End it all with a BOOM!

Last post and a big buuuuuuhhh..Feels a bit weird since this blog has been my home for the last six months. Good is that I have lots to write about so lets just kick it off! It has been great just like the other 3 months here in Mexico.

Last week was a little grumpy among the people, no one really wanted it to finish. We have been diving here almost daily and it’s our home now. Well, time to clean up I guess:) We resumed our collected data among the fish and corals, cleaned the whole base (phew) and pushed our 2 boats all the way up to parkinglot which took almost 2 hours. That was indeed the worst boatpush so far. Some of us cried a bit and we said goodbye to our beloved staffgroup. They have been awesome and I hope surely I will be one of them for autumn!

We sat course for playa and goodbye party on friday that got as twisted as always. We started at Rooftop which is a popular bar among divers with great mojitos. Instead of our standard place on the beach (blue parrot) we stayed at our hostel for a poolparty. The boys played a bit rough games that ended with some brucing but now everybody know that Sweden isn’t to mess with:) Everything was on a friendly level off course!
Day efter was a nightdive at famous Cozumel Island just off playa. I have done one nightdive before so knew a little about how its was going to be. Now afterwards that wasj just not enough at all. The dive was amazing and top three in my life so far. Conditions were perfect with flatsea and clear sky. We saw 6 king crabs up to 1 metre in width. The claws on those guys are not to play with. We kept on with some lobsters and a cool shell thing that looked like he was from dinosaur time:) 2 sting rays floated by and a free swimming moray on top of the reef. They usually sit still in holes waiting for prey to swim by when they attack so seeing one swimming is always fun. He knocked down a hermit crab which was goofy, me and Tom laughed a bit:) Then we found 6 octopus that changed color all the time, discostyle! Under a rock were a gigantic black Grouper estameted siza approx 1,5 metres! Just before our dive was over we covered our flashlights to see the very cool glow in the dark algae around here. They are green in color and activates when water sets in motion. At Honduras in the right season people can do night dives without flashlights but navigate just with help of these algaes. Cool or what?! Back on surface a big ferry was chilling a distance away and we felt the music and saw discolights in the water, thats an interesting ascent:) On top of that tropical storms was about in the horizon coloring the sky gorgeus orange. That night was magic and epic, hard to forget:)

We slept in the diveshop that night, 4 people in a doublebed:) Cozii..After that it was goodbye for real when everybody took off at different time to airport. We cried a bit more, highfived, hugged and assgrabbed:) Everybody but me, Enrique, Susie & Tom. We took off on our belonged roadtrip including surfing, meet enriques family and relatives and a whole lot of fun/adventure:) We picked up surfboards model big and had a blast the first couple of days. Then the sea went flat as a pancake so we did other stuff instead. A fun/sad memory was an incident with a turtle. We found her stuck in the grann on the way back to the ocean after laying eggs. They want to be as close to the sand/grass border as possible and this little girl missed that it was downgill last part. So down she went but couldn’t get up. We carried her up the slope back on track and let her do the most of the way back herself. She urmust have been stuck there for hours before we came! Ka wama (turtle on spanish which also means big beer) often get stressed by this situation st with humans. That leads to that they just stop reproduce for life:(. If that occured to this female at least she is still alive! Human impact is bad yet again…
We hang a lot with Enriques friends and stayed at his uncles apartments across the coast. He is a lawyer so the standard on the rooms was of the finest:) One oif them was in a hotel where a wedding was held. So we suited up with our finest clothing (jeans and t-shirt) and ran down at the best hours. We melted in pretty good in the crowd. A cousin to the bride offered us free champagne as well. The party went on til early morning but we didn’t manage that far:)
After that we made a visit to some relatives to enrique and their fishfarm. They have fish and shrimps in 6 big ponds and having a good time:) The relatives were very nice, even more nice after some tequila:)
Some legendary nights and a goodbye to a real legend. Tom from Botswana was a part of the stfaff and can kick off every party there is. Always happy and such a cool dude.

So 3 of us left and we went back to Guadalajara, Enriques hometown to stay with the family. 2 sisters, mum and dad + a dog is making this family connected. During my days I have never met anyone more welcoming than Enriques family! i feel so lucky to have met them and their wonderful hospitality. All back in town we did some small adventures with climbing, sailing and a visit to a wrestling event:) That was one of the most interesting events I ever been to. First of all its all acting which make it strange already. Then the audience that are having fun by harrassing the other wrestlers fanclub with words so strong I even get a little “wowed”. The idea to the fight is that it´s one technical team and one evil team. But again the fight itself isn’t important, it is to harrass the other teams fanclub as much as possible, interesting:) Throw in some gorgeus girls wearing no clothes in high heels as carrots:) We lauged so hard towards the whole sitaution and it got worse when the h´gay wrestler entered. His superweapon was to kiss his opponents to death;) A good laugh and one experience richer!

In mexico it was graduation/prom time and guess who were invited? Susie got to borrow a dress from Enriques sister and I suited up in his dads…..suit? The Prom was located in an Expo and was huge! 4000 tickets were sold and I now have danced on the biggest dancefloor I¨ve ever seen, it was more like a huge houseparty and it was a total blast. we danced and rocked all night long until morning broke. Another aspect was to see our friends in fine clothes when we are use to the beach lokk with boardies/bikinis and saltu hair. We actually looked really handsome:) A great night that lead to absolutely nothing in activity next day, it was that good!
Then more cries:( Susie had to leave and go back to New Zeeland. That was really hard since she is such a cool girl and the fun we had cant be put in words! i will deffinitly see her again some day and hopefully together with everybody else.
Now with only 2 guys left it’s time for some real boyfun. We went to a football game and saw brazil- Ivery coast play in the u17 world championship. Talk about timing to fit that in the schedule:) 25.000 people at the arena watched an interesting game that ended 3-3. Awesome technical football where the young lads actually wanted to play and perform, not like boring swedish “defence is best offence” tactics:) After the game we thought football was fun so why not watch a tv game when Mexico played final against USA in latin/north american championships. Sick timing again! All friends gathererd in front of the big screen with popcorn and loud voices! Luckily mexico won after a bad start and down by 0-2. To this we ordered 4 pizzas that everybody shared mexican way:) I like that here that you just order a bunch of different food and place it on a table. Then just eat with your hands and everybody is sharing! Still vegetarian over here so I will keep on that track when back home, maybe a challenge? Don’t know but whatever feels right I just do it:)

As a little finish we wanted to a bit of treeking and mapped out a 3 day route up Mexicos 5th highest mountain Nevado de Colima. Unfortunatly bad weather trashed those plans but with the car you can go up a far bit, leaving 1 day hike left. So we did that together with Enriques friend Alf and Rocho, the dog. He carried his own food and water in a small doggy backpack:) Such a cool adventure dog! Because of the weather we couldn’t spot the neighbour volcano but a great lattitude record for me was a fact.
And timing for third time this post:) Enriques sister had a birthday so a good dinner was at its place. I took the chance to thank the wonderful family with a little speech. Scary but I hope they liked it! I feel so grateful for their hospitality and borrowing of money….yeahh that part. As a quick notice, we had a car break in while down surfing and lost some stuff, includin my backpack. it had computer, cameras, wallet, cellphone and…passport. The family helped me with money for new passport and everything solved itself out:)’

So now I am on the bus with my new passport, leaving mexico tomorrow. Have scheduled in the new pirates of the caribeen movie as a finish:) A finish of just not mexico but the whole Airbourne experience. WOW! I simply couldn’t have asked for anything better. Everything have been sick, awesome, massive,,,,all the good descriptions out there. A great track in my rouye of life which leaves a strong and great echo. My diving career has started and I feel excited to climb that ladder a bit more. That leads to more time off post so hope my boss is in a good mood:)
Thank you everybody that has commented and been writing to me during this time. I simply couldn’t have done it wothout your support, and that’s the truth! Makes me all warm inside when thinkinh about how great you are. Although all adventures you feel down sometimes and that’s when I read all of what you have been writing. That always cheer me up and makes me keep on following my dreams.
Post camrades, So cool to see you guys again soon. Can’t wait to share my experiences with you! Family, miss you loads and your hugs are well awaited. My big sister Tove is getting married this summer so get hype for that. Patrik, we have loads of chananigans to do now! Astrid (our 2 man bike) can’t rest anymore! Friends and everybody else have a great summer and love your life!

See ya!












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