Facial hair, wrecks, caves and……nudity?

Hello all friends!

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the lovley comments and messages that you share! Im so glad everytime I log on and just read all about what you are up to that I want to jump my pants off:) I hope life treats you well and with that I go back to the stories here in Pirateland, together with plenty og new pictures. A picture taste better than a rotten plastic fruit, as the farmer said:)

To begin with some of us had to do something about our facial hair art. Art is art so it was indeed a hard decision to make! To make the hard feelings a little less dramatic we made it into a funny competition so Doug did some handlebars, Arjun saved some on the chin, Jack did the timemachine and got 60 years younger with his “superbeard to clean” and me who did it porn style with a mustash. My new nickname these days is Sven Humpus:) We kept our new look over the weekend and enjoyed it the most:)

From lovely weater everything changed and wind picked up fast. Our usually mirrorflat ocean turned into a rollercoaster and next 2 weeks we only had 3 diving days:( On comfort side should be mentioned that wind is common this season so we just have to stick with it. Now we are back to normal so smiles are back on peoples faces:) On non diving days a good idea is to go to town. Said and done we tried our hitchhiking luck and got jackpot! A pickup took us with him and also some military officers further ahead! What a gang we were:) Another thing to do was to fix the roof to our divegear, which we made out of palmleaves. It took us a couple of hours and will hopefully last a little longer:)
When done me and Enrique tried to figure out what to do with the rest of the palmleaves. The result became a hat and a voodoo doll/hutguard:)

Our restlessness was driving us a little more crazy than usual so the return to the water was more then welcome:) Wooho! We finished the advenced open water course and are waiting for rescue that kicks off in middle may. So a little focus now on AOW because it sure was fun. On one dive we learned to top our boyancy. We trained this by swimming through rings without touching edges, played upside down ( which we do all the time anyway because of our monitoring). We also swam just off the bottom not touching it. Here the best kick technique is the frog style otherwise sand is everywhere and destroying visibility. Some flips is fun to and as a finish we had a race without fins:) A lot of playfulness but important skills to master. That is how we protect our beautiful reefs!

Next dive was a navigation dive with compass. We practised omn beach with buckets over our heads. The idea was to make a straight line and then walk back same line. That especially is important in diving! Squares and triangles is more for knowing how to navigate but important too. We did this all in the water during a bad visibility dive so had to master it perfectly ( which we did splended). Next up was an adrenaline filled dive, the deep one. We went down to 30 metres and had a look. Here a condition can occure called nitrogen narcosis. That basically means you get drunk:) It affects most divers but in different levels. My impression was that everything was awesome and supercool! Susie forgot how to read her air so had to ask someone, krissi sat on her bum and pointed laughing to all the fish:) Worth knowing is that the color red basically dissapears and go green instead because lack of natural light. So after this dive I now can dive with no deep limits in the recreational diving scale:) Woohoo!

So back to facial hair weekend which was a blast! Doug took us on a roadtrip and showed us some areas he found particulurly interesting. We agree! We started in a circleshaped cenote for some snorkling, then off to Villadolid where we had a nicedinner and looked around in the typical mexican old kind oif town. People ordered appetizers and desserts everywhere and went crazy (again!) all together with mojitos, margaritas and fruit drinks, wicked! Mexican food is great and still very cheap so extra star to Mexico! I have started trying habanero and other strong sauces but not really my thing i think. Maybe some other day:)

Evening was a wild partynight in where we floated around a little everywhere on what felt like very round shoes under all of our feet:) I do remember a sawplaying dude that we tipped way too much, an art show that was really cool, huge drinks, 25 sombreros on one head at the same time, guiness at an irish bar and a huge nightclub! People lost mind and shoes but it was worth everything, we had sooo much fun:)
Day after was a bit concrete tuned but a cool restaurant fixed our state of mind to the better. Mojitos was just a little reset kick:)…phhew…On way back to base we stopped by some other mayan ruins and I just can’t get my head around how they manage to build these massive things. Respect!

To everybody I would recommend to buy a hammock instead of bed. Althoug we are a bit spoiled here with the clear sky full of stars and palms which creates a magic feeling to sleep in. Fullmoon here on the beach is just inomparable! Some other small mentionings:
Me and Krissi have made 2 mudcakes:)
I can add Nurseshark, eagle ray and skunk.
Martin caught a lionfish with a speargun the other day. Apperently very tasteful with pepper and lime. The Lionfish is an invasive species which is spreading far to fast and disturbing the eco balance. So harpooning them is a good thing to do, even if I myself don’t really am keen of it.
I am now E.F.R certifired (emergency first responder which Im renewing every second year.

The worst part of all this fun is that it eventually ends. Half of the group has have now left and went back to “ordinary” life. These 5 weeks have been unique to me and has given me even more than I could even imagne before! We have been such a cool group and everybody came along so well. As a finish we did a discoverydive through somw swimthroughs and stuff at places we haven’t dived before. That was fun but nothing against pez Mayas first nude dive later (only boys sadly). Fells wrong to call it exciting but I do anyway:). Yes…nude dive was my idea and a good celebration to dive # 50:) Freedom was epic!

That weekend when 5 weekers left we had a long weekend off that we spent with….diving?! The wreck at puerto morelos was spectaculur on 23-29 metres. So cool to swim around in diufferent rooms, check out the canon and big grouper fish! Second dive that day was my best visibility dive so far and so beautiful! Some of the guys spotted a sailfish which swam superfast passed them. Myself was happy with eagle ray, lobsters, moray and loads of french grunt. A great day!

Next day was cavern/cave diving in a cenote. The difference is basically that a cavern has small holes where sunlight penetrates through the ceiling. A cave is all black and is more tech diving. The visibility in these underwater cave systems is redicilous with about 100 metres at least. The water is a mix between salt and fresh which creates a cool line in the water. Its a bit cold compared to the ocean (24 degrees celsius) so a 5mm wetsuit is necessary. The deal in this cavern is a instructor with 4 divers and a determined rope to follow that is preset. Our Instructor thought we were a cool group so he took us a bit off the rope on the second dive, exploring some real cavediving in total darkness. We carried 3 flashlights each but it was still a bit scary when 2 of them broke:) Adrenaline was pumping high all the time! I did a cool comparasion with the sandcaves I visited in tasmania, australia. They looked the same but now I was diving/flying around instead:) The water wasn’t even noticable it was that clear!

So that’s the weeks update, we rock on and next time will be nonetheless exciting!

To all swedes, I will be home around 23rd instead of 15th, miss you all! Have fun and look cool!

Sven Out!











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