Eskilstuna, Sweden

Hello everybody!

A lot of you that follow me might already know but for all you others this might come as a shocking surprise. I have decided to end my around the world cycling adventure due to a knife robbery that occurred on the night between Monday and Tuesday in Dakar, Senegal. I wasn’t physically hurt, still have my life and hopes that my bicycle and all my other stuff are having a good time wherever you are. In the post today I want to describe what happened, how I reached my decision by explaining my thoughts that lead to it.

During the night I was camping a couple of hundred meters from a beach in Dakar. By approximately 2 am I got awakened by a knife slicing through the fabric on my tent. After that I got pulled out and met 4 guys of which 2 of them had a knife each. They search me and all of my bags and I mean everything! The smallest sound I made and I got a knife to my throat and was threatened to shut up. They even ripped my necklace straight of my neck, even when I cried it was from my family. When these monsters at last are leaving I am sitting there in the night with my empty cycle bags, clothes spread everywhere along with some small stuff. I begged them to let me keep my MasterCard and passport which they gave into. After that I collected what was around and walked, with one shoe, to the road for a taxi to closest hotel.

This event has destroyed the whole freedom feeling I had about this cycling adventure and I do not feel like it anymore. Of course I had estimated that I was in a high risk of being robbed, with concern of the countries I was about to travel to. But this was way too much for me with the whole knife and that it lasted for so long. I thought I was mentally prepared for everything but clearly I was wrong. I don’t know if anyone could continue after something like this. I know that I wouldn’t feel safe continuing and also knowing that my closest ones in Sweden would be super worried; no that is too much for me to carry. I have way before this decided that this was the very last adventure before I settle down in Sweden together with my future Linda. That is the motivation I have right now and where I want to go. Since my graduation in 2005 my life has all been about working hard and a lot, saving money to go traveling. Most of these years my home has been my backpack and it has been really fun. But that feels like a finished chapter now and I look forward to all the time I am going to have to actually do somethingJ

Do I feel angry and disappointed? Yes of course since this was the greatest and most important adventure of my life. But a couple of days has now gone and I want to describe more how I am thinking about it. All the perspectives that I’ve gained during these years “on the road” are so important for the person that I am today. I have seen, heard and experienced so much poor and sad environments that it is very easy to appreciate what I have here at home. I have a job, a wonderful girlfriend, a home, a future, healthcare, safety and possibilities! Something that many people don’t have but really deserve! To think about this makes my situation very hard to complain about. I feel incredibly happy of being alive, some others doesn’t come out that happy after a robbery like this. The men who did this are partly egoistic pigs with no respect and deserves to rot in jail BUT they are poor in a very tough culture. They stole things from me but can never take away my memories. I still did 15000 km from Sweden to Africa and raised over U.S $3000. I am very happy with that.

A big thank you to all of you that has followed me these 7 months and contributed to the great sum of money for charity. I feel very proud! Remember, no one can do everything but everybody can do something!

A big thank you to my sponsors for believing in me and I am very sorry for the ending. Hope you are not all too disappointed and can understand. I hope also you gained something for these last 7 months!

Airbourne out…





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4 Responses to Eskilstuna, Sweden

  1. Hello Sven,
    meet you in Rosso by the ferry – the German whits the camper, you make picture from my map Senegal…… you remember ???
    I read the end of your dream. Importent is you are ok !!!
    You are young, and have time for start many other dreams…
    Inform me when you start your next adventure.
    After we meet us in Rosso i gone to Gambia (whitout problems,- i was aloune too and sleep not of campground – sometimes danger !!!) – now i am back in German and my camper is parking in Gambia till eastern, then i will go whis him to Togo.
    Greatz from Colongne in German Alexander

    • Acke says:

      Hello Alex! Thank you for the kind words, yes my adventure ended sooner then expected. I am now back home in Sweden with family and happy to still be alive. I hope your adventure with the amazing campervan takes you many more miles in the future. Great meeting you and thank you so much for the maps!

  2. Diego says:

    Today i suddenly remembered about your adventure while I was scrolling the photos of this summer in corsica. You probaby wont remember, we met on a beach near cape corse with my father. I remember you had stomach problems or something like this.
    Now reading that you ended your adventure makes me sad. And seeing why it came to this is even more sad. This stories show me, a young adult now, how it is become harder to go for an adventure. This because a lot of people are sadly treated like animals and they end to behave like that to survive. However you optimism and happiness gives me strength to believe in humans and i wish you a happy future.
    Maybe one day i ll complete your journey. Who knows?
    Sorry for my terrible english.
    Enjoy your life. Love the world

    Greetings from your swiss fan who met you in corsica. (That was one of this meetings one never forgets, i mean: How often do you see and speak to someone who is travelling the whole world and that is in the same tiny place as you at the same time?)
    I ve finished. Sorry if i bored you

  3. maryse murphy says:

    hello alexander,
    you spent 2 days in bourg en bresse (france)around september just before going grappe picking .I’ve just read how your adventure ended abruptly in senegal. Well you are lucky to be alive and not injured . I hope you get back to your feet soon and have a nice life with Linda.
    Happy new year from both of us.

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