Day one for Airbourne second wave August 30th

Yes Im back out again where I belong! From this day and continuesly the blog will be in english so even those with lack of swedish awsomness can join the ride too!

So how come the swedish visit only lasted almost 2 months? Well, studies made by me showed its more fun that way so here I am again in Mexico, ready for more diving. In a few weeks Im going back to same base in paradise, Pez Maya, bu this time as a schollar which is a role among the staffcrew. But before that I need to do my Divemaster certification and thats where we are now. Buckle up,  make some popcorn, give wifey/ manny a kiss and fly with me!

The trip over the atlantic went supergood as I didnt have to say hello to those snails behind the desks in the U.S customs. Self five! Instead I arrived to Cancun in the night between august 29th and 30th, perfect for my favorite place to sleep! Threw out my sleeping pad, gave it a few inhales and slept like a baby=) Such a nice start of a new adventure!

When sunlight broke darkness I took my stuff to the GVI office in Playa Del carmen in which I will do my Divemaster certification with ECOdivers. That’s a diveshop with connections with GVI, suits together like a skogaholmslimpa and cheese with oboy, the swedes know what Im talkin about!

In the office I had the chance to meet 2 of my new staffmembers; Sonja from Canada and her boyfriend from Portugal, (gotta recap his name later, was sooooooooooohard to stamp in my brain). Had a chance to say hi to Cynthia too who works in the office, sweaty hugs are the best!!

After that up up and away to the diveshop for a breefmeeting with Pepe, my instructor through the certification. Everything went well with the planning and I finished the day off with some chilltime with good food.

That could be the most booooooooooooring post I have ever written but more are comin up, I promise! I just want the world to know that now the world can follow Airbourne! Back in the carribean…WICKED!! Sven out.



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