid simcard with internet. The cost is about €2.5 per week for 300 mb and is well enough for me aswell as check my email from time to time:) I will use this solution more in the desert to blog and I can now see myself sitting in my mobile office, my laptop on a cyclepannier:) This will become reality so I will show you that on the blog most deffinitly:) This little cellphone of mine is smart in a couple of other ways too. I can through google maps download maps for offline use. That is good since the desert only has one road to follow:) Feels like a bit of overkill to buy a map for that. I will also try google translate that also offer offline language packs for translation. This I think will come in handy since my arabic/french is not fluent so to speak:P I read that you also can speak to the app and get the phrase read back in another language, such as taking photos of text (signs etc) and translate that way. More about that when I have tried it:)
I am also using a guide for sahara that a bicycle friend (Jean Baptiste on FREEWHEELY.COM) has made. He is right now in Cameron on his way to Southafrica and has a very interesting blog. I have been inspired by his way through Ivorycoast and Ghana for my own route. Can´t wait for that! He has also described some problems during his way that I will try to avoid such as prescription on my malariapills (could be stripped from you otherwise), visa to Mauretania where the dates not really is the actual visa dates, it is the dates where I should enter the country, the only visa to Ivorycoast is for 3 months and costs €90 (!) and this guide with water and food through westsahara. I add this pdf below so you can follow me aswell:)
West Sahara

So now you can almost ride with me among the sand:) As a swedish note it says that the tapwater is not drinkable after Dahkla. This is where I will start to buy bottled water and purify it with Xinix, a swedish company who supports victims in Haiti and also sponsoring several multisportsteam all over the world.
There are also 2 stops off the mainroad there (Dahkla and Nouadhibou) which each are 80 km to and from the mainroad. If I have enough water and food the plan is not to pass these villages.

My way was now to go for the coast and the ocean and that was the only thing in my mind! With the more welcoming climate this time flew by qiute nicely. In the town of Tiznit there was a man who suggested a detour of 40 km to me. “The mountains are 500 metres high” was his argument. I then explained to him that I have just passed the Atlas with mountains 4 times that height:) He then answered me that he thought I was a brave boy:)
I was also more and more reminded about how football really is religion. I saw every day people sitting together in front if the tv watching this thing where 22 guys kick a circulur ball around and that this really make people come closer to eachother with mostly happiness. Even in the smallest villages, people saw my swedish outfit and yelled “Zlatan Ibrahimovic”. This guy is phenomenal and everybody knows him! Here I want to say thank you to big brother Portugal who was to great for Sweden in the world championship qualifications. This was a conversation between a guy and me:
Guy: “Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimovic! You lost against Portugal, no going to Brazil.”
Me: “Yes, too bad. But Zlatan was good.”
Guy: “Yes, sorry for that. Here take some oranges”.
And I got some fruit just like that:)

By Mirleft on the coast was when it happened, my beloved and longed for return to to ocean and I threw myself in faster than anyone can say “winner winner chicken dinner!”. Chilly, big surf and strong rip currents but so nice to clean of a little bit. From that point the last bit of km to Sidi Ifni, where my night whereabouts were planned, was easy and enjoyful. Beautiful coastline as always all around the world.
Morning after I passed the last serious hills until Dakar, Senegal. Now it is all getting more flat by each day. I turned south after Guelmim on the road the I will stick to for a couple of weeks. The wind will be in my back the whole time so therefor I count for at least 150 km per day, if nothing strange happens. I have heard from many different sources (police and regulars) that the landmine situation in Westsahara are ok if you stick lose to the roads. A few km inland is where it starts to get dangerous. But I am not taking any chances here and will first hand camp by military camps and second hand where I can see obvious tracks in the sand from vehicles etc. The situation is different in the area between Mauritania and Westsahara, in the “No Mans Land” but more about that when I am actually there.
Here in Tan-Tan I am waiting for my VISA card to arrive by post and living with Youness and his family. We met after my lunchbreak here in town and has been very kind. His english is as good as my french and arabic so we communicate a lot with my cellphone and has been exploring Tan-tan a little bit with his friends. I have been served great morockan food and is so grateful:)

So my plan now is to continue towards Dakar and then my route is as follows The Gambia–>back to Senegal–>Guinea–>Ivory Coast–>Accra, Ghana where I will be finished with this section of my around the world trip. This “2nd half” will take me just over a month and my goal is to leave at latest March 1st to reach USA in spring and for another reason..

..With my and Lindas future together 3 years is a long time on the road. So I have decided to take a few breaks to come home and see her and off course my other family. This breaks will happen 1st hand when I fly from 1 continent to another but will also happen in the middle of South America for an example. The plan is to fund this by working on the swedish post while I am at home. Since I am not working so much I do not have to pay taxes and therefor it is very efficient to work these days. I plan to be home on a saturday/sunday, then work monday to friday for going back to cycling saturday/sunday. So 1 week at a time is the plan:) This is because I can not see a future without Linda and it is very important to us to be together <3

Linda supports me 100% in my trip and I also feel support from family and friends all over the world. Thank you a lot for that and for beeing there. Not so much pictures this week, but I have made a lot of filming which will be uploaded in the end of the desert. A good way to show Morocko from the sadle:)



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My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
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Marrakesh, Morocco

Day 198, 12995 km

Click here for a map of my ongoing route around the world!

IMG_0855 (2)_800x600

Bonjour, Savah?

That is how I learned that I should say now when to greet people. People have been saying that to me for ages from the street without me knowing what to respond. But if I just say same thing back both parts are fine:) Well, basically all the people I meet scream for me so I really should have picked it up sooner, but ay…Better late then never said grandma and started skating:)
A lot of big natureviews in the photoalbum this week and that is not strange at all if you ask me. Morocko, and the Atlasmountains is just big and beauiful; combine that with my passion for looking out from the top and feel accomplishment of something big, something I have done all by myself.
The atlas has been awesome and are going to end soon and a new doow is opening, the desert.

We can it this post off when I hit the bus back to Rabat to finally get my visa to Mauretania. I arrived at lunchtime which was knowably too late to fix i that day. But I went there anyway to check what´s going on. SOmewhat how there were people in line so I just dug in, without even blinking. Let those elbows cut through a person or two, it´s fine:P..sort of..I needed the document to fill in so When at front at the little peephole I asked for it. “Tomorrow…” was the answer I got. Strange I thought, since all the other people around me had their papers filled in and were queing. A family I met (also cycling) thought I should turn my puppyeyes on and try again. This time a paper came flying out and landed on the floor, a bit strange but hey I got it:) The family also helped me fill it in since it was in french. Here also another very nice surprice came along..
Anton from Sweden came forward and introduced himself. A very nice guy from the middle/north of Sweden. He is also a touring cyclist with the aim of southafrica. I thought it was very nice not just to have someone to spend the hours in que with, but also talk some swedish:) Hopefully we will meet Anton again here on Airbourne.se. He is doing some safari in Senegal so we will try to meet up their when I am around. I hope you got your visa all well Anton, good luck:)
My document was now filled in with the hopes of a start at december 26th, that is when I plan to enter Mauretania. These hours of queing were filled with waiting and rejection; 2 times when we reached the litle peephole we were told to go last again due to our high ticketnumber. But finally I got my stamped passpor back, but with the startdate of the day after…

Totally wrong but not as surpiricing. It happens from time to time and the people behing the peephole don´t seem to care so much about it. Well, my options are o lenghten my visa in Noukachott, capital of Mauretania. That will cost me the double fee of what I paid for the original. OR, I could take a chance and go to Senegal border and smile at the guards. The later one actually works sometimes, but I have loads of time to think about how to decide.

Wow, paperwork isn´t as fun as cycling, Far from it! So I think we swing back to the touring instead. Me and Ashley (who is surpricingly in good shape so far) started to go south from Fez and reached the Atlas already the first day. The climb up to the plateu of 2000 metres ment a lot of colorchanging. All of a sudden the landscape was autumn and forests all around me. I said hello to a bunch om monkeys begging passing people for food, not at all affraid of getting run over. They enertained me for a while before I kept on going. The plateu up here was where I have spent the most of this week within 1700 and 2200 metres. The climate is warm during the days but cold on mornings, evenings and nights which makes me to stick to strict routines to make it work. The mornings are frosty and I often wake up during nights and have to make sit-ups/push-ups to stay warm. I also sleep with my gas container in the tent overnight to try minimize my gasconsumion when cooking. Thank good I have Primus Powergas, nohing else would have worked in his cold. I am sleeping with practically all clohes that I have and with a beanie over my face. In the mornning I change so I have cycling clothes underneath and then everything else on top. Then I start cycling and removing layer after layer until lunch, when it´s warm again. Here I throw everything, including tent and sleeping bag, on the ground o let it dry from sweat/frost and moist. Keeping i dry for the night after is a key to make it with out spending money on hotels. And as I now only have a couple more nights in this climate it has been going very well.

As said I have been between 1700-2200 metres this week. I pass the very small villages and buy food from foodstands, no real shops are around. I also buy bread 2 times per day, cost is about nothing here:) But when it is this cold I wish a shower was nearby and in those thoughts Hamid shows up on a mountainbike behind me.
Hamid is a local who works in the mine outside the town of Midelt. He explaines to me the everyday work there, how you work for yourself and as much as you want/can. Nowadays in winter, almost no one is working because of the cold, bu they stay there anyway since it is warmer then in their houses. He invites me to follow one night but as the mine is 25 km in wrong direction I declane, would hae been cool though! But my thoughts were on Hamam level…Hamam is the bath they do here in Morocco. You enter the changing room and put on either boardshorts, underwear, speedos or a pair of very highcut alternative. I choosed boardies. Then you enter the actual room with tile in walls and roof. There is the fountain with warmwater which you fill your bucket with. Then just find a spo on the floor and use a scoop to clean yourself. It is almost like a sauna in there and very nice! Pay a little extra and a hairy dude comes and massage/scrub you; I declined that too:P

IMG_0834 (2)_450x600

After the bath I hang around little bit with Hamids friend from Belgium, Francoise before set off to my campspot outside town. Still the cheering, happy people everywhere sometimes with donkeys or horses. My favourite place so far was the area around Tizi-n-Tischka. That was the sum up before the long and windy road down to Marrakech.

Here was the plan to chill out and explore the stressy streets filled with salesmen. But stupid me let my wallet wander off so the day wene t kind of stressful instead on its own. But with he help of a morockan family with a little food, some money for internet and translation I now have money coming in tomorrow and a new visa card to pick up later on:) No worries, nothing can stop me:)

Thank you again everybody for ordering postcards from Airbourne! In Africa so far the wifi isn´t best friend with my phone so I am sorry you get them late. But I am working on it! A lot of people also wonder if I feel safe here in Africa and I am glad to answer that question. My whole purpose of visiting countreis in this and other “discussable” areas is to see it with my own eyes and create my own picture. The picture we get from media is far to seldom good news but when you read travel blogs, not just from other cyclists, you get a whole other idea. And I want to share my eyes with this blog on the road. But for Morocko so far people are very nice and love to chat with you, not in english though. Many people are begging for money and also children. Salesman get very angry when you don´t buy their stuff:P But Yes, I do feel safe here an do recommend it to anyone else!



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Fez, Morocko

Day 191, 12146 km

Click here for a map of my ongoing route around the world!



..is the right thing to say on this side of the world. Marocko is pumping, the
cycling is pumping which gives us an equation with the sum that Acke “Sven” also
is pumping:) When I am heading out on my perfect dream day of bike touring, I
have big nature around me and I feel right in the middle of it, a sensational
feeling. I have had tis feeling since I set my foot on this continent. A
boatride of 1 hour and same amount of time withdrawn from the timezone and a
whole new world has opened up. SO yeahh..Africa has been delivering 100% so far!

To stand highest on upon the rock of gibraltar and looking out on the sea down
under me reminded me of something. I have now cycled over the whole of Europe! I
remember once back in the days in school when a guy came and lectured when he
had done this exact trip on is bicycle. Just imagine that I would be in his
position at that time is just incredible! With that I want to encourage
everybody that if you have a dream, dare to fight to make it happen! It is
wourth every second of it!
The famous monkeys up here on the rock kept me entertained for an hour or so,
cute and so human sometimes that it is scary. I passed touristbus one after
another filled with elderly “lazy” people, hahha. Or it could have been me who
were a bit strange, the climb up was really steep and I had to struggle hard.
Bit it worked anywat and I´m glad I did it! The run down was fast and I picked
up a map of Morocko before leaving Gibraltar. I bought the same Michelin variety
but the scale was a whole lot bigger 1:1000.000, which yet again placed a
picture in my head of how it was going to be on “the other side”. Few roads
means harder to get lost:P
Towards Algeciras and to buy a ticket, which was a bit more time consuming than
I thought. There were nontheless 8 companies (!) to choose from with a price
range which seemed endless. But 25 euro got me what I wanted without the so
called friendly african “guides”. They stand outside and show where to buy the
tickets, as if the big sign wasn´t big enough?! And then they want commission
for it. Yeahh right..I got on the ferry quite quick and it wasn´t crowded at
all, me and just a few more people. So the work for the police was easygoing,
stamping everybodys passports. But my stomach and the butterflies within wasn´t
cool at all…soon….

I rolled to land viewing upwards more than around me. Big mountains covered the
coast in the direction I was going so better get to work! The time was 4 pm so i
had 1 hour before sunset. With the new timezone the sunrise is at just passed 7
am and sunset just after 5 pm. That is the time I have to play on to move
somewhere:). I soon realized that freecamping is not going to be an issue with
the big area everywhere, just pick a spot and be happy:) I also got a little bit
of company the very first morning by a stick insect dancing in the wind. I said
hi and let him go again:)

IMG_0655 (2)_800x585

Spectaculur days yes! I have cycled 120 km each day since I got here uptil now
and it was really only the first day the had some bad sessions of bad roads. I
passed a whole lot of trucks which worked around the mine area that was there. I
tried to see and take in as much as I possibly could, stuff that might gain me
in this new kind of world. I sat down for lunch by a military base and had a
chat with the guys. “OHH SWEDDEN, ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC!” Yep, that is correct:) I
got offered lunch aswell and couldn´t refuse. But unfortunatly I could not take
a photo which wasn´t allowed when they were wearing there uniforms. The rest of
the day went well and I pitched my tent up in the forest a bit of the road.

The nights here have temperatures down to 3-4 degrees celsius and during the day
it peaks up to 23 and that is how it is going to be until a week or so when I
hit the Marrakech area and south. That´s when the real warmth is coming. The
next morningI actually had frost all around me so going out from that warm
sleeping bag wasn´t as fun. But that quickly changed when I raced into an
american named Alex. He had his travel home base in Lissabon and was doing a
tour around on his bike too. A very nice guy I wish best of luch, follow him
here —> Alex bike tour
The mountains became more of forest landscape this day and I was always cheered
on by local kids of all ages. I am also trying out “streetfood” in nuts and
fruits that I find interesting. I then reached Rabat on the westcoast this
thursday. Here the plan was simply to fix the visa to Mauritania through the
embassy. But unfortunatly it was closed on the friday and then all over the
weekend. That really sat me on the potty and I put my thinking beanie on. I did
not at all felt like sticking around here for 3 days so I decided to go on to
Fez and then try to catch a bus/train back to fix the visa upcoming week.
Thought, probarly said and done..that is what I did. And when I had the visa in
my hand I just take the train/bus back to Fez and contine where I left off.I
specially remember this bit after the town of Khemisset going to Meknes.
Beautiful scenery and a gorgeus sunset, super! Just north of this smentioned
town was another highlight for me to visit, Volubilis. These ruins are about
2.000 years old and are on the Unesco world herritage list. They are situated
along a mountainside looking out over the landscape. i walked around in the now
very hot (30 degrees) place taking photos everywhere. It was a great afternoon
before I left off again. A lot of ups and downs led me to Fez where I sit today
and writing to you!

As you may see I´m having an awesome time with more cool adventures to come.
Atlasmountains and the western sahara are off course two big steps to pass. But
we shall not forget the visa I need to continue. The plan is to get back to
Rabat tomorrow Monday (sunday ment no bus and bicycles are not allowed on the
train) and get to bed early. Because at 6.30 i need to be infront of the
embassy. They open the doors at 8 and at that time it will be around 50 people
there in something that is not at all called a que:P Gotta have some sharp
elbowes and struggle through. I have with me my passport, 380 dirhams, document
with details (fishe), copy of passport and entrystamp to Morocko and 2
photocopies of myself. I will pay a guy 10 dirham to help me with the documents
since they are all in french, that is highly recommended. Some of the guys will
not have time to get the visa that morning because they are closing. But I will
not be one of them. i will come back at 2.30 to pick it up, hopefully with the
right startdate (dec 26th). This could be a bit of Jeopardy sometimes:)
This is how it is suppose to happen but you never know, we are in Africa now:P

I also really want to mention the swedish bank of SEB and my cousin Jocke, who
have contributed with the biggest donation so far. Very much thank you and also
to the other 3 that I will send postcard to since my entering to Morocko! I will
be happy to do it as soon I find internet that works together with my phone:)
Hopefully this afternoon. A lot of pictures this week to see and I could
probarly have taken a whole lot more, it is that beautiful around here! So that
I think is a very strong reason to follow Airbourne on this epic and biggest
challenge/adventure so far; to cycle down to Ghana!

Have a nice start of the christmas holiday everyone!



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Day 182, 11447 km

Click here for a map of my ongoing cycle ride around the world!

IMG_0507 (2)_800x590


Yet again we sit here after a period of cycling and some vaccation. At this
moment I have just left Malaga where I met up with girlfriend Linda and family
for a week of this and that:P. One cycling day later and I sit right here,
looking out the massive rock of Gibraltar from which tomorrow I will imitate
Simba. Stand there, ROARING, with my beard flying everywhere and look out over
my next conquer, Afrika. This night is the last one here in my home continent
for a looong while! Get hype!

I left Torreviejja still wondering which route I was about to take; coast or
inland? It turned out like that my oceanspirit deep inside won, plus the reason
to pass Gato-Nijar nationalpark made the choice simple after a while. From the
pictures I saw some funny harpoon-turns which looked more than superfun! So with
a confidence all pumped up, beacuse of a new serviced bike, I took of the first
day. The legs felt quite alright although after some rest. I camped behind what
looked like a cemetery or a church surrounded by a high wall (couldn´t see
exactly which). I took out my multitool knife and started fixing my new
sleepingpad/chair case a little bit before slepping.
The next morning I rised all happy, my new sleeping pad did the work. But my
frontwheel was flat as a pancake. Strange since both the tyre and tube are brand
new? I then realized a hole in the tyre, caused by something sharp like a nail
or something. This caised the tube to be uneven inflated and then to be worn out
on the same place. So my brand new Afrika-proof tyre was useless after one day.
That sucked a bit..But shit happens=) (Sorry for 2 bad words, but sometimes
that´s the only way to describe the feeling). I threw on my foldable sparetyre
and kept on going in with hopes to replace with a similar tyre. I found my
original choice in Schwalbe Marathon plus so that will had to do. The front
isn´t as important as the back one so I felt happy.


Full throttle against Gato-Nijar and the first sweaty part since my entering in
Spain. That ment a climb up to 400 m with a front brake I struggled with. It
kept going back to be uneven but the tactics “start over from beginning” seemed
to be a winner:) I was also surprised when my whole crankset became loose. My
“so good” service guy missed the part to tighten it completely. I needed a big
torx, bigger one that I had but luckily I made it to a car mechanic who had the
tool. Lucky me!
The bike feels great today at least, I think all of us understand that you need
to fix it a little bit yourself before beeing completely satisfied.
My downhill run after the climb was short and steep, but still very fun. I felt
the salty breeze from the ocean fill the air around me and that makes me feel
lucky. What made me more happy was my found of sleeping that night. On the beach
with some nice campervans beside me and a water tap. I felt totally relaxed in a
“found” plasticchair that night:)

The rest of the distance all the way to Malaga was like one straight long
finishline. I have a bad habit of relaxing the day before something is
happening, make the feeling of that the day never ending! It felt like forever
but I finally got there, just to race through it for a meeting with a cyclehost.
Gilberto had me for 2 nights; a policeman, bicyclist, diver and also
motorcyclist. A funny guy that has been all over europe and also Morocko! We had
a lot in common and shared everything over some beer the 2 nights:) The day
before the arrival of Linda with family, I took the chance of mapping out Malaga
a bit before ending up at Ikea:) My swedish friend everywhere! Some washing that
night and I was fit for fight to meet up for another great week!

My love arrived in time and I was met by a running daughter in Astrid (3 years
old) also with a giant hug. She recognized me from my yellow t-shirt with a
print of a qoute she said before; ” Onions are clever animals”. Guess that
worked for her:P Some more hugs with Lindas parents Hanno and Berit before I
threw myself in Lindas arms with more than just hugs<3
For all the locals here in Spain it is winter and swimming in the ocean or
swimmingpool is really out of the question. But not for me and Astrid that was
just nonsense:) During our 5 sunny days here we hit the pool many times and the
ocean once with a lot of smiles over her face.
A face that can dramatically change a bit, specielly when you are 3 years old. I
had the chance to experience this from time to time. She got some fire that
little girl, but so full of energy! The birds of Malaga wasn´t safe anywhere and
I think we tried all the recreation parks along the botanical garden, which
created the path downtown.
To see the whole town in an effective way we took a ride with a horse and wagon.
Astrid picked the horse carefully, we didn´t want to pick the wrong colored
one:P. The trip took us around seeing the cathedral, bull fighting arena, the
harbour and other things in the centre before moving on.
One night when the little girl was very tired me and Linda took the oppurtunity
to be adults for a bit going out. We left Astrid with her grandparents,
shirted/dressed up and hit Pizza Pino. A night to be remembered…Just behind
Lindas shoulder in one of the pics you understand why. Here sat “the mysterious
guy” who started with giving us a bottle of wine on his tab. Me and Linda were
in the zone of goofing around with funny beerpics when this happened. The both
of us just starred on each other; what to do now? :P
We smiled and said thank you, enjoyed our great pizza meal and was getting ready
to pay. This was just after “the mystery guy” left the place. Our tab showed…0
euro! The little sneaky one had paid our tab aswell and didn’t even mentioned it
to us! We were tired and because of that probarly “hoorayed” a bit to loud. A
special night with a special girl <3

The homegoing for the group was even more painful then when we said goodbye in
Pisa. The alltime worst moment with this lovely girl is to say goodbye like
this! I felt like I came closer to her parents and Astrid,.,.well,.,.we always
have fun:) More hugs with the added river of tears was on when they left
saturday night. There was the empty cyclist yet again with a forgotten rubber
pink bracelet belonging to AStrid. Hope I can borrow it to remind myself of you?
i am wearing it together with the 2nd “engagementbracelet” me and Linda have. We
are getting one from every place we meet up on upon.

Well, tomorrow is the Rock and lionking time and then a going from either
Gibraltar or Algeciras to the otherside, as good as pizza with extra cheese:)
The donations are still going strong, makes me glad! Im very curious about how
many postcards Africa is going to deliver..a playground for camerafun!
Down below as a film from my ride over Pyreneés




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El Limonar, Torrevieja, Spain

Day 168, 10738 Km

“Throwing you a sloppy wave, lying down in my sundeck chair”

Holiday is the word for it, people are talking about and are longing for it; a state of mind mostly physically done horizontally with energyusage down below what the everyday usually are up for. For me I have had my own holiday since end of may when I left my hometown, Eskilstuna, in Sweden. My energy usage is a bit higher of course compared with other peoples holiday but these days have really been what everyone calls a Holiday. Wonderful! A couple of fast days with 150 km, 140 km and 110 km last day before arrival to Torreviejja ment a happy reunion with family and relatives.
My uncle Billy waved me ion from the street where I spent my first days with him, his wife Kicki and my grandfather Jan. Luckily I also had the time to meet a couple of friends of Billy and Kicki, that is Håkan and Sylvia who I have been driving in my taxi 2 times. One time was more adventourus then the other when we came a bit “of the grid” in the dark:)
I was welcomed with open arms, happy smiles and a whole lot of questions of course. We spent the weekend with beach hanging, restaurant visits and a meeting with MÄKLARE. It was great to just relax although I knew that in a couple of days I would like to hit the road again, like having ants in my pants:P
The real bingo came on Monday, 3 days in my holiday. That was when my paranets came followed by 3 golfpartners, which this week was all about from the beginning. My mum and I just took the oppurtunity to meet beside that:) My mum was so happy that she cried at first hug, so lovely:) I have been longing for this since I don´t know when and it felt unreal to see them again.

So golf it was, my dad and Anders Danielsson started the tournament of “El Torro” 2008 just to make something fun out of it. The tournament is over 5 days and has many small competitions during the day to make it as interesting as possible also when the swing isn´t really doing what it should. These compettitions could be closest to the hole on par 3s, least amount of putts etc etc. After these 5 days and 90 holes played the victor was Christer Jarebro so a big congrats to him!

My mum and I wasn´t playing so we took it easy on the beach, in the golfcar watching, on the sunTERASS. One day I felt like moving a bit so took the oppurtunity to go running for a bit. This to test how well I remembered how to do it and to test 5fingers running (my toe-shoes). One work-out with intervals and one on the beach resulted in the worst ache in my calves that I´ve ever felt. My mum told me that I looked like I needed a shit:) Hahhaha….But somehow when I sit here I feel like running yet again:) Strange that..
So now when this week is over it feels a little empty again like I talked about before in the previous post. You share a moment and then have to say goodbye; overall off course the worst part! My adventure continues tomorrow morning when I head down the coast and coming closer to next wonderful meeting. That when Linda with family is coming to Malaga. Wonderful days awaits and hope the goodbye isn´t so painful…doubt it..


During these days when i have been “off-biking” I sent off my bicycle for some real tune-up. A positive decision that now has made her in top shape for Africa! You can see a picture down in the gallery of the new front.
To start with I have thicker tyre with more MÖNSTER than before, fitting for gravel roads. Up until today I have been riding on “Schwalbe marathon plus” but now I have pair of “Schwalbe Marathon plus TOUR”. I have also changed the front wheel to fit the new wider tyres, I now have a mountainbike rim called Rody Alloy 6063 (32 spokes). This one is stronger than my previous one and should make it all the way back home to Sweden, that is if I can call the orders:)
My front bagholder (called Lowrider) was made out of Aluminium, has been repaired 3 times and wasn´t fit with the standard way. I was sick of this and now has a steel model, Tubus Tara. this is a real classic and fits perfect. This type of equipment is really what Im looking for, stuff that have been looking the same for several years and hold the preassure. Just like my sadle Brooks B17. This is also the thought in my upgrade of Sleeping pad. I ´ve had Thermarest Prolite+ which has been punctured over the last month or so, although I´ve been sleeping like a baby anyway:) Well, nights are getting colder so a upgrade was at its place. Inflatable once I am done with, they just can´t take the preassure when I am using it with my thermarest trekker lounge chair. So a classic foam model was what I was looking for. Thermarest Ridgerest solar was my soultion. Same weight but a big bigger packing size. That doesn´t really matter since I have it behind me on the bike. The pad has same isolation level as my previous one and can be used as a chair without breaking. Strong stuff that holds it, Yes I say!

Some other stuff in Africa is the military checkpoints during the dessert of Mauritania and Western Sahara. According to my cycle friends online these guys are very friendly and helpful, that´s great since the landscape otherwise is full of mines. These militaries use radio to contact eachother when a crazy guy on a bicycle approaches and let us sleep at their place.
Anyway, they will want to have my details and the way to do this is to give them a note with everything written down to save time. So my dad helped me with this from Sweden and brought copies in both english and frensh that I´ve sent him to print.

Fishe för militärkontroller

Fishe for military checkpoints

I could complete all visas in Rabat, Morocco but I think I will complete “first half” over there (Mauritania, Senegal). The rest I will complete in Dakar (Guinea, Ivorycoast and Ghana, Gambia have no visa requirements). So the route is a bit different than I have been talking about before, still varied nature and big challenges!

Well, that about the planned route. Now back to equipment talk since that have changed a bit from the start. It all weight the same (35 kg), the bicycle 16 kg and the guy upon it 82 kg. That means that I have gained about 9 kg over last month. A happy vacation and loads of food is the result of that so in that perspective I am glad to get back on the road:)

Ridgerest Solar liggunderlag, Tubus Tara Lowrider, nya fälgen med nya däcken

Ridgerest Solar liggunderlag, Tubus Tara Lowrider, nya fälgen med nya däcken

In the front bags I now have mostly clothes. I have taken off the compressions clothes from 2xu but now it looks like:
Skinclothes in merinowhool (ullmax)
Thicker jumpoer in merinowhool (ullmax)
Thick Whoolsocks
whoolsocks with toes
Bicycle socks Teammodel
2 beanies
Splitable trekkingpants Fjällräven G-1000
2 t-shirts
1 longsleeved t-shirt
1 pair of boardshoarts
Goretex paclite jacket (GalvinGren)
Rainpants (Didriksson)
2 cycleclothing kits (Swedish national team Kalas)
shoe rain covers (Endura)
1 pair underwear
2 “nechtubes” (to protect face from sand in the dessert)
Sleeping pad (western MOUNTAINEERING)
Stone and flourfilled figure, a gift from my parents (been with me since 2011)

In my electronic bag:
Computer with charger
Skype headphones
Camera charger with extra battery
Mini & Micro USB cables
Luggagescale (Asaklitt)
Wireless bluetooth speaker
Outlet adapter
External harddrive 500 gb
GoPro headstrap, extra battery & infrared lens
2 usb memories
Internet bank remote

Kindle eReader
Minibackpack (Sea to Summit)
Brunton solar chargers (Embed and MODELL)
Documents: Passport x2, insurance, passportphotos, africamilitary documents, passport copies and Vaccinentry
2 water bottles (0.5 L)

In my rearbags I have:
Stomachsickness pills
Malariapills (just Africa)
Water purufication kit (Aquacare X10)
2 extra small bags
Airbourne business cards
Borat Mankini =)
Raincover for sadle(brooks)
Raincover for for the stuff on my rear rack (Osprey)
Primus Omnilite TI with EtaPot
Primus Powerlighter
Gas cannister
Toilet paper
Atlas (preferably Michelin in scale 1:200.000 to 1:500.000)
Multiknife (Gerber)

In the bicyclebag:
Multitool (insex, torx mm)
Extra foldable tyre (Bontrager 2013 CX0 Team Issue 700C)

Screws and nuts in all shapes:)
SPD SL cleats
Sadle maintence kit (leather)
Oil for chain
Extra pump for liquid fuel (Primus)
Another bag with contacts, Paracord, shaver (?), rash for sunglasses

Foodway, packed in zipbags:
Chocolat powder

1-2 cans Beans/lentils

Regulator Mares Instinct with Miflexhoses 1st & 2nd stage
Manometer (Apecs)
Suunto D6i computer
Suunto wireless transmitter for air control
Mask (Tusa)

Then I have a rear light on my left rear bag

On the rear rack:
A “wrapped in” Osprey raincover with B.C.D Aqualung Zuma & fins Aqualung Hotshot
Sleeping pad (Thermarest Ridgerest Solar)
Tent (Hilleberg Akto)

Handlebar bag:
Maps (pages ripped out from Atlas)
Photos off Linda, family and friends
Camera (Canon Powershot SX 260HS)
Minitripod (Gorilla)
GoPro (first model)
Headtorch (Petzl, also used as front light)
Bow to reduce winndsound (windfree)
Headphones (Sehnheiser)
Mobile (Sony Ericsson Active)
GPS for online mapupdate and SOS-contact (Spot)
Spare lenses for sunglasses
Mobile case (for handlebar setup)
Rag for sunglasses
Key to bikelock

On the bike:
Helmet (Giro Savant)
2 waterbottles (1 L)
Bottle with petrol (Primus)
Necklace from sister Tove
Tubus Tara Lowrider
Schwalbe Marathon plus Tour tyres 700×35
Ryde Sputnik 28″ rim back
Rody Alloy 6063 28″ rim front
Brooks B17 sadle
Bicycle computer
Shimano R087 Wide shoes

My little brain tells me that I will be going to need water in the dessert.,.,.,yes. Just a feeling… I will carry another 2 L plus the 3 L I have today which will be in my rear bags. Thanks to Freewheely I now know exactly where I can fill up water and buy food in the area.
Wow, I look at the list and think: So much stuff! But i do feel that i am using everything and it feels complete out of my needs and thoughts. So it feels really good:)

So tomorrow Monday I´m back on the road heading for Malaga, which will take me 5 cycling days. If I choose the coastal road or not is about to open up tomorrow morning:) We will see. Linda with family arrives the 19th so i am hoping for the great weather to stick around. Anyway, it will be wonderful days and last vacation for a while. Join me in Africa and why not order a postcard? It´s a cool place, i guarantee you that:)




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Vináros, Spain

Day 156, 10311 km


New country, new language and loads of new oppurtunities. I really should throw myself straight into the heat and let myself go all in flames by all the new and exciting, but first up I want to spread my little movie about the grapepicking down below. The music may sound a bit depressing but that is of course not the case. Alex, the guitarplayer, is in fact a pianist and this is his “back-up” instrument. Cool dude!

The video will also be featured in the post “Tarare, France” which is about my 3 weeks of grapepicking.

My friends, you who read this and my newfound ones back in those days among in “Grapeland”. The group we were and with that experience, makes it a little hard to just leave everything behind and move on. I try to see and look forward to everything happening in the future, but the some thoughts and feelings stay empty for a while. Slow basterds:) Hard days are just a laugh of good memories now, such when our rented tractordude (who was suppose to be the best among 20) showed up stinking of alcohol, already in a distance of 2 cows away. He had the brilliant idea of try to reverse his little tiny tractor, full of 600 kg grapes in the wood trailer, down a supersteep and muddy hill. Result: trailer broke and all grapes goes straight down in the mud, which he also reverse over to totally squezze them. This day was superwindy and cold which made 3 people stay in the car…Worst day at least to say, but warm and funny now when I think back at it:) What doesn´t kill you make you stronger, or creates a good sharable memory.

My first day back on the road felt stiff and maybe my mind was still in “grapeland”, when I wrote last post. But after that my body felt better and better as I came in the whole cycling rhythm again. A lesson learned is that I maybe should have stayed just a day longer to rest for real, and not just move on directly. I thought my legs should be up for it, and they were, but my back was of course tired. It took some extra time but I got back on the sadle for real a little while longer than usual.
“Grapeland” turned into “NationalParkLand” through “Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc” and “Réserve Naturelle des Gorges de l’Ardèche”. Autumn was really here which I saw, smelled and felt.


I got through some rain in the hilly country which was all covered with fog in the morning. The moist made it also a bit chilly and cold. The wind also joined the boardgame, sadly most often not the same team as I. Some days were just only a big fight, which you can see in onje of the photos in the gallery, tired Sven:) My thoughts were to go forward, or more clearly south. I knew that when I just passed that little hill of Pyreneés, everything will be warm and sunny again. A good spirit that kept me going in the hardest moments. I Felt that for real after the town of carcassone, from where I leapt all the way to the foot of the mountains. The last 5 km to Aux Les Thermes was a bit of a rollercoaster; up to 1200 m, down to 700, up to 1400, down to 1100, stay flat there for a while and then down to particilur village at 800 m. That resulted in leaving 1600 m climbing over 30 km next day, to reach Port d´Envalira. In my tent, which this night was warm and comfortable, I felt asleep fast.

During the morning I gave myself a selffive before my porridgebreakfast and hoping that my windfriends is with me all the way. Sun was up so no windbreaker was needed “Lucky#1). The climbing was not hard at all with the weather on my side, although of course a bit more chilly at the altitudes over 1100 m. That is when I took out my best friend, hot chocolate and enjoyed a nice break.

Now “Ashley” (which my bike now has returned her originalname) got pistoff and a bit grumpy. Ok, SHE is my best friend after all….

The last 300 metres was introduced by the town of Pas de la casa, which felt a bit like a mini Las Vegas. This is the first town in Andorra and lays just behinf the entering customs. Here were hotels, shopping centers and what I believe one of the worlds most highest positioned Mcdonalds:) At over 2000 metres I need to double check o that. I now faced the last 4 km with 7% of inclanation, crossed all the fingers I had for a nice wind. And yes, there were basically no wind at all even on the top. That was not normal as the guys at the top confirmed to me. I enjoyed a pack of Oreo cookies when looking south at the horizon, very far away over there lays next challenge, the Atlas Mountains of Morocko. Unlikely myself I saved some cookies for the ride down and got to it..


Down for a very long run, first 30 km to Andorra La Villa, the capital of this country and then almost as many to the spanish boarder. But lets hold it in Andorra La Villa for a while, just as I did. A little cold after the ride down I needed to stretch my legs of the sadle for a while. So took a walk in town hoping to find 2 things, a spanish map and a lenspen. Later one is to clean te camera lens with. Didn´t do jackpot but found the map at least. Thanks to my superherocostume I found a swedish friend in Henrik. A very nice guy who I spent a couple of days with. He lives in a really nice apartment and works here as a decorater/designer, currently for a danish client. Henrik has down several projcets for this client and now is a 4 stories high house. Henrik offered me the chance to help out a bit, raising some money for my charity project. So I helped with putting together some Ikea furniture and carrying some stuff. That got 30 euro extra to the Airbourne project. Thank you very much for that Henrik!

Before I left we also went out to experience the publife of Andorra, which I felt had winter/ski resort stamp on it. We had fun anyway although lack of snow. I was just impressed by having a conversation in English with people, Wow! Then I said goodbye to Henrik and started the downhill session to spanish boarder, and as intended the warmth came forward from its hideout. My plan was to go a bit inland through the moutnains, but the longing for the coast kept me going east instead:) I found some great roads thanks to my michelinmap, who nicely paints the scenic roads green. Here I am now and smiling at the ocean next to me. A couple of more days going south and in Torreviejja I meet up with family and relatives, longing so much! Then just a week after their hometravel, Linda with daughter and parents are coming to Malaga for a visit:) So a month of November incuding warmth in many perspectives, just the way I like it <3

In my read books/ watch movies world, Harry Potter has now reached the Halfblood prince. I have seen a lot of movies but are now following “Criminal Minds” from season 1. A bit scary in the pitch black tent sometimes, but try to remind myself that I am badass:) Hahahahah..

A big highfive to all of you back home with your own adventures, challenges, partynights or cozy home/movienights.

Hope we hear from eachother again:)




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Tarare, France

Day 144, 9266 km

ay and make a jump for it!

Almost 3 weeks since last post and I have moved 50 km so that does not deserve a
map in my opinion:) So more room for funny stories! My hands are ready to
flicker as never before, although they have been “punished” quite hard these 2
weeks with cuts and a black gapesugar layer that will stick for a while:) This
exprience and together with others in same kind are really an memory for life.
To work together in a group towards a set goal when the obstacles are heavy
work, long days and cold weather is truly a challenge. We came very close and I
am very happy to have been a part of it. I did even get the chance to play a
leaderrole with a little more responsibility. I think this happened because I
was there first at showed some interest to become that figure. It went well in
my opinion andn was good for me.

Life as a grapepicker is heavy with long days and sour bodies. Either you choose
to fight and make yourself harden to learn something and grow as a person in
agroup, or you give up. Most of us was in the first option and for that got an
experience to remember forever. We are tested both physially and mentally during
the day and can drink it down with wine at the evening:)
During the 14 days of work we had people coming and going but the base was
created by 6 swedes, 4 dutch, 1 english, 1 scottish & 2 danish people. The
people that arrived with train was my purpose to pick up. Said and done, other
than that I cleaned, prepared equipment and moved stuff until the others came. 2
days of those was all alone together with Germaine, a 76 year old lady that is
still going strong at the Chateu since the fourties! A lovely lady who though
did not like the day after our goodbye party..”It looks like whorehouse”

Jerome, our boss, thought everything was fine as it should be. Boy I got
surprised first time I met him. I introduced myself and he answered in perfect
swedish with no accent what so ever. I then learnded that his father married a
swedish woman and that he spend a lot of time over there, even since his
childhood. Jerome was great as a boss, that kind of guy you want to work hard
for and have fun at the same time. He joked around a lot and ayolso insisted us
to learn the right technique to pick faster.
When we aren´t picking we need to sleep somewhere, right? So a Chateu from the
1600 sounds ok? Château de la Bourdonnière is an awesome place to stay at. We
slept in the back section in 3 rooms set up for grapepicking nature. Not the
cleanest of course since we are so dirty all the time but we thought it was a
perfect home for the time. The view is not that bad neither, in clear weather Mt
Blanc (4810m) is visible at the horizon, Massive! We had that luck one morning
and yes, the camera was there. Before that we all rised for breakfast at 6 o
´clock, all dark. We leave around 7.15 when the light breaks through and work
towards 2nd breakfast at 10.30. Cheese, wine, eggs and bread isn’t so bad at
all:) Lunch and dinner are beeing eaten home frensh style with food coming in 3
waves plus dessert. Of course some wine to drink which also was available during
whenever:P. When the truck was full (3-4 times per day) I had the job to take
the grapes to the Cooperative (drop off place for grapes) to get the weight,
grade and sugarhalt. Grades just like back in school:) Last grape load are
beeing dropped off at 18.30.


So dinner after that and then a que to shower. That makes the days dissapear
fast and one good reason why I did not had the energy to write sooner on the
website. But now here we are:) Yes, we are tired all the time but that doesn’t
stop the funny fielddiscussions from jumping around, including funny questions.
Linus, a swede, brought my #1 favorite: “If you were a whale and suddenly got
feet, where would you go?” :D. Great guy, I would also like to thank Scottish
Collum for his laughable swearwords all the time, English Sam for always beeing
happy, Blonde Jonna for amazing quotes, Dutch Alex for great Guitarplaying and
all the others for contributed to a great group! The goodbye when I left was
memorable, thanks again:)

Thanks everybody for all the great comments and for still buying postcards, Keep
it up so we can grow the charity money pile even more.

Enjoy the pics down below and check back soon for the movie.

So, 14 days of work and the salary of at least 700 euro should arrive next week.
Money that pays for flight o USA and a little more, self five to Sven:).
I will try to upload a movie I made with the life on the farm. Alex is playing
guitar so just that is wourth seeing and hearing. My set goal now is to race
down to Torreveija to meat family and relatives. On the way I am crossing
Pyrenees and Andorra before entering Spain, the most hilliest country in Europe.
So the legs are beeing tested yet again:) They were a bit tired today after
first cycling for a while. I think loads of food, cheese and wine is the crooc,
back to biking and shape will return, no doubt:)



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Belleville, France

Day 123, 9188 km

Hey all of you!

Today is going to be a shorty with a really strong reason and it is spelled B-O-O-R-E-D. I have taken my santa claus bag full of cycling gear and my steel horse to Belleville just north of Lyon. This is where I was suppose to start the grapepicking a week ago, but the farmer delayed the start a week. But there was a chance for me to maye go work for another one until that, so I sticked around the area but unfortunatly nothing came up. The nationalparks was a little to far away so Mcdonalds has been my second home for a while, where I’ve been planning, planning and planning:) Nothing else much to do! But it’s been good and I found much interesting information from other cyclists regarding Africa and South America.

Since I have been on the same place I have been contacting cycling hosts around to stay with. And it has been great! I felt so welvome everywhere and got so good information about different kinds of things. Fanny, Guillaume, Luc, Vincent, Anne, Maryse and Kristjan you are the best and have all contributed to the forever burning flame of Airbourne! Postcards are coming from Africa, guaranteed!

Yet another great info is that Linda is coming to see me again, this time in Malaga! It feels like this vacation is getting longer and longer, something I most deffinitly will eat up in those sandstorms i Africa.

I have also thought about this fee on the website and after a discussion with Bruce, my divefriend from Sardinia, i have decided to NOT let it happen. Bruce made me realize that it takes away the heart and spirit of Airbourne and the whole idea of charity, which should come from just that place. I want everybody to follow my step of adventures as easily as reading their email. Putting a fee on it is not making it easy, it’s making it worse. So No to fee and Yes to real charity from the heart all around the world!

I have some project ideas in that area coming up when I reach USA, what that is about you will see, It does still require some planning and is kept a secret:P

Well, tomorrow at least something is happening and I am going to the farm to start working. Nothing can stop me now, or else I will just pick anything I can find:) Meanwhile I do that you can enjoy some pictures from Lyon and up to this date.




Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
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Tournon, France

Day 112, 8832 km

A burger with extra everything…

That I think is a good start to sum up the last 10ish days out here on the roads of Europe. Emotions has reached up and downs, the altitude and scenery likewise. That is what come to me very first now when I sit yet again on a Mcdonalds free wifi service and doing the weekly update. Linda and I had a superweek and to say good bye sucked really bad. The empty feeling led to a state of mind to start over again with everything. But not all was bad, I had clean clothes! Wow! Good feeling to start with.
The coast was still close to hand so I planned to continue that way from Pisa to Nice through Genoa. I reached the middle checkpoint after 2 days and it was here I was sick when I was here last. Genoa then was for me a dirty harbour city and I did not had high expectations this time. But coming in from east changed my view completely; it was now clean, nice and felt friendly. How strange how a mental picture can change just like that? Well, in the positive way for me this time. One mission here to do: Pick up a new headtorch. The one I got from my sister did not like water as much as I do so it got replaced by a blue one that likes the blue gold as much as I:) The night I spent on an empty field with a caravanlady as a neighbour. Now just enjoy the last coastly days towards Monaco and Nice. The freecamping along the french riviera was rather tricky but after 2 hours of searching I found myself on a plateu of olive trees. Top of
that if I bend at least in 4 strange angles I could see the ocean:) Not bad for free, haha. The Riviera is gorgeus with its beaches, steep mountainsides, restaurants, cafe´s and smells. I was still happy for my choice of campsite well upon next morning when I met 2 bike touring friends from Poland, Rafael and Eva. We chatted a bit and became friends during the day. We set meeting in Monte Carlo later on for a fun day. The rain was pouring down this day but stopped as good when I saw the casino in Monte Carlo. I had time to have a quick looksy before Rafael and Eva came, all smiling:) I have been here before on my interrail tour 2007 but was then never insiden the casino, which our little 3 person group did now. Exceptional place that feels just like a….casino:) Vegas has its stamp on it and is unique, but this was yet another feeling. Eva and Rafael bet 5 euros (!) on a machine and actually ended up with a win of 4 euros. That equals to ONE ice cream, not two.
After the casino we hit the streets on the way down to the harbour. Luxury cars everywhere (of course) and boats in a class of their own, yet not enough with helicopterlanding space in our point oif view:) One can wonder how happy these people are comparable to their fortune? Let’s hope they are:) After this the gang highfived and took different directions again.

In Nice I prepared with full speed to go up the mountains again and the nationalpark of Verdon, which has the biggest canyon in Europe! Unbelievable views which I rank as the best ones on my little cycletrip so far, just look at the gallery below. BUT NOT YET! Now lets check of a bicycle classic: Mt Ventoux and its 1912 metres. The altitude isn’t superscary but the wind last 6 km with a elevation of 7 degrees really differs out the weaks (Ventoux means windy and the record of 88 metres/second says it all that thet close off the road from time to time). A brittish cyclist named Tom Simpson died of exhaustion here in the 60s. For his memory their is a stone close to the summit on the southern side.
My climb starts in the village of Sault, is 26 km and starts at 750 metres above sea level. The first 20 km has an elevation of 4.5 degrees. I felt strong and took first break at 1300 metres. Here something funny happened:) I got a pack of butter (!) from a campingwife. This present soon made it to a plan in my head. I melted it, mixed in oatmeal, chocolatemix, jam and drymilkpowder. That, my friends, is a sugarbomd looked like this:



Well lets climb further. I reached the last 6 km which ment 7 degrees of pure madness. You can see the summit and it feels much mor further than 6 km. I passed an english who was exhausted and walked his bike, he was alright though. Then in the most hard part a touring friend came down in opposite direction. A frensh girl I did not pick up the name because of the wind. She was super excited and happy which all transferred to me aswell! Great job and thank you frensh girl:) After that I almost got blown of the road (on the opposite side!) because of the wind! I hit the breaks just seconds before falling of the road. Strong stuff…The wind was constant but I made it! At the top a roadworker on motorcycle gave me a hug and said: LEGEND! So 4 hours work to reach a summit of a temperature of 5 degrees and stormy winds makes you want to enjoy the view effectively and then go down:) The panorama was stunning of course, forever glued in my head. The ride down to village Malaucéne wasn’t as fun as the regular downrides, due to the cold. But 78.8 km/h was good though, I really felt it in my jawbones and how much snot that flew out is yet today a mystery:)

Stolt kille!

Proud dude!



So a couple of huge days that I felt in my body the day after. The cold and the physical exhaustion made me not as bendable as a candy gummybear:D. On the route plan it says restday so that is exactly what I did too, slow morning and cycle to closest internet place to just relax. Then I took of from the certain route to set course for my grapepicking work. This is present time and I will reach Lyon at monday night. A cycle host (from warmshowers.org) is taking care of me for 2 nights so I can pick up some work stuff plus enjoy the beautiful city. Here is also Ikea…
I have yet some another days before the job starts, which I will spend in 2 nationalparks within reach. I will keep myself busy, that’s for sure:)

So, sad after Lindas homegoing turned to happiness with the spectaculur cycling days. The feeling of Beeing In It came from time to time and I love it.
The temperature of 30 degrees on the coast, bareable 20 in the parks and 5 on the summit is quite different. I now sleep in Merinowhool skin wear and it feels great with perfect temperature both night and day!
Coast with ocean became mountains greener than ever which themself became very small from the view of the summit of Mt Ventoux. Now back to forest and many big grapeharvesting areas. Add 2 days and there’s bigcitylife in Lyon! All this in around 2 weeks, who says cycling is slow?!

Awesome, You guys have been very good so far with contrubuting donations to swedish cancer foundation and seashepherd. I have sent postcards all different directions. Now that the website works as it should I have decided to start with the fee function of the blog. It means that you donate U.S $4 and with that access the website. The money is split between the two projects but if you want it otherway just let me know:) The mainpage with my current positon, “sponsors”, “contact”,”about airbourne”, “guestbook” will always be free! I am doing this because I believe a lot of people together can make a big difference if they compared to their own small contribution. Do you disagree but want to follow the blog anyway? Just come with a suggestion and we’ll fix it! Nothing is impossible, some stuff just takes longer time. The start date of this will be october 1st.

I leave this post with the gallery below and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!




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San Giuliano Terme, Toscany, Italy

Day 102, 7931 km

Hey Everybody!

Over 100 days have now passed since i left home and cycled off for a great
adventure. I have seen a lot of Europe and Africa is coming closer and closer.
My brain that controls the cycle-and adventure part is all busy with this but
the other parts of the brain is a little sad. Today Linda, my girlfriend and
future, flew back home to Sweden after our perfect week here in the areas around
Toscany. From the pictures in the gallery below I reallt feel all the joy and
love in all the pictures from this week, a week that has also contained a lot of
talking and thinking about our life together. I watch them a lot and will
continue watching them upcoming days when I will try to collect myself back
again. The most beautiful thing that I feel is that now i have finally got an
answer of that big and scary question that has been haunting me for many years.
That is what my future life is going to look like? The travel part is just a
section of it and nothing you live for all eternity. The name Airbourne and the
website wAS born in 2010 but the soul and way of living was started already in
2007 with my interrail ride through europe. All together that is summed up to 8
years of travelling and adventure. To be able to WANT to quit that part is now
all inf ront of me and I can see it. It feels more great than ever. With Linda
everything has just been there and growing stronger each time we spend time with
each other. I was created to fulfull this cycle journey around the world, no
questions asked, that is my destiny in this world. As sure of that, I am to
spend the rest of my life with that beautiful girl <3

Wow, what a start! But if you want to have a great week with your love you can
not look (and smell) like I did when arriving to Hotel Granduca in San Giuliano
Terme. That was our home for the week. The shaver worked hard like a machete and
after a while everything of what was called a beard was gone. Also throw in a
shirt, some other newwashed clothes, flowers, a baguette and you have the
reciepe of a succesful welcoming ceremony:) Linda had spaghettilegs (Italian
humor:), was nervous as I but we both let that go instantly and laughed at all
the bums around the airport. Really, there was bum after bum sculptured in all
different shapes:) I gave Linda her baguette and flowers and got swedish treats
back as a reward:) YES!!

Välkommen Linda!

Welcome Linda!

The Hotel was suited just outside Pisa by the mountains and we spend a slow
first day. We had so much to talk about and Linda had been awake for more hours
than recommended by any human. The village of San Giuliano has a couple of
restaurans/pizzerias, a small foodstore, a couple of bakeries, a square, a
sportfacility and great walking possibilities among the nature surroundings.
Supernice to have a chill place coming back to!
Next day was tourist day and we entered Pisa with cameras fully charged. First
up of course the square Piazza dei Miracoli with the famous leaning tower. We
weren´t alone so had a bunsh of tourists to laugh at, all of them doing the pose
of “saving” the tower from falling. We counted to 7 tourists at the same time
doing this and the interval between any of the other was never longer than 5
seconds:) Silly…yes but a torist is a tourist:) We walked around in botanical
garden, bought souvenirs and had a great day!

Go straight west of Pisa and you find the coast and Marina di Pisa. We came here
to tune in our suntan and have a cool beachday. Cycletan isn’t on top ten on the
most sexy pics of a man=) One day we spend on the cliffs and another on the
beach itself. When the sun got to hot we just jumped in the sea bringing a
camera with us. Goofing around is what we do best and the pictures kind of tell
that truth:) All the italians with their minimal swimming outfits thought we
were nuts but thats ok, that’s how we do it. To cool of even more we bought
Gelato (icecream) pretty much every day of the week.

On the right opposite of the coast is Lucca, a small town surrounded by a great
wall which was really nice walking on, spotting gardens and nice views. We came
here one day and didn’t really have a plan. For that we found a torturemuseum
which contained pretty much all ways you can hurt another person. Many of them
had a red thread though, To stick stuff up the bum!…uhhhh..Lunch someone?
Lucca was fun but not as fun as our Real date we had one evening by the tower in
Pisa. Wine made us both really “laughy” and strange. The feeling of eating more
than just the maincourse was special though. I tried my best to behave like a
man on a date, you know help the girl with the chair and so on. I succeded
pretty good and give myself a 3,5 out of 5. Room for improving but all good:)

The beach, a bit of city and slow tempo in homevillage was the basic frame this
week. The frame also contained pizza, pasta, holiday, thoughts, hopes and love
between 2 people which will never burn out! Unbelievable! I want to say thank
you to everybody who congratulated me on my birthday yesterday and for the great

Well, Im cycling on now after this holiday, maybe a little cryish for a while
but will try to man up:) On september 30th it’s grapepicking start in the
village of Lantignie in France. Another little detour which opens up the
possibility to meat my family in Alicante, Spain, and time in cold season in
Africa. Also some more money to the treassure chest is never wrong:)

Another week, back to cycling and next time we speak i will be entering France
for the 4th TIME! Wow, who made this route anyway?:P




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Pisa, Italy

Day 93, 7901 km

Hey but hey…

..is something I SAY….from northern Italy, more accuratly from Toscany and Pisa. The town is sunny and beautiful and after 93 days it’s time for me to spend a little more then just a few days of holiday. Because this is no regular vacation charter coming up, my GIRLFRIEND is coming to see me. My beloved Linda is on the plane in less then 48 hours and it’s something I’ve had in mind more than ever last week. A those of you following me you probarly wonder if we are a couple or not, the answer is YES! We are ment to be, we both feel it, and I feel so lucky having found someone like her in my life. Yes, a bit sidetrack from cycling now…But it’s wourth it, she is wourth it. Today’s post is all to you Linda and a big thanks for the support and love, Our love that will grow stronger each year<3

So, a happy me that is and will be bouncing this week. On the roads it’s been the same most of the time, even though sometimes some “grown up-words” finds its way from my mouth. But that’s ok, I´ve seen great people on TV do that:) I left Agrigento and its cultural history all towards the eastcoast to throw myself in my other home, the ocean. I now pass a lot of nectarins everywhere, more than olives. Those magical juicy fruit was all over my mind thise days when I lay there in the ocean, resting my sour legs floating around in the sea. A nice and returning theme of breaks along the coast up to Messina. Here I left Sicily and went over to mainland of Italy. I surpriced myself with the choice of campspot after arrival from the ferry. In the middle of town there was an abandonned garden in which there was no visibility to. Suited me perfect, since I was stressed over darkness. In situations like these, the small successes, I feel extra satisfied with myself and celebrate with a little Woohoo! I followed west coast up a couple of days to Pizzo before turning inland towards the mountains and Villagio Mancuso. Some really tough and “climby” days were established but I fought it, with great responce of super nature all around me. At the highest points, evening temperatures were under 20 degrees celsius and that, ladies and gentlemen, is wourth all the trouble itself:) In the village there were a typical vacation celebration going on with tents and stuff. I had a nice look around, camped and went downhill morning after like a bazooka! Funniest part in the cycling world:) Pisa was getting closer with the heavy stuff left behind.

So full throttle back to west coast and what a welcome that was! The roads were incredibly fast and I did 600 km in 4 days. My flow was good, just listen to this. At first night, me and Primo Viktoria (my bicycle) found a possible campspot in a garden just by a factory. Now a man (Gilberto) shows up and I check with him if he thinks it’s ok I camp here. It turns out he is the owner of the factory and a bit curious on my adventure. Not just the that he let me sleep there, he gave me cold juice when I was preapring my tent. And better off, he invited me for a pizzadinner down at his pizzeria:) I off course accepted and almost swallowed the pizza whole, it was so good. Then these beautiful words comes out of Gilberto, “would you like another one?” I thank you so much for the great food and hospitality. Just what I needed after those mountain days:)

My luck did not turn at all from that moment, morning after I met up with team Road Bike along the road. Paolo and I was going same direction so he pulled me for 20 km:) And better off, invited me for lunch with his family! I was over my head glad! We talked about cycling and I had a great time with his family. Thanks a lot for everything! So you can understand why I like Italy so much with its great nature and welcoming people?:)


All over this country with men wearing speedos ( they even think it’s ok with combining those with a t-shirt?!) I also want to give my grattitude to all those drinking fountains with cold water. Sometimes I just sit there for half an hour with that “cold gold”. Sooo tasty in the heat! As cold as the most fantastic Ice cream variety I tried. It came in a hamburger bread (but sweet) and the feeling of having icecream doublehanded is priceless. See the gallery down below. I will deffinitly bring that home to Sweden. I got the force to go all the way up to Naples, the home of pizza and mozzarella. I tried a combo of those and got the real buffalo mozzarella. And yes, it worked so to speak. What didn’t is town itself with cycling. Paving stones all over and made the ride very bumpy. I was worried over Primo Viktoria but she made it through in one piece. Just another day and then I was in Rome, the capital with its great history which was seen all over town. I set compass too Colosseum, which was a little dream come true watching. I almost felt Maximus (Russell Crowe) breathing my neck; “What we do in life, echoes in eternity!”. A restday in a park here was good for cyclebody- and mind. At afternoon I left Rome through the vatican, another beautiful set but much to less heavymetal to me…

2,5 days to Pisa, yep it’s getting closer now! I CAN DO THIS! Along these days I have kitted up with to take myself as far away from that dirty cycling dude in the picture you see here on the blog. I bought new clothes and shaving stuff (don´t worry, I will grow the beard back after this week=). In Livorno, which is big brother neighbour to Pisa, I stopped for an all you can eat buffet with wok/japanese food. That kept my digestion busy for a couple of hours sleep in the park,.,WOW.,.,When I could manage I took myself to Pisa to spend my last night in tent before hotelstay. But lucky me (again!) I met up with Vito who gladly invited me to stay over at his house. Very nice guy with interesting conversations up til late. Thanks for a plesent stay Vito:)

I will happily share my other futureplans wit you. My dad will play some golf in Spain with some of the other “oldboys” and that’s a great time for me to visit, since a yet unknown number of my relatives is going to be around. The golf competition is called El-toro and is deadly serious,.,.,sort of. That gives me some free time in wait for their arrival which I will spend picking grapes in France for 7-18 days. Gives some extra cash in the piratechest:) The territory is north of Lyon and harvesting starts september 25th. The whole thing sets me in phase with Africa too since I can not go to USA before march, that is when spring arrives. I will explain down below my plan and it all sorts out perfectly:

After Pisa I will cycle towards Nice in France. Then my planned route is like this:


Somewhere there in the middle I will do a little runoff to the area north of Lyon for grape harvesting. Don’t know where exactly. Here is some information about the route in pdf. Remember I only cycle Nice – Carcassone.

Then we continue like this:


Exciting or what?! Also here I cycle off towards Alicante in middle Spain somewhere. Here is some info about Afrika, where my route starts in Carcassonne.

Last piece of the african puzzle:

dakar-ghanaEpic bicycletouring! The route has changed a lot in the information, But you will notice in the pdf what shouldn’t be there. Here it is: Senegal – Ghana.


I happily call this the first real challange of this tour, Waka Waka! Now I do not want to write anymore because I am on holiday:) Haha. You hear from me in a week!




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Agrigento, Sicily

Da7 80, 6384 km



Another warm and beautiful in the spririt of the swedish bicycle tourer. I look into my fictive mirror and say: Mirror, mirror whereever you are Please tell me who the hypest are? And the answer do that is all Italians everywhere! The way they communicate with their hands flying around everywhere is just remarkable. The volume and tempo itself is loud so I just sitback, relax and enjoy the show:)
Last weeks has been tough, bicycle breakdown, sickness and the website not working. I passed that stage with a “holiday” stage where I had the pleasure to reunite with my fishifriends with the diving! I haven’t been diving in the mediterranean before so Sicily was a cool experience! Unfortunatly the weather was a little bad when it was my turn to go into the caverns, so that did not happen. But I did 5 dives and a whole 10 minute recorded video with great memory. That one I will try to upload as good as I can after the Switzerland movie. It’s all about having luck and finding good internet:) I believe in luck, everything always sort itself out:) Cycledestiny should be a word…

The dive I remember the strongest is the wreckdive at KT-12 from Sardinia. Supercool with a ghost feeling all over it. I lived outside the diveshop in my tent and spent a lot if time with the staff. Bruce and Fabian lived here too and Lorenzo hang around a lot. Bruce runs the thing together with his father and Fabian does his Diveleader course. We ate and drank good to celebrate good diving:)

Jag & Bruce

Jag & Bruce

After that I amxed out a 150 km cycling day to westcoast, had in mind the caverndiving that never happened. The diveshop wasn´t that impressive neither but the dive was ok. I did see a swedish couple though in Kent & Malin. We lunched together and talk about a lot of things in life. Very nive people who I wish a great holiday!. I had a spectaculur dish with eggplant and cheese…thats it..A lot of cheese! No one can fail that..
So after that I realized that the ferry to Sicily only went twice a week so another race down to Caiglari (260 km in 2 days) was ahead of me. Went well and much because of the less “climberly” Sardinia compared to Corsica. Still My legs were sour so I slept really good at nighttime:) In Cagliari I spotted my favorite animal as a child, flamingos! But my reactiontime with the camera was like a turtle so I only caught one before they took off. Nice one though:)

10 hours on a ferry means loads of candy adn movies/tv-shows as usual. I rolled off the ferry in pace with my bike for new sicilian adventures. The first that got me was the lack of African winds (you know, when someone put on the hairdryer on the already 30 degreees plus environment?) but here the wind cooled down. Lovely! I am now at my 3rd day here and have reached Agrigento, who is a city known for greek ruins. I have cycled through lemon- and olive trees which have been my campsites. Really good ones since they protect good from the sun! Im having a hard time finding oatmeal and that struggle continues. Well, mussli works good to with powdermilk so I really shouldn’t complain, but porrdidge is gooood!
I will now continue along a cycleroute called La Bella Italia all the way up to Pisa where my girlfriend Linda comes and see me, only 15 days <3. I had plans of going to Malta but the ferries only goes once per week and are very expensive so I put that on hold for future. Malta seems to be the place to dive in Europe so that will happen for sure. My friend from work Mattias has been and Im jealous of him!. Instead I save that money to gear up my bike for Africa in the end of the year….

I have also for the first time in my life replaced a broken spoke:) A little scary but it worked like a charm. I have said it before and say it again, everything solves itself if you just play it cool. That’s how I plan to tackle Sicily and the rest of Italy. The Mozzarella has its home around Naples and that is something I don’t say no to=) I haven’t tried a real pizza yet!

So vacationtime running towards its end for many of you, my family has been around with motorcycles x2 in Sweden and Poland. Very cool! You should stay cool too and we hear again next week!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
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Orosei, Sardinia

Hey all you kids and others:)

A loooong while ago ut feels like since last time. Airbourne.se website has been on some sort of bootcamp for computers, been trained up to fight those evil, green and disgusting things called spamproblems. We are now back up on air again but I still want to call it a test. Thank you all for your patience and help with this. Blogging and sharing my experiences is very important to me ( and the whole basic idea of Airbourne) so lets cross all of our fingers that this works!

Well now back to the Adventure. My plan was to take on St. Gotthardspass in Switzerland to cross the Alps. Ideas in my head change a lot so that instead became Grimselpass and Nufvenenpass. A much better route when I looked more closely on the map. With Gotthard I would have to cross yet another 2 so my new plan is easier and better. Simple math in my ears. I followed Brienzerlake through Interlaken and then to Meiringen, where my first climb to Grimsel started. I had 60 km in front of me and it was tough but very rewarding. The views behing my back stroked me several times and I just wanted to get higher. A couple of turns from the top I got a present from a cool holiday boy gang. A BEER! It took me a good 2 minutes (longest of my life) to catch my breath to actually drink it but boy it was good….and COLD!. Thank you guys for this, really ment something:) Last turns went a little unsteady (yes, one beer can do that) but I reached Grimsel at 2100 meter. Tempereature up here was doing around 10 degress celsius and snow was around on occasional locations. Only one way to go and that’s the most fun one, downwords in 72 km/h. It always strikes me how fast you come down comparing to the climb up. I got myself to the foot of next days climb before dark rose. the village of Ulrichen. I washed myself in the icecold river and slept well.
On it next day to go back up, this time to 2481 metres, The pass is Nufvenenpass and was a climb just a third of the day before. A bit more steep but it faded away quick from memory when reached the top. I had now passed the Alpes! That deserve myself a good cup of hot chocolate together with some MTB-friends on the top. All they said about my bike was “vafanculo”, which is not really a charming word in Italian.

All way to Bellinzona (just before border to Italy, yet everybody was speaking Italian since the pass) was down, down down and I rested my worn out sprinters below my waist. I got a happy puncture here when I met Paolo, Claudio & Luigi.


They invited me to a bbq and later to watch some fireworks at night:) I had a great night, slept well on the sofa and spoke a lot to Paolo. You see, he’s moving to Tijikistan together with his family since his wife got work there. Together with him I made up a radical big change om my bike route. Here we go:


This is due to the problems that can occur on Karakouram highway (worlds highest asphalted road) when I reach it. They can close the pass due to weather so with this new plan I have a bette chance of hit it right season. It also fits perfect with everything else so that’s the way we go now after Italy. I will meet Linda, whos coming to Pisa, end of August and then head west, after my birthday:) Excited to be so free and make these radical changes. Bicycle touring is awesome!

So big thanks again to these guys who showed me a great hospitality! I continued next day entering Italy and a 2 day transport down to Genoa. I had the luck of stopping by on this beach where I heard something was going on. Federico Coletti is a swimmer who took his freedom to swim 60 (!) km, starting on the evening and finished at the very beach where I was standing. I was him coming and applaused as high as I could. Great effort. See the pictures of this below in the gallery.

Genoa is a town I really want to forget. I got stomachsick and for 2 horrible days I just threw up everything that I tried to keep down. It was hot and I barely could move, all energy was gone. It was very hard since I had to get to the store and a place to sleep. The only freecamp place I found was on a hill, 3 km climb. That was impossible in my state. So a hotel was the answer in which I just spent the night going to and from the toilet. This continued on the nightferry to Corsica, where I had to book a cabin. Too bad since the boat was very cool:


My first 2 days in Corsica I just laid still in the shade, slowly getting better. Did not feel sick but had no energy or apetite. Third day I could actally ride a little bit and it was raining. To me, this was very welcoming since it’s so hot. I cycled and smiled, almost laughed to myself:) My originalplan was to to westcoast down, since it’s the most dramatic on the island. But my body said no, so I ended up rounding the northern top for just a sneakpeak adn then work down the eastcoast. A good plan I felt the upcoming days, my body now recovering more but still no great appetite. The first thing I thought was good to eat was a crepes inte harbour wating for ferry to Sardinia. At that point I felt everything getting better. Sure, the website wasn’t working but I laid that to the side and just focusing on getting healthy. Besides, internet was really bad around anyway.

I reached Sardinia late that night and camped next to a footballfield:) Then full throttle against Porto San Paolo and my first diving days. I rolled in and spoke to Launa, a very lucky meeting. We talked a lot about everything and she let me test and assembly my gear calmly so everything worked. I really felt the personal connection from first moment. When you go diving it’s niot just about the dive itself, most often you want to stick around, help a little bit and just spend some time with the guys around you. This to me, is a good diving athmosphere and I felt this in Porto San Paolo dive center.
First in the morning (7 o clock and well before the other boats) we left for “Occhio Di Dio” (eye of god). Giorgio led the dive (living with Luana and run the diveshop togehter) and was my first one in the mediterranean. Groupers, nice corals and shellfish showed themself before we ascended. A happy group also got offered chocloate Croissant:)
Day 2 ment a special place, Secco de Papa, which is one of those famous sites here. We went a little deeper and saw much more fish and morrayeal. I really enjoyed this dive, although almost my camera. Togheter with nice divebuddys in Nadia, fransesco, Vitale, Luana herself and Giorgi as the leader we had a great day. I rinsed my eqipment and dried them with a big smile on my face, couldn’t hardly wait for them to dry. That means next dive spot down the coast. I said goodbye to everybody in Porto San Paolo Dive Center and pedaled 70 km south to Orossei. Together with me a doggybad with present from Luana and Giorgi containng some local licour, 2 kinds of bread, chocolate and sweets. Sven was a happy boy! Cycling at afternoon/evening is amazing in this hot region.

Jag, Laura, Giorgio och Launa

Jag, Laura, Giorgio och Launa

So here I am, healthy with appetite and with a website that is actually working. I am uploading a 12 minute film from Switzerland which I will share as soon as it’s finished. Then another one with diving from Sardinia, Porto San Paolo, KT-12 wreck and some caverns. The caverns might be to dark but I bring the camera and see what happens:)


Other than that many thoughts are around how hot it is here, 30-35 degress celsius so its a good “warm-up” for Africa. im going to be there during cold season but still its going to be sweaty:)

Yeahh, hope and morals up and good for future! Things are getting better and it feels great! Thanks for me this time and in hope of that the website kevlar suits up:)




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Interlaken, Switzerland

Day 53, 4704 km



..is what one can say when stuff don’t go exactly as planned. That´s exactly how Switzerland has been for me so far, but at the same time its all good. In my head I always make things work to my advantage, see the bright side and just continue. Life is more fun that way:) You guys that have been on airbourne.se (at the moment I have big problems with the links, more about that later) have seen that I have been stuck on the map for almost a week. This is the cause:


This is my rear rim which really isn’t in top shape, so I swapped her out for this one instead:


A real top of the line that should be able to carry my heavy back(my bum) and everything in the back. No matter how you do it, the biggest stress is in the back. My previous rim was ok but couldn’t stand the weight, which my new one should handle much better. We give it a go! I also threw in some regular maintence (new chain and cable check) for the service guys, meanwhile I was waiting for the rim to arrive. So stuck in Biel, lets find some cycle friends to stay with…

I found Brigitte and Hans for 2 nights, which felt at home..,.,.really home since the whole apartment and building look just like my parents’. The elevator was just the same! Hans and Brigitte took me with open arms and we came up with things together. Imagine a bicycle that you can fold and pack in a suitcase? Then Faltbar LINK is for you! The whole idea is very interesing and they are fun to go with, even for touring which Han and Brigitte does! Pricey (starts at 1400 euro) but handmade from England. Very cool!
Around the corner we met the next guy in the theme of cycling. Patrick ( I think) make his own steelframes and is very good at his thing, not just making them but come up with ideas. What about this one with the cables in seperated tubes inside the frame:


Maybe not superconvenient but indeed cool. So 2 stops with bicycle theme? Finished? Noo,,,On to the Velomuseum (bicyclemuseum) which in fact is a private collection of the owner. Here you find examples from more than hundred years! Aswell some very modern ones. 2 floors of eyegluing was the result and all this bigccity influed acitvities made us long for the lake and cold water.,.,said and done=) Swimming here became something I did for more times this week. Beautiful place with bbq and great view of the mountain on the other side. A week that also had a cultural music festival which we enjoyed later together with..,.,.LOCAL BEER! That one did not escape this time neither..
Thank you very much Hans and Brigitte for the welcoming stay, the generous donation and much more:) Look forward to that postcard:)

Now to my 2nd cyclefriend/host. Beerit lives in her own little jungleapartment, filled with aquariums containing fish, geckos and a turtle. Very interesting to sleep and imagine your long away somewhere else:) Beerit is a veterinarian and has worked or travelled basically the whole world, we had a lot to talk about not the least since we share passion for diving. 3 days including a bbq night and a dayhike up the mountain was great fun, not at least for the dog Cairo who joined us. Thank you Beerit and have fun in life:) So with that my rim was ready, I tried to join while the guy was working but couldn¨t do that unfortunatly. Maybe next time:)

Up until today it has been mountains and I have been tested a few times. 14 degrees slope for 5 km and 7 degress for 7 km. The feeling of reaching the top after hard work is amazing, althoug very hard work. I have chosen St. Gotthards pass for my final cross over the alps into Italy, a 2000 metre challenge which Im looking forward to. I have some movies that has to be edited which I can upload in a later moment. It got to me that I should do this more often, so you guys can reallt see whats going on from my point of view:)

So today I discovered that my Kindle eReader is broken so have to change that one. I have a lot to read and for the moment it’s Harry Potter time! 1st one finished and into 2nd, thought that I will also watch the movies on order so maybe sorceres stone will show tonight on Svens camping cinema?:) Also my laptop charger is a bit crazy. I lay all this responsibility on Switzerland so on a couple of days everything is fine again:) Donations are coming in and that is the most important part. As I said, always look on the bright side of life:) Haha..

So the website, the links takes you to a strange place and I been struggling with this for a while. Together with the chatsupport we try to make this work well. The problem is that it comes back when it’s good once. But I don’t give up! Soon we are there:)

That’s about it this week and I thank you very much for reading. Many photos to see and next time more oh these from mountains and such:) Stick around…



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My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
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Remiremont, France, N48^00*59″E6^36*49″

Day 44, 4384 km

Hallo, und danke scönn:)

Today is…..thinking….smelling something burning…..tuesday..Yes that’s it:) The feeling of forgetting which day of the week it is can only be decribed as priceless. It sure is something else when comparing to my 2 job everyday preparing stage. My schedule is very flexible but with a little structure in the end so I’m actually getting somewhere. Just the way I like it! Up up and away,,,just like an airballoon.,.,.If these were flying horizontal that’s the way I would describe my day after last post here on Airbourne. From High Wycombe in England I did a personal distance record with 107 miles (171 km) during one day. And with that I had a stop at Mikesdiveshop in London and passed through the southern of this big town, which are messy sometimes. The day ended pretty close to Dover where my ferry back to Europe was waiting next day.
My visit to the diveshop was a success, although with one little negative discovery. I talked with Steve and Christian who were impressed over my adventure and my packing. Steve was a wonderful help and kitted me up with the specialhose I needed, changed my battery on my Suunto d6i computer, got 2 scratchguards for the same and a clip for my manometer hose. I also threw in the wireless transmitter for my computer so I now can monitor my air consumption from my wrist:) The negative part was that my regulator needed service, which Steve helped me out with. Hopefully I get my “reg” in time for Sardinia. I can’t thank you guys on Mikesdivehsop enough for everything! Great service and personal with a lot of knowledge. Super!!

I reached Dover with some extra pounds to spare, since the exchange guys don’t like coins. In my eyes this means.,.,.,COOKIES! I passed a gigantic hill just to get the cheapest ones and felt that is so typical Sven, but I was a happy boy:)
In the terminal, the cyclist always goes in first hand and nicely waving to everybody else when we pass the que, just like when there’s a red light. I have developed some really good skill in that! I met some friends with as heavy bicycles as me and we shared experiences. 2 of them I actually met again in Belgium later on! How cool isn’t that?!So…Dunkirk in France ment regular traffic again (on the right side) and I raced off for Brüssel. It’s very calm on the roads and I really feel my pace is smooth and nice, but still effective. I miss the sign that I entered Belgium so must have been a small one, smaller than my cyclebum:) Not even the second flat tyre slows me down (second since start in Sweden). When in Brüssel I stay with Alberto, Violette, little Alicia and a baby. This was very convenient for me since I need some good sleep before the deepdiving I’m up to the day after. That’s in Nemo33, worlds deepest indoor pool and also my first divestop:) Alberto has been on a 5 week tour in France before and loved it. We had a very nice time and they had a wonderful daughter in Alicia. I do not doubt that the small baby is less than wonderful aswell:) Super thank you guys for letting me stay, I really enjoyed it and wish you best of luck with future familyplans:)

YES, finally! Some diving. Nemo33 is arranged like some sort of an artobject where the pool is an aquarium surrounding the kind of exclusive restaurant. The divers create the life in the aquarium. Through the deep hole I reached 34 metres, funny:) The dive was fun and different, but did make me long for the ocean even more, FISH PLEASE!! Below follows a recording from the dive (the cycles seen are used for aquabike, spinning in water:)

With wet stuff you don’t get far, that’s my rule of thumb,.,.,almost. So I had actually arranged a second meeting with another hostfamily (luxurySven). I came to Peter and Maya, two very friendly people who I shared a little drink with, listened to some music and met their pet penguin. Not a real one but he was nice anyway. Peter does some films on his sparetime and Maya dances. Peter also have some experience from Sweden so we talked swedish, which he was very good at! We both agreed on that swedish hot chocolate (O’boy) is the best! Thank you very much for the dryspace for my gear and wonderful company! Good luck with everything:)

From Brüssel I headed south,.,.but wait.,.,.,AHHHHH..,.,.IKEA! STOP!!….I think it’s time for swedish sweets. Oh yes it is. Thank you very much Ingvar Kamprad for letting us swedes feel like home almost everywhere in the world:) Bang on target pal!
Well, now we head south and this time with no map. Since there’s so much countrychanging going on during small amount of days I tried to use my gps on my phone to save some money. Works great so far, when I can charge it everywhere with my solarstuff from Brunton. I got a little lost once when my planned way was infact a highway, but cleared that out with less of problems. It’s nothing that SuperSven can not do!! hahaha. Soon enough I camped 20 km outside Luxemburg to make a visit to this mysterious place. A distance that lets me in the town in the morning, make my visit and then leave for camping just outside:) Perfect! I had no expectations what so ever on Luxemburg, it just feels different. So I gave it a spontaneus shot. Hit the centre was supereasy and didn’t take any time or ques at all. I did walk the Wenzelwalk to see the “good old bits”. Very beautiful and from time to time I heard swedish voices:) Meanwhile I was playing asian and taking photos of everything. Really fun! The crowds were little so I could easily enjoy a little nap just off the path. Life is good!

Well, Alps is up next and then head down to Genoa and Sardinia, in which I plan to be in about 10 days. Which day of the week it or date is all up to you to figure out:) The only date I know is Thursday august 29th. That is when Linda is coming to see me<3 Can’t wait!




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High Wycombe,N51*37`43″W0*44`58″

Day 35, 2149 Miles

Hey but hey!
Today I write to you smelling good! The other day I found my hideout just behind a shed just next to some water. Here I have washed not only my clothes but myself aswell:) I don’t smell anymore! But anyway, I’ve had plenty of showers lately with no less than 5 vacation days:) A little more than planned but hey, England and friends is a good combo that I gladly put some penny/time in.
I got myself and my “horse” to Emerells Port cold fingers as a follow. The weather has been acting funny with rain and clouds, making dressing superhard. Too warm (which I hate) and then too cold. So when Jim met me, bouncing, with a shout of “SVEN IS HEERE!”, I immedietely got warm again. Jim works as a sharkfeeder at the local aquarim here, Blue Planet. So I had the luck of following him to “work” this day. Here Jim did a small diving show for the kids where he introduced them to scuba diving and then fed the rays in there. After that it was the regular inside cleaning of the tank on schedule, a wedding is coming up so better make it shine more than my regular cyclemode:) In wait for him I had the time to explore all the stuff around there such as giant squid (baby), otters, piranhas and much more! When Jim came up from the tank I had the pleasure of inspecting him and 2 workmates fees the sandtiger sharks from surface. Always fun to see an aquarium “backstage”, where Jim earlier took me around the facility and described all the work behind it, interesting! After that it was my turn and I actually fed a lemon shark! Sooo fun:) I sat a little close but it was alright…The fact of the day goes to the one that showes sandtigers have spots as juveniles which then dissapears.

We rounded of the day with videogames and boyschat, which also got me into Micronesia, a place fairly priced reachable from Manila….hmm…we’ll see about that. Thanks jim for 2 great days brother, DOOOMMMMSKAAAALLLE!!!

So back to work on my cycle “Primo Viktoria is though name) and head almost straight south towards Exeter. The sun is actually showing its face from time to time and the landscape is more hilly. My legs had to work a lot more and that was good exercise for my Alps crossing coming up in about 10-12 days time. I pass this gorgeus castle: Tinterin Abbey

In the slopes I meet Jackie and Simon, two enthuiastic cyclists on a tandem for the day. We chat a bit and Jackie challenges me up the slope to their house. I don’t make the first one but second was easier, which was good enough for me to come in for some “tea” (which I think could mean both dinner and coffe/tea here in England, not quite sure). Well, for me it became both=) Jackie and Simon also had visitors (cyclists aswell) coming for tea (as in dinner) so we had a really lovely time with great food/drinks. Lets see if I can remember it all; Vegetarian hamburger, sandwich, hummus, chips with hummus again, sushi, pie with vegetables, homemade bread, fruitsallad and cheese+crackers. Wow it was amazing! Of the 7 people we were 5 vegetetarians and all cyclists, boy I was at the right place!
The day after Simon and Jackie were about to do a hundred miles route and another interesting challenge are coming up for Simon. He is going to cycle 600 km in 36 hours. All you pensioners out there, beat that:) I wish him all best of luck. Alan, Val, Rick, Jan, Simon & Jackie; thank you very much for an lovely evening and a nice bed to sleep in:) I think about you still and enjoy those cyclelives of yours that you do!

So I “rolled” from there happy and got myself to Exeter with no extraordinary efforts. Here I first met Jen, a visit that just came up a few days before. Jen is also a buddy from Mexico, we were volunteers at the same phase. We enjoyed beautiful Exeter waterfront (at a pub called Waterfront), which is a university town. We sat down together with Peter, a friend of Jens who I could stay with this night. Jen was a bit unpopular with her landlady since her birthday party weekend before:) Hahaha..You go girl! Her real birthday was same day I arrived so big congrats to you again!
I would say that the night went on with a lot of girltalk:) It was fun! After a goodbye hug i cycled “across the street” to Tom, another Mexico familiar. We did not do girltalk but explored Exeter – Exmouth waterwise, by renting a canoe. Good company, good music and fun photoshoots made this day great, calmly just gliding down the water.
Tom was nice enoguh to let me go freestyle in the kitchen, which led to my favourite back home, vehetarian pasta roses, and then the other day Svens famous lovesauce known from Mexico. He didn’t complain at all, not even when I aswell made a cheesecake:)
Tom studies at uni at the moment but now during summer he has started this observation science project, regarding the chileen flamingos at the zoo in Paignton. So aquarium with Jim and zoo with Tom, all animals everywhere:) Toms observations are 3 surveys daily and take about an hour each, and are about how the flamingos react to outside factors. A study that together with a friend is a part to a PHD for that friend:) Good luck with that Tom! So a zoo means to me alot of playing with the camera, therefor the large numbers of animals in this weeks gallery. We also had time to watch both the semifinals of the FIFA confederation cup. Brazil and Spain in the final on sunday, I better find a pub that night..
Tom and I said goodbye and I cycled towards Oxford for another friend…

Sarah, also a mexico legendery companion. Starting to see the read thread over here? Sarah and I had a great day in Oxford talking about travelling, walking around the colleges around that creates Oxford university. Great time with a fine place, we also had ice cream which I had much to less of:)

The donations are adding up and it’s very fun to see you all active in my project. Even more postcards has been sent away and I like it! If you find something strange on the website, or some link doesn’t work, feel free to email me ackescott@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do about that. In august I will start the monthly fee for the website, all for charity off course. The first page with the links and map will stay free, but the blog with stories/pictures will be $4US per month. A message will appear but we will talk bout that later=) Not at all a big sum so it would be great if as many as possible are active to let us reach $7.000 which is the target. We are closing up to $2.000 at the moment:)

Thats my post this week, hope you enjoyed it. Im off to find a campsite now, but shower? Nahh, can not be to luxurios:)






Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve

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Ibstock, England (52,681953N 1,400902W)

Day 24, 1575 Miles

First up, GREAT NEWS! The Europeen union has decided to strenghten the law of banning sharkfinning. This procedure is when fishermen cut the fins of one shark and then throw it back for a slow and painful death in the sea. The ban has been around for 10 years but had its loopholes. Now all ships in europeen water are under this ban, aswell for all europeen registered boats everywhere in the world! Well, Europe isn’t the bad boy in this but it’s a great start and hopefully sends a good message!

But now over to the whole awesome cycling stuff that I actually do. Germany got itself a halfway showdown after that I finsihed my pilgrimroute in Hamburg. I entered this biiiiig city with a smile since it was long ago I saw,.,.sexshops, stripclubs,.,homeless..well it wasn’t all misery. The tunnel that took me under Elb river was fascinating. I dismounted my bike and walked as one should, since it’s a onelane tunnel. That is if if you are a pirate aswell…I tried to take a picture but ended up shoved almost from people behind. That did not work out at all. So my bigcity visit this time was thumbs down but maybe next time:)
I started to feel a bit of a caged lion with this routefollowing so from Hamburg I chosed my own ways from the great cycling network here towards Julia and Amsterdam. Signs are everywhere so just do it:)

These days I had a good taste of the greatest challenge this adventure is giving me, lonelyness. Many people spoke bad english so the dialogues were often short and rather poor. So I put a lot more enrgy on cycling itself. When these brainghosts appear I tend to look at the silverring I wear in a necklace. Its engraved “Love, strength, currage” and I got it from my family, that reminds me:) And those people that has been around me have possibly noticed my bracelets, from I find great memories from people/places. Especially 3 comes from Linda and reminds me of our great time together. These things and I add music, closeness to writing & I feel I can keep my moral high in a good place. That strenghten me, that I can feel I can solve this sitatuon as well.

My body, driveness, focus and equipment has in its own part just grew stronger in confidence so I just keep rolling on! Holland it is with a lot more worse weather which in its turn led to far less photos than thought from beginning. Cloudy is good bikewise with is comfortable temperature and moistyness, but I can gladly clear off that wind and rain:) So Amsterdam I enter and wanted to Superhug Julia,.,.,.who wasn’t there. But then she came and the plan we talked about since last summer now happened; I have cycled to Amsterdam! As I wished we drank local beer at Roest ( a club with industryfeeling) and sat on Julias roof together with 3 friends of her. Sweden, Lithuania and Finland was there to present. Thank you Elin, Gentare and Sanna, nice to see you:)
Nightgrab of food was french fries, the best ones I had in a while! But the sleep in (inside!) morning after was probarly even better. We had luck on sunday and met some other swedish people on social holiday event, Midsummer. The swedish Club, with Petra in lead, hosts event every swedish holiday. It was very fun, indeed when we won on lottery:) An ikea cookbook is now representative in Julias student kitchenshelf. From that point me and Julia took seperate ways where I was going for my ferry to England. Thank you Julia for 2 great days, big hug:)

This afternoon was the ultimate windtest, especially good when I was under time preassure. Ferry was going lunchtime morning after so I wanted to clear as many km that I could. Great then that my route was along the sea or by a river, windiest possible places. Well, head down and get to work Sven! 35 km that evening followed by 50 day upon and I was safe. Gladly conditons were better 2nd day.

So yes, sit on ferry for 7 hours. That means cookies and movies=) I have finished Alcatras series so did a try with Arrow, a modern city Robin Hood that had a prelife as Robinson Crusoe. He does great chinups by the way:P I liked it and 7 episodes in a row later ment Harwich, England. Me and a cool scootergang threw ourselves out in left lane traffic, which they were much better at according to their brittish flag stickers all over the scooters. I even forgot which foot to use first. My whole world was insideout and upside down. I found my tentsite very soon, made some warm choco and started to focus on mornong after…

My days in England are taking me to Ellesmer Port (south of Liverpool) and down to Exeter in southern part. First up is Jim, my pirate/heavymetal friend and then down to Tom in south. Tom, me, Susie & Enrique created the fantastic4 that explored Mexico westcoast after my volunteerphase. I have not had as much rain as I thought from beginning, just a single shower on its tops. It’s cloudy and I can’t remember when I saw the sun for last time:) Good for cycling though. That leads me to reach Jim on thursday. The roads are,.,.,left,.,.,narrow and covered by bushes on each side almost all the time. That was a bit scary at beginning but used to it now, it’s good to hide behind when freecamping:) According to my map I have 5 roads/colors. Sven should stay on the white, yellow and red, green and blue are for bigger/stronger cars:) That simple it is…

So new tv-series but are still in Hunger games book, reached 60%. So the remaining 2 in this triology will keep me busy.

A big thanks to Nick who saved me one night and gave me water:)

Chris Smith, I regretted same second as we took seperate ways that I didn’t came along and accepted your invitation. Would have been nice!

So I think that’s it for this week, beloved friends. For next time I think I just have finished my dive in worlds deepest indoor pool, Nemo 33 in Brüssel (not Amsterdam that I stated before). And then maybe Luxemburg next, who knows where Airbourne takes me?

Thanks a lot for supporting my project. A lot of money has been raised and I have already sent off my first postcard! Brilliant!

Soooo,.,.che ciao!




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My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
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June 9th, Neumünster, Germany

Today is Sunday which means a whole 2 weeks since that emotional day in Eskilstuna when I left for a 3 year long bike ride. 14 days that has taken me all the way down Germany and this avergage size town. My cycling tan is in “ON” mode and the routines have found their place. I think its superamazing out here living on my 2 wheels on this great adventure! I meet a lot of people who just shake their head and thinks: Those swedes aren’t what they should be:)

So that any given cycling day looks like this: ALarm goes off at 07.37 and I snooze a little. A kickoff with oatmeal, honey an drymilk powder mix sets it, I always mix a little extra milk to have on the roads first hour. I take the tent down, put on my superhero outfit and get to work around 08,30. Some breaks before lunch contains of peanuts. At lunch (1 pm) I have rice with beans in one big tortilla bread. The mix is more than one bread so I eat some one the side too, I make enough to stans me for dinner to. That I put away in a doggybag:) Lunch usually takes about 45 minutes and then Im on the road again. More snackbreakes could now contain also some sugardrinks, if I feel like it. At 6.45 I start look around for a cool freecamp site and that usually takes me aroudn 15 minutes, piece a cake:) Dinner awaits and take up the tent again before I snuggle in with my book (at the moment The Hunger Games) or my laptop ( now watching tv-series Alcatraz). The difference from my bike ride with Patrik in USA isn’t big but there are some…

For an example now when I sleep alone in the tent it’s a bit colder. I really fell the lack of that extra bodyheat in there. During the day I always cycle at my own pace so that minimize the risk of exhaustion. I never have to chase up for anyone if I don’t feel 100%. It is boring not to have anyone to chitchat with, me and Pat were so good at that:) Also the picture taking is easier when we are 2. But I figure that part out and I do not feel lonely at all:) I know a lot of people follow me here on my website around the world so thank you for accompany me:)

So cycling it is, after last post in Traryd, Sweden, I threw myself over to Denmark…with a little help from a carferry between Helsingborg (SWE) and Helsingor (DEN). The original plan was to carry on down to Malmo and cross from there to Copenhagen. But with my choosed option I had more cycling in Denmark and got rid of 2 big t cities which can be a little bit of a hazzard.
When in Denmark I felt home already, thanks to the smell of seaweed and ocean:) Great stuff!. I set course south and touched Copenhagen before I went west towards mainland. I had an idea of going in the southern parts on the 3 small islands, but knocked that one down pretty soon. I lost a whole lot of cycling with that option so across mainland it was. Kolding ment south again towards Flensburg, Germany. Denmark has a well obtained cycling system with signs and a cyclemap to follow. The signs though are sometimed hidden or just gone so I had to improvise a bit, using my mobile GPS (CoPilot). With this buddy I have maps all over the world stored on my memory card and use it to fins Mcdonalds for free wifi, clever huh?:) I also use it off course to find certain adresses.
Denmark was not as windy as expected but very flat and nonvaried. It was green, yellow and loads of county which looked the same, So I was really pumped up over Germany after a while.

In Germany I follow this Pilgrimroute/Ochsenweg which are basically the same. They also have signs which makes life easy and very much better then Denmark. I will continue this route down to Hamburg and then round the bay towards Amsterdam & Julia:)
I set off the first little crash today when I hit a sand patch. I laid there and took a photo, happy as I was:) Another accident same day ment the end of my front fender, a super big puncture and offtuned frontbrakes. I just went on a path when the fender just flew up in pieces in front of me…Hahahhaa, “Whaaaat ar’ uuuuhh doinn there?!”,,.was my thought:)

That’s it for the day and I hope all of you have gotten your t-shirts. Do not worry, a 2nd wave is coming up so if you want to buy one now take a chance:) Just email me size and adress and we make it happen:) Ask me please for any further details:) All for charity you know!

I havent got a response over why the donation button goes to a swedish page but will figure it out when time comes:)

So family, Linda, friends, workmates and everybody else…Hope life is cool!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

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May, may moon I can cycle to….Skåne?

June 3rd,Traryd, Sweden

The header is a swedish expression that doesn´t rhyme at all in english:) Ask your closest swedish mate about it..

One week since the start and about 700 km done out of the 80000 … depressing? No, not at all … It’s now that the fun is soon to begin! Today was the boat’s day, that is if you’re a sailboat. I had a sick tailwind and sailed 160 km from Jonkoping to Traryd =) What if every day were so? What a boring sport and blog would be.. No, thanks to the bearded prick up there reality is still exciting :) Since Uppsala, I have been on many visits to friends so I don’t think I have spent more than 2 nights in a row in my portable green house. Very nice and fun its been, I thank you all for good luck kick with a superb company! My sister Tove with her Per and little Elliot, servedthe dinner table with accompanying cake so me, Malin and Sebastian (friends of Tove & Per) tore into it, nicely. David & Nadia’s two “comrades” since my time in Mexico and we had it with yummy pizza buns. The highlight was probably when Nadia (who is very talented in gymnastics) did the “seal” over a buck during gymnastics training. It gave hope to the rest of us in some way …

Then it was Robert’s turn, with his fine, golden pilot wings that fronted his man chest …. fighterpilot indeed … Right in Karlberg area appeared completely random even an old goalkeeper friend of mine up from my ishockeytid,  Anders Paulsson. I gave him a big boy hug, though he is a helicopter pilot ….. a small world … Next door to Karlberg I bounced to Filippa .,.,., Yeah.,., as ironic as usual :) No surprises there :) Very fun all day!

Then I hit the road for a while ….., until Mom & Dad came and “disturbed” .. haha no it was great fun. Their Goldwing was out on tour, and what could be better suited to greet (and overfeed) son. Son appreciate behavior.,.,., So a few tears when we said goodbye again. Now I got myself a  good overall look of beautiful swedish countryside and forest. Some photos of the little birds and speciesspotting (thanks Mimmi on Torpön!). Then came the rain and thunder … As it was pouring down! I got to try my “rain mode” and yes, it took me forward though I prefer a little clearer weather. Up  a hill and down another took me to Jonkoping where Titti and Martin waited. See the card below (aaaaawwwhhhhh).


Titti, Martin and Sophia are in the process of coping with a Swedish classic (Sofia does the girlkind). Its like this:

Vasaloppet = 9 km skiing, Vätternrundan= 300 km cycling around Vättern lake, Lidingöloppet= Half marathon, Vansbrosimmet= 3 km swimming. Vasaloppet is done and in two weekends Vätternrundan stands in line. What better than to face Titti & Sofia y bicycle? We rolled into a completely newly rented apartment where I was, after bbq ala carte, once again sleeping on a couch as the good old days of Patrick. For those of you who do not know, I lived on Patrik’s couch in sort of half a year :) Awakening was as it should be and the 160 km today means we’re back in the present. With  some luck, I reach Malmo tomorrow night, where I take the train over to Denmark. The project to get permission to ride across the bridge was a little mad you could say :)

Then I want to finish with perhaps the most important point of this post. I want to clarify that Linda and I are not longer a couple. Together, we have sorted out that 3 years is too long to long  to try and keep something together. Our characters are made for each other but the timing was wrong. We think that our best chance is to go separate ways and separated as two people can still talk to each other. We both think that this is the only and best solution. We are good friends anyway :) You have shown me a new world, a world to look forward to<3

Our last pic <3

As for Wednesday night I leave Sweden for a while. Heard rumors of an after-work with my old post gang so i will try chat with you before I leave :) To you and all the others it is great that you follow so far, hope you are hanging on. Increasingly more exciting it gets!


\ M / __ (“) __ \ m /

Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
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On my very own 2 wheels..

A little bit of Cozii with two legends is something a cyclist really deserve for no reason whenever, throw in a bit of some tasty beer, nostalgic music and some bbq and the reciepe for a happy Sven is complete! My adventure has started, which I sensed the very first day. Headwind first day and 110 km to my grandmother in Järlåsa didn´t really flew right away but I reached well in time for dinner (best time of the day!)The feeling was incredibly awesome in cycle perspective, but the start was very emotional and I bounced back and forth in the emotional aircastle. THANKS TO ALL WHO WAVED OF ME IN ESKILSTUNA! It was very hard saying goodbye to friends and loved ones, but you all made me feel special. I bow…

Love, emptiness, courage, ambition, joy, excitement ….. You name it! Everything was there!

Linda, the eight months we had together was absolutely gorgeous and I miss you loads. To hug and kiss you goodbye was very painful! I know you felt desame, you are worth so much more than the past has given but we look ahead. All of love <3 I love you!

The first day I was joined by Linda’s father Hanno, who cycled the swedish classic Vätternrundan 20 + times and it was really fun. We talked happily and lucnhed in Västerås before our noses choosed opposite direction. It was super fun! After that it was just me against the world .. TJOFLÖJT as we say in Sweden!  Tomorrow it’s off to 2 divefriends from my time in Mexico during a marine survey. David and Nadia will all get a little SvenSpice to their everyday pasta :) Wednesday is a planned  visit with sister Tove, her Per and little Elliot, Thursday greats coffee at Karlberg Castle Park with Robert and hang out with Filippa. This completes Airbournes warm up phase before the real adventure begins and we head south. Bye bye Stockholm!

My windy first day was saved by WindFree, a smart headphone-like invention that reduces wind noise and allows you to put energy into other things. Really super smart! Buy it at www.windfree.se & enter the code airbourne, and 30 swedish crones goes to my project :) Suitable not only for cycling but all sports have the wind factor!

So take care everybody, meet soon again! My position is updated daily on the map that you  find at the very first page!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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Sunday May 26th 8.30 am Central European Time, GET HYPE!

I’m a boy, I have seen me like that for a long time and will probably continue to
do it for a good time to come. Maybe with a little more experience than the other “boys”
have but the smile I will spread on Sunday can not be mistaken
…. like when you get your first car racing game for Christmas, WOW!

The summer of 2012 was one long and fortunate dream that I can not thank Patrick enough for that I got to share with him, to cycle through the United States. As the return from the adventure came around, next one started to make a charity fundraiser and cycle around the world. From Day 1, I realized that it will require effort, wits, planning
and as usual some luck.This is just what it takes to plan everything….
Preparations are now seen in my archive called “things I have succesdully completed” and has been great fun! In 5 days, I stand at the starting line for something big, with
sun in my eyes, perched on the cliff from the lionking (sort of). Now it’s up to me and it  feels more important
than ever. The support you out there share with me I have with  me  every day like an iPhone with a high school student. It feels like I thank you all  in every post but you are worth the highest rating. Highfive!

Sitting in my taxicar for the last time and have been preparing for a mass mailing of
T-Shirts tomorrow! Finally, you should get your long awaited symbols of benevolence
and reflection, the 91 of them are flying out ….. Strong! Funny situation was to see my shirts wrapped in plastic in the back in my car,,,, looks a little,,, suspicious …. lucky to our friendly neighbourhood police is gone and eat cupcakes,,, hope so: P

Through t-shirts, lectures and donations, we are now up to US $1200, woohoo. I have gained a good confidence in my own ability of creating ideas for mini projects to raise more money. Marathon, football matches etc., …. We will together
indeed raise the $2.500 each to the Cancerfoundation / Sea Shepherd. So decide it for yourself and it will happen. Horrible events as sharkslaughter, whaling, cancer
and its relatives are around us and always gives me a reason to continue the fight.

I also feel so incredibly happy with my equipment that I have chosen. Thanks
to you Sponsors / friends through various ways makes me bike away with confidence,,,  Below shows a sample of some stuff I’ve chosen for its performance. I want to continue describing its “in action” during the journey. Archie and his gadgets to the world gives odds of 1.3 (1) 3.4 (X) 14.2 (2) ….


Me and my sisters son Elliot, trying out my Hilleberg Akto tent.


So how do you really follow this adventure and how does it work? Well hey, when you clicked on Airbourne.se, visible at first is the welcome page. You change to english up in right corner.  At the bottom there is a map showing where I am at the minute. By default, it is well zoomed in but with the arrows in the map you can zoom out and get a good overview. Clicking on a point will now show date & time when I was exactly at that point. Expect a daily update so you can see where I’m having fun anywhere anytime you want.

Now that you know where I am, it is not that fun to know what I’m doing, in addition to wearing out my poor bum. Click on the blog and suddenly my stories come up with the last post first. Little difference from my previous blogging is that the images will be posted as a slide show in every post. Text and images will then be linked together when the reader is caught and they will come out with,,, a beautiful symbiosis one can say =)

The key feature is of course donate button on the first page where you can, if
you want to,make a contribution to this objective. This is in swedish at the minute but I really want to fix it! Keep in mind, I cycle 80000 km for this and you
Simply click around a little. Who does the work anyway? :) Haha .. After you
click donate to go to the page. Down to the left, you can click
on to donate by card, unless you are a member of paypal. From here it will be the same feel as a normal internet purchases and your donation appears as Airbourne on your statement. Remember, if you donate at least $ 25 to get a postcard from me with a personal touch, read more here.

Well time to finish by recalling Sunday 26th May at.8.30 central european time at Eskilstuna Taxis call centre at the train station. Here I am joined by a small media procedure before the race starts. I’ll ride to Uppsala via Västerås and then on to Stockholm. Then it becomes south towards finest Malmo. Many friends to visit, maybe you too? Shout to just so we can have a snack or a beer, your choice :)

5 days, 5 days, 5 days,.,. This is going to be big!


\ M / __ (“) __ \ m /

Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
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Tove, now you do not have to suffer anymore …

Friday May 3rd was a horrible day. I find no other words to describe or summarize. For the very first time I write a post that feels more important than inspiring. After years of fighting her cancer Tove Skoog has now fallen  asleep, at age of 24. In my flooded river of emotions I found  floating on top things such as Injustice, Sadness, Emptiness and a small portion Anger. Same word always come back to me …. why?!

During this year, Tove has been thrown back and forth in hope and despair, but always carrying the knowledge not to give up! This impression I got from my own perspectives. Through social media, she urged others to seize life and live at greatest, because you never really know when it all ends. That’s what we take with us at this point, my mind and thoughts goes to family and close friends. A lovely family that spreads warmth and joy! That her illness finally won is so tragic, but I know for sure she did not give up easily.

To keep hopes up, I had  placed these nice pictures in my head after my biking adventure. Tove was healed from all the misery and stood there with a welcoming hug. Unfortunatly, that is not going to happen and at first it felt like a rock hard fist in my face. As I sat by myself in a room at work, in my sudden emotional storm in my solitude, a lot of things flew around in my head. With the start of this project, a sense of Closeness increasingly presented itself. Let me explain …

When you’re on the road travelling it is very often to escape everyday lives and seek excitement. You move to a different world to escape a little of everydaylife. Work 7 am-4 pm, eat, sleep …. All of this changes to new experiences and impressions. This is how I have found my life outside Sweden’s security wall. But even now when I have not even started my next adventure, everything feels much closer and convoluted. I do this for something important that I neither want to nor can escape from. I now open my eyes and do not feel so alone and small any longer. Dare to dive in and get involved you too, its for a good cause.

It takes time to write now …. Usually, words flow and I do not really know which one to choose from all of them … But a lot of thoughts come and go that need to be processed, I think about Tove. When someone close experience something horrible, you have to take the situation/day step by step. We need to confirm first and find out what has really happened, getting all the pieces in place. Then calmly take in emotions from yourself and others, while letting all pain within you go away. Crying is good and useful, maybe something a lot of us should do more often? It gets better with time, always . We never forget such a tragedy and should not do it neither. When you feel recovered enough to go back to living, do that and do it without any guilt. I’m trying to say that we must appreciate what we have and remember Tove with love. I think that is exactly what she wanted.

I also try to remind myself that the Cancer foundation part of my project is not just about people around me, but is greater than that. For all others sake, I always find a glow to fight on. These things  I feel more and more now that the start of cycling is approaching of more and more. It feels great and I’m a proud ambassador of Airbourne. You all have done a great job with your benevolence, that has been shown especially wuth my t-shirt sales where 91 shirts have been sold and are finished printing on Wednesday May 15th. This, along with a couple of lectures, a flying start has given Airbourne Charity  Collection at LEAST U.S$1.000! The exact amount will  shown later when I get the actual cost of the making of the shirts, with a little luck I can press down the price down a bit to increase the fundraiser even more!

So everybody, in just over two weeks, it is May 26th, when the adventure starts. But please honor Tove by donating some money to the Cancer Society. Feel well everybody will speak with you again soon!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
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Now the date is finally set ….,,, .. or is it? ;)

In a taxi, March 26th

Very shilly-shallying back and forth, thoughts here and there. If I had a basement with a large & round track I had still walked around it today :) Should I go then or thyn? Enough money? Do I have time to dive Sardinia then? Well, dear friends, that you will do do if you cycle off at May 26th. The taxback was really nice to me this year which was the total opposite of what i´ve planned. Since I have multiple jobs that usually ends up with a whole lot of tax to pay back to government. But not for Sven:)

If You who peeked into the site, youp probably has noticed some new stuff. Sponsor Page has got a pair of faces, which feels so much fun! Donation feature is in full swing (although it is not automatically updated yet, but I update it manually) and that you can now buy a T-shirt to benefit swedish cancer foundation and Seashepherd. I would like to flag a little extra for that right now, every penny is worth so much and nothing is too little. If you buy a T-shirt U.S$8.50 (at least) goes to charity. That is if you choose to pay U.S$23 for the t-shirt. As a true postman I will send it to you where ever you live in the world. See details in this link

So to all of you friends out there, why not get oine for you or someonelse?

Me and Mattias always wear shirt and tie on friday:) We are also diving together when I reach Thailand.

Today, it’s two months until I cycle off and I have taken my dear companion. Primo Victoria, as she is now named, on a maiden trip today, although with a little more racing profile than usual. Sweden is still very icy so it has kept me from the streets. The gravel defied me and …… I lost. Punkture was a fact after just 30 minutes :) So fun was that…. But endorphin sprayed like mad until that. As fun as bouncing around on a floor full of cheese doodles and enjoy the crashsound (Oh yes, I’ve done that today aswell =)

Sponsors yes.,., Firma Petteri Ruokolainen, TechnicDesign and Forever gym has helped get me to the starting line, which I am extremely grateful for. Not only they, but all people around me show their support in an incredibly brilliant way. The glow within me to cross mountain after mountain is stronger than ever! But not yet.,,,., Not yet.

I would like to tell you about another great experience the other weekend when I was standing on a small stage for the first time and talked about my and Patrick’s cycleadventures in the USA. SPF (Swedish pensioner association) was sitting in the audience where I had encounted for 30 or so listeners. But like a rock concert the “arena” was filled and just like that I stood there in front of 93 people =) We together took us through the U.S. and I hope you all had as much fun as I had. I would also like to thank you for your gift, a very nice gesture =) So now that I’m on it, I would like to continue talk about and what has happened yet on what’s to come. Hopefully someone else keeps in touch and we can let this happen?:)
The swedish Scholarship “adventure of the year 2013″ was something I had hoped to add in my resume, but it went to this a unique adventure to say the least on the Norwegian coast. A guy will paddle the 3000 km only by living off nature (fish, eat seaweed and clams). This is to demonstrate the disastrous ongoing health across the country that is the Baltic Sea, where such an adventure would not be possible. I wish this crazy luck and tasty meal, seaweed with some barbecue spice may well not be entirely “behind the float” .. ( a swedish expression=)

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan Kyrgizistan. So reads a visa list up giving a headache. Stuff needs to be sent here and there and may also require visits to London / Berlin. According to some it is possible to solve in neighboring countries while down there, but according to tohers one will not enter at all. You know what I think? Just do not give up, smile a little about it as it clears itself out:) I will follow up this story continuously as it is very interesting in their own way. But is it worth it? Well, check out Eric’s blog www.theescape.se you will understand why. This legend rode Stockholm -> Singapore in 2012 and has inspired me to a new level! He Seems to be a likeable guy with a good sense of living. Something I very much look up to. Life is a wonderful gift with a table of contents for more than jelly candy with all its additives. No, I am not advocating anyone to stop eating sweets when I myself am a candyaddict number 1 =)

A part of my preperations is of course exercise. Quantity wise, I have done less to what I had originally intended. This is because my big amount of hours in order to finance the party. But I feel like every hour in the gym or roads I do feels very well and I feel in good shape. Again, it is not the physical part that will fail me, I will become degraded anyway. Being able to live in an unpredictable daily lives in terms of weather, broken equipment and setbacks are just a dry crisp bread sandwich, put little butter and add a slice of cheese and it becomes a wonderful snack. Serve together with hot choc life becomes quite good =)

I got a little visit from a local radio station last week that was a little curious about my project. The recording was also made with a video camera that will be followed up when I go later in May =) Did not know that I could be nervous but knees swung around as the worst rubber ever. I think I got into something that could almost be likened to an interview anyway. Below the link …in swedish:)

So, 3 months is the target I have from the start to take my bikebum down to Sardinia. That’s when the diving season draws to a close. Bike-wise, it is way ahead of time but I am going to visit all the great friends along the way =) It should work, and when I thought like that before, making it almost always is a fact :) Divewise I should arrive in Thailand somewhere in January and then explore Southeast Asia in March -April, which should be awesome! Australia will then take into during their “winter months” which means cooler water. On diving language it means the chance to see big stuff!. I can not hardly wait!

Yet most thoughts circulates around Central Asia. How will life be there? I have respect for the challenges and tough conditions but welcomes them with open arms. Erik on theescape.se has displayed an honest image with amazing views, catastrophic roads & Nature without equal. I shudder a little when I think about it, I am going to be there true Airbourne style:)

From Seashepherd I read a reported a success return in Melbourne. 3 ships (Steve Irwin, Sam Simon & Bob Barker) has for some time pursued a Japanese group of vessels in their hunt for whales. Seashepherd managed to block the Japanese from succeeding refuel their ship and were thus forced to return home. Thanks to their campaign (with Swedish Peter Hammarstedt) that saved the lives of 100’s of whales, according to their report on the website! Good job, I think!

So keep supporting and donating a buck celebs, it will not hurt.,.,. I promise =)

I still working in the dream factory, Airbourne living is not entirely unlike even in near future!





Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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Above the article from the local newspaper

It’s time for an update on the airbournefront. The “supposed to be” startdate is approaching (sort of) and I’m seriously beginning to feel tremendously awesome=) To begin with I want to to tell you that Airbourne got a little space in the local newspaper the other day. 2 pages plus the front in “Eskilstunakuriren” will do the trick to bring attention. The article is very suitable timewise and will form a solid base for my sponsor applications, that will be sent off soon after the results of my scholarapplications. I chose to begin with scholarship applications that I hope get results from to in late February and mid april. That is when it is determined the exact start date for Airbourne 2013! EXCITING!

So spread Airbournes spirit everyone so we can raise money in loads! And one more thing that just came up, the other day I was contacted by Cancerfoundation. They really liked my project so we will start cooperate with eachother more=) As long the word is spread wide we both are happy!

On Tuesday feb 5th, Swedish Radio will do a story about Airbourne, but I do not know what time yet. It will be recorded kl.7.45 but will be aired later. Be updated
on my Facebook page or airbournes to know when. Of course, I will upload the session up on the website later for those who know swedish=)

The fact that many people have a good heart makes me very happy! Around me warm words hails about how to cool this adventure will be, you are just unbelievable! For
an example I want to mention one of the carowners I drive taxi for, Roozbeh Sirouspoor. He gives me many hours behind the wheel, help me with the correct tax table and have already donated some money to the project! this early, I have already received inquiries about how to donate through the website, a function available right now but that is not clear enough yet. But because of this “pressure” I will make it happen soon. Stay tuned.,.,.

As soon as I know my exact departure date, I intend to deal with the major media sources out there. Writing about it now I feel a little cold, the effect is hotter with a story closer “liftoff”, I think. But what I would like to put focus on in today’s post will the be packing list! Stuff that are all mens (read boys) best friends and toys. Surely I have forgot something big in this preliminary list. Comments and ideas are welcome in the new guestbook, in which you really can write about anything :)

Tent of a bivouac type (probably Vaude Bivi or Power tokee)
Multifuel kitchen (Primus Omnilight TI)
2 or 3 water bottles (1L)
SpotGps with subscription for support of daily position update on my website anywhere in the world.
Sleeping bag (western mountaineering)
sleeping pad (Thermarest ProLite + with Trekker Lounge Chair)

I try to keep down the weight and not mess with the performance when it goes to the choice of tent. The kitchen can be run on gas, alcohol, petrol and for emergency diesel. 2 bottles are fixed on the bike and the last one packed in the bag. My sleepingpad can be converted to a chair so I can rest just about anywhere. The sleeping bag is a 3 season.

BCD: Aqualung Zuma with Airwave integrated octo
Regulator: Mares instinct first and second stage with “super flex” hoses
Fins: Aqua Long hotshot
Mask: Tusa
SPG: Only Air gauge
Divecomputer: Suunto D6i + wireless transmitter for air control
Extras: Delayed surface marker bouy, knife, whistle
Rashguard and boardshorts

A travel light series of equipment that suits me. The hoses are super flexible to use minimum. The fins are worn without boots, so I will not have boots along. Regarding to the regulator, I only have the primary second stage with me as “the octo” is integrated into the low pressure hose from the bcd. The first stage has two high pressure ports so
I can use my wireless transmitter to read of my air into the computer. The second stage has an angled outlet that allows bubbles passing just behind my ear, Perfect for monitorwork and study+photography.

Cyclespare parts:
tubes + puncture repair kit
Allen keys
lube oil
spokes + spokekey
multi-tool (Gerber)

This kit I start with but will be expanded with the spare tire during demanding nature.

In cycling mode I look something like this:
1 jersey
1 pair of cycling shorts short model
1 pair of cycling socks
Bike Shoes Shimano R087 SPD SL cleats
Gloves (Neoprene model from hestra)
helmet (Giro Savant)
sunglasses with interchangeable lenses (Tifosi Tyrant with poralised & transparent lenses)
Bicycle lock “cable” with key
leg-and armwarmers
Compression Clothes

Minimal wear but still performs what they should. The Compression garments I will sleep with at night for the best possible recovery.

In other situations you will find the following:
1 pair of underwear
Fjallraven trousers (G1000 material can be made into shorts)
Fila Skeletoes+ tow socks
Warm wool socks
1 t-shirt
Wool sweater from Ullmax
Baseclothes from Ullmax
Shell Jacket Galvin Green Goretex Paclight
Rainpants Didrikson

These clothes are durable for demanding day trips on the mountain, but can also handle a day in town. I choose Skeletoes to hold down space and weight and wool material for its properties.

The rest goes to:

Laptop 11.6 inch with charger, external hard drive 640 gb
Mobile Phone Sony Xperia Active with waterproof earphones and offlineGps.
Sports Camera GoPro together withtaccessories for diving
Deodorant, perfume and soap / shampoo
Travel Towel in mini size
Card holder + small bag of coins. Icabanken mastercard + creditcard GeMoneybank
Kindle eReader, including “Into the wild”
jack converter
“Keychain Backpack” Sea to Summit
Compendium including information for my charities

I save copies of all the important documents in my computer, Kindle & harddrive. Icabank offers free withdrawals and no currency surcharge for purchases with credit cards.

I carry all this with me on my bicycle Kona Sutra 2012. On this I will possibly replace the current disc brakes with standard V-brakes. I’m upgrading the saddle a Brooks B17. On the handle is a bike computer and a handlebar bag for smaller items. 2 waterproof bags front and rear (Vaude) holds my stuff. For feet, I use
Schwalbe Marathon tires (plus model in the rear) in size 700×32.
I will wear my fins loose in the rear along with sleeping pad. These can be covered with a rain cover from the Osprey.
That’s about it! Less is more. Have a good time children and let’s talk again soon!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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To deal with cancer…

“It is as simple as to decide from day one not to let a disease destroy your life. Not even to let it break down the least bit. It’s probably the only advice I can give. KICK SOME ASS”


Hello all of you!

Time passes and the new year has started very well for me, hope you all feel the same and that your goals come true! For me, everyday life consists of ongoing preparations and work to finance the Trip course =) When things are going well and the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, it’s just like you are in a fantasy world, in your very own bubble! But my post today will instead focus on reality and a friend of mine, Tove Skoog.

Tove and I have worked together as the coolest postmen in Eskilstuna, however her life changed dramaically in May 2012. That was when she was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia). This happened while I and Patrick went to the U.S. on our bike adventure. Today she is still struggling and I now want to share with you her reality as she has described it for me.

Tove was diagnosed after a bone marrow sample, and as you figure from the name, it meant that the treatment must start immediately. Chemotherapy was step 1 for Tove who had 3 of these sessions, each one for approx 5 days. At this stage, it may be sufficient as a treatment for many but in Tove’s case, it was needed to do a stem cell transplant as the leukemia was malignant. Now the search began for a viable donor who matched her profile. The first thing to do here is to look at siblings, but a chance of 1 in 4 to match says it all. This is when the Tobias Registry comes into picture (link), and thanks to this Tove got a transplant from a Belgian guy a few years younger than herself. A transplant of this type requires no intervention but a small pouch is connected to the patient’s central venous catheter, it is also here that Tove’s values ??have been taken and have been receiveving blood and platelets as when needed.

Both chemotherapy and stem cell treatments are very tough and takes a lot of a human being, both physically and mentally. In the first phase you often feel sick, tired, lethargic, experience poor appetite and are very sensitive to smell. Fever is not uncommon neither, but in Toves´ case, her eyes took the hit. In two days, she could not open them at all because the mucous membranes were damaged. There is also the dilemma of hair loss and to some extent lashes and eyebrows.

If you think this seems tough, it’s just the beginniong from what awaited Tove after the transplant. From the mucous membranes in the eyes that were on struck last time, now ALL mucous membranes throughout the body shut down. Imagine not being able to eat, drink or swallow for 3 weeks with a constant nausea and vomiting 18 of those days. Stomach, intestines, lungs, kidneys and heart got affected. You feel so bad that your immune system is almost non-existent, resulting in protective isolation with all that implies. The risk of infection is sky high! Oh my god Tove is a tough girl!

The plan now for Tove is to make another chemotherapy session and then fill up with white blood cells, which have been kept frozen from the donor. That´s the situation today, and we all hope the best of luck and strength,Tove is awesome!

This briefing I received by Tove almost a week ago and it took me several readings to try to get all sentimental pieces in place. I got very angry, sad and it wasvery hard to get this into my head under the category of “reality”. Everything feels like a nasty story that I have narrated to me. But as I read Toves text several more times, I understand and realize the thing that was there from the beginning, but which is now becoming stronger. I understand that Tove is very well-read and focused on what she wants, she knows where she wants to be in a few years time and does not give up! It almost feels like she comforted me through this and how cool isn’t that? Just the answer to the question of what advice she wants give others in the same situation: KICK SOME ASS! You must not allow sickness to break down or destroy one’s life. Just find new powers and fight more!

I translate this into my own language and say to myself. Acke, if you bicycle around the world and support the Cancer Foundation,Tove and many others will be strengthened in their fight against the “injustice”, I sort cancer as an unfair and stupid thing that together we will work to to CONQUER!

This post today is NOT ment to frighten, it’s ment to spread knowledge. I believe knowledge is the key for us to get through the tough times we all experience in our lives!

Support your local cancerresearch! Here´s a lin k to swedish cancer fondation, one of my charity projects:



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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Budget and the basic idea..

It all began in the U.S. … Me and Patrick had just arrived to Walla Walla, WA, to celebrate the 4th of july. In our room we played a little with Patrik’s new saddle of the brand Brooks who now would make life easier for his butt :) Brooks is a historically interesting brand and for that it came with a magazine informing with important years in the brand’s history. Halfway through the newspaper we read about a couple of adventurers who all used the saddle brand Brooks. What they had more in common was that they all had cycled around the globe. Something was born…


It took me about 10 seconds to get the pieces in place to something that could really be something. The idea was to ride around the world with my divegear, greet old friends in their home. I will do all this to raise money for charityorganiosations that mean something for me. I felt the fire burn but slowed myself down, Can you do that? Is it possible? The plan was far from reality but to play with the idea and “planning for fun” kept my fingers and mind busy from that date.


Me and Patrick biked down to San Francisco and then completed something quite incredible! 3 weeks later we were back home in Sweden and my planning continued. I wanted to get as far as a decision if this was possible or not. It is now I thank some smart guy on internet :) So some blog visits, research, emails and budget planning later, I came to the decision; JUST DO IT!


I saw before me months of hard work (and some luck) to earn the money that is needed for an adventure like this. In a planning stage events often happen that make the world so much better and nicer to wake up to. For me it was a person and not just anyone, Linda Pöldme.
I remember when I read her application for the post and thought she seemed like a fun girl. We did talk a couple of times before the U.S.adventure, but it was only after a “SvenCoffee” in Malmkoping (Sweden) in september that stuff got interesting :) (to meet for a a coffee means to many meet town and have a coffee, a “SvenCoffee” involves cramping in the tightest spandex clothes you have and bike the 35 kilometers to your company. Advantages are first and foremost that you have to take off your pants for a while before shower, the other advantage is precisely that following shower. Then life becomes awesome=). Linda is now my girlfriend and supports me for what is to become reality. Love <3


Charity it is!


To raise money for Cancer and seashepherd feels inspiring! I believe in the concept of having two different causes of charity to bring the biggest crowd as possible, though many give a little, it has a significant meaning in the end!
My grandmother recently past away from cancer and also my grandfather ten years ago. Even if it feels heavy that they are gone from my life, it is equally important to focus on those who are still struggling. Show your support and support Cancerresearch!
So much excitement and joy that the marine world has given me over the years! Bull Sharks, beautiful reefs, the opportunity to work on a beach and all the other beautiful creatures there has giving me so much. Day after day it makes me sad to read about over-fishing, shark and dolphin slaughter, pollution and man’s negative impact on life below the surface. That it is so incredibly beautiful making it difficult to understand how vulnerable it is. We want to touch and feel when we see something that pleases us. Are you interested in marine life, such as myself, we must realize that a large part goes with the rule “look but do not touch.” Among other brain corals have a very sensitive tissue that is damaged in the long term, only of a touch of human fingers. It has to do with the topics we have on the skin that coral think is filthy ;) An example from the animalworld, we have turtles swimming around and feel hungry. They then go for their favourite meal, jellyfish. But once in the mouth they notice that it was a plastic bag, which slowly suffocating it to death! Terrible … Did you know that there is an island in the Pacific called Garbage Island and is as big as Germany, consisting entirely of garbage? This “island” is formed of ocean currents brought debris and gathered it into a mountain that not only is great to surface. It is about thirty feet deep well. Nice huh?


I am aware that this adventure could very well be my last long-term one. I guess I can not really see how I can beat something like this in the future. Quit while in the zone, wasn’t it? I am sure I will complete this journey. Unforeseen events are always with you as simple rule acceptions. I know about this. Does my brain work properly then I will go all the way. The capacity is there within me, I’m convinced!


Last week consisted of figuring out some “have to costs” such as visas and insurance. The insurance I have decided to do what I’ve always done and extend my home insurance, which will be around 4000 SEK. A perfectly okay sum where we Swedes should be lucky that Sweden is a country that is accepted worldwide. Healthcare is something we can get everywhere.
The Visa jungle is interesting, it has shown methat Europe, parts of Asia and most of South America have “forgotten to lock the toilet door” so to speak, no visa required. In the rest of my large playground, I will use tourist and transit visas, except New Zealand, where there will be a “work & holiday” to fix my treasure chest =)


Figures and budget

To calculate numbers of things is just as important as fun=) My adventure is quite hard to calculate how long time it will take. But I still think it’s important to make a plan to follow, but also know that anything can happen. I have counted on an average of 100 km/day that I sit on the saddle.
Distance: 80000 km
Number of cycling days: 800
Rest days: 80
“playdays”: 40 (when I’m diving, hiking, etc.)
Working days: 120
Total: 1040 days, ie 2 years and 10 months.


I used to count on an average of just under 100 SEK a day and it usually works out. So I put the figure at that number (which I still think may be high) and land at 104,000 SEK.


Bicycle Repair

Tires, tubes, chain, sprockets, etc. will need to be replaced and I expect it to cost 15,000 SEK in material cost. Also included are other things that will break / replace tex. New clothes, tents and so on.
To do the world on an amphibianbike may be the next project=) I will primarily travel across the sea by boat (freighters and regular scheduled ferries). This is to hopefully avoid having to disassemble the bike. As a second option there is always flying. Lately I have been reading a lot about traveling with freighters and I think it seems like a cool experience! I will need to travel Thailand  Philippines, Philippines  Malaysia, Malaysia  Australia, Australia  New Zealand, New Zealand  South America, North America  Africa. For this, I expect a sum of 20,000 SEK.


My tent’s my primary (and friendly) home but now and then I will have to pay for accommodation of course. I try to keep the costs low by using websites such as couchsurfing and warmshowers. I expect the sum to be 20.000 SEK.
Cycling is the great adventure and the greatest pleasure. But diving costs money and I also want to experience the countries I cycle through. I count with 45,000 SEK in play money.


Europe, almost all of South America and parts of Southeast Asia are “visa-free” for the Swedes, but otherwise there will be a cost of entry to the country. I will use the transit visa, tourist visa and in New Zealand I will be using work and holiday visa. Costcalculation 6000 SE.


Since my previous trips I have good protection, but I will extend with a few syringes and malaria tablets. I expect it to reach 2000 S.


Thanks to previous adventures, I have a good idea on what equipment is needed and what I need to update. The list of purchases is as follows:
Diving in “travel-size”: 12,000 SEK
Multifuel kitchen: 1 800 SEK
Tent: 2000 SEK


Travel Insurance
When I am traveling, I extend my home insurance (valid for 45 days) plus a separate diveinsurance from DAN Europe. My total cost of this ends up on 5000 SEK


I think this column should be very exaggerated, as it is ery unknown of all what to expect out there in terms of surprises. I also includes everyday costs such as fuel for the kitchen, memory cards, internet cafe, cost of inclusion of bicycle on trips etc.. The sum is of course difficult to calculate but I estimate it to 40,000 SEK


Jobs in New Zealand
During my four months of estimated jobs in New Zealand, my cost of living increase some but I yet expect to save 20.000 SEK.


In total, I have expenses of SEK 272,800. I have planned so that I do not have any expenses from Sweden at all during this time.


My full-time job as a postman gives me a net salary of 15,800 SEK. When the week is over, I change to a taxi uniform, which gives me another 6000 SEK per month. To top it off I also do some studies for companies that givesan me additional 500 SEK. Thanks to my set mind, I take advantage of every opportunity to overtime there is so I can in good conscience count for 1000 Sek extra.
These sums are up to 23,300 SEK per month. In order to save as much as possible, I live with my parents (my biggest sponsors ) and have saved so much I can on the fixed costs amounting it to 2900 SEK including everything.
So 20,400 kr I can save every month!


My bank account today says 135,000 SEK and then I have February, March & april left to earn money. Then I reach 196,200 SEK. Income in New Zealand adds my treasure chest to 216,200 SEK.
I hope to get help with various sponsors / scholarships to the value of 55,000 SEK which makes me go AIRBOURNE!


That was the word of the day and more preparation follows, I end today with a quote that got stuck to last week, instead of my usual :)


If your dream does not scare you, it’s not big enough


Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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One dream becomes a plan…

80000 km, 46 countries, 5 continents, 2 wheels & 1 Sven =) A cycle journey
around the globe to find my own freedom and for a purpose is what airbourne’s up to next!

The idea began as a playful joke (like everything else) and eventually grew so big that it became a reality. In the spring of 2013, I take my bicycle & divegear to discover the world from a perspective I hope will be unique. Idiocy? Madness? No, just pure desire to fulfill another dream. I know I can, but I need your help to make this adventure mean something!

For charity …

The purpose of this adventure is a charity fundraising. Cycling and the feelingof doing something good for others strengthens my inner glow . I chose two different organizations to raise money for, seashepherd Marine Conservation & Swedish Cancer Foundation.Seashepherd marine conservation is to many well-known from discovery channel they work in a superactive way to maintain our marine world preservation. The projects are many and successful and with our help, these heroes continue their inspiring work!

Almost veryone has been in contact with the disease in one way or another,cancer. For me, close beloved relatives left this world after being hit. Donated money to the organisation not only goes for research but also education and spreading of knowledge.So how am I organising this fundraiser? Well, I’ve thought about this. From 1 or 2 months into the trip, my website will be a monthly pay service. You buy the montlhy pass for $4US and recieves a password to fully access the website to be able to see my photos and read my stories. I believe in the idea that no one can do everything but everyone can do something and that SOMETHING is significant in the end. 100% of the money goes straight to charity.You can also donate $15 to any of the projects, for this money you get a postcard from me from where I am in the world at that moment. I promise you that a postcard  from me is both special and entertaining =) haha!

A third way for me is to physically collect the money. This is done by logos on clothes, bags etc with a clear message that explains what I do and why. With me, I have a compendium to show off and to spread knowledge. I will approach this adventure to 100%! Are you with me?


Not just a bike ride ….

To just plow through our beautiful world does not sound very excitingto me. My scuba gear will come along so I can have my meetings with my fishfriends beneath the surface=) I plan my route with diveseasons and climate in mind. A top news and to my great joy, this enables that I will see many friends again from previous travels! (I have not forgotten you =). I come to visit with a cheerful smile and a massive beard. Not bad at all in my own opinion ;)

Diving, friends, nature, smells, new friendships, adventure and adrenaline.
Yes, this is going to be something out of the ordinary …

The route, time, figures, etc.

By far the most interesting of an adventure like this demands all the numbers. So here are some of the variety of those with some comments:

* The route is about 80000 km plus minus 5000 km.
* During my cycling days, I will average 100 km a day.
* I have counted for 80 rest days without cycling and in addition to these I have
40 days for “play” =). I will also work in New Zealand for 4 months to rebuild my travelfundings so to speak :) Add this up and we land at about 2 years and 8 months of freedom!

* The route looks like described in the picture and I will go clockwise so begins south
through Europe and biking eastwards through Asia.

* I will start my adventure by myself but look forward to be accompanied by you! During the U.S. bike adventure, both me and my bearded friend Patrikfelt that is an interest out there so do not be afraid :) Please contact me and we let it happen.

The same applies to those who would like to have a visit from a bearded bike nerd ;)
Please contact me when I’m around. The fact is that I update my position daily
via a high-end GPS, featured on my website. I want to share every last inch of this adventure!

There you have it all in black and white in pure form of facts, a crazy guy
cycling around the world for charity and his own freedom seeking. He will greet
their friends both above and below the surface, and share to inspire others to
follow their dreams! Ahh ….. Rock on!:)

In a short amount of time I want to present my own thoughts and ideas about things. The story of  how the idea was born, my life after ‘Free Willy, bike trip in the USA “,
training, preparation … well EVERYTHING I want to will be shared in the new

Once the money is in my pockets it’s on! At the earliest May 1st. The itch is there and just can not get it out of your head for even one second:) Thats my everyday dreamfactory!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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Been there done that

August 13th

Vancouver, Canada

Nighttime….the best time of the 24 hours a blogger like msyelf enjoy the most. Its coming up against 12 pm and im awake by myself, which gives me loads of inspiration. It has always been like this when I write
here. I guess my mind likes to freeflow when everybody else is alseep:)
Me and my 2 fellowtravelleers have just came home from our last planned excursion (funny word) and our flight home goes in 2 days. The last couple of days have been great and filled the expectations of a sum
up of an incredible journey. We will tell all of our granchildren about our shenanigans (or alien people, who knows who we will meet up next?=). It all depends on how creative our watcher up there can be. If he’s
in my class,.,.,., well then.,..,,.future is going to be exciting:)
Canada has delivered just like as expected with great outdoor avtivities just about everywhere. So that’s the line we followed for this last post in this trip. (it’s ok to cry a little bit)…

Since the day me and Patrik spotted whales bikeside a couple of weeks ago, we´ve longed for the orca watch tour! I¨m not going to call them killer whales because that sounds so hostile. Also orca is simply a
cooler name aswell:) Outside the coast of Canade we spotted these amazing animals and they are the kings. That is personally defined since they hunt Great Whites’. We saw their dorsal fins and upper part of
body surface in sets of 5-6 times before they went down a longer while. With a little ID help from our guide we spotted Cookie, Oreo, Doublestuff and Blueberry (the big male) and some others. The “bigmama” in
the pack was Grandma who’s around 90 years old! I can only imagine what she has seen and encountered during her lifetime under the sea. Makes a diver a little jealous:) We looked very cute on our yellow
environment protective clothes and felt really small.
Other than the orcas we also spotted some seals and a sea lion resting on some rocks. Not strange at all since that’s food source number one for the black and white whales. Exciting though was the spot of an
american beld head eagle, a real icon! Such beauti with its white head and brown feathers!

Since Patrik is a pilot he has a airplane need to furfill. So when we found out that Canadas biggest airshow was less than 2 hours away it was a deal. Abbotsford Airshow did also celebrate their 50th birthday this
year so lets hit the road!. Our suspiscions of the amount of people was actually well high so the day was really pleasent. As guided we placed sunscreen also on our nostrills since we look up so much:) Luckily we
did so we didn’t miss al the action. Canadas airforce showed their proud fighters CF-18 Hornet & Snowbirds. USA didn’t want to be worse so their F/A-18 Superhornet TAC & Thunderbirds did also deliver. Our
heering did dissapear for a little while when these guys spinned (span?), looped and everything else you can do!
Red bull Air race did disable my stomach a little bit just by watching. These extreme turns makes the pilots endure up about 12 G’s! Amazing and loads of fun to watch.
Amusement wasn’t all caused by airplanes Canadas Skyhawks (parachute team) wera playing around over our heads, sometimes by themself and sometimes in formation. Adrenaline was at its highest when they
dont let go of formation until last second. I really thought they were dying there for a while:) ANd if you want to take another step why not step into one of those Squirrelsuits? Red bull presented these flying
maniacs throw themself out in these winglike suits. Impressive! Any level closer to a bird is hard to reach.
Before leaving this day I also want to mention a funny angle in this show. Imagine yourself an oldguy in a portable toilet doing #2. He has a talent of building stff and happens to own a jetengine. It doesn’t take
much longer than the time for him to finnish his needs until that particulur “portipotti” has the engine attached to it:) And we had the luck of see this project race around in the airfield, with a fireexhaust bigger
than the vehicle itself:) That was the funniest thing I had seen in my life,.,.,.until 3 hours later. Apperently this guy wasn’t unique because a schoolbus showed up also with a jet engine:) The driver showed us its
full potential on the runway and it was FAST! People are awesome! That if something would make the kids show up for school:)

The day after we had more outdoor fun. Lynn canyon was an area with short day hike type of trails. We hit one of those and found ourserlves in a waterhole. The water was freezing cold so luckily the sun warmed
us up very quick among the stones. Throw in some fresh berries and our morning was great. The evening was planned for a kayak ride in the sunset and so it became:) But after some indian food, hard to miss
since indian people is around every corner here. None of us had any real experience of kayaking before so when our guide (Dwight) talked about rough conditions, we were certain of getting a bit wet:) but the
truth was the the whole evening was calm and the sunset as beautiful as it should be! Patrik and Frida was a good team and myself joined a local; weren’t that bad either I msut say:) We also learnt that Brittish
Colombia has more helicopters than the whole world together:) That too is impressive!

Yet another morning and it was time to explore the town of Vancouver, something we saved for our first days. At first we entered Queen Elizabeth park just southeast of downtown. The view was cool together
with all the colors of the flowers. Our feet went a little tired from walking around so me and Patrik insisted of a visit to our favorite thing to do….a brewery:) Beer is good, No doubt what so ever!

So Vancouver downtown=check. That leaves today which we spent in Whistler, the ski resort and host of the ski competitions of Vancouver olympics 2010. Since it’s summer, downhill BMX is the thing now and
we felt the pulse all around the village. We strolled around the stores and watched a little bikecircus, guys who jumped around boxes on their bikes. Trial I learnt it’s called:) Amazing what you could do with 2
wheels, some steel and loads of balanze!

And that’s about where we are now. It’s getting late (my favorite time) and the home departure is getting closer:( Always a strange feeling but I embrace it. See no reason why noit? It’s been a great ride !

Our future is ahead of us (really!?) and for Frida and Patrik that means moving in together. A better suited couple is hard to find and I wish them both best of luck!
Myself is going back on working as postman/taxidriver, starting next day after homecoming. Just have to see what awaits around the next corner. You never know what horse the rifer of life is choosing. The fast
and powerful arabian or a small Shetland pony, cruising around. Life do though get its bumps such on an icelandic but thats the time to climb off, tie your horsie to a saloon, hit the whiskyglass and lean back:)
Your brain, attitude and good will takes you everywhere you want, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

That’s the number one message of this blog:





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Roadtrip, yes it is!

August 8th

Vancouver, Canada

Ahh, the feeling and smell of a fresh & clean Alexander is the best! Not a luxury that has been around a lot the last couple of weeks, but boy is it good! I have been running around today and exploring the area around the motel where we live. That is just outside Vancouver in a suburb called Surrey. The travelling has been very good as always the last week. We have left the american baseball for canadian hockey and are spending our last week abroad for this time. Me and Patrik are enjoying ourselves awesome and Frida isn’t that bad either:) She has been struggling a bit with the taste of the water, but luckily thet have Oreos over here! A savious for her (and all other girls as I understand?) that makes her mood up in a good spirit:) Everyone are suppose to be happy or there isn’t a real roadtrip. Rule #1:)

Well, writing it was. We are not here for fun! ….haha not..How can we not have fun? Two boys and one girl left San Fransisco together with a huge van, 2 bikes, luggage in x amount of weight and loads of candy:) We headed north following the coast line and stopped whereever we liked.
First up was an outlet center to make our wallets weep a little biut. Patrik has so far bought about 3 million t-shirts and a pair of running shoes. Frida has also bought a pair of fast trainers and myself are laying a bit low on that part. Only a small amount of work out clothes has been packed down in my bag. Work and gym? There isn’t time for anything else,is it?;)

More fun on the next stop, the awesome world of Six Flags! An amusement park with rollercoasters that makes your belly flip 4 times and that’s just before the ride itself! Believe it or not, but the not so hairy boys anymore, actually talked Frida into some rides too! She was so brave compared to me who still struggles to feel natural in womens underwear apartmend at H&M:) When our stomachs needed a break, there were swimming penguins and chilling lions around to look at. Top that up with american junk food and the day is settled:)
Less hard for the stomach is some winetesting so we thought, go for that! The fact that it became another beer brewery instead didnä’t bother us that much:) Russian River brewing co was the place this time and we ordered a big plate with 20 different tasting samples. See the pics for this one. Some of us were a bit more funny than others leaving the brewery. No names mentioned………Patrik;)

Yeahh this is going really well! 2 days of driving gave us beautiful views all the way up to Seattle, another great town on this side of the states! We started up with a visit to the Museum of flight and well cordinated, this day they also had a flight show with their local heroes; “Navy Blue Angels”. The museum offered loads of fun stuf to both see and touch. We walked around sucked in everything just like a milkshake from Mcdonalds, or “macys as you brittish say i think:)
The show was cool and loud! A funny fact was the pilots cars which were parked in the middle of the spectator area. lambourghini, ferrari, mclaren.,.,these guys know how to spend their money! They even got police escort into the area by both cars and motorcycles! Real rockstars!
Rounded that day off with the Space Needle. Nice night view all over Seattle, a must to do here!

Before we hit the city for real we explored some more nature. Mt rainer is americas 5th highest mountain and the national park surrounding it is well wourth a visit! We spent a day here and let our souls heal from everything. Well, the condition of our souls couldn’t be better but still:) The pictures yet again says it all, beautiful area! That makes you wonder why you don’t get out there more often? You, the nature and your gear. That’s all there is, nothing more and nothing more shall there be!
Town of Seattle up next, Pike Place Market is a good place to start. The famous market, which started as a farmers market, was huge and we experienced loads of different smells. Even tried those Piroshky things that are made here at the bakery. They come in both sweet and food alternatives and tasted really good! With that in our hand we explored the Gumwall which is exactly what it sounds like. Cool makings such as super mario were found made of different colored chewing gums:)

We spent some time around the EMP Museum. Here there were some different exzibits that made the little boy in us smile wide:) James Cameron showed us the world of Pandora with actual movie stuff and info about the making of the movie. Loads of toys to play with!
For Patrik the exzibit about Jimi Hendrix and rolling stones were a top rated thing. He really knows his music:) Off course the museum also had some Nirvana in there since we are in.,.,.,Seattle?!
As a cool ending there were an area with more movie stuff . Too bad Im not a star wars fan but apperently a lot of cool stuff can be found here. For example Darth caders light savour and the Yodas
stick:) Well, the nerd in me is still buried:)haha..

As a little end of Seattle we visited a chocolate factory tour together with “Theos chocolate”. The company was one of the first organic ones ion the chocolate business and have high demands on their manifacturers. A part from their winnings goes to improving the life of the workers on the farms around the world! We like that attitude and their different varieties of chocolate tasted amazing! We filled our stomachs and even bought some more with us! But the best part was the hair and beard protection hats we wore:) SOOO CUTE=) See the pics:)

USA history, heading for Canada! As we coudln’t take our car over the border we had to take a bus. And those who has travelled with greyhound know that experience. As instructions on phone we didn’t have to box in our bikes. Nice.,,.,.All until we arrived to the terminal. They did have to be in boxes so we started to take em apart at the same time we were in a hunt for big bicycle boxes. A lot of sweat, oily fingers and tape later we made it onto the bus:) Luckily the crossing over the border went fine and Vancouver are now infront of us:)
A big thunderstorm was the first that we encountered. Patrik and Frida had a close up which was handled just fine:) Meanwhile I was a “luggage guard” back in the station, eating ice cream at mcdonalds:) Go me:)

So yeahh, thats where we are now with a big chunk of Vancouver/Canada Spirit this last week! The city and surroundings have a lot to offer so we will sure be busy! See ya soon again, maybe for last time this trip! Live for travel, travel for life!




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July 28th

Downtown, San Fransisco, California

From cycling pants into shorts & compression shirt into t-shirt. Life and our adventure have now taken another turn. A couple a days ago we rolled down (and up) the streets of San Fran’, which meant the final goal for this time. Loads of memories and discoveries have been encountered and the ride have rocked more than Rocky Balboa! Even though you win or lose it’s always good to have a look back and think about decisions you made through the way, good ones and bad ones. We always want to learn something for future!
Kind of silly to think about that little Alexander and Patrik has cycled 5000 miles over a whoile continent:). WE DID IT! WOOWW! WE summed up some funny numbers to read further down but first the last bike stories:

Halfway down to San fran is a town called Cresecnt City, where we left off last time. After some piza we camped on a free camp spot just outside town. A pretty place close to the ocean from where you heard the breaks smash against the rocks, KAABBAMMM!! Yet there were some smaller creatures we remember from this little sleepabout. Mice invaded our tent and bags and made some unsignificant small holes here and there. We did indeed read a lovely “warning stone” which stated clearly that mice were around. Did we listen to it? Should have:) And the fourlegged animals wasn’t finished there, on the way out we were trapped inside by some crossing elks who didn’t want us to pass. We solved this by waving our lovelysmelling clothes and they dissapeared with a dismissed look on their faces:) Haha..
Cycling was continuesly hilly this day but as a reward we met up with a swedish-american family who lived between Eureka and Arcata. Siv, from Jonkoping in middle sweden, married to Rob and one of their sons Bjorn was home this evening. Rob told us exciting stories from his bicycling career and showe us cool pictures from Europe. Bjorn just graduated from Lunds university (southern tip of Sweden) and was now planning his future:)
We had a great night with sauna and great food. The whole family were so kind to us and very nice. We felt so grateful when we left that morning. Lovley people of that kind you really want to stumble up on again!

Cycling next day involved another great thing we been longing for. The magnific Redwood trees. Of course we seen them before on pictures but they were so much more bigger and proud in real life! A couple of miles on the sadle we will remember for the rest of our lives! Just want to highfive every single one of them:) We stayed at a campground inside the national park that night to really suck in the whole aura of it all.
As I have talked about before, we stayed at designated camp spots on west coast due to laws, regelations and over picky cops. But good thing is the more people you meet:) One night we talked to a couple from Belgium and the next one a mexican family felt bad for our small (in their measurement) tent. We got some strawberries and juice because of that, funny and lovely people:) New people from all over the world means a lot to share and talk about. We all share the same passion; bike touring!

Now a funny story about two hairy boys who decided to make some pancakes one night. The mood was at its highest due to the hot tub we spotted in this campsite. The whole chaotic situation started when I was making the pancake mix. i used my waterbottle and shaked it for a while. Long enough for it to build up preassure and mini explode when I opened it. Got mini soaked in pancake mix from that experience. What was left of it I tried to make into acctual cakes in the community kitchen. But for some reason I got strong electric shocks everytime I touched it. Only me felt this which was so weird. Well, back to basics with our camping kitchen. That didn’t go better due to lack of a working spachelor. We went Mcgyver style and made one out of cardboard but it wasn’t a success. So I sent Patrik to fetch some real cooking devices from somehwere. Didn’t know from where but we had a problem and needed to solve it:) Delicious pancakes were at play for gods sake:)
For this we used to much fuel for the kitchen that we had to abort. Otherwise there would be no lunch the day after.,.,We might also abort because of the small bugs we found in the mix.,excellent. But with new powers, mix and with Patrik we tried the community kitchen again. Since I was somehow kind of nuclear loaded, Patrik was the responsible for the making this time. But there were so much people and lack of working stoves that we were sent to a bbq. That attempt lasted for 25 minutes until we gave up with lack of…heat. Important factor in food making. So finally it was our turn to use the stove and from here on (with Patrik maneuvering the spachelor) it went as it should. Summed up it took us over 3 hours to make 6 pancakes:) We laughed so bad through the mess but had to hurry not to miss the hot tub session:) Well earned we thought.

Next morning rise and it took us to Bodega Bay, where we spent one rest day. We wanted to time it with the arrival of Patriks girlfriend, Frida. She flew in to San Fransisco the day after we planned to arrive there. So another rest day isn’t that bad at all. We spent it the same way as me and Patrik always do; Loads of food and candy and internet chill:) Nothing strange there. Can honestly say I agree with the guy from “Zombieland”, twinkies are king!
So hyped up we took next day really easy and arrived to the bridge of bridges; Golden Gate! The crossing had to wait 1 day since we wanted to check out the area around it first. Sausolito is the town just before bridge and here we found some really cool places. We ate at an lighthouse inspired restaurant at first. Then the day continued with a visit to a place called “Bay Model”. Here some guys in white lab coats built an identical replica of the whole san fransisco bay area with actual simulated tides aswell. They can simulate a full 24 hours tide section in just 15 minutes. This model is used to simulate different nature and human affections to the bay. For example with an oil spill, they just poor in some oil in same area in the model and see where the oil is spreading:) Cool Stuff! For “Mythbusters” fans, it was here they made the episode where they tried to escape from Alcatraz. We also had the time to visit a mammal recovery center. Seals and sealions are helped here to fortunatly come back into the wild. The damages sytretches from lack of nutrition or human damage. Was very interesting and the people are doing a great job! Go Go Go!

So we crossed the bridge finally on our last cycling day. Patrik was like a kid on Xmas eve when he went and met Frida at the airport. But first we really had to freshen up. Shavers, shampoo, perfume and everything flew around the room and now we actually look like humans again:)
Frida arrived as scheduled and together we have playing tourists around San Fran these couple of days, which includes bike riding, visit to a market, steep road spotting and so on:) Great town! We even met up with Fridas uncle over a bit food at Bubba Gump shrimp co (Forrerst gump inspired). Hard to dislike the food and surroundings at that kind of place:)

So tomorrow we rent a car and drive up the coast and suck out everything it has to offer! The plan is to leave USA for Vancouver,BC, at august 7th. Then we fly home to Sweden august 15th. So loads of playtime left:)
Numbers is always interesting after a trip like this, so let’s do it:

Total distance: 5170 miles (8320 km)
Start: May 12th
End: July 23rd
Days: 73
Average cycling per day: 71 miles (113 km)
States: 12 (Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California)
Tent nights: 60
13 nights in churches,houses,fire stations, backend of a truck, motel,couches and a trailor.
Food facts (approxemetly)
29 kilo nuts, chocolate, bars etc
42 kilo beans
380 tortillas
15 kilo dry rice/lentils
12 litres oatmeal
50 litres gatorade

Thats a lot:) And here the list of stuf that broke a little bit:) To us it feels longer than we felt because we never suffered for real at anytime:) Also here are som stuf that are naturally worn out:

3 tires
2 chains
2 grip tape sets
1 bicycle computer
One front lowrider
one back lowrider (the welder worked a bit)
Mice holes in bags, one jersey and tent. The tent also had a pole broken.
2 pair of cleats for the shoes
1 solar charger
4 tubes
2 sleeping pads
1 stänkskärm
1 3,5 litre water container
2 sporks

Stuf we dropped:
2 towels
1 jersey
1 cycling jersey
1 pair of flipflop

I think thats the list. The most important when stuf brakes is to have a positive “to fix” attitude. Then nothing can stop you! Me and Patrik works good as a team and I think that’s why we accomplished this challange in the way we did. Don’t worry, be happy:)

So, we will continue with 1 or 2 more posts before we fly home. No more cycling though but funny “avergae joe” vacation pictures will be uploaded and stories told. When you are reading this and hopefully want to get out yourself, do not hesitate to throw us an email with questions! Sharing experience is awesome and we love to inspire others to follow their dreams!

And a big thanks to:

Posten Fritid (Swedish post)
thank you so much for your genereous contribution to our equipment. This adventure is memorable because of you and we feel proud working for such a caring company!

Timo and the others at 2XU
You guys have opened new doors for us regarding work out solutions. Your compression clothes every really leveled us up and we felt revovered every morning! The fitting is perfect and padding in the BIB cycling pants is awesome! I recommend everybody to try out compression clothes from 2XU. Recovery is at least as much important then the workout itself!

Family, friends, coworkers and everybody else
we miss you so much. Your support has been overwolming and it’s been great feeling your support all the way! We are longing for telling our stories over and over again until you can’t take it anymore. Hope you had a good time reading about our cycle adventure; we sure enjoyed reading your comments!

Yup, life goes on. Frida and Patrik snoores in bed next to mine so why not an evening walk? I feel excited as always and nighttime is a good time to smile:)

See ya!





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Cycling a bit,looking a bit, chillin’ a bit.,.,.,LIVING THE MOST!

July 15th

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon

Last night in Oregon, tomorrow last statesign and start of last week of cycletouring. i think that means the last chapter of a wonderful journey. Just the thought of leaving our so safe cycling everyday rituales feels scary and empty. Yes, a 3 week car roadtrip up the coast again will be fantastic but for now we moor a little bit. I feel I have discovered a new world like when Kevin Costner finds Dryland in “Waterworld” or when Atreyu finds the fluffy flying dog in “Never ending story”. All the crazy cyclists that share their stories and their own conquests; the expressions with mixing nature, smells and the controlled unknowing of nearby future. Thats cycling in a box ( a yellow one with green spots=)

Before we kicked off our last session down to San Fran’ we stopped by the town of Seaside, where Neil (with the openest arms in the whole world) invited us to his house for the night. We spent it together with a guy from China and a mother+daughter who were also travelling. Neil himself were in Portland for the night, but before he left a huge pile of towels and sweet notes everywhere:) That’s hospitality! I would like to become like Neil when I grow up…
As a standard Patrik and Sven (me) off day we filled our stomachs with beer, pizza and cheesecake. Nothing outside the box there;) But now next page in the book about our epic cycle journey.

We can now proudly add another chapter of nature in our cycle logbooks. The coastway (highway 101) is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world we live in. We have found more lookouts than I have fingers and toes, which makes it so hard to count :( We see gigantic rocks shooting up from the ocean, ready to catch the big surf from outside. That’s not without one feel the itch for those surfer sessions back in the days.
The mountains, which makes our route like a rollercoaster, are green with great beaches between them and the Pacific. All of that and two weird cyclists named Sven & Patrik:)
We have also discovered something new weatherwise. When we wake up in the morning it’s as dry as my mouth when seeing a pizza (not at all!). The fog and clouds are around a couple of hours before the sun come out and heat up us and our surroundings. But then we do the climbs and the clouds are there again, making us all wet and moisty. 10 minutes later and a downhill part we again have clear blue sky and sun together with 80 degrees fahrenheit. Exchanging scenarios is fun:)

Speaking about the uncountable lookouts, there is one we remember a little bit more then the other ones. Not Particcularly for the landscape but for the gray whales spotted far down there. It did look like some lost, big stones splashing some water on the surface but still! We have spotted our first whales. A good warm up for the whale safari we are doing later on together with Frida.
We discovered more about the animal living in the Sea lion cave. It’s one of the world biggest caves, measuring 300 feet of height. It acts as a home for many seals and sealions (not enough toes and fingers again:( Some were big and some small but they all smelled like fish:)
We first studied a pack outside the cave, then stepped inside the elevator who took us down to the cave. Here it was cold and big:)

Do you know the difference between a seal and a sealion? Here are some:
A sealion can use its “frontpaws” as a help to move around while on land. A seal uses its body because it can not fold its “frontpaws” in the desired angle
A seal mainly uses its “rearpaws” to swim. They work similar as propellers. A sealion does the same thing but with its “frontpaws”.
A seal can equally play husband and wife as be the biggest player in town. A sealion is always the player.
The sealion take care of their young for up to 3 years. A seal had enough after a couple of weeks.
Thats this weeks episode of “Svens Seals” :)

Here about you can also spot these brown clothed men/women calling themselves rangers/sheriffs. Their hobby is to use their power to make it difficult for us to camp wherever as we done before. With that we have spent more nights in campgrounds. A good thing here is the “hiker/biker” discount that apply to some of them. That means that all bikers/hikers share a lawn which usually has a water tap. The area os often a bit off and the distance to showers can be long. But hey, showers! We actually do that more often now:) Good for the environment I guess;)
Now when I think about it I remember that we actually did sleep behind a library the other day. That was nice:)

Wourth mentioning could also be that I have changed my front tire. That was fun:) Somehow my stuff gets more worn out then Patriks. Remind me of asking cyclegod why..

I did also succesfully accomplish the astonishment of beeing yelled at for falling over. “Someone could get hurt” was beeing thrown in my face from an old and angry lady. I was a little chocked as I was more prepared for a”are you alright?” But no,.,.,.Do not still understand the situation, did she think I was falling over on purpose? She should know that Sven always look cool. Falling over isn’t :)

Halfway down the coast and the wind is as it should be in our backs. It’s always blowing in that direction which makes us all bikers go in same direction,.,.but for some goofies going north. All of honor to those guys struggling against the wind every single day!.
Next week is the last post of thes chapter of Airbourne. I’m looking forward to sum up everything in numbers, thoughts and reviews etc etc. So San Fran up next! I hope all of you readers (and new readers) out there are by our side to the finish line.

Lights go down and the rockstars prepare for final song…




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July 15thHarris…

July 15th

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon

Last night in Oregon, tomorrow last statesign and start of last week of cycletouring. i think that means the last chapter of a wonderful journey. Just the thought of leaving our so safe cycling everyday rituales feels scary and empty. Yes, a 3 week car roadtrip up the coast again will be fantastic but for now we moor a little bit. I feel I have discovered a new world like when Kevin Costner finds Dryland in “Waterworld” or when Atreyu finds the fluffy flying dog in “Never ending story”. All the crazy cyclists that share their stories and their own conquests; the expressions with mixing nature, smells and the controlled unknowing of nearby future. Thats cycling in a box ( a yellow one with green spots=)

Before we kicked off our last session down to San Fran’ we stopped by the town of Seaside, where Neil (with the openest arms in the whole world) invited us to his house for the night. We spent it together with a guy from China and a mother+daughter who were also travelling. Neil himself were in Portland for the night, but before he left a huge pile of towels and sweet notes everywhere:) That’s hospitality! I would like to become like Neil when I grow up…
As a standard Patrik and Sven (me) off day we filled our stomachs with beer, pizza and cheesecake. Nothing outside the box there;) But now next page in the book about our epic cycle journey.

We can now proudly add another chapter of nature in our cycle logbooks. The coastway (highway 101) is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world we live in. We have found more lookouts than I have fingers and toes, which makes it so hard to count :( We see gigantic rocks shooting up from the ocean, ready to catch the big surf from outside. That’s not without one feel the itch for those surfer sessions back in the days.
The mountains, which makes our route like a rollercoaster, are green with great beaches between them and the Pacific. All of that and two weird cyclists named Sven & Patrik:)
We have also discovered something new weatherwise. When we wake up in the morning it’s as dry as my mouth when seeing a pizza (not at all!). The fog and clouds are around a couple of hours before the sun come out and heat up us and our surroundings. But then we do the climbs and the clouds are there again, making us all wet and moisty. 10 minutes later and a downhill part we again have clear blue sky and sun together with 80 degrees fahrenheit. Exchanging scenarios is fun:)

Speaking about the uncountable lookouts, there is one we remember a little bit more then the other ones. Not Particcularly for the landscape but for the gray whales spotted far down there. It did look like some lost, big stones splashing some water on the surface but still! We have spotted our first whales. A good warm up for the whale safari we are doing later on together with Frida.
We discovered more about the animal living in the Sea lion cave. It’s one of the world biggest caves, measuring 300 feet of height. It acts as a home for many seals and sealions (not enough toes and fingers again:( Some were big and some small but they all smelled like fish:)
We first studied a pack outside the cave, then stepped inside the elevator who took us down to the cave. Here it was cold and big:)

Do you know the difference between a seal and a sealion? Here are some:
A sealion can use its “frontpaws” as a help to move around while on land. A seal uses its body because it can not fold its “frontpaws” in the desired angle
A seal mainly uses its “rearpaws” to swim. They work similar as propellers. A sealion does the same thing but with its “frontpaws”.
A seal can equally play husband and wife as be the biggest player in town. A sealion is always the player.
The sealion take care of their young for up to 3 years. A seal had enough after a couple of weeks.
Thats this weeks episode of “Svens Seals” :)

Here about you can also spot these brown clothed men/women calling themselves rangers/sheriffs. Their hobby is to use their power to make it difficult for us to camp wherever as we done before. With that we have spent more nights in campgrounds. A good thing here is the “hiker/biker” discount that apply to some of them. That means that all bikers/hikers share a lawn which usually has a water tap. The area os often a bit off and the distance to showers can be long. But hey, showers! We actually do that more often now:) Good for the environment I guess;)
Now when I think about it I remember that we actually did sleep behind a library the other day. That was nice:)

Wourth mentioning could also be that I have changed my front tire. That was fun:) Somehow my stuff gets more worn out then Patriks. Remind me of asking cyclegod why..

I did also succesfully accomplish the astonishment of beeing yelled at for falling over. “Someone could get hurt” was beeing thrown in my face from an old and angry lady. I was a little chocked as I was more prepared for a”are you alright?” But no,.,.,.Do not still understand the situation, did she think I was falling over on purpose? She should know that Sven always look cool. Falling over isn’t :)

Halfway down the coast and the wind is as it should be in our backs. It’s always blowing in that direction which makes us all bikers go in same direction,.,.but for some goofies going north. All of honor to those guys struggling against the wind every single day!.
Next week is the last post of thes chapter of Airbourne. I’m looking forward to sum up everything in numbers, thoughts and reviews etc etc. So San Fran up next! I hope all of you readers (and new readers) out there are by our side to the finish line.

Lights go down and the rockstars prepare for final song…



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Ocean is bluer on the other side

July 9th

Cape Disappointment, Washington

First a geography lesson; Cape Disappointment is a state park just north of Astoria across t border between Oregon and Washington. A beautiful place facing the coast of the pacific.,.,.DID YOU READ THAT!? Pacific! We just made it all the way across a whole continent! The feeling is incomparable to anything else when you think back. By our own force we travelled over a whole continent. Off course in this means a lot of thoughts and feelings but as always we finish with that in the end of this post. “A Scott signature” I could call it ;)

After 4th of July our minds were set on a couple of difficult and days filled with struggle. The route were about to take us alongside Colombia River in the “wrong” direction windy wise. The river goes all the way to the pacific which itself was a good motivation source for us. It also works as the boarder between Oregon and Washington states, which we crossed a couple of times upcoming days. We did recognice a lot of wind power pöants facing our way which didn´t bring our hopes up that much:) hehe..
So we reached the river and.,.,.,.,talewind?! what?! Just a small one but something was strange. We didn’t complain at all, opposite we smiled and shifted to racer gear:) Patrik, who should be nicked routecalculator, had estimated our riverdays with 50 miles per day according to the wind forecasts. First day and the computer showed 97:) Woohoo! Found a nice spot for tent pitching and started to watch a movie, what a great day. Then suddenly we heard weird noises from Patriks sleeping pad (and it wasn’t farting). The sound escalated and in the matter of seconds Patriks sleeping pad was “no more”, slepping with the fish, finished, dead. A pleasent surrprice is what a guy with manners would have said.,.,.,.we swore a lot instead:)

The damage wasn’t that big after all. All of you that owns a thermarest sleeping pad knows that it’s self infalting abbility isn’t catastrophy so we just delt with it until we could buy Patrik the “Kuf” a new one. Kuf is swedish for weirdo:) haha..
Next morning our hopes weren’t that high jet again with the wind. I mean, who could have 2 lucky days in a row on colombia river? Well, we had:) Basically no wind today as well so that inspired us to give ut full speed and keep on going. The wind didn’t blow up even in afternoon so we stopped by Maryhill Winery for some winetesting moments. A totally strange environment that was fun to try out but nothing that will become a routine on travels again:) But been there, done that as they say….

“ABORT POST, something is happening live right now. Patrik is going to toilet for #2 and he is bringing music! Something I’ve taught him:) Ohh..I’m so proud of the Kuf! Haha..You should try it too! ”

Well, stay calm, carry on,.,. The winery made us a little happier and we finished the day with good mileages again. Found a beautiful tent spot beside a like and a sign…”camping prohibited”. But we did it anyway, Gangsta style! It was just to good to missout with a nice dip in the lake pre sleeping. Sorry Rangers! Kuf-Patrik also survived another night on his “pancake-sleeping pad”.
Coming up, Portland. A crazy cool bicycle town voted #1 in the subject. We can all agree with that statement after seeing all the nice bikelanes everywhere! Felt rather failed though that everyone else looked so cool in their bikes. Retro and sporty styles came accross one another and we felt like the guys who weren´t picked for the school cycling team:( Patrik found a new sleeping pad in a local outdoor store and took the shot talking his language with the guys behind the counter. Me, on the other hand, enjoyed an icecold cherry soft drink just like the other kids. We both felt lucky in different ways:)

A big town like Portland can get quite big and more time elapsing then first expected. That, combined with tired bodies and hungry stomachs, resulted in something very beautiful. BUFFET AND MOTEL:) The mood was at the highest after that (beside the fact we couldn’t move because of all the food) knowing that the pacific was less then 36 hours away. A couple of hours that flashed by in an eyewink and now here we are:) Sitting here with the pacific as my neighbour. So that means we are all finsihed and the thoughts is jet to come,.,.,.,.OR IS IT?!

Ha! No forget it!, Here comes the bonus! We decided a time ago to EXTEND OUR ROUTE WITH 800 MILES! Going south all the way down to San Fransisco is to hard denying. Highway 101 is famous for its beauty so lets go for that. That’s also where our beloved friend (and girlfriend) shows up July 25th.
Uptil that descision the conversation was a bit like this. “In Astoria we have to pick up 2 big boxes, unmount the bikes, sort out buses and details with that, it would be so much easier cycle the last 800 miles…..”True story. That is how we feel so that is how it’s going to be, doing it our way basically:)

That means this travelblog is going to be cycleinspired for another 10-12 days. So sorry about that! Can’t help me and Patrik are so awesome and look so cool!:) To great for our own good! To all of you at home vacationtimes might be coming up and we hope it gets filled with whatever you wish for. You are cool, amazing and best of all,.,.You have the right to be so! Spread all the joy the best you can to other people and catch up in a couple of days on this blog..

More to come!

Patrik and Me says “Hi” (which means shark in swedish)




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Life after the Yellow Stone

4th of July (Happy holiday America!)

Motel Room in Walla Walla, Washington

Yes, you read the right word. A motel room! And it feels so nice! Had a good row with churches and
stuff before but lately it’s been a lot of camping in our beloved tent. It’s really good, believe me, but
nothing beats a real shower and aircon sometimes. And not talking about a fridge with cold beer:)

The days after the big Yellowstone adventure has been a little average. The pacific is closing up and
we can acutally start counting days now:) Who would have thought that 7 weeks back? Yet, some
obstacles are left and for now mossies is one of them. You can’t even take a pee in piece without the
little biggers trying to make your thing be eaten alive. So quick out and even quicker back in again is
a winning motto!

Have to live with those along our route who now took us to 2 old cities who were important back in
the days when gold were the new facebook status update. For a cyclist it´s hard (or easy) knowing
what to do when you see a sign saying “home made icecream/candy”. But when those 2 are next to
eachother it ends up in a longer break than usual:) Spent also some time talking to a crazy
american/norwegian local who mentioned the word viking at least 20 times:) full of energy and we
almost choked on our candy laughing at him:) Nice dude:)

The landscape became more and more green when we entered the town of twin bridges. Here we
stayed in the cyclists very own house in the park. That’s how lucky we are! Shower and bbq was
ready for us and you all know what that means….S’MORES! Which we had together wtih some
awesome garlicbread! The mossies weren’t that bad this evening so a little piece and quite was
terriffic! Bicycling went on next day as usual and we ended up hostesses with a doctor couple who
made us a fantastic pancake breakky! That’s something americans made up really good! From here we
had a really nice bikepath to follow and it was fast too! A good hundred miles later and we ended up
in another hot spring. The stop was just by the road but to get to the actual hot spring, a trekk of 1
mile was necessary. So we brought food- and camp gear with us and stayed the night there.
Accompanied with us were 3 americans who were a bit much god and jesus fanatic for our taste:) SUr
thing Jesus was a cool fellah but these guys based everything on it and tried to take us with them. I
will happil have their faith which off course gave them a lot of energy. Thats very cool!

Next day ment go to hospital for my bike. A aluminium frame broke so the weld had to come out and
fix it. Not a big deal so we were back on the road in no time. Glad it went so effective. Because next
day winds were reallly giving us a hard time! if you counht out the day before that and count the 3
previous ones, you can add up almost 295 miles all over those 3 days:) Off course with the wind this
wasn’t one of those days. But every problem has a solution and this one is called music. Let the wind
be outside and you stay inside in your very own mental chamber and it will all go away:) piece of

With that struggle we are now in Walla Walla for 4th of July. The day was spent by a visit to the park
and drinking superb beer at a brewery:) That all of course are in shade comparing to the feeling of
beeing in a motelroom. A big Highlight everytime:) So that’s where we are now. Just one state away
from that pacific on the other side. Feels very strange to be able to count days now. I hope you stay
with us untilo the end, without you we aren’t as cool as we lock ;)



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Wildlife Rocks!

June 28th

Wisdom (Mosquitos Paradise), Montana

Last time I gave you guys a pacifier with Y-E-L-L-O-W-S-T-O-N-E printed on it to suck on. Did it go well? Hope so because I want to jump straight into the action and try to write about it with the same excitement the whole experience was! But sometimes you just don’t get what you want so why not tell the story timewise instead;)

At the moment we are in Montana but don’t think that we left out Wyoming. Our 6th state felt like a priviliege to pass. Cowboys and indians is the thing around here and the mountains are as red as my own nose at the moment:) From a bicycles view that means hilly with loads of ups and downs. Not very big ones though but the legs had to work a good deal. We are still eating our nuts for snacks and tortillas/refried beans with rice for lunch and dinner. Strange that it still taste so good! Big thanks to KFC and Taco Bell for their yummy sauces that we put on top! We just have to have that little extra every day;) That’s how we roll!

The Highest peak in Wyoming said 9500 feet whcih felt a lot like lunchbreak to us. We had company with 2 guys from Israel (yes they ate hummus) and Kim from Australia. She also rides a KONA bike just like us so that made all three of us all happy at the top:) The downhill session after the top was so fast that we jump to next day.
Here we ended up in Saratoga, a town with 1000 people. Doesn’t sound that special but wait for it. If I tell you Hot Spring 110-125 degrees F?Microbrewery?NBA-Finals? Thats activities that at least makes us happy. The hot spring was all free and open 24/7! A dream for touring bicyclists! We stayed in the hot for a while and then went to the much colder river next by to cool off. That mix multiplied a couple of times and the SPA feeling was reached;) Legs was happy too=) We ended up talking with a bunsh of cool guys named “Marsch Fourth Marshing Band”. As I understood they do kind of circusacts and play music. We spoked mostly to a guy named Sid who does the stilts:) Long hair, tattoos, skinny and uggly swimming trunks, but still very funny:) He spoked warmly about his hometown Portland which is probarly the most bikefriendly town in the whole America. They even have nude races over there on bicycles….Sven?…..Sven??..ohhh…he is gone to Portland:)

Then a shower! Always a golden moment on the road! We had to look (and smell) clean for the microbrewery and NBA-finals. We a couple of different ones and had tacos while watching Miami whop some oklahoma ass! Nice! You’ll find a picture of the varieties we tried and as you can imagine the tent was a bit strugglish to pitch up afterwards:) The park was next door so that was lucky for us:) The fictive concrete beanie the day after was all wourth it! Great Beer!

A day like that needs good goals to keep it going. We set sail towards Lamont which is a cafe and a house….thats it….But the house is special and it’s live in is special too. LB has hosted bicyclists for many years and has a back end of a truck (trailer) and two Indian tents on her yard. Together with her 2 dogs and x number of cats she welcomed us to stay the night. The fridge was filled with milk, marshmallows and Ice cream. yet again the expression help yourself was used so we didn’t complain at all:) Slept in the trailer (in beds!) like two baby goats and kept on going the next day, now without any sign of concrete beanie:)

The road around here was really bad! You got stuck in deep lines in the road and had to imitate Ingemar Stenmark not to hit those holes. If you don’t know Ingemar, youtube him. Classic dude:) The landscape still was spectaculur with us passing ransh after ransh of cows and horses. And on top of that, the date June 6th appeared:) For you guys nothing but for us SuperVikingSwedes that means we celebrate our own flag. And we do that standardwise by dancing around a cross clothed on flowers with two circular things hanging. And the dance itself,,.,.,.we imitate frogs..,.with sounds and everything.,.nothing peculliar about that at all:) Patrik and me skipped that and jumped directly on to the best part of the day,FOOD! Or dessert more precisely. We had strawberries with whip cream and milk plus “swedish fish” candy we found in the grocery store (made in Canada haha). Patrik had the flag on his bike the whole day with pride:)

Another climb up yet again to 9000 feet and Grand Teton National Park welcomed us (little brother to yellowstone and lays around Jackson Lake just south of big brother). Lakes, forests, mountains and wildlife and nonetheless geysers filled our upcoming days. Partially the downhill section was beeing remade so trucks usually takes bicyclists that few miles due to hazardous roadconditions. But we came to late on the day so had to bear with the gravel. On with superman suit and bite the hard apple (yes it’s a swedish expression). We are awesome so made that too:)First day and night in yellowstone didn’t bring us any cool animals but spectaculur views and baby geysers. Lovely company though. A girl named Jamie joined us by the table where we had set up ourselves with pringles and local beer. I found Jamie (from Iowa) really unique and cool. She did her thing full out and inspired me a lot! If you read this Jamie, I am now in to fluth music during my moment:) haha…

Next day we mixed really easy and chilled cycling with exploring the park. The classic old faithful area was way to crowded for me and patrik so our spandex clothes felt even tighter. But that’s a “have to do” so struggled through american tourists with bad humour and japanese cameracrazy.,.,.well japaneses..=) Nothing personal guys:) haha..

We stumbled upon a moose family, saw 2 ospreys and som elks mixed with the geysers. In the end of the day we found this big whord of Bisons! How cool arent’t those?! we stood on a safe distance watching these enormous beasts. But suddenly some of them thoughts that crossing the road we stood on was a great idea. Safe distance turned into a couple of metres. Adrenaline rushed and it was AWESOME! Nothing to recommend though but great to be that close to massive and wild animals. We had great company that night to in campground and left yellowstone with great powers. No bear but we still have approx 80% of the park yet still to explore:) We will return!

The first town outside the boundries is West Yellowstone. Here we saw an interesting IMAX documentery about the history behind Yellowstone. About how chief Joseph discovered the land and about the natives around here. We like:)

So with that town we entered Montana and we spend last night in a bicyclists campground, making s’mors and garlic bread. And thoughts fly away rather often on continous bicycle adventures. It surely is a great way of transportation and the experience really gets to you when you are that close and smelling it! Approx 2 weeks left and then we will spot the pacific on the other side, SICK! Up to this point we have made 35oo miles and a broke the magic 50 miles per hour max speed the other day:)

I <3 travel .,., I <3 Life




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Antoher day on the road

June 21st

Rest Area in Sweetwater, Wyoming.

Gooood day Folks! The sun is powering out all of its best and it’s time for some news in our fantasy
bicycleworld. Since last a lot has happened so bear with me and read all of it!

Last time we spoke we spent some time with the friendly firefighters in Newton. That feel like ages
ago, like a time long enough to invent a new wheel:) When we camped for the night in the middle of
nowhere we probarly did our first really big mistake. The grass around in Kansas is full of “spikey
balls of death”. You mexican geeks know what Im talking about, for you others it’s like small sharp
grasstuff that bicycletubes isn’t really coming along with very good:) Next day resulted in 4 flat tires:)
haha..The mood went down a bit but luckily america shows us her best side again. A really cozii old
guy stops over and offers to go bacvk to town where we just came fram. He tried to pick up some
new tubes for us since we were almost out. Boy, we were happy:) Although he didnt find any, some
icecoldwater went down like a waterfall! That friendly manner just turned our shitday til’ something
awesome:) laughed a lot after that! And of course when we tried to pay the dude a bit for the water
and effort, all we got for answer were ” Have a nice ride fellas, safe travel”. WOW!

New day and it can only get better then yesterday we thought…we were wrong ;) The wind was
messing a lot with us the upcoming days. We struggled to keep 11 miles/hour which is comparible to
our standard of 15-19 miles/hour. All flat fields and long straight roads and wind between 20-30
miles/hour. INSANE! The wind didn’t weaken a little til’ lunchtime next day. We also turned
direction a bit and went a little more south. So a flipped pancake later and we were flying in 25
miles/hour:) haha..
During these days we had an on and off companiontime together with Garreth. He is a very cool guy
from Florida (check out the pics off the guy with the lowrider bike) just doing his own thing.
Whereever you are Garreth, hope life treats you well!
These days we ate so much food just to keep everything up. And off course even more Subway was
on the menu:)

Evening of windy day #2 was spent lodging in a church in Lake Sheridan. This was our last night in
kansas before entering the allmighty Colorado! In here we enjioyed free wifi and slept in the kids
room:) The floor was all carpet and really soft. We slept like the kids that use to be in there, although
they aren’t sleeping a lot I guess..

From Kansas we entered Colorado with so much excitement. We finally are going to meet our
precious mounatins:) But first some flat parts in which we ended up meeting a legend.
Gillian from New Zeeland has hosted cyclists for many years. She even has trailers on her garden just
to let bikers sleep there:) We made friends with the neighbour goat and watched Los Angeles Kings
kick New Jersey Devils butt in NHL Stankey cup finals:) Glad they won! Origanlly we were
supposed to watch Swedens opening game in europeen championship in football ( soccer for you
americans=) ). But a chineese woofer accidently spoiled the game for us :( Noi hard feelings though.
He just smiled and said sorry. Totally impossible to be mad at him:)haha.. We borrowed Gillians
kitchen and made som super good mexican tortillas with avocado and stuff. Yummy!

Almost 5 weeks of cycling sets its scares on both bicycles and bodies. Our beloved ones needed new
backtires and gears + brakes were in desperate need of tuning. So the timing of the biggest town on
our route ( Pueblo, Colorado, with its 102,000 people) came perfect! We exchanged our old backtires
(continental contact) for a schwalbe marathon plus. The dimensions are the same but the new tire are
thicker and therefor leaves more protection for the tube against the ground. That is the tire all touring
dudes use so we would like to be as cool ;) The tune up of gears and brakes also were a success so the bikes felt like new when we picked them up…But that was after a small visit to DENVER!!!!

Bicycleless as we were, we rented a car and set sail against Denver, 1,5 hours away. First goal was easy,Cheesecake factory! Can´t get enough of that. We even ended up eating there 2 in same day when we also stopped there at midnight on way home:)
As you all sport nerds know, Denver has top teams in all big american sports; Denver Nuggets (NBA) Colorado Abalanche (NHL), Colorado Rockies (MLB). We took the oppurtunity to check out the modern Pepsi Center where not only Avalanche and Nuggets goof around. Also Lacrosse team mammoths play here. The Arenba was mindblowing with its all luxury restaurants and suites. Peter Forsbergs in the roof made us happy. I was proud too to see Patriks Roys jersey hanging next to it. A funny detail was the safe the basketball players had in their locker room. During the games they have to protect their BlingBling somewhere:) Hahaha..funniest ever……UNTIL we saw the showers. Basketball players are giants so they apperently need giant height in their:) Patrik looked like a small ant compared:)Strange though that the toilets were standard size. Giants in there? That would be a look…;)

Denver also borught us some good beer and food via Hard Rock Cafe and 2 local breweries. We went to Great Divide and Breckenridge. The beer was amazingly fantastic! Even better when Patrik got served 3 and only paid for one. We say thanks for that:) Was a bit hard to distuingish the difference after a while but it was soooo wourth the visit. The mood in in their and all the nice people to talk to. Well awesome! And when we turn our backs around, we spot hundres of bicylists going down the mainstreet. Cars and everybody else had to step aside, they owned the place. That apperently happen now and then. A cool tradition and nice touch of a seriously cool bicycle town that Denver is.

Well, you heard about the second Cheesecake factory visit so lets jump to morning after. MORE FOOD! Aimed for our second favourite; IHOP! Pancakes and hashbrowns filled us to the width and we almost didn’t fit in the car anymore:) hahaha.. Denver really gave us the nice time off that we needed which felt really good. On way back we stopped by our swedish friend IKEA for some snacksbuying. Great that home isn’t that far away, ever:)

Back on the bikes and started one of the top hits of this trip, Rocky Mountains. The climbs were tough but the views and sceneries were astonashing and breathtaking (not because of the physcical troubles =) ). Check out the pics in the album, they say it all! And in the middle of everything we ound this little cute candy store up there. Perfect for candy freak like me:)

Well, tomorrow we will have passed 3000 miles and another 1000 to go in our normal plan. Time flies when life is a pie:) Hehe…rhymes….;) For everybody who cycle or are into running; please consider compression clothes and espacially those from 2XU. The brand really deliveres what they say and feels great! They look cool too! The performance is what we all look for and it whey wourth every penny!

Thanks folks for all the nice comments we recieve. It is so much fun to hear what you are up to. Soon is midsummer in Sweden so we thought of making it our own day over here. Too bad IKEA isn’t nearby. But you can buy swedish fish here so lets do that:)

This blog has been read in 28 countries I realized yesterday:) Its very inspiring and I want to keep it up the best I can! Miss all of you guys i met all over! You are all a part of me!

Next Episode will include Yellowstone, SUCK ON IT ;)




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Restday and more fun!

June 2nd

Tentthoughts inside a bull field, just west of Golden City, Missouri.

I widthen my smile, take my hat off and say godday! Today is the day before the day of our 3rd mini goal PITTSBURG,Missouri. Well actually Girard is actually the goal but that town is a piss in missisippi compared to Pittsburg. What we need on these days are great fast food, internet and candy:) Pittsburg can promise that but Girard is a little slow on he subject so to speak. So TacoBell, Mcdonalds and Walmart is the shit for tomorrow:)

Since we got off the carferry and entered Missouri, w knew that the landscape were changing up the road a few days. From the hilly random to the flat and not so much saying:) Kansas is onfront of us and that´s where we will be from tomorrow. Now the cycling is going to be all flat with only the endess horizon in front of our cute eyes;) We had a taste of it today, strong wind but workable, let us pull out an average speed of 14 miles/hour last 15 miles. That’s hopeful for future and maybe we can yet again gain a few extra days off! If we keep our weekly plan that means we are 4 days ahead of schedule, nothing speaks against it so why not? We discussed how to spend these days and came up with a couple of things. Extra days discovering the Rockies(Rocky Mountains), Yellowstone National Park and even lengthen our cycling, going south down west coast. At least one thing´s for sure. One rest day is planned in Pueblo, Colorado. That´s the biggest town on our route and pretty close to Denver. Some washing of clothes will be done and I would like to go to a cinema for relaxing.

I truly have the best cycling mate with me! One day I felt annoyed which was caused by numerous events of bad luck and bad concentration. On a “water top up” stop at a gas station, Patrik picked up Strawberry milk and twinkies (american delights) just for me:) Wow did my mood changed to the better! And good things kept on happening! We also bought with us our first beer which we drank on a beach to a lake not far away. It was a state park and the guys behing the counter were very nice. They let us use all the facilities and told us to camp just outside, so we didn´t have to pay a penny:) The cycling to that place was a bit unsteady and jiggelish after the beer:) But did we both sleep well after that!

Also had a rainy day the other day, but turned that one upside down to by having a movie night in the tent:) We saw “Point Break” with Patrick Swazey (RIP) and off course, ate candy, cookies and…….fireball whisky:) Great stuff:)

To sum up everything is cool yet again. We do our things, enjoy it as much as we absolutely can and just sliding the mountain of fun:)

Tomorrow I am also buying a Kindle:) So excited about that so if you guys have any books you want to recommend, don´t be shy:) In same category I also want to recommend my camera to everyone. It is a Canon Powershoot 260 hs. It has GPS Geotagging and all the amazing themes canon offers inlcusive underwatermode for us divers:) The Underwater case for it also has weights you can buy to even out the boyancy even more.
But here is the best part of the camera. The Zoom! It has 20x optic zoom but also a function that makes the digital zoom pics amazing! Also comes in great colors:)

June 7th

A corn/cow field between Larned and Nickerson, Kansas.

Hot, hot hot. There you have 3 words to describe Kansas so far. As we are sweating the sun dries it off immedietly, leaving tremendously stylish salt stains all over out clothes:) But shouldn´t complain, Stockholm Marathon kicked off a couple off days ago with 6 degress celsius and winds up to 20 metres/sec. Rather be here:)

Our route is still very flat and straight which let us maintaining our great speed. Around us we can see big John Deere harvest vehicles work these massives fields and a light wind in our backs feels great. Almost like a helping hand:) Although a helping hand isn´t really something we need right now. The luck is really on our side so lets take it from the bull field.

That day ended well as we hit another church who welcome bikers. The kitchen was well sorted so me and Patrik got three full meals out of it:) Dinner and breakky was all good but lunch was a bit questionable, which i will get to later:) This church had this centre huge room and then smaller rooms along the sides. After showers and cleaning up it was just that small issue of deciding where to sleep. We ended up sleeping in different rooms:) haha..Well, always nice to sleep inside and we are so grateful for all those friendly churches! And all americans for that matter! Haven´t met a single person that I didn´t like yet, so all grattitude to you guys:)

Well, a new day after that and the story with the horrible lunch:) The spot for the lunch was just in a State Park with a dip in a lake as a reward:) Feet, bum, and shoulders especially thanked me for the cold water. So fried eggs, tomatosoup rice and some veggies was in this mysterious lunch box and it tasted like shit honestly:) When Patrik asked me how it tasted I just said it´s food,.,.,nothing more:) And Im not the one who is picky about eatable stuff: can you chew it, lets eat it! Filled the stomach with more than just a happy feeling.

In Eureka, where we planned to sleep, we realized we covered 100 miles (160 km) that day! Felt great over all! We hit the city park where you can camp with a treat of a swimmingpool:) The poolmanager was a women named Becky and she loved having bikers around, so she let us in for free:) A great end of a 100 mile biking day. With this beautiful park and swimming pool we decided to have a day off to work on our not so hot cycling tan:) Said and done the upcoming day was lazy day:) Reading on our Kindles, listening to music and just chilling by the pool. Thats how the word “restday” is explained in my book;)

When we felt finished we got invited to Beckys (poolmanager) house to chill even more. Becky is one of those people that i think everyone should be able to meet some day! Around her is just a big aura of great positive energy that she wants to share with everybody. We talked a lot, met her daughters, son and dog Holly:) Becky is used to welcome bikers to her home and so far she had over 40 cyclists staying with her. I wanted to give something back so I made a pizza with banana and corn, something you can order at pizza places in Sweden. The TV and sofa was yet again that everyday luxury you miss out on while on the road so that made the night even better! I slept well fed on the sofa and Patrik upstaris in a very comfi bed:) Both of us are so glad we met Becky and we think of you!

Another day on the road, flat and fast and we ended up in Newton. It´s a small city with a great firestation:) That´s where we headed for this night. Compared to the previous one we stayed in Uttica, Kentycky, this one was more of a real american firesation we felt. A big ladder car and a firepole:) Now we talking:) All the firemen were so friendly and had a lot of questions. We tried to answer as many as we could not losing sight of our sweeties we bought:) haha:) We ate it all in front of a big TV with super comfi home theatre chairs. The tent felt very far away:)

As you can see I write a lot about food. That is also how the chat is going on the road. Me and Patrik as big fans of american food. And apperently we can eat a lot of it. So far we have lost 14 pounds each in weight (about 6 kg) so keep the food coming:) Wonder how we will look like on westcoast? in a couple of days we pass 50% reach. how cool isnt that?!?!

Happy, curious of future and in need of s shave. That is my state of mind right now. Coming up soon is our day off in Denver, Colorado where we have planned some fun activities. Read next post in 10 days and get inspired! Then I hope you follow your dreams too!




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Happiness in a nutshell!

May 27th

Behind the garage of an elderly home just outside Goreville, Illinois

Put a rocketlauncher on the back of a firefly and it gets fast. Thats a physical fact, but the big riddle still is how time can fly by in just a second. I check todays date and it says almost end of May which means more than 2 weeks on the road! If anyone can explain that strange fastness, email me..

Time flies but not at all without anything inside it. The big climbo in Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, was a challange that we passed and as a reward the downhill section on the other side was a treat:) See the video in end of text! On top of that we ended up in a church for a lunchbreak. The sign said welcome all bikers so we had to stop. In there was heaven..litterally. A sign said help yourself among the stuff in the kitchen and so we did. We stuffed ourself with pudding, chips, cookies, cheese and drinks. The whole thing just came as a big random surprise and the smiles on our faces were wider than bigfoots mustash. A nap was well in place after that:)

With some time we have also found ourselves in the everyday tempo so things are happening without thoughts, just like normal workdays at home:) This is how an average day can be like: Wake up at 6.30 and I make the breakky, which is flavoured oatmeal together with milk made from powder and water. When its done I wake up Patrik and serve him In his sleeping bag:) Not bad for him getting breakky on bed almost everyday:) After that we pack up, change, brush our teeth and get to work at around 7.30. Its often quiet moist at the mornings which is nice comparing to the heat we experience sometimes during midday. Just over 2 hours later we have a snackbreak. Nuts, snickers and sweet drinks is our best friends:) I have found some honey roasted peanuts which I can’t be without! After that we ride until 12.30-13.30 when it’s time for lunch. At this point we have covered between 40-45 miles. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day! Althogh the variety isn´t that imaginary;) We have rice, pasta or mash that we serve with beans in different shapes. Often we also throw in some soft tortilla breads:) It’s still so good so I don’t complain at all:) After lunch we rest a bit with naps or music, then back on the road again. Some more snack breaks and then we finish between 16.30 and 18.00. Dinner is the same as lunch and we relax more with books and checking maps for tomorrows encounters:) The most common places we put up our tents is outside churches which welcomes bikers all the time:) If you´re lucky they even have picnic tables, outside power outlets and waterhose or tap for needly wash ups:)

Wow that was boring everyday stuff! You people who know knows that I don´t cope with everyday life! So now I spice things up with telling you all about the funnier stuff that has happened! I want to start with our FridayFirestationFoodFest! We heard some rumors about a firestation that opened their doors for passing through cyclists like us, but only if you are cool. Luckily we are the face of coolness! Here we had aircondition, matresses and a kitchen all too ourselves,,,,and there was something more…hmm…YES…FIRETRUCKS! With many tent nights in our backs the relief was legendary! We prepped up for movienight with candy, pancakes,jelly,whipcream,chips,dip, soda,milk, chocolate, white bread and cheese:) And we ate absolutely everything.,.,.,.,almost;) Morning after we played around in carhall with the firetrucks, shooting funny pics:)

Night after that we set aim for the united methodist church in Marion, Kentucky. Also rumors led us here and gave us a living room and sofas to sleep in. They even had WIFI! Wayne was the friendly man who let us in and showed us around with his great hospitality. Im so glad people here are so friendly! it just makes me want to give back so much, and isn’t that what creates the wonderful world we live in?

And guess what? It gets better! Even when our first obstacle hit us in the face, friendly amazing people show up when we most need it! let me tell the story about Marnie and Nancy who lives outside Eddyville, Illinois. Patrik just got his first flat tire ( maybe it was time after 1000 miles). Marnie, biker aswell stopped by and offered us a better pump than we had:) On top of that we got served some cool drinks in the almost 100 degrees fahrenheit. During the fixing and replacement of tube Nancy, Marlies friend also come by. It turns out they live just uphill where we stopped! I guess they saw how tired and hot we were and asked us in for lunch:) The positive energy was so welcoming and we were fortunate to meet the whole family over lunch. There were also Al, the man in the house, 8 dogs with Turner as the most forward one, a some goats with a baby one called Sheldon (after “big bang theory” off course), a pig, horses, cows and two cats:) Thats what I could count at least:) A very big family is just a understake:) And the lucnhtable wasn´t that bad either! Patrik got hamburgers and I got a wonderful salad with fresh fruits and berries! And when the words out of Nancy mouth was heard: ” Around my table, i expect you to eat much”, the happiness was total! :) Memorable was also the Amish homemade cheese, oatmeal cookies and watermelon.
After a tour among the animals it was hard to say goodbye! Nancy and Marlie, we still talk about you and how wonderful you were to us! Big hugs! The food we got with us in a bag was eaten evening after and was filling our stomachs yet again:) Amazing isn’t enough! :)

Its these small random things that makes travellling so magic! You never know what’s around the corner, noor good or bad, it’s always exciting and always comes out awesome! The happiness of discovering an outside power outlet in a church led to a movie night in our tent (MI:4 Ghost Protocol, cool Flick!). A hose led to a shower which gave us so much energy for the day after! Small things, big results! Wooohoo!:) Always live your life to the fullest!

For the actual cycling, it’s going really well! We are pre 2 days pre schedule which can be explained with our increased average performance. We now do 70 miles/day instead of 60. Its what we are capable of without any signifficant over effort. We have entered our 3rd state (Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois) and have by tomorrow covered three of our 10 goals on the way to Astoria, Oregon. When we reach our goals it means internet, upload of pics, junk food (mostly Subway) and new post in blog.

That’s where we are now! For all you new visitors and old ones, Love Your Life!



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Cycling is on

Hi guys!

First of all, ITS ON! Me and Patrik is here in the U.S, in the countryside and of course in our biggest adventure ever! The first few days has been AMAZING and leave so much to offer to the future.
At the airport everything went smoothly. We checked in our beloved once (yes, bikes) and headed against the food/drinkin secion. Here we enjoyed some free food thanks to superawesome Alexander “Sven” Scott. I took down a job as a mystery shopper, which means that you evaluate differerent saleplaces all around the society. This time the two fast food chains “Waynes Coffee” & “Taste” good some taste of my testingfist! It all went great so we went down to olearys for some preflight “fruitjuice”. i had some vanillacoke (galliano and coke) and Patrik had a big portion of manlyness with whisky together with a bottle of Sam Adams.
If travelling spirit didnt bring out happiness, the drinks surely did! We both bursted out laughing after patriks toilet visit. The dude came out, looking confused (or Patrikish) and said: ” I found a pelican in my bag!. People turned their heads around one after another and wondered what he just said?Pelican? As posties both of us are, I understood from the beginning that he didnt mean that he found a bird in his bag. A pelican is a tool we use in the post to open up plastic bands around magazines and such. On top of that whole amusement, Patrik got extra checked in security, “yeahh unfortunatly we are making a random test and you are the lucky winner today” Funny is that he always gets these “extra checks” and its hillarious every time, see him stand there and look innocent:)

Well stay calm carry on, we got our selves to USA together with our bikes. On the transit we got some new fans in some female flight attendences. We cant help we are so cool and awesome:) A quick looksie in washington happened before going to a motel just 20 km from start of our big thing.
1 day pre schedule we started our journey to the pacific. The plan was to go on saturday but we couldnt get hold of our selves:) So on friday morning we puzzled our beloved ones together and realized Patrik left his cyclecomputer behinf and mine had a broken cable. Due to the love and faith in the technical wonder of that piece of equipment we solved he issue and bought new ones pretty soon after that.
On the way of getting to the start off course more fun stuff happened ( as always with us 2). Most of the time our brains cope well together but at a stoplight a little sitaution appeared. Light turned yellow so as the guy in front I stopped. Off course when doing that you should give sign to guy behind. ooppss…Patrik “superspeed” crahsed into mu bum and hit the ground. On the way to express my “sorryness” on the side of the road, where he managed to get himself, I forgot to use my own balanze and,.,.,., whoopss,.,.there was I on the asphalt, looking like a overpregnent kangaroo:)

The result of that, surprisingly, turned to be blood from me and not a single drop from Patrik. I think he is more of a man than me :(
Well yet again, stay calm carry on. We found ourself at the start of journey in front of Yorktown monument & the Atlantic. The monument is a symbol of the surrender of Great Brittan back in the days. More precisely in october 8th 1781! I should be a history teacher!
the first days of cycling has been wicked! We have cycled through beaches, beautiful countryside houses and mysterious forest areas. The cycling tan is on and we are adapting ourselves pretty good!

As I mentioned before the plan is to have an average of 92 km per day over 69 cycling days. on top of that we have 7 rest days not planned in. That gives us a target oif july 25th.
We do encounter different problems and unexpected challenges but when we do, we do just as PADI/ EFR would have done it; Stop, think, act. We always look forward and thats why we are going to make this happen!
First challenge is in 2 days time, a climbo of 600 metres over just over 47 km. Did I hear some doubts? i say BRING iT!

Sven out


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Airbourne 2011 was so…….2011? April 23rd 2012

At first a lookback. What was airbourne 2011 and how did it affect me? It was amazing! No doubt about that. Africa, USA,
Phillipines & Mexico really delivered everything i dreamed of. I woudln’t go that far and say it created who I am today.
When I look inside myself I can honestly say I had it in there all the time, just like the wildest lion in a cage. Just the
matter of having the gut of releasing that energy and have fun with it. I did learn though that everything is possible if
you just work hard enough for it. Some call it sacrifce, I call it dream creation. I think that is the outgoing message I
want to share with this blog. Life sure is amazing and regrets is something i put in the same bag as whatever comes out
from a dogs bum:)

So back to the reality where I actually walk on legs and feet. That reality often gets mixed up with the one in my head, my
dream reality. As I have done before, I want to quote Adam Savage from mythbusters again:” I reject reality and substitute
it with my own! ” Cant fail, that simple.
So walked out of that plane in Stockholm in middle december with a fresh bull shark dive still in my head. Money in wallet
was changed for lovely experiences, hard lonely work hours became new friends all over the world. But the wallet was a bit
light. The exchange i needed to create here in Sweden was this—> time for money! I have time, I need money. So what do I
do? Taxi driver licence? YES! SELF FIVE! Started immediately with a distance course to learn evrything for the tests. about
6 weeks later I had another plastic ID card in my wallet. About 9 hours after that I had a job. To me that is wourth
another self five! KLATASCH!

As you can probarly imagine my life stretched out from returning to sweden upon this point is like this: work, work out,
eat, sleep. That simple:) It takes my where i want to go and I am so happy for it! All those hours by myself delivering
post gives me time to figure out the next step, because there is ALWAYS a next step. Sitting back and you might just miss
that train. Dont let anything like that fool you and miss out on your dreams! Taxi work is also loads of fun! For me that
is only something I do on weekends from time to time. Partying people are so funny and im happy to give them a colorful
ride back home after a tremendous evening. Thats what my taxi’ing is all about. When you step into my car, you have fun and
are allowed to aswell! So give me a call and I take you for a ride:)

A lot of thoughts and emotions so far in this post but straight to whats happening this summer which is start of Airbourne
2012. Have you ever thought off doing something spectaculur? A challange? Widen your limits? Thats whats going starting May
10th. Me and my flatmate Patrik see a continent called North America, inside we see USA. USA should be conquered. Lets do
it on bicycles:) Sounded something like this:
_ Hey Sven, we totally should cross USA on Bikes!
– yeahh man we should, how far is it?
– Just a bit over 6500 kilometres, Look I found this website with maps and everything!
– Patrik, we are the right boys to do this! Highfive! Kör ba! ( which means just do it)

I wasnt that hard to convince that this trip is going to be epic! Patrik is the perfect partner for this and I couldnt have
asked for a better one! That is whats kicking off Airbourne 2012, We are crossing North America on bicycles! Which also
means crossing 4 timezones:) To me that is a very cool touch!

Lets break it down a bit in details. You already read the part about the distance, about 6500 k’s. And whats a reasonable
goal to set? A bit of calculations resulted in an average of 92 kilometres per day of cycling. That we will do over 69
days. On top of that we have added 7 days with no cycling what so ever. Going back to the start of May 12th leaves us a
finish line somewhere around July 25th. The math is that simple. That is whats happening!

Excited? We are! i cant even keep my pants on! But will do for now, in respect for people around me…..Amen. For this we
got ourselves a Kona Sutra 2012 bicycle which is a hybrid bertween a roadbike and mtb. Leaves us a bot more room not to be
so gentle regarding packing and stuff! The Packing is going to be sorted in 4 bags front and back plus a small one on the
handle bar. Accomodation is mostly in our lovely new tent which has only been slept in (read with) once. 2 weeks and a
couple of days and counting!

With support from our sponsors, 2XU Compression and Posten Fritid, we are ready to rock n roll!

Stay tuned Dudes and Sheilas! Adding a map of our planned route aswell!



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Good morning, day and evening!


It has bin a quite lot of those since my latest post on this blog, early mornings and late nights has resulted in lazy Sundays on base. Sundays is the day where we actually can go to town and access the Real world outside our own paradiseJ.


My life as a scholar in Pezmaya has been wonderful, gorgeus, excellent, awesome….Well everything positive ones mouth can spit out at the same time. Although the days are long, they are filled with important duties in which I have to use my brain sometimes..haha.. Along the way I have “tripped” sometimes but I feel that I learn fro my mistakes have a good attitude to the job. The last week has been going really good so lets keep it up!

So what am I actually responsible for outside science training for new volunteers? Yes, keep on smiling and I let you know. First off all the Bar and Tuck which is the beer, juice, sodas and candy that the volunteers and staff can buy here at base. We sum it up every week and collect money. With we I mean me and Frank, the other scholar. We also buy new stock every week to keep everything running.

The big water container on the roof needs filling sometimes and that’s my job toJ Not to actually fill it myself but organise a “tinaco-fill” every now and then so we have water in the kitchen. That job is quite fun because the staff is on the roof and the “children” send up water from the well on the ground. That means that sometimes (accidently of course) one and another bucket comes back down again as a free showerJ hahaha…

Continuously, since I am a coral dude, I also am responsible for some data input to the computer from that we collect from the transects we do in the ocean.

I charge radios and pack the box for the captain on the boats every day. We bring stuff such as gps, knife, keys, dive and safety information, pencil etc etc. Another big job is the food monitor which basically means that I buy food for everyone. That one feels good, gives me some kind of powerJ Hahah..


This job has activated something in my soul and kind. This is something that I really want to do for a while in my life! The science part of diving, living simple on a base and not having to wear shoes (or pants sometimes) haha..Within GVI there are marine projects going on in Seychelles and a new one in Fiji. That is where I am aiming! And yes, I will bring my 2 mankinis over there tooJ

After the first five weeks our basemanager Vicki left us for our new basemanager Rhu. Vicki has been a big reason for my positive attitude to this experience. We shared hut and had many funny conversations, many of them regarding pantsJ Thanks to her I can now say Peculiar (maybe spelled that way), which means strange or awkvard. Fits me as good as a pizza in a pizza cartonJ Hopefully I meet her again someday in scubaunit or not,  until then smile and love your life! Miss you!

So with that Rhu moved in to my hut the pants discussions continues as beforeJ But he had the nerve to turn down my future ideas regarding mankini exploration. Maybe for the greater good. I like his energy to solving problems and I think the upcoming weeks will be effective.


The volunteers are a really cool gang! Among them there are plenty of Swedes and that means vikingpower from top to toes. We have one guy called mclovin who I really like, the name comes from the movie Superbad and he actually looks like him and acts the same way sometimes….and yes…..his last name is Fogel..haha..We have shared some awesome moments in and off the water, spotting sharks, rays,lionfish, corals and actually one Manatee! That is a big seacow or seaelephant!


Last weekend was my holiday and together with my new friends we did some dives in cozumel, spotted a seahorse, yellow coney (rare apparently), some big groupers, rays, moray eals. Exciting dive with some swimthroughs/tunnels aswell. On sunday we did some cenotediving (kind of a cave). I been to that place before but it was exciting over my “crazy base hair” this time too. We entered “batcave” and surfaced to see all the bats flying around. Although we only saw a couple this time. Fun anyway! J


Finally Cecilia arrived! I have been waiting for ages and told all kind of stories about her to the volunteers. She is doing really good with both her fish- and diving training. Impressive, because she is still an avatar,,haha.


Ahh driving boats is sooooooooo fun! I will upload some videos when I get a chance later so you can see how everything actually happens. Often the weather makes the surface choppy and with big waves but now and then its actually flat and that means playtime! Some donouts now and then keeps that playful little character inside me alive.


Less than a month left and then I hit Swedish ground again. Reloading for “free willy” bicycling adventure in USA. Patrick is working remarkably good with his beard. Good boy!


Sven the divemaster has found his course in life, only thing now is just heading for it in supahspeed! Miss you family, relatives and friends! I want to come home and tell you about everything really soon! You are the best!


Sunday today and more diving tomorrow! Sven out!



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Wildlife isn’t just something one say…Oct 13th

Hi everybody! Over a month since I saw a computer least. Life is happening and thats the only excuse I have for that long time. But should you excuse yourself for living and having fun? Of course not, I will not ever pardon for living my dream!

Although the reason for sitting here right now is my right index finger. A bite of somekind turned into something out of this world and I needed to see a doctor and stay dry for a week. The infection lookd really bad for a while and people sppoked me by worrying about me losing the finger.
So I did what every man would do! I cried in my bed for a while:) HAhaha…But Im getting better and will return to base in a couple of days!

Well now back to where we since left off. I finished my divemaster in style and  went to Pezmaya to meet the staffcrew again! A nice reunion and my roomie for a while is Vicki, the basemanager! We have really nice talks before bedtime and I like her style! One funny thing is all the big crabs that sneaks into our hut. They hide, die and smells really bad!  Uhhh..

Before the volunteers arrived we needed to do some real work around the base. I grab a machete and cut down some trees and bushes which which resulted in painful scorpion sting. I stepped on him and he judging from the sting he didnt like it!  I experienced a strange feelin in my body throughout the day with a numb tounge and in the back off my whole body, REALLY EXCITING! haha…

We kept on making the base tiptop until the volunteers arrived. A really cool group with people from sweden, england, south afrika,australia,  USA, Poland and mexico. I really like them so far and they are quicklearners! My coralcrew is awsome and I try to keep up with the speed of their learning abbility! Some rainy days in the beginning of the phase kept us out of diving but the more of volleyboll, free showers and playing with inflatable toys in the watery floor!

Last saturday was the first partynight and we all got down big time! A belly dance dance off between My Scholar companion Frank and Jeran from USA was the highlight! We have it on film and I will upload it when I can.

Besides that, we also play a game on base called cluedo. Its all about beeing the last man standing and kill everybody else. In the start everyone gets three notes with a persons name, killing weapon and a place. For exampla Frank with a kidsbook in the kitchen. You sneak up to the person when they are alone with the weapon and “kill” them. U dont know who is dead and not neither who is about to kill you! This game can take days even weeks, Its still running today and I estimate 3 or 4 people still left. EXCITING!

But lets talk about some nature experiences, one night we saw a turtle hetching just beside our outdoor gym. around 20 baby turtles struggled in the sand to get to the sea! It was really cool to see and a small kidsdream came true. We do map turtle nests as a projekt on base. This nest that hatched we dig up and count how many eggs hatched, how many dead embryos and how many eggs killed by bacteria. This particular nest hade a success rate of over 80 percent off hatched eggs which is amazing!

With some help from our birdexpert Sonja, we also continue our birdproject. My library of known birds has grown with 800%, haha..So interesting!

Some lucky divers also had a cool meeting with some curious dolphins, we do see them from the boat from time to time but diving with them? thats awsome! So jellous! A couple of snakes has also been spotted along with 2 sharks so far.

Since we are a couple of swedish guys here now, we try to spread the knowledge of our beautiful language! Words like dumskalle, stekspade, fagel, haj has been flying around heard in different accents. Frank can even say: Du behover klippa dig (you need a haircut). Good Boy!

And now I can drive the boats which is superfun! Brooom Broomm! With that people call me captain. Ohh yes! Other than that Im also responsible for the kithchen including making shopping lists for food. Me and Frank are responsible for the Bar and candy box, we clean the roof, we pack the captains box in the morning with radios, gps, cords etc etc. I teach coral and |Frank teach fish so after the dinner we talk to our divers about the dives off the day, like a briefing.

But so far I really enjoy the staff position on base! Its demanding but really satisfying, you make mistakes sometimes but the important is to learn from  them. Vicki my roommate are leaving soon and the next basemanager Rhu will come back from some vacation. Too bad, I will miss Vix! Although Rhu is awsomly cool!

All of you back home, miss you and hope you have a great october! Autumn is a beutiful time so take your time to appreciate mother nature. I will do my best not going more crazy than normal with not diving for a while.

Sven out for a little while



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Shoes or no shoes? Sept 6th

Well lets see, its tuesday today,,,aha,,,time flies like if it would have wings plus jetengines. The days are busy so far so I guess thats why, everything is new and exciting..Woohoo!

The first week have been more diving into books than in actual water. Dive physiology and physics, Equipment and General skills and environment are the big subjects to learn in this course. Ohh yes,,,the books are thick but as you know….I am kind of……AWSOME! Scored 92% on the Exam and passed naturally..Felt good so now I can focus on the fun part which all takes place in the water.

Since I have spent some time in Playa del Carmen before, I tried to find to find new places where I havent been before. One of those have come to be YoghurtBar! A chill place with nice healthy food and free computers and internet for customers..I say YES! One of the staff, Ben, says he wants to be a diver but doesn’t want to pay for it. Instead, he wants to earn money from the start. I tried to explain to him that it kind of doesn’t work that way so he doesn’t want to be a diver anymore..=) Haha..funny guy..

I felt the hunger for endorfine the other day so I joined a gym for the month. Huge place with including towel…service thumb up! But didn’t made a good impression the first day…As always I walk barefoot inside though I only have flipflop sandals (or gendals as u say in New zeeland) in shoes. A huge guy walked to me, crossed his arms and starred down at me as if trying to activate his laser eyes! WEAR SHOES OR LEAVE was his words…my answer…Amen brother and left quickly before turning into something less vertical. But since that close to “pee in my pants” happening, the guys at the gym accept blond guys..FootFive!!

But bakc to the diving…So far I have dived 4 times, 2 in the ocean and 2 in a cave. The first oceandive was a what we call a drift dive. That is when there is a current and you just fly by and watch stuff. But this dive…Nahhh..I would rather call it “racingdive” or “computergame dive”. The current was wicked strong! I had to help a small japanese girl (poor thing, she was scared out of her sweet eyes) otherwise she would have slammed into several corals. But it was fun and very exhausting. Had a headache rest of the day due to high level of carbon dioxide in “dead air spaces”, which I now know beacuse of my DM course=) Go Sven Go!

The cave diving was in Chac mool cenote. This cave had more Halocline than previous other cavedives that I have done. Halocline is when salt and fresh water meet and create a dizzy or fuzzy appearence or line in the water. really cool to swim through! Forgot to bring my camera on this dive but there will be more of this kind of diving, in which I think every certified dude out there must try. The feeling of visibility in 100 metres plus and watch those thin lights from holes in the ceiling is soooooooobeautiful!

Really fun is also that my friend Cissi is coming to join our crew in PezMaya from November! She is a close friend of mine and will bring all kind of good stuf to our group. I raise all the thumbs I have and Highfiving infinity!

Lets go to bed now and see whats happening tonight. Have had some crazy dreams last couple of days  so the adventure dont stop just because the day turns into night. LOVE YOUR LIFE..Sven out



P.S Check out my Videochannel where I post some videos from time to time, For now its only a couple of short ones but more will come..

Theres also some new photos but nothing wourth seeing so far=)

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Day one for Airbourne second wave August 30th

Yes Im back out again where I belong! From this day and continuesly the blog will be in english so even those with lack of swedish awsomness can join the ride too!

So how come the swedish visit only lasted almost 2 months? Well, studies made by me showed its more fun that way so here I am again in Mexico, ready for more diving. In a few weeks Im going back to same base in paradise, Pez Maya, bu this time as a schollar which is a role among the staffcrew. But before that I need to do my Divemaster certification and thats where we are now. Buckle up,  make some popcorn, give wifey/ manny a kiss and fly with me!

The trip over the atlantic went supergood as I didnt have to say hello to those snails behind the desks in the U.S customs. Self five! Instead I arrived to Cancun in the night between august 29th and 30th, perfect for my favorite place to sleep! Threw out my sleeping pad, gave it a few inhales and slept like a baby=) Such a nice start of a new adventure!

When sunlight broke darkness I took my stuff to the GVI office in Playa Del carmen in which I will do my Divemaster certification with ECOdivers. That’s a diveshop with connections with GVI, suits together like a skogaholmslimpa and cheese with oboy, the swedes know what Im talkin about!

In the office I had the chance to meet 2 of my new staffmembers; Sonja from Canada and her boyfriend from Portugal, (gotta recap his name later, was sooooooooooohard to stamp in my brain). Had a chance to say hi to Cynthia too who works in the office, sweaty hugs are the best!!

After that up up and away to the diveshop for a breefmeeting with Pepe, my instructor through the certification. Everything went well with the planning and I finished the day off with some chilltime with good food.

That could be the most booooooooooooring post I have ever written but more are comin up, I promise! I just want the world to know that now the world can follow Airbourne! Back in the carribean…WICKED!! Sven out.



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End it all with a BOOM!

Last post and a big buuuuuuhhh..Feels a bit weird since this blog has been my home for the last six months. Good is that I have lots to write about so lets just kick it off! It has been great just like the other 3 months here in Mexico.

Last week was a little grumpy among the people, no one really wanted it to finish. We have been diving here almost daily and it’s our home now. Well, time to clean up I guess:) We resumed our collected data among the fish and corals, cleaned the whole base (phew) and pushed our 2 boats all the way up to parkinglot which took almost 2 hours. That was indeed the worst boatpush so far. Some of us cried a bit and we said goodbye to our beloved staffgroup. They have been awesome and I hope surely I will be one of them for autumn!

We sat course for playa and goodbye party on friday that got as twisted as always. We started at Rooftop which is a popular bar among divers with great mojitos. Instead of our standard place on the beach (blue parrot) we stayed at our hostel for a poolparty. The boys played a bit rough games that ended with some brucing but now everybody know that Sweden isn’t to mess with:) Everything was on a friendly level off course!
Day efter was a nightdive at famous Cozumel Island just off playa. I have done one nightdive before so knew a little about how its was going to be. Now afterwards that wasj just not enough at all. The dive was amazing and top three in my life so far. Conditions were perfect with flatsea and clear sky. We saw 6 king crabs up to 1 metre in width. The claws on those guys are not to play with. We kept on with some lobsters and a cool shell thing that looked like he was from dinosaur time:) 2 sting rays floated by and a free swimming moray on top of the reef. They usually sit still in holes waiting for prey to swim by when they attack so seeing one swimming is always fun. He knocked down a hermit crab which was goofy, me and Tom laughed a bit:) Then we found 6 octopus that changed color all the time, discostyle! Under a rock were a gigantic black Grouper estameted siza approx 1,5 metres! Just before our dive was over we covered our flashlights to see the very cool glow in the dark algae around here. They are green in color and activates when water sets in motion. At Honduras in the right season people can do night dives without flashlights but navigate just with help of these algaes. Cool or what?! Back on surface a big ferry was chilling a distance away and we felt the music and saw discolights in the water, thats an interesting ascent:) On top of that tropical storms was about in the horizon coloring the sky gorgeus orange. That night was magic and epic, hard to forget:)

We slept in the diveshop that night, 4 people in a doublebed:) Cozii..After that it was goodbye for real when everybody took off at different time to airport. We cried a bit more, highfived, hugged and assgrabbed:) Everybody but me, Enrique, Susie & Tom. We took off on our belonged roadtrip including surfing, meet enriques family and relatives and a whole lot of fun/adventure:) We picked up surfboards model big and had a blast the first couple of days. Then the sea went flat as a pancake so we did other stuff instead. A fun/sad memory was an incident with a turtle. We found her stuck in the grann on the way back to the ocean after laying eggs. They want to be as close to the sand/grass border as possible and this little girl missed that it was downgill last part. So down she went but couldn’t get up. We carried her up the slope back on track and let her do the most of the way back herself. She urmust have been stuck there for hours before we came! Ka wama (turtle on spanish which also means big beer) often get stressed by this situation st with humans. That leads to that they just stop reproduce for life:(. If that occured to this female at least she is still alive! Human impact is bad yet again…
We hang a lot with Enriques friends and stayed at his uncles apartments across the coast. He is a lawyer so the standard on the rooms was of the finest:) One oif them was in a hotel where a wedding was held. So we suited up with our finest clothing (jeans and t-shirt) and ran down at the best hours. We melted in pretty good in the crowd. A cousin to the bride offered us free champagne as well. The party went on til early morning but we didn’t manage that far:)
After that we made a visit to some relatives to enrique and their fishfarm. They have fish and shrimps in 6 big ponds and having a good time:) The relatives were very nice, even more nice after some tequila:)
Some legendary nights and a goodbye to a real legend. Tom from Botswana was a part of the stfaff and can kick off every party there is. Always happy and such a cool dude.

So 3 of us left and we went back to Guadalajara, Enriques hometown to stay with the family. 2 sisters, mum and dad + a dog is making this family connected. During my days I have never met anyone more welcoming than Enriques family! i feel so lucky to have met them and their wonderful hospitality. All back in town we did some small adventures with climbing, sailing and a visit to a wrestling event:) That was one of the most interesting events I ever been to. First of all its all acting which make it strange already. Then the audience that are having fun by harrassing the other wrestlers fanclub with words so strong I even get a little “wowed”. The idea to the fight is that it´s one technical team and one evil team. But again the fight itself isn’t important, it is to harrass the other teams fanclub as much as possible, interesting:) Throw in some gorgeus girls wearing no clothes in high heels as carrots:) We lauged so hard towards the whole sitaution and it got worse when the h´gay wrestler entered. His superweapon was to kiss his opponents to death;) A good laugh and one experience richer!

In mexico it was graduation/prom time and guess who were invited? Susie got to borrow a dress from Enriques sister and I suited up in his dads…..suit? The Prom was located in an Expo and was huge! 4000 tickets were sold and I now have danced on the biggest dancefloor I¨ve ever seen, it was more like a huge houseparty and it was a total blast. we danced and rocked all night long until morning broke. Another aspect was to see our friends in fine clothes when we are use to the beach lokk with boardies/bikinis and saltu hair. We actually looked really handsome:) A great night that lead to absolutely nothing in activity next day, it was that good!
Then more cries:( Susie had to leave and go back to New Zeeland. That was really hard since she is such a cool girl and the fun we had cant be put in words! i will deffinitly see her again some day and hopefully together with everybody else.
Now with only 2 guys left it’s time for some real boyfun. We went to a football game and saw brazil- Ivery coast play in the u17 world championship. Talk about timing to fit that in the schedule:) 25.000 people at the arena watched an interesting game that ended 3-3. Awesome technical football where the young lads actually wanted to play and perform, not like boring swedish “defence is best offence” tactics:) After the game we thought football was fun so why not watch a tv game when Mexico played final against USA in latin/north american championships. Sick timing again! All friends gathererd in front of the big screen with popcorn and loud voices! Luckily mexico won after a bad start and down by 0-2. To this we ordered 4 pizzas that everybody shared mexican way:) I like that here that you just order a bunch of different food and place it on a table. Then just eat with your hands and everybody is sharing! Still vegetarian over here so I will keep on that track when back home, maybe a challenge? Don’t know but whatever feels right I just do it:)

As a little finish we wanted to a bit of treeking and mapped out a 3 day route up Mexicos 5th highest mountain Nevado de Colima. Unfortunatly bad weather trashed those plans but with the car you can go up a far bit, leaving 1 day hike left. So we did that together with Enriques friend Alf and Rocho, the dog. He carried his own food and water in a small doggy backpack:) Such a cool adventure dog! Because of the weather we couldn’t spot the neighbour volcano but a great lattitude record for me was a fact.
And timing for third time this post:) Enriques sister had a birthday so a good dinner was at its place. I took the chance to thank the wonderful family with a little speech. Scary but I hope they liked it! I feel so grateful for their hospitality and borrowing of money….yeahh that part. As a quick notice, we had a car break in while down surfing and lost some stuff, includin my backpack. it had computer, cameras, wallet, cellphone and…passport. The family helped me with money for new passport and everything solved itself out:)’

So now I am on the bus with my new passport, leaving mexico tomorrow. Have scheduled in the new pirates of the caribeen movie as a finish:) A finish of just not mexico but the whole Airbourne experience. WOW! I simply couldn’t have asked for anything better. Everything have been sick, awesome, massive,,,,all the good descriptions out there. A great track in my rouye of life which leaves a strong and great echo. My diving career has started and I feel excited to climb that ladder a bit more. That leads to more time off post so hope my boss is in a good mood:)
Thank you everybody that has commented and been writing to me during this time. I simply couldn’t have done it wothout your support, and that’s the truth! Makes me all warm inside when thinkinh about how great you are. Although all adventures you feel down sometimes and that’s when I read all of what you have been writing. That always cheer me up and makes me keep on following my dreams.
Post camrades, So cool to see you guys again soon. Can’t wait to share my experiences with you! Family, miss you loads and your hugs are well awaited. My big sister Tove is getting married this summer so get hype for that. Patrik, we have loads of chananigans to do now! Astrid (our 2 man bike) can’t rest anymore! Friends and everybody else have a great summer and love your life!

See ya!












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Soon Finished

Hey you all again!

The real end is approaching and a new chapter has been written in my dive career book. I want to stay here forever so feel a little sad:(. The whole experience includes all the people, everything I have learned and beautiful diving has given me something I will never forget. I have applied for a schollarship to come back and be a part of the staff group. I have applied for october 1st and will know somewhere in august hopefully. If not I think I will widthen my dive wings on an internship in Honduras, diving is the shit!

That’s my planning head for the moment, not bad at all. But look backs is fun to and lets start with the turtles that are everywhere at the moment. It’s mating and nesting season and they are crazy:) We have spotted them on surface doing it! we have also been taken turns mapping the nesting that has occured during the night. We walk superearly and look for tracks basically. From there we can pick out species and if they laid eggs or just checking out the area. Awesome!

After the phase some of us are doing a roadtrip on westcoast with surfing and adventures. We are a cool and tight gang of 4 people, rock n roll! I will write about this in my last post which will be up somewhere between 21-23 of june. I will be back in Sweden at 3 pm june 24th with flight BA778 from London Heathrow.

We have also started yet another side project here which is about a village called Punta Allen in where we clean beaches and roads. The village is in the run iof starting a recyclecentre so we help there to and making it happen. For help we had kids running around playing and asking so many questions. Real happyness and enjoyment!

Well, sleep a bit maybe. We just had a partynight that never ended and the time is 8.30 am. oopps..:)

Take care!

Sven Out!



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Facial hair, wrecks, caves and……nudity?

Hello all friends!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the lovley comments and messages that you share! Im so glad everytime I log on and just read all about what you are up to that I want to jump my pants off:) I hope life treats you well and with that I go back to the stories here in Pirateland, together with plenty og new pictures. A picture taste better than a rotten plastic fruit, as the farmer said:)

To begin with some of us had to do something about our facial hair art. Art is art so it was indeed a hard decision to make! To make the hard feelings a little less dramatic we made it into a funny competition so Doug did some handlebars, Arjun saved some on the chin, Jack did the timemachine and got 60 years younger with his “superbeard to clean” and me who did it porn style with a mustash. My new nickname these days is Sven Humpus:) We kept our new look over the weekend and enjoyed it the most:)

From lovely weater everything changed and wind picked up fast. Our usually mirrorflat ocean turned into a rollercoaster and next 2 weeks we only had 3 diving days:( On comfort side should be mentioned that wind is common this season so we just have to stick with it. Now we are back to normal so smiles are back on peoples faces:) On non diving days a good idea is to go to town. Said and done we tried our hitchhiking luck and got jackpot! A pickup took us with him and also some military officers further ahead! What a gang we were:) Another thing to do was to fix the roof to our divegear, which we made out of palmleaves. It took us a couple of hours and will hopefully last a little longer:)
When done me and Enrique tried to figure out what to do with the rest of the palmleaves. The result became a hat and a voodoo doll/hutguard:)

Our restlessness was driving us a little more crazy than usual so the return to the water was more then welcome:) Wooho! We finished the advenced open water course and are waiting for rescue that kicks off in middle may. So a little focus now on AOW because it sure was fun. On one dive we learned to top our boyancy. We trained this by swimming through rings without touching edges, played upside down ( which we do all the time anyway because of our monitoring). We also swam just off the bottom not touching it. Here the best kick technique is the frog style otherwise sand is everywhere and destroying visibility. Some flips is fun to and as a finish we had a race without fins:) A lot of playfulness but important skills to master. That is how we protect our beautiful reefs!

Next dive was a navigation dive with compass. We practised omn beach with buckets over our heads. The idea was to make a straight line and then walk back same line. That especially is important in diving! Squares and triangles is more for knowing how to navigate but important too. We did this all in the water during a bad visibility dive so had to master it perfectly ( which we did splended). Next up was an adrenaline filled dive, the deep one. We went down to 30 metres and had a look. Here a condition can occure called nitrogen narcosis. That basically means you get drunk:) It affects most divers but in different levels. My impression was that everything was awesome and supercool! Susie forgot how to read her air so had to ask someone, krissi sat on her bum and pointed laughing to all the fish:) Worth knowing is that the color red basically dissapears and go green instead because lack of natural light. So after this dive I now can dive with no deep limits in the recreational diving scale:) Woohoo!

So back to facial hair weekend which was a blast! Doug took us on a roadtrip and showed us some areas he found particulurly interesting. We agree! We started in a circleshaped cenote for some snorkling, then off to Villadolid where we had a nicedinner and looked around in the typical mexican old kind oif town. People ordered appetizers and desserts everywhere and went crazy (again!) all together with mojitos, margaritas and fruit drinks, wicked! Mexican food is great and still very cheap so extra star to Mexico! I have started trying habanero and other strong sauces but not really my thing i think. Maybe some other day:)

Evening was a wild partynight in where we floated around a little everywhere on what felt like very round shoes under all of our feet:) I do remember a sawplaying dude that we tipped way too much, an art show that was really cool, huge drinks, 25 sombreros on one head at the same time, guiness at an irish bar and a huge nightclub! People lost mind and shoes but it was worth everything, we had sooo much fun:)
Day after was a bit concrete tuned but a cool restaurant fixed our state of mind to the better. Mojitos was just a little reset kick:)…phhew…On way back to base we stopped by some other mayan ruins and I just can’t get my head around how they manage to build these massive things. Respect!

To everybody I would recommend to buy a hammock instead of bed. Althoug we are a bit spoiled here with the clear sky full of stars and palms which creates a magic feeling to sleep in. Fullmoon here on the beach is just inomparable! Some other small mentionings:
Me and Krissi have made 2 mudcakes:)
I can add Nurseshark, eagle ray and skunk.
Martin caught a lionfish with a speargun the other day. Apperently very tasteful with pepper and lime. The Lionfish is an invasive species which is spreading far to fast and disturbing the eco balance. So harpooning them is a good thing to do, even if I myself don’t really am keen of it.
I am now E.F.R certifired (emergency first responder which Im renewing every second year.

The worst part of all this fun is that it eventually ends. Half of the group has have now left and went back to “ordinary” life. These 5 weeks have been unique to me and has given me even more than I could even imagne before! We have been such a cool group and everybody came along so well. As a finish we did a discoverydive through somw swimthroughs and stuff at places we haven’t dived before. That was fun but nothing against pez Mayas first nude dive later (only boys sadly). Fells wrong to call it exciting but I do anyway:). Yes…nude dive was my idea and a good celebration to dive # 50:) Freedom was epic!

That weekend when 5 weekers left we had a long weekend off that we spent with….diving?! The wreck at puerto morelos was spectaculur on 23-29 metres. So cool to swim around in diufferent rooms, check out the canon and big grouper fish! Second dive that day was my best visibility dive so far and so beautiful! Some of the guys spotted a sailfish which swam superfast passed them. Myself was happy with eagle ray, lobsters, moray and loads of french grunt. A great day!

Next day was cavern/cave diving in a cenote. The difference is basically that a cavern has small holes where sunlight penetrates through the ceiling. A cave is all black and is more tech diving. The visibility in these underwater cave systems is redicilous with about 100 metres at least. The water is a mix between salt and fresh which creates a cool line in the water. Its a bit cold compared to the ocean (24 degrees celsius) so a 5mm wetsuit is necessary. The deal in this cavern is a instructor with 4 divers and a determined rope to follow that is preset. Our Instructor thought we were a cool group so he took us a bit off the rope on the second dive, exploring some real cavediving in total darkness. We carried 3 flashlights each but it was still a bit scary when 2 of them broke:) Adrenaline was pumping high all the time! I did a cool comparasion with the sandcaves I visited in tasmania, australia. They looked the same but now I was diving/flying around instead:) The water wasn’t even noticable it was that clear!

So that’s the weeks update, we rock on and next time will be nonetheless exciting!

To all swedes, I will be home around 23rd instead of 15th, miss you all! Have fun and look cool!

Sven Out!











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