Cycling a bit,looking a bit, chillin’ a bit.,.,.,LIVING THE MOST!

July 15th

Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon

Last night in Oregon, tomorrow last statesign and start of last week of cycletouring. i think that means the last chapter of a wonderful journey. Just the thought of leaving our so safe cycling everyday rituales feels scary and empty. Yes, a 3 week car roadtrip up the coast again will be fantastic but for now we moor a little bit. I feel I have discovered a new world like when Kevin Costner finds Dryland in “Waterworld” or when Atreyu finds the fluffy flying dog in “Never ending story”. All the crazy cyclists that share their stories and their own conquests; the expressions with mixing nature, smells and the controlled unknowing of nearby future. Thats cycling in a box ( a yellow one with green spots=)

Before we kicked off our last session down to San Fran’ we stopped by the town of Seaside, where Neil (with the openest arms in the whole world) invited us to his house for the night. We spent it together with a guy from China and a mother+daughter who were also travelling. Neil himself were in Portland for the night, but before he left a huge pile of towels and sweet notes everywhere:) That’s hospitality! I would like to become like Neil when I grow up…
As a standard Patrik and Sven (me) off day we filled our stomachs with beer, pizza and cheesecake. Nothing outside the box there;) But now next page in the book about our epic cycle journey.

We can now proudly add another chapter of nature in our cycle logbooks. The coastway (highway 101) is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the world we live in. We have found more lookouts than I have fingers and toes, which makes it so hard to count :( We see gigantic rocks shooting up from the ocean, ready to catch the big surf from outside. That’s not without one feel the itch for those surfer sessions back in the days.
The mountains, which makes our route like a rollercoaster, are green with great beaches between them and the Pacific. All of that and two weird cyclists named Sven & Patrik:)
We have also discovered something new weatherwise. When we wake up in the morning it’s as dry as my mouth when seeing a pizza (not at all!). The fog and clouds are around a couple of hours before the sun come out and heat up us and our surroundings. But then we do the climbs and the clouds are there again, making us all wet and moisty. 10 minutes later and a downhill part we again have clear blue sky and sun together with 80 degrees fahrenheit. Exchanging scenarios is fun:)

Speaking about the uncountable lookouts, there is one we remember a little bit more then the other ones. Not Particcularly for the landscape but for the gray whales spotted far down there. It did look like some lost, big stones splashing some water on the surface but still! We have spotted our first whales. A good warm up for the whale safari we are doing later on together with Frida.
We discovered more about the animal living in the Sea lion cave. It’s one of the world biggest caves, measuring 300 feet of height. It acts as a home for many seals and sealions (not enough toes and fingers again:( Some were big and some small but they all smelled like fish:)
We first studied a pack outside the cave, then stepped inside the elevator who took us down to the cave. Here it was cold and big:)

Do you know the difference between a seal and a sealion? Here are some:
A sealion can use its “frontpaws” as a help to move around while on land. A seal uses its body because it can not fold its “frontpaws” in the desired angle
A seal mainly uses its “rearpaws” to swim. They work similar as propellers. A sealion does the same thing but with its “frontpaws”.
A seal can equally play husband and wife as be the biggest player in town. A sealion is always the player.
The sealion take care of their young for up to 3 years. A seal had enough after a couple of weeks.
Thats this weeks episode of “Svens Seals” :)

Here about you can also spot these brown clothed men/women calling themselves rangers/sheriffs. Their hobby is to use their power to make it difficult for us to camp wherever as we done before. With that we have spent more nights in campgrounds. A good thing here is the “hiker/biker” discount that apply to some of them. That means that all bikers/hikers share a lawn which usually has a water tap. The area os often a bit off and the distance to showers can be long. But hey, showers! We actually do that more often now:) Good for the environment I guess;)
Now when I think about it I remember that we actually did sleep behind a library the other day. That was nice:)

Wourth mentioning could also be that I have changed my front tire. That was fun:) Somehow my stuff gets more worn out then Patriks. Remind me of asking cyclegod why..

I did also succesfully accomplish the astonishment of beeing yelled at for falling over. “Someone could get hurt” was beeing thrown in my face from an old and angry lady. I was a little chocked as I was more prepared for a”are you alright?” But no,.,.,.Do not still understand the situation, did she think I was falling over on purpose? She should know that Sven always look cool. Falling over isn’t :)

Halfway down the coast and the wind is as it should be in our backs. It’s always blowing in that direction which makes us all bikers go in same direction,.,.but for some goofies going north. All of honor to those guys struggling against the wind every single day!.
Next week is the last post of thes chapter of Airbourne. I’m looking forward to sum up everything in numbers, thoughts and reviews etc etc. So San Fran up next! I hope all of you readers (and new readers) out there are by our side to the finish line.

Lights go down and the rockstars prepare for final song…




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