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It’s time for an update on the airbournefront. The “supposed to be” startdate is approaching (sort of) and I’m seriously beginning to feel tremendously awesome=) To begin with I want to to tell you that Airbourne got a little space in the local newspaper the other day. 2 pages plus the front in “Eskilstunakuriren” will do the trick to bring attention. The article is very suitable timewise and will form a solid base for my sponsor applications, that will be sent off soon after the results of my scholarapplications. I chose to begin with scholarship applications that I hope get results from to in late February and mid april. That is when it is determined the exact start date for Airbourne 2013! EXCITING!

So spread Airbournes spirit everyone so we can raise money in loads! And one more thing that just came up, the other day I was contacted by Cancerfoundation. They really liked my project so we will start cooperate with eachother more=) As long the word is spread wide we both are happy!

On Tuesday feb 5th, Swedish Radio will do a story about Airbourne, but I do not know what time yet. It will be recorded kl.7.45 but will be aired later. Be updated
on my Facebook page or airbournes to know when. Of course, I will upload the session up on the website later for those who know swedish=)

The fact that many people have a good heart makes me very happy! Around me warm words hails about how to cool this adventure will be, you are just unbelievable! For
an example I want to mention one of the carowners I drive taxi for, Roozbeh Sirouspoor. He gives me many hours behind the wheel, help me with the correct tax table and have already donated some money to the project! this early, I have already received inquiries about how to donate through the website, a function available right now but that is not clear enough yet. But because of this “pressure” I will make it happen soon. Stay tuned.,.,.

As soon as I know my exact departure date, I intend to deal with the major media sources out there. Writing about it now I feel a little cold, the effect is hotter with a story closer “liftoff”, I think. But what I would like to put focus on in today’s post will the be packing list! Stuff that are all mens (read boys) best friends and toys. Surely I have forgot something big in this preliminary list. Comments and ideas are welcome in the new guestbook, in which you really can write about anything :)

Tent of a bivouac type (probably Vaude Bivi or Power tokee)
Multifuel kitchen (Primus Omnilight TI)
2 or 3 water bottles (1L)
SpotGps with subscription for support of daily position update on my website anywhere in the world.
Sleeping bag (western mountaineering)
sleeping pad (Thermarest ProLite + with Trekker Lounge Chair)

I try to keep down the weight and not mess with the performance when it goes to the choice of tent. The kitchen can be run on gas, alcohol, petrol and for emergency diesel. 2 bottles are fixed on the bike and the last one packed in the bag. My sleepingpad can be converted to a chair so I can rest just about anywhere. The sleeping bag is a 3 season.

BCD: Aqualung Zuma with Airwave integrated octo
Regulator: Mares instinct first and second stage with “super flex” hoses
Fins: Aqua Long hotshot
Mask: Tusa
SPG: Only Air gauge
Divecomputer: Suunto D6i + wireless transmitter for air control
Extras: Delayed surface marker bouy, knife, whistle
Rashguard and boardshorts

A travel light series of equipment that suits me. The hoses are super flexible to use minimum. The fins are worn without boots, so I will not have boots along. Regarding to the regulator, I only have the primary second stage with me as “the octo” is integrated into the low pressure hose from the bcd. The first stage has two high pressure ports so
I can use my wireless transmitter to read of my air into the computer. The second stage has an angled outlet that allows bubbles passing just behind my ear, Perfect for monitorwork and study+photography.

Cyclespare parts:
tubes + puncture repair kit
Allen keys
lube oil
spokes + spokekey
multi-tool (Gerber)

This kit I start with but will be expanded with the spare tire during demanding nature.

In cycling mode I look something like this:
1 jersey
1 pair of cycling shorts short model
1 pair of cycling socks
Bike Shoes Shimano R087 SPD SL cleats
Gloves (Neoprene model from hestra)
helmet (Giro Savant)
sunglasses with interchangeable lenses (Tifosi Tyrant with poralised & transparent lenses)
Bicycle lock “cable” with key
leg-and armwarmers
Compression Clothes

Minimal wear but still performs what they should. The Compression garments I will sleep with at night for the best possible recovery.

In other situations you will find the following:
1 pair of underwear
Fjallraven trousers (G1000 material can be made into shorts)
Fila Skeletoes+ tow socks
Warm wool socks
1 t-shirt
Wool sweater from Ullmax
Baseclothes from Ullmax
Shell Jacket Galvin Green Goretex Paclight
Rainpants Didrikson

These clothes are durable for demanding day trips on the mountain, but can also handle a day in town. I choose Skeletoes to hold down space and weight and wool material for its properties.

The rest goes to:

Laptop 11.6 inch with charger, external hard drive 640 gb
Mobile Phone Sony Xperia Active with waterproof earphones and offlineGps.
Sports Camera GoPro together withtaccessories for diving
Deodorant, perfume and soap / shampoo
Travel Towel in mini size
Card holder + small bag of coins. Icabanken mastercard + creditcard GeMoneybank
Kindle eReader, including “Into the wild”
jack converter
“Keychain Backpack” Sea to Summit
Compendium including information for my charities

I save copies of all the important documents in my computer, Kindle & harddrive. Icabank offers free withdrawals and no currency surcharge for purchases with credit cards.

I carry all this with me on my bicycle Kona Sutra 2012. On this I will possibly replace the current disc brakes with standard V-brakes. I’m upgrading the saddle a Brooks B17. On the handle is a bike computer and a handlebar bag for smaller items. 2 waterproof bags front and rear (Vaude) holds my stuff. For feet, I use
Schwalbe Marathon tires (plus model in the rear) in size 700×32.
I will wear my fins loose in the rear along with sleeping pad. These can be covered with a rain cover from the Osprey.
That’s about it! Less is more. Have a good time children and let’s talk again soon!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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