Budget and the basic idea..

It all began in the U.S. … Me and Patrick had just arrived to Walla Walla, WA, to celebrate the 4th of july. In our room we played a little with Patrik’s new saddle of the brand Brooks who now would make life easier for his butt :) Brooks is a historically interesting brand and for that it came with a magazine informing with important years in the brand’s history. Halfway through the newspaper we read about a couple of adventurers who all used the saddle brand Brooks. What they had more in common was that they all had cycled around the globe. Something was born…


It took me about 10 seconds to get the pieces in place to something that could really be something. The idea was to ride around the world with my divegear, greet old friends in their home. I will do all this to raise money for charityorganiosations that mean something for me. I felt the fire burn but slowed myself down, Can you do that? Is it possible? The plan was far from reality but to play with the idea and “planning for fun” kept my fingers and mind busy from that date.


Me and Patrick biked down to San Francisco and then completed something quite incredible! 3 weeks later we were back home in Sweden and my planning continued. I wanted to get as far as a decision if this was possible or not. It is now I thank some smart guy on internet :) So some blog visits, research, emails and budget planning later, I came to the decision; JUST DO IT!


I saw before me months of hard work (and some luck) to earn the money that is needed for an adventure like this. In a planning stage events often happen that make the world so much better and nicer to wake up to. For me it was a person and not just anyone, Linda Pöldme.
I remember when I read her application for the post and thought she seemed like a fun girl. We did talk a couple of times before the U.S.adventure, but it was only after a “SvenCoffee” in Malmkoping (Sweden) in september that stuff got interesting :) (to meet for a a coffee means to many meet town and have a coffee, a “SvenCoffee” involves cramping in the tightest spandex clothes you have and bike the 35 kilometers to your company. Advantages are first and foremost that you have to take off your pants for a while before shower, the other advantage is precisely that following shower. Then life becomes awesome=). Linda is now my girlfriend and supports me for what is to become reality. Love <3


Charity it is!


To raise money for Cancer and seashepherd feels inspiring! I believe in the concept of having two different causes of charity to bring the biggest crowd as possible, though many give a little, it has a significant meaning in the end!
My grandmother recently past away from cancer and also my grandfather ten years ago. Even if it feels heavy that they are gone from my life, it is equally important to focus on those who are still struggling. Show your support and support Cancerresearch!
So much excitement and joy that the marine world has given me over the years! Bull Sharks, beautiful reefs, the opportunity to work on a beach and all the other beautiful creatures there has giving me so much. Day after day it makes me sad to read about over-fishing, shark and dolphin slaughter, pollution and man’s negative impact on life below the surface. That it is so incredibly beautiful making it difficult to understand how vulnerable it is. We want to touch and feel when we see something that pleases us. Are you interested in marine life, such as myself, we must realize that a large part goes with the rule “look but do not touch.” Among other brain corals have a very sensitive tissue that is damaged in the long term, only of a touch of human fingers. It has to do with the topics we have on the skin that coral think is filthy ;) An example from the animalworld, we have turtles swimming around and feel hungry. They then go for their favourite meal, jellyfish. But once in the mouth they notice that it was a plastic bag, which slowly suffocating it to death! Terrible … Did you know that there is an island in the Pacific called Garbage Island and is as big as Germany, consisting entirely of garbage? This “island” is formed of ocean currents brought debris and gathered it into a mountain that not only is great to surface. It is about thirty feet deep well. Nice huh?


I am aware that this adventure could very well be my last long-term one. I guess I can not really see how I can beat something like this in the future. Quit while in the zone, wasn’t it? I am sure I will complete this journey. Unforeseen events are always with you as simple rule acceptions. I know about this. Does my brain work properly then I will go all the way. The capacity is there within me, I’m convinced!


Last week consisted of figuring out some “have to costs” such as visas and insurance. The insurance I have decided to do what I’ve always done and extend my home insurance, which will be around 4000 SEK. A perfectly okay sum where we Swedes should be lucky that Sweden is a country that is accepted worldwide. Healthcare is something we can get everywhere.
The Visa jungle is interesting, it has shown methat Europe, parts of Asia and most of South America have “forgotten to lock the toilet door” so to speak, no visa required. In the rest of my large playground, I will use tourist and transit visas, except New Zealand, where there will be a “work & holiday” to fix my treasure chest =)


Figures and budget

To calculate numbers of things is just as important as fun=) My adventure is quite hard to calculate how long time it will take. But I still think it’s important to make a plan to follow, but also know that anything can happen. I have counted on an average of 100 km/day that I sit on the saddle.
Distance: 80000 km
Number of cycling days: 800
Rest days: 80
“playdays”: 40 (when I’m diving, hiking, etc.)
Working days: 120
Total: 1040 days, ie 2 years and 10 months.


I used to count on an average of just under 100 SEK a day and it usually works out. So I put the figure at that number (which I still think may be high) and land at 104,000 SEK.


Bicycle Repair

Tires, tubes, chain, sprockets, etc. will need to be replaced and I expect it to cost 15,000 SEK in material cost. Also included are other things that will break / replace tex. New clothes, tents and so on.
To do the world on an amphibianbike may be the next project=) I will primarily travel across the sea by boat (freighters and regular scheduled ferries). This is to hopefully avoid having to disassemble the bike. As a second option there is always flying. Lately I have been reading a lot about traveling with freighters and I think it seems like a cool experience! I will need to travel Thailand  Philippines, Philippines  Malaysia, Malaysia  Australia, Australia  New Zealand, New Zealand  South America, North America  Africa. For this, I expect a sum of 20,000 SEK.


My tent’s my primary (and friendly) home but now and then I will have to pay for accommodation of course. I try to keep the costs low by using websites such as couchsurfing and warmshowers. I expect the sum to be 20.000 SEK.
Cycling is the great adventure and the greatest pleasure. But diving costs money and I also want to experience the countries I cycle through. I count with 45,000 SEK in play money.


Europe, almost all of South America and parts of Southeast Asia are “visa-free” for the Swedes, but otherwise there will be a cost of entry to the country. I will use the transit visa, tourist visa and in New Zealand I will be using work and holiday visa. Costcalculation 6000 SE.


Since my previous trips I have good protection, but I will extend with a few syringes and malaria tablets. I expect it to reach 2000 S.


Thanks to previous adventures, I have a good idea on what equipment is needed and what I need to update. The list of purchases is as follows:
Diving in “travel-size”: 12,000 SEK
Multifuel kitchen: 1 800 SEK
Tent: 2000 SEK


Travel Insurance
When I am traveling, I extend my home insurance (valid for 45 days) plus a separate diveinsurance from DAN Europe. My total cost of this ends up on 5000 SEK


I think this column should be very exaggerated, as it is ery unknown of all what to expect out there in terms of surprises. I also includes everyday costs such as fuel for the kitchen, memory cards, internet cafe, cost of inclusion of bicycle on trips etc.. The sum is of course difficult to calculate but I estimate it to 40,000 SEK


Jobs in New Zealand
During my four months of estimated jobs in New Zealand, my cost of living increase some but I yet expect to save 20.000 SEK.


In total, I have expenses of SEK 272,800. I have planned so that I do not have any expenses from Sweden at all during this time.


My full-time job as a postman gives me a net salary of 15,800 SEK. When the week is over, I change to a taxi uniform, which gives me another 6000 SEK per month. To top it off I also do some studies for companies that givesan me additional 500 SEK. Thanks to my set mind, I take advantage of every opportunity to overtime there is so I can in good conscience count for 1000 Sek extra.
These sums are up to 23,300 SEK per month. In order to save as much as possible, I live with my parents (my biggest sponsors ) and have saved so much I can on the fixed costs amounting it to 2900 SEK including everything.
So 20,400 kr I can save every month!


My bank account today says 135,000 SEK and then I have February, March & april left to earn money. Then I reach 196,200 SEK. Income in New Zealand adds my treasure chest to 216,200 SEK.
I hope to get help with various sponsors / scholarships to the value of 55,000 SEK which makes me go AIRBOURNE!


That was the word of the day and more preparation follows, I end today with a quote that got stuck to last week, instead of my usual :)


If your dream does not scare you, it’s not big enough


Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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