Fez, Morocko

Day 191, 12146 km

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..is the right thing to say on this side of the world. Marocko is pumping, the
cycling is pumping which gives us an equation with the sum that Acke “Sven” also
is pumping:) When I am heading out on my perfect dream day of bike touring, I
have big nature around me and I feel right in the middle of it, a sensational
feeling. I have had tis feeling since I set my foot on this continent. A
boatride of 1 hour and same amount of time withdrawn from the timezone and a
whole new world has opened up. SO yeahh..Africa has been delivering 100% so far!

To stand highest on upon the rock of gibraltar and looking out on the sea down
under me reminded me of something. I have now cycled over the whole of Europe! I
remember once back in the days in school when a guy came and lectured when he
had done this exact trip on is bicycle. Just imagine that I would be in his
position at that time is just incredible! With that I want to encourage
everybody that if you have a dream, dare to fight to make it happen! It is
wourth every second of it!
The famous monkeys up here on the rock kept me entertained for an hour or so,
cute and so human sometimes that it is scary. I passed touristbus one after
another filled with elderly “lazy” people, hahha. Or it could have been me who
were a bit strange, the climb up was really steep and I had to struggle hard.
Bit it worked anywat and I´m glad I did it! The run down was fast and I picked
up a map of Morocko before leaving Gibraltar. I bought the same Michelin variety
but the scale was a whole lot bigger 1:1000.000, which yet again placed a
picture in my head of how it was going to be on “the other side”. Few roads
means harder to get lost:P
Towards Algeciras and to buy a ticket, which was a bit more time consuming than
I thought. There were nontheless 8 companies (!) to choose from with a price
range which seemed endless. But 25 euro got me what I wanted without the so
called friendly african “guides”. They stand outside and show where to buy the
tickets, as if the big sign wasn´t big enough?! And then they want commission
for it. Yeahh right..I got on the ferry quite quick and it wasn´t crowded at
all, me and just a few more people. So the work for the police was easygoing,
stamping everybodys passports. But my stomach and the butterflies within wasn´t
cool at all…soon….

I rolled to land viewing upwards more than around me. Big mountains covered the
coast in the direction I was going so better get to work! The time was 4 pm so i
had 1 hour before sunset. With the new timezone the sunrise is at just passed 7
am and sunset just after 5 pm. That is the time I have to play on to move
somewhere:). I soon realized that freecamping is not going to be an issue with
the big area everywhere, just pick a spot and be happy:) I also got a little bit
of company the very first morning by a stick insect dancing in the wind. I said
hi and let him go again:)

IMG_0655 (2)_800x585

Spectaculur days yes! I have cycled 120 km each day since I got here uptil now
and it was really only the first day the had some bad sessions of bad roads. I
passed a whole lot of trucks which worked around the mine area that was there. I
tried to see and take in as much as I possibly could, stuff that might gain me
in this new kind of world. I sat down for lunch by a military base and had a
chat with the guys. “OHH SWEDDEN, ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC!” Yep, that is correct:) I
got offered lunch aswell and couldn´t refuse. But unfortunatly I could not take
a photo which wasn´t allowed when they were wearing there uniforms. The rest of
the day went well and I pitched my tent up in the forest a bit of the road.

The nights here have temperatures down to 3-4 degrees celsius and during the day
it peaks up to 23 and that is how it is going to be until a week or so when I
hit the Marrakech area and south. That´s when the real warmth is coming. The
next morningI actually had frost all around me so going out from that warm
sleeping bag wasn´t as fun. But that quickly changed when I raced into an
american named Alex. He had his travel home base in Lissabon and was doing a
tour around on his bike too. A very nice guy I wish best of luch, follow him
here —> Alex bike tour
The mountains became more of forest landscape this day and I was always cheered
on by local kids of all ages. I am also trying out “streetfood” in nuts and
fruits that I find interesting. I then reached Rabat on the westcoast this
thursday. Here the plan was simply to fix the visa to Mauritania through the
embassy. But unfortunatly it was closed on the friday and then all over the
weekend. That really sat me on the potty and I put my thinking beanie on. I did
not at all felt like sticking around here for 3 days so I decided to go on to
Fez and then try to catch a bus/train back to fix the visa upcoming week.
Thought, probarly said and done..that is what I did. And when I had the visa in
my hand I just take the train/bus back to Fez and contine where I left off.I
specially remember this bit after the town of Khemisset going to Meknes.
Beautiful scenery and a gorgeus sunset, super! Just north of this smentioned
town was another highlight for me to visit, Volubilis. These ruins are about
2.000 years old and are on the Unesco world herritage list. They are situated
along a mountainside looking out over the landscape. i walked around in the now
very hot (30 degrees) place taking photos everywhere. It was a great afternoon
before I left off again. A lot of ups and downs led me to Fez where I sit today
and writing to you!

As you may see I´m having an awesome time with more cool adventures to come.
Atlasmountains and the western sahara are off course two big steps to pass. But
we shall not forget the visa I need to continue. The plan is to get back to
Rabat tomorrow Monday (sunday ment no bus and bicycles are not allowed on the
train) and get to bed early. Because at 6.30 i need to be infront of the
embassy. They open the doors at 8 and at that time it will be around 50 people
there in something that is not at all called a que:P Gotta have some sharp
elbowes and struggle through. I have with me my passport, 380 dirhams, document
with details (fishe), copy of passport and entrystamp to Morocko and 2
photocopies of myself. I will pay a guy 10 dirham to help me with the documents
since they are all in french, that is highly recommended. Some of the guys will
not have time to get the visa that morning because they are closing. But I will
not be one of them. i will come back at 2.30 to pick it up, hopefully with the
right startdate (dec 26th). This could be a bit of Jeopardy sometimes:)
This is how it is suppose to happen but you never know, we are in Africa now:P

I also really want to mention the swedish bank of SEB and my cousin Jocke, who
have contributed with the biggest donation so far. Very much thank you and also
to the other 3 that I will send postcard to since my entering to Morocko! I will
be happy to do it as soon I find internet that works together with my phone:)
Hopefully this afternoon. A lot of pictures this week to see and I could
probarly have taken a whole lot more, it is that beautiful around here! So that
I think is a very strong reason to follow Airbourne on this epic and biggest
challenge/adventure so far; to cycle down to Ghana!

Have a nice start of the christmas holiday everyone!



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