“Why do people poo on the bridge? if I would poo one day it would be in the woods like a bear”

Hi all happy folks and crazy basterds:)

I have just spoken with mum and dad back home in SuperSweden. They make me more and more happy for each day! So glad they are my biggest fans around:) So big congrats to mummy who turns 29 (!) tomorrow:) Woop Woop!

So 1 week has passed since last written words so pretty tight post after olast one. But do not disbelieve stuff isn’t happening, cause it’s everywhere:) Weathermaster is a bit grumpy so no diving for last 5 days, so we call the situation “a cave made of broken plastic dreams”.
We’ve had fun anyway so lets to the usual lookback.

Kitchencrew #1 is now named for me, Simon and Nick! We put some extra energy into it since we had a little extra time. Reciepe for 21 persons are as follows: Tune up your best machete and collect 11 coconuts. Use the milk to soak the rice for a few hours, then boil is as usual (NOT in coconut milk). Then add some greated coconut as a finish. To this you make some love curry made with mangocutney and passion:) Add garlicbread as an appetizer, then serve the food in coconut shells with the hole covered with a palmleaf. That is also a nice decoration!. Then recieve applause from guests and be proud of yourself:) We deserved a good night and it tasted awesome!

On the checklist of wild animaols we can now add crocodile, a lazy guy who seems to own the bridge:) And it’s from the same bridge the headline quote is taken from myself in a margarita rush:)haha!

We have also started yet another sideproject. once a week we go to a local farm and help them with their everyday duties. We started with digging a huge compost from scratch which was a hard work but worth it ten times over by the feeling of doing something useful! The smile on their faces was just priceless. As a thank toy they cook for us, tortillas made just by the table on a stoneplate:) I learned that the swedish word for showercabin actually means “how are you?! in maya:) Good stuff!

Last friday was paralympics day where we compete in funny games hut against hut. We dress up and come up with a funny anthem. The games were “norwegian drunkness” which is when you spin around a stick tighten to your forhead facing down. A classic fun when people fall to left and right! Followed by a blind adventure course where the “victim” has a bucket on the head. james must be deff becaue he dissapeared out in the water:) Poor boy;) We laughed so hard and let him keep on going by himself:)
Last event was wheelbarrow race with fins and mask worn. The winner of the day was Lala legion as shown among the pics. Lala is our local milk brand and the cartoons made a cool armour:)

A great partynight without any drugdealers ended this week. Now we look forward to diving next week. Its been 3 weeks and i have found my place! This is where I want to be.

Sven is living it!



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Bullsharks, machetes and mayaruins…

Bullsharks, machete and maya ruins; just some out of the ordinary here in Pez Maya.

Time flies insanly fast these days. I would say faster than mach3 and that’s not an understatement! Wow, This week has been superb. Me and Enrique are starting the next step in science part this week. We are learning two new ways of datacollecting, P.I and CC. That basically means we are looking into more than just corals such as algaes, anemones and other sea creatures. So back to the bokk and more latin names:) The whole science idea really triggers me and I can’t wait for the full thing to start! I give it a 11 out of 10 on funnyscale!

We have also started our next step in diving education, “Advanced open water”. That course is set up by 5 specialities you can choose from and in that way become a more reliable diver. The ones we will be doing here are:
Boat diver: Learn about diving from a boat.
Boyancy: Top up your boyancy skill to perform ultimate underwater.
Deep: Go deeper
Naturalist: What we do here, study marine life
Navigator: Learn how to navigate with compass and such
These courses are tom be done for next week. Get hype!

Machete! The manliest of all tools and we have been trained with it. The main purpose is to keep the vegetation of the paths but we mostly use them for opening coconuts:) Gotta use what we have! I promise everybody to do my best not cutting off my own or someoneelses arm/leg. Can not promise anything but a little effort in the subject is worth it in the long run:)
You know I mentioned earlier that big white bearded dude up in the skies? He gave us bad weather and our first day without diving. The sea was just too rough! So a plan b day happened with some documentary film called “end of the line” whitch s about out over fishing in the sea. Well worth seeing! Then our leaders told us to wash the boat but read water fight. That is actually more close to what really happened:)

Now I want to go into details over one awesome day, a thursday actually. I left my bed at quarter past 6 for a morning run with Simon. A 5k run that was competetive as always. I lost a beer to him but it was ok, the sunrise was just to beautiful to mind anything else. Not a cloud in sight and pelicans flying close to the see surface. That reminds me of the last scene in Jurassic Park when they fly home in the helicopter and see the pelicans fly beside them. A tasty breakfast after the run was yummy toast just before the morning dive. On the boat out we saw a bunch of flying fish. That’s just a weird species; fish or bird?hmm..Well, minutes before we jump in a turtle swim by and says hello:) My divebuddy was american diana who I span around a bit for fun:) She had no idea what was going on. Neither did I when it appeared, a BULLSHARK! It was so beautiful when it swam in a half circle around us, studying our moves. We estimated the size to 3,5 metres and I fell in love at first fright:) My pulse was high but I was still so curious. Such a perfect predator! Everybody was pumped back on the boat and our mouths kept on blabbing:) While back on the beach we saw some barracudas when jumping in. That is ordinary now so not that very cool=) Something else worth mentioning is that the other boat saw a sailfish plunshing from the surface! insanly rare so im really happy for them. All back on base we chilled with mango and coconutmilk before a small siesta and the days second dive. That dive was standard beautiful and hard to beat from the first one that mnorning. Dinner was tacos with dessert then some bear before bed:) That my folks, is a great day!

Now Frida Rombo, hold your horses. Since we are basiclly vegetarian here 8besides weekends) I found it really unnecessery to eat meat what so ever so I call myself a vegetarian now:) It’s not hard since our food is great and food in town is delicious too!. My kitchencrew (simon and Nick besides me) made vegetarian meatballs out of black beans the other day:)
We have also started a small bird watching program here which im going to next week.

Our days off are them too filled with adventure. We visited some mayaruins and have been snorkling by another beach outside “home”. Still hard to fully stay away from the water;)
I have got some great support and ideas about my ongoing diveinstructor dream. Southeast asia offers some great educationspots so that’s a target after this. Rock, dance, dive & smile!

Our last partynight was a bit chaotic. A couple of us sat up late and watched the stars on the beach, drinkin rome ala carabeen piratestyle:) That’s when we see the military show up, which isn’t that unusual since drugs have been appearing here on our beach before. But now the police are here too and some of them wear face masks so only visible is there eyes. Thats strange, all of them carry guns size xxl! So Tom, one of our leaders approach to learn whats going on, Apperently there were a boat that didn’t respond to radio contact and automatically suspected drug drop off. We were a bit excited so we hide in the bush to see what was going on. A couple of seconds later we realized that was a bad idea. If something was going on and they spotted us….I mean, the police cover their face for a reason. We ran for bed quite fast:) But as a sum up, sat up at 3 am with a bottle of rom in caribeen waiting for drugdealers….That is júst something else!

Ok, done now but for some extra cheese on the chips here is a link to our official blog.

Thanks again for all messages and comments, enjoyable to the fullest.



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Living life in paradise


You all know the feeling I hope, when everything is connected and you are on the right place in the right time. Then add the fact that a methapforical god is serving you a buffet of all the best? Somehow have little Sven from Sweden found special place! Caribeen Mexico already has a place in my heart; we are located 3 hours south of Playa del Carmen in a reserve called SianKaan. The rockstars are me, a norwegian girl, an american, a mexian, a kiwi and a bunsh of brittish friends who give our effort to this marine project.
I arrived to Mexico 1 day ahead to get hang of everything here. I absorbed the beach athmosphere and had a partynight with some americans. We went to famous cocobongo and had a late night at the beach afterwards until the sun rised again. An ok start so to speak:) My surf brain is playing with me again because of all the kite spots and I have made a to-do promise to myself in the subject.
We are actually 3 people as I write that have plans on trying it this weekend break coming up.
So after that party night I emt up with the gang that are going to be my friends for a while. We clicked from minute 1 and it felt great! What if not? Would have been 10 loooooong weeks:) Our leaders took us with a bumpy bus to our base/paradise (call it what you want:) Here we got met by even more smiling leaders and iguanas everywhere:) “The Don” (the biggest iguana) guarded the steps and we said hi! Hardcore!
So from day one we learned all the routines and made fish/coral tests. The days start with that each hut has their own duty and they are as follows:
Grounds: Rake the sand all over base to make sand flies die:) We also rake the leaves on the back to avoid scorpion visitors in our pants.

Kitchen: Well, make the food during the day, as simple as that:) 22 people here are eating vegetarian during the weeks and meet on saturdays.

Boat: Prepare the boat with safetygear and such.

Communal: Clean and maintain good order in the communal area and eating area.

Outside these duties there are some unscheduled ones and that can be filling tanks and sit by the radio. We will continue our monitoring jobs next week now when we have learnt all the basics:)
I think that filling tanks is the most fun so far! Live and breath diving;) For me and Enrique (the mexican) it took us 2 days to pass our coral test so now we are all in the ocean with instructors to learn the corals for real. Its tough sometimes but I feel that Im learning something new every dive. Some species are very alike eachother and they are the roughest ones. Its fun indeed:) When we aren’t diving we are studying, swimming, playing volleyball and just hang out in the hammocks. I have got the nickname Svrn here and I think I like it, well, don’t think there were so much of a choice really:)
I could now just write tons of text about everything cool that my adventurous future has to give, but lets keep it a little longer and let it happen when it happen.
I could also talk about the diving forever but to simplify it it’s….the best! We are the only ones diving here so the reef is as healthy as it ever could. on daily basis we stumble upon rays, morray eals, lobsters and occaasionally sharks. Our “beachpets” the barracudas, are around the boats all the time which is very cool!. Wilderness, oh yes!

Today sunday we drove off to a cenote closeby which is a waterfilled underwater cave syste. The system is all connected to the sea and the size is unknown. Something really special for Mexico! Diving here is something we will do later but snorkling was good for now. We did some freevides during some channels to get to the other side. All cool and exciting to look up and have ceiling above your head:)

Check out my pics and enjoy! I have found my place and it feels awesome!I hope you all wherever you are having a great time. Spring is coming and why not post some postcards? My next thing to do:)

Everyother sunday is blogday for me so stay tuned:) By the way say congrats to bigsister Tobey whos birthday is today:)



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Giddys Place, Donsol, Phillipines. That’s where i am right now and sunbathing just next to the swimmming pool. I think back on my time here in phillipines=) Soon life goes on and I am happy with the island. The weather has been surprising with only 2 sunny days in the whole of march. It has been cloudy and grey with small showers everyday, luckily the temperature has been warm so the days hae been doable anyway:) I do lack some color but I hope I can get it back later on in Mexico! I am not the most lookish man alive so lucky me:)

Since last time I have been diving in 2 places and 2 dives in each spot. I started with Moalboal which is 2 hours from Cebu. A small coastvillage just in my taste:) The self confidence went to the top already during my testdive that I have to do since it was a while ago I was diving. You reherse some safety drills and stuff like that. My instructor saw that i was confident so we went for a full normal dive instead for free:) My first dive was colorful but not so much more. the second one though had some swimthrough and murrays looking through. But the highlight was my very first frogfish, addorable little creature! I was really happy with the day!
After another chillday I was on foot again going north for Donsol. Here I had whaleshark and mantaray in sight. I took a 22 hour ferry with crazy good food! During these hours i also watched some movies on my computer and got a pack of new friends, I think we were about 7 people trying to see what waS going on on the screen:) So nightbuses and nightferries is a big yes in my taste! You don’t have to pay for accomodation that night and you can also sleep in the terminal sometimes:)

In Donsol I waited a couple of days for the wind/currents to drop a bit. But the mantadives didn’t happen:( I was a bit dissapointed of course but thats diving, you just can’t control what the old whitebearded guy upthere has to say about it. During mars “Mantabowl” had only been open for a few times. But nothing coulod stop my snorkling with whalesharks! Such cool and big animals. Me, Gabriel from Kanada and Raoul from germany have been the not so suited up gang here in Donsol. The 2 of them were karoekee superstars which I encountered 1 night, me on the other hand, my performance can be disgussed:) But we had loads of fun anyway and that’s what matters!
I went diving on another place when mantanowl was canceled and it wasn’t bad at all; giant shrimp, turtle, lobster and loads of new gish I haven’t seen before. So the gallery for this trip is a lot of underwater pics. Beer with me:)

So almost halftime now and I smile big when I think back. On 3 months i have done a roadtrip, safari, jungletrekk,megabungee, great white sharks, loads of snow, great snowboarding, buffalo, nationalparks, Las Vegas, surfing, do-nothing-feeling, forget-what-day-it-is feeling, diving, snorkling, partying. It feels like the end just because Mexico is the last country but time is only halfway. My mind is playing tricks on me:)

Something like that! Now it’s time for me to do some more study on corals. I feel I’m improving and have learnt approximitly half of them by now. Go me! Miss you all back home and everywhere else! Hope you have a blast justlike I do!




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So whats happening today? NOTHING!

Siargao,,,Phillipines,,yeah where to start? I found this place with some help from a guy named Robert. He has basically moved here and opened a touristinformation centre. He knows everybody and everything so what he doesn’t know just doesn’t exist!
Robert told me that Siargao is the paradise and I am ready to agree! We surf, swim and….well,,not so much more:) The first days my tempo was still a bit high but I got “slower” graduadly. It could be best feeling there is!. The locals around here are superwelcoming and very happy. I´ve had a blast so far and enjoiyed every single moment. Except me and Robert there are actually 2 more swedes here. First, Roberts friend Oscar who’s staying over summer and Frida who is from Eskisltuna (my town!). She use to work ina famous cafem not far from where I live (Marys cafe). The world is so scary small sometimes!

The other night we were invited to a pig party which is exactly what it sounds like. They kill, barbeque and eat a pig. I thought it sounded pretty cool at first but when I realized what it was about I wanted to throw up! My vegetarian thoughts became really friendly a that point!. The sounds when they took the knife and cut the barbequed pig open can not be described but i have a go at it anyway. Imagine a piece of fat and wrap it tight in thin foil, then take a knife and puncture it so everything falls out. YUK!! Now I know why I have a fever and feel food poisened at the moment. Disgusting! The only positive with that is that I have time to write here:)

Something else that is something else is the prices here in ASia. I have a single bill at every bar that i pay after each month, just like everybody else. So tomorrow before I elave I will pay off my debts which is basically nothing, although there have been a lot of beer in this warmth.
I have decided to leave the island and put some time in diving before I go on to mexico. A big reason is that I have decided to end my surfing career. It takes to long time to learn and I dont have the effort for it basically. I think it’something you have to be grown up with to get any good and enjoy. Wind and kitesurfing are still close to my heart so Im not ready to give it all up yet!
So wait a little longer and I will write you something about the diving, hopefully awesome:)



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Imagine a basketball player out of snow!

Another city has been crossed off and airbourne has found its everyday tempo I must say. When I sit there in my rockingchair 40 years from now, numbers will remind me of Salt Lake city. Or what about:

2 metres of snow during 17 ski days!
A funny sight was when the snow was so deep that their partner had to dig them out with a showel!

11 cm average of new snow each day!
The record was 0.8 metres during 48 hours.
90 dollars is the speed ticket if you drive to fast:)
130 km/h was the max speed of our snowmobiles.
12 dollars for a quiksilver shirt
Unknown number of calories we ate from junkfood:)

I think that’s the most important numbers that I can remember for the moment. Life these days has off course circled all around the snow and that isn’t strange at all:) Since last time some funny incidents have happened so here we go again:
I learned that the girls don’t get impressed at all when you are trying to show off but ending up crashing into a sidewall. Downside of it was a cracked nose on my board so that’s a change up in about 2 years. To bad but fun to buy something new:)

Yes snowobile, that was fun! On a day off to rest our legs we took the chance and had some fun up in beaver creek. We rented the toys for 4 hours but the actual playtime was a little shorter. Un experienced drivers and deep snow wasn’t the best combo so to speak. Got stuck 2 times and the last time we had to call for help through gps alert. When te gu arrived it took him about 4 seconds to get it loose:) Yes, we are that manly…
Plys these 2 stops my toy broke down so we had to wait 20 minutes for help there too. All of this but we always have fun anyway! That’s the best part. A sunset over beaver creek is always better than rainy Sweden! Glorius!
On the way back home again our stomachs grointed a little so Texas Road House wasn’t that bad at all! The place was awesome with talky waitresses and highvolume americans everywhere:) We did get free snacks since we probarly looked a bit lost:) Add the countrymusic and moosehead to the cool environment!. The steak tasted like heaven itself!

My backpack is getting heavier with all the new clothes we have bought. Surfbrands are supercheap here compared to Sweden so me and patrik now look cooler than ever!

So lets talk about the police, just a few hours ago we got pulled over by a patrolcar. My foot was a little bit to heavy which resulted in a small fine. Our first thought was off course; where is the camera?! The officer wasn’t on that jokemode so he just gave us the fine. As a sum up, stay away from mountains while snowboarding, don’t get stuck with snowmobiles and behold the speed limit, 3 things, can and will do!

A bit more fun is that now I know what my speciality in mexico will be. I will be a coral geek and have 1 months to learn them all. Its 51 species including latin names. Piece of cake! I can already see myself in phillipines on an ordinary day. Wake up and a morning surf or a little run. Hang around with the other surfers for lunch. Followed up by a siesta and some coralstudy. Evening includes channanigans or just another wavesession. Mars is going to be great!

Another news in my travelplans is my visit to Jenny in San Diego just before Mexico. SHe ius a happy, energic and hardcore girl who lives together with some other swedish dudes. School is her thing while some of the others are pilots in the local scandinavian pilot school. Seems to be a cool gang and I long for it and I long for it already!

Well, You only live once and now it’s Las Vegas in 1 hour! Rock on!

Family: You are about to refcieve a postcard really soon although it’s a bit stoneage:) I feel I have to support my work I guesS. Tobey, 2 questions, Cane one throw rice on the wedding and follow up question, can I swap rice for something more creative?=) Jonna, Work hard! You are going travelling girl!

Frida, Cissi and all others at Post Sweden. Almost 2 months now and I do miss you. That has to mean that we are a happy crew on a good place to be. You are above awesome!

Grandma and grandpa: Hope you find a computer in Spain. I really like reading your comments, make me feel you are around all the time!

Jenny: See ya soon!

All others: Take care and have fun!




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Utah is superAwesome!

11 days since last time and I have flown over more timezones than fingers (yet almost). So lets go for a usual lookback and find out more about my airbourne experience. All you have to do is open your eyes and suck it in!

I felt a little sweat already at the airport in capetown when the amateurs behing the counter couldn’t find my USA visa at first. But I doublechecked with my own papers and after that it was much easier to find it apperently:) They told me that if they let me aboard the plane without a visa the airline had to pay $10.000 US! I smiled and walked away…
The arrival to USA was in perfect line with a huge snowstorm that Patrik had the fortune to endore. 15 hours and a detour to Denver was the result of his day:) Well, he got there together with his and my darlings (our skis and snowboard) so the day was a blast anyway! We bounced away towards the rental car and set course to the first “In n’ Out” we could find. USAs’ burgers in its best shape!

We are now staying at Studio6 where a little fun things have happened=) Would be booooring otherwise,right? One day there were a couple of police cars just outside our part of the motel. Apperently one of our neighbours died during the day. Sad for him but the cycle of life has to be that way:( Another day we were witnesses to a car crash in a crossing. A quite big one so people ran over there to help. Our help wasn’t necessary so as good tourists we just drove past without starring too much…
…drove past in our toyota camry 2011 who has been great. A little weak but it’s ok. Together with our snowchains we can go everywhere…almost.
So far we have had 2 days off the sloped which 1 of them we spent in Great Salt Lake national park. We headed for Antelope Island which strangly had no antelopes but instead a lot of bison! BIG animals! We explored the island and some indian history over the day and then drove back to our beloved motel.
The other day was a real roadtrip with Monument valley, a national park with really cool red rock formations named after what they look like, “elephant butt” or “camel butt” was a couple of examples:) The area is sacred to the local indians so we learnt a little history aswell. We did also get a really good view of the mountains around Utah on the 7 hour drive. Amazing! Believe it or not, tha japanese photofreaks are around here too!

But it was snow we came here for and Yes we got it! One morning when we did our morning routine; check the weather, road status and avalanche risks. One morning to our fully happyness, we realized that snowgod gave us 37 cm snow over the last 12 hours. Wow, finally we got what we came here for. But we weren’t alone..As one weather guy so nicely put it: On powder days you have no friends! It took us almost 2 hours to get to the mountain, something that had veen done in 35 minutes the other days. The ques were massive. People went mad and you really had to use your elbowes to get somewhere. But thats the charm and makes those first turns even better!. It wasn’t the real featherlight champagnepowder but the amount waS insane! Surf along in bottomless snow is just a feeling one has to feel for yourself, I just can’t describe it.

We have also timed in SuperbowlSunday here in the states. My team (Green Bay Packers) kicked Patriks team (Pittsbrgh Steelers) ass easily:) Made me a little more cawky than normal to Patriks expense. As tradition we bought loads of food from KFC that lasted 2 more days. “When in rome….” is a very well sutied expression for this mkoment. The food coma was worth every second of feeling like an american!. But whats special with superbowl is the halftime entertainment and all the tv commercial that os superpricey! All fun to see that live while watching the game.

As we of course weren’t alone in the slopes these days, a good idea is to just get away from it and find your own way down the mountain. That is exactly what me and Patrik has done for most of the time. I have snow shoes and carry my board on my back, Patrik has skins that gave him the abbility to walk uphill with the skis. We’ve found a special place which take us about 3 hours up and a nice untouched ride down. Got a little surprised one day when we ended up crossing a little creek. That made us realize our equipment wasn’t suited for scubaskiing:) All soaked but of course still happy! My boots were a waterfall when we finally got home again.
The day before that we met Amanda, a bartender girl who also ride boards. She was really funny and we met up yet again after our little water experience. She laughed hard and gave us a ride back home again=) Americans are very nice to us so far, keep that in mind..

..because one day I apperently got stuck with my backpack in a tree. That resulted in that a pocket got opened and my wallet took a jump for it somewhere in the woods. Luckily someone found it and I got it back with all thr 340 u.s dollars in it! How cool is that?! People are awesome!

Other than that we have tried several Fast food chains such as In n out, panda express, kfc, dominos and subway. When in rome…hahha..

So a couple of more days here in snowheaven then we head for Vegas. And as usual, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so you’ll here from me next time from the Phillipines:) Time for me to return to my Beer now,.,.,Miller.,.,.,so american!



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Life is marvellous, even better than mail on sundays:)


First, I want to thank you all for your great comments and points of views. It’s so exciting logging in and read your warm and welcoming messages. Family, relatives and friends THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now back to the rock n’ roll. Last time I left Tanzzania for Uganda. I still believe I will return to the area and explore more of the great nature experiences over there. Africa is awesome!
Bumby bus co took me to Kampala which was an 20 hour journey that got a whole lot better when we swapped bus afer one third:) The new bus can be compared to a rockstar tour bus, the seats were like big chairs with plenty of room No strange I slept like a baby! When I woke from my cinderella sleep I found 2 new friends in Fiona and Adriane, 2 locals who became my female heroes. Apperently the gorilla tours had to be booked quite a long time before, something Simba off course didn’t plan that well;) She made a few calls for me and used her angry side (wow, note to self; do not mess with Adriane), so after a while I was booked for a tour to Bwindi, close to Kongo boarder. I was so lucky since trying to have a phone call in english was as succesful as talking to a cup of hot milk. I am still so grateful and we spend the rest of the day with great local food and some dancing lessons:)

Next morning was G-day! For gorilla, nothing else..In my group there were suppose to be another 2 persons but they never showed up. So the driver Alvin and me went for a private roadtrip:) That was a succesful misshappening as the future was about to show…The social part was suffering for the expense of the experience off beeing alone with such great animals.
As the only white man in the village (Musongo on swahili), I was popular among the villages on my evening run that night:)

Next morning was about to be a day I will remember for the rest of my life (yes, another one). We drove a toyota v8 4wd up to 2400 metres above the sea and trekked the last bit in the jungle. The trekking was really rough with tight bush, mud and humidity. Machete= yes please=) As another challange, only whispers are aloud in the nationalpark which was quite hard for me too! Well, the effort was so worth the 30 minutes I spent together with the gorillafamily. There were 2 females, the alphamale and one smaller one. To describe them is just to much but I can give it a small try. They have our eyes, they move like us and their charm is unbelievable! One female thought I looked funny and came forward to play with me by giving me a punsh on my leg:) I trembled a lot after a closer contact then I expected! So I found myself alone with my guide and a gorillafamily, just like a dream actually! A dream I even got a diploma for which im going to save for special occations:)

A cup of adrenaline please,.,.,no take 2!

Its time for me to report from adventurous South Africa. I see my days here as a little appetizer of what can be something else. I only had 4 days in a country where you need 4 months! In my oppinion it’s a lot like australia with left side driving and woolwourths:) But back to that..
First I want to talk a little about my hostel in Kampala called Red Chili. This Hostel had absolutely everyting you could have asked for as a backpacker. You can tent outside in the garden, join a dorm room or have your own room. Here you also find a cool bar, pooltable, free wifi, loads of people, swimmingpool, book exchange and a puppy named Kyser. So I find it just as perfect as a hostel should be!

But back to Cape town, I arrived here on a thursday and started to plan my days, as always way to late but got it together pretty good anyway:) I have stayed at a super party hostel so a little lack of sleep is something to count for, but I’m still happy as always. Vanessa from Sweden works over here at the hostel, she was a really cool girl who talked very good about capetown, and why shouldn’t she?!
A little sleep and i kicked off my friday going to the coast and hopefully study my friend Carcharodon Carcharias, or Great White Shark. We became a fun gang from Holland, Norway and germany that made the day memorable. We sang a lot of Astrid Lindgren (famous swedish children author) because Peter from holland liked the swedish singing sounds:) We did even miss a shark when we were singing..ooppsss. But there were more of them fortunatly. We saw total 4 individuals who hanged around the boat for 10-15 minutes each. The biggest one was as far as our cage, 5 metres! Awesome! To get the sharks close and study them the crew uses tuna mix which is used by the engine to spread it a little bit, together with 2 fish heads tighten to a rope. THE SHARKS ARE NEVER FED WHICH WOULD BREAK SO MANY RULES AND REGELATIONS!
The company who arrange these sightings is GVI, who are the same one Im going with in Mexico and they seem to have so much fun while collecting all the data. Can’t wait for those days!

Great White friday turned to Bungy saturday! I tried the world’s highest artifficial bungee which measured 216 metres! My plan was to make it a little more fun and do it nude, but the children in the restaurant who watched the livefeed would be scarred for life. A good reason to keep the undies on:) Just had to do that little extra:)

The sunday was a “chill by the pool day” after all exctiting stuff the days before. The day went fast to monday as I am writing this. The time shows just a little more hours until take off for salt lake city! Winter fun together with Patrik is going to be amazing and the channanigans can’t wait any longer:)
Patrik, Heads up for a blast!

Next time I will serve some action films from my headcamera, hopefully with powder everywhere!








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“Ohh they were that many” SAFARI ROCKS!


Yeahh, that sure was something extra. My room is filled with outgoing energy from my tremendous smile. 5 days in the african wilderness was aweomse. To make it fair I break it down day by day to tell you all about it:

Day 1: After a supertasty english breakky, Dotcom (our guide/driver) picked us up in a toyota landcruiser -98 which became our home for the upcoming days. Also in our group were kryz (Poland), Oliver (Germany) and Jakob (Germany/Poland/Australia). Today we had a visit to Lake Minyara, which surrounds around a big lake:) The mood was a bit goofy with a lot of laughs. All of us were at the same level when it comes to having fun, so better safaribuddies wasn’t to ask for! During the day we saw a while lot of monkeys, giraffes, zebras and hippos. And for the big5 list we saw the first one; African Buffalo. The other 4 still on the list are lion, rhino, elephant and leopard. At dinnertime we were a little exhausted and talked constantly about everything! For food there were prettyconsistent with a starter soup, rice with something more for supper and fruit for dessert. We filled ourselves to maximum all 5 days:)
After dinner we watched a local african danceshow, performed by a local school. They had so much joy and deserved all applause in the whole world! Such a great end of a great start of this safari. A little chat at the viewpoint and then we slept very heavy in our tents, but nor before some arguing about star signs:)

Day 2: The morning was all we could ask for with an incomparable sunrise over Lake Minyara. Energy was everywhere and we could do anything we wanted!…well,,.,not all,.,.,it was still quite early. Serengeti was on the schdule fot the day and is one of the most famous parks around here. The day went really fast with high tempo, the big5 are almost done with only the rhino missing:)
The Lions was, not surpricing, the thing of the day and I have a really funny story from that occation. We spotted them laying in the high grass with only their heads popping up. I thought that there must be around 6-7 of them. That was when our guide, all trustabe to that point, had the splended idea to drive out in the grass to get closer. At that point we discover 2 other packs just next to and behind us. Just like that we were surrounded by 20+ lions and the guide exclaims: Wow, they were that many? SAFARI ROCKS!”. That wasn´t really ok regarding the lions privacy or our own security but was a little fun anyway. Came to be our little secret. A really cool and close lion encounter, but that was nothing of what was the evening/night had for us!
On the way to the campsite we also spotted a landrunning hippo, one of the most funny things I’ve seen so far:) Well, on our campsite for the night, we were in for a big surprice. The lion had killed and buffalo for dinner. Exciting since it was only about 300 metres from our tents. We stood there with our binos for a looong while and just studied these magnificent creatures. The situation got more intense when a female showed herself on a bg rock just on our left. Her plan was to take her 10-15 cubs over to let them feed on the dead animal. The only “but” here was that they had to pass between our tents and toilets:) So we backed away a little and simply let them pass:)WOW!!!!!! The strategy was one female on the rock keeping an eye out, one in front of the cubs and one in the back of t group. So cool to see! So intense that I couldn´t decide if I was 90% scared and 10% hyped, could very well be vice verse!:)
The fun didn’t stop there, at night time we were about 5 of us staying up late together with our guides. They told us that it was something they wanted to show us that they didn’t want to show the whole group. So he turned his big flashlight towards the bush surrounding us……and yes…big lion eyes reflected back! And we are talking about 30 metres from our tents!
– They come and drink at night when we go to bed, the guide said..INSANE! The pulse didn’t descend a bit during the night when we heard them outside roar and beeing “lionish”. I peeied in a bottle that night..

Day 3: It was really scary but I finally dragged myself out of the tent. Ending up as lion breakky isn’t my thing really=). Instead, we did a safari pre breakfast and saw the savannah waking up from dust. So beautiful! The target was to find a leopard but that didn’t happen until later on. After breakky we set on for Ngorongoro and the crater over there! Here we found herds of more kinds of animals than I can count. By afternoon we had spotted Rhino and leopard to complete the big5! Awesome! After that we got a little funny and played cargames in the car, our gang was as funny and cheerful that I wanted them to be!
We had lunch just by a waterhole full of hippos. Jakos lunch got stolen by a big hunting bird so unlucky for him..But fun! On the way to camp we imagined ourselves in a computergame ducking for trees in our way so the dinner was well waited for:) Oghali is an african dish which you have a dow you use as a scoop to pick up a mix of meat and vegetables. Yummy!

Day 4-5: These 2 days we didn’t see so much new stuff but enjoyed the beatutiful nature anyway! Had a great visit to a african village where we were presented to a coffee farm. Secil, our village homie, showed us around and told us about the life in the village. So nice to get away from the tourists! Secil thought us how the women take care of the heavy duties at home; clean,cook and pick up fire wood etc. We coudln’t really figure out where the man comes in the picture but I guess he is playing warrior somewhere=)
All the kids ran and greeted us with joy and “JAMBO!”. So sweet! If Jakob had an unlucky lucnh the other day, now it was my turn when a monkey stole my eggs:) Quick little bastard;)

Well, awesome days in Africa so far and I have a feeling Its glues to my mind forever. Did miss the cheetah but that’s a great reason to come back:) No time to spare, tomorrow I head for Kampala, Uganda. Silverback gorillas coming up! Life is good!





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Hi my name is Alex but you can call me Simba..

..is exactly what I have introduced myself as to the locals around here. The funny thing is that all of these people always try to sell you something or offering to show you directions for tips. What Ive realized is that they are very good at remembering names of different travellers. Must be hundreds passing by their spot everyday! So I don’t fins it particulurly strange to hear ” Ey Simba whats up?” or “rasta, how are u doin’?” because of my hat:) I do like my role here as the chilled out rasta dude:)

Last night Nairobi welcomed me nighttime with no troubles what so ever. A little dealing on the airport and a taxi drove me to my hotel at the fully ok charge of 7 U.S dollars.
_ Yey, finally some backpackers to chat with! I just couldnt wait to feel the travelling athmosphere in a shabby hostel room:) So guess If I had a surprice when I couldn’t find a soul at the hostel accept the one guy behind the counter. That was a boomer but no time to weap! My other friend, my computer, can be a pretty good company too:)

I woke up the next day like a dwarf that just had been attacked by a supersized fork, KATCHONK! I have some people to meet today. My social metre was down at its lowest so time to get going. So I attempted a guiness world record in greeting people a good morning before I jumped in the cab, taking me to city centre and from there continuing towards Arusha,Tanzania. Off course the transport wasn’t all synced so I had plenty of time to explore the heart of Nairobi…which wasn’t super exciting honestly. Jusy another city,,,so I stretched a little bit to reach Langata and a visit to a giraffe centre. The place is a rehabilitation centre for endangered species and besides 3 fantastic, longnecked animals I also met Pumba:) As seen in one of the videos, one of the giraffes got a bit to close which was all fine by me:) All that has to go with nature or animals can get as close as they want:) Finished off by buying some fresh pineapple, not a bad start of what is hopefully going to be The adventure.

An offcourse bumpy 6 hour bus ride later, me and my pants arrived in Arusha,, Tanzania. You guys that complain about the uneven winterroads, plan a visit over here and open your eyes a little wider:) Doesn’t take away my smile and joy of beeing in such a cool environment. Around me I saw gigantic Masai, kettle, african villages with children and women dressed in big jewelries. The men are wearing the classic Masai warrior outfit accompanied with a stick. Too bad the bus didn’t stop anywhere. Would be amazing with just a quick meeting with one tribe. Maybe some other day:) Taking a pciture wasn’t an option since the windows were as see through as…an african bus window?!

The first day in Arusha was a blast. I walked around different agencies to find a good safari deal, which was really fun! People are greaing you with mambo which I think is buddy or something. Could also be taxi, Im not really sure:) After a whole lot of visits I decided with a certain company for a 5 day adventure starting tomorrow:) I wanted 5 days to have a taste of all different parks around here, we like! Back at the hostel I sat down to plan a bit more anbd realized i dont have a single day to waist:) Straight after the safari I set my adventure compoass towards Uganda and silverback gorillas:) Wicked!

I also wanrt to mention my interesting breakky together with a paraglider. He showed me pictures of this and it really got me hooked! So thats a new note in the book of my ToDo’s! A bit expensive but what is mioney but paper in a bag? Nothing compared to real experiences! Another local, Abrahim, showed me around town a little bit and as a thank you I bought a painting made by his mother. We also tried something really funny tasting beer. The description said “rich, creamy and full of vitamins”. The taste reminded me off a mix between beer and tropical juice:) Not a boo and not a hooray, I rate it somewhere there in between!

Thats my life at the moment, all hype for safari tomorrow!









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Väsby this time of year..

Ali gani..
..is how to say “hi, how are you?” in swahili. Feels appropiate now when the countdown is getting closser for departure towards Kenya. A few phrases there and there can’t hurt right? At the moment I enjoy the company of my sister and her husband to be pretty close to the airport. It didn’t take me that long to realize that swahili just isn’t something you pick up after a pizza and 24 hours lack of sleep. Lets stay on track with my hopefully approved english and let the local do the swahili show:)

As always, the backpack is awfylly heavy. i don’t know why that particilur thing always happen; you throw in a little of that and that, suddenly you are carrying a bulldozer. The bright side is that I feel that I have everything I need though:) Earlier this afternoon, something could have gone a little wrong. I felt like a grown up and thougt that a copy of the passport could be a goof thing to carry. But not better than the original itself which I left calmly in the copy machine. Luckily I realized my mistake in time to avoid an uncomfi situation.
I also want to point out that I dont travel all by myself. For my happy companionship I have Helge with me who is a play toad:) He has travelled all over thge world with different backpackers and you can follow him at helgresadventure.blogspot.com. The idea is before I go home I simply pass him on to a new traveller so he can continue looking cool=)

So tomorrow I will be standing there, ready to explore everything. I will dance around like never ever before! Cant be that hard? I mean, the advice from home was to stay away from sharks, drugs, baf guys and giraffs (!). I will deffinitly break 2 of those promises, such a bad boy:)

Next time I am one life experience richer and hopefully all hyped up from safari experience! HOW AWESOME!




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Frensh Alps..Roadtrip..GO!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Another journey is on! On January 1st did we set our course towards La Plagne in the french alps. With us was our beloved minivan in a more upgradeable version than last year. The aim was certain and same for all of us; POWDER up where it cools the most:) So this years roster looks like following:

Robert Wiesner: The only trustable rider beside myself since he understands that boardriders outcool skiers 7 days a week. Normally he stays in a student room once belonged to the prince of Sweden Carl-Philip. In 2 years time he´s up in the air playing fighterpilot! Now that´s wicked!

Peter Hultberg: The gadget freak. What Peter doesn´t know about stuff isn´t worth knowing about. He is related to once the strongest man in the world, Magnus Samuelsson. To some people Magnus is famous for his wiggling hips in tv-shw “Lets dance”. Speaking of career swap:) Peter skis in Onepiece, that´s cool!

Erik “Kiruna” Ramnelius: The man from the north. If you ask him what he woulod like for food the answer 97% of the times will be “pieces of meet”. Together with Patrik, my flatmate, the most aggressive rider in the gang.

Patrik P-dog Blomstrand: He´s got the beard and…..yeahh thats basically what you need to know. My flatmate since 6 months back and a really chill dude. Likes his outdoor pants from “fjällräven” a bit too much.

Cissi Norberg: The third postie in the gang and single female in the gang, respect! Has a wonderful laugh, always telling us funny things and never touch the brake,ever. The last fact is something many french guys can agree to:)

Anton Karlkvist: Loves his harmonica and we love listen to him play. A cozi guy who always wear soft fabrics. Out of the slope he spends time knitting in the room, which in writing seconds a necktube (!) is beeing made. Thanks to him I also know the basics in knitting: Into the cave, get the treasure, out of cave and over mountain:) Great fun.

Acke Scott: Massive sugardaddy of the group!

Altogether we are three pilots, three posties and 1 musician with accents from the north, middle and something you just can´t map out. Trying listen to this in the car when everybody is hyped up is just a big mess, but a good mess. Now Patrik got grumpy because I classified him as postie and not pilot. Well, guess next round is on me then…

Okidoks, back to the trip itself. The road down got as sweet as a roadtriop can be. The bus was filled with stuff everywhere; Coke cans, computers, cables, pillows and all kinds of music. We had loads of fun all of the 23 hours it took us down there. As always there are a small “situation” and this time Patrik and Robert was a little responsible. They thought it was unnecessary to fuel up and kept on driving. At next fuel station the fuel prompt showed less than 15 km left of the tank! Thats where the quote of the week comes in “Kör ba” which means “just do it”.
We were actually really polite and kind to our fellow traffic mates this year. Something that was discussable last year:) I guess we have all grew up a bit….maybe. A funny incident was on a stop for a female toiletbreak. All back in the car a donkey (!) shows up outside, alive and healthy. We sad hello and continued…
All down at our destination the next step were to divide ourselves into the 2 studios that we booked. I was lucky (or unlucky) to stay with 2 war/military geeks that had their gadgets/ stuff in an order that would make every priest jellous. My stuff were categorized as a little more sandstorm but life is all about take and give right?:)
The snow this week were a bit thin at first but after a couple of days finally snowgoid gave us that fluffy white sparkles we all love!. Friday became “shred of the week” and we found a particulurly sweet top for a 2 hour hike. We captured 4 beautiful rides from that top and my new board felt like it had found its crescendo. The feeling was awesome and surfing wasn’t that far away.
In the lift back to our village we ended up in a sweet reaggae crew so a bit singing wasn’t bad at all:)

The Area of La plagne offers 225 km of slopes and a highest peak off 3000 metres. So the oppurtunities were there but the lack of snow made it impossible to see the full potential, maybe next year! Another roadtrip can’t just never fail. So our week has been great with one exception…cheesecoma! Fondue is great, I agree….But after a while it really starts to sicken you down into the deep bad swamp:)

A great start of Airbourne 2011 and more to come, prepare for Africa on wednesday WAKA WAKA PORQUE ESTO ES AFRICA!

Dream Big!



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