Good morning, day and evening!


It has bin a quite lot of those since my latest post on this blog, early mornings and late nights has resulted in lazy Sundays on base. Sundays is the day where we actually can go to town and access the Real world outside our own paradiseJ.


My life as a scholar in Pezmaya has been wonderful, gorgeus, excellent, awesome….Well everything positive ones mouth can spit out at the same time. Although the days are long, they are filled with important duties in which I have to use my brain sometimes..haha.. Along the way I have “tripped” sometimes but I feel that I learn fro my mistakes have a good attitude to the job. The last week has been going really good so lets keep it up!

So what am I actually responsible for outside science training for new volunteers? Yes, keep on smiling and I let you know. First off all the Bar and Tuck which is the beer, juice, sodas and candy that the volunteers and staff can buy here at base. We sum it up every week and collect money. With we I mean me and Frank, the other scholar. We also buy new stock every week to keep everything running.

The big water container on the roof needs filling sometimes and that’s my job toJ Not to actually fill it myself but organise a “tinaco-fill” every now and then so we have water in the kitchen. That job is quite fun because the staff is on the roof and the “children” send up water from the well on the ground. That means that sometimes (accidently of course) one and another bucket comes back down again as a free showerJ hahaha…

Continuously, since I am a coral dude, I also am responsible for some data input to the computer from that we collect from the transects we do in the ocean.

I charge radios and pack the box for the captain on the boats every day. We bring stuff such as gps, knife, keys, dive and safety information, pencil etc etc. Another big job is the food monitor which basically means that I buy food for everyone. That one feels good, gives me some kind of powerJ Hahah..


This job has activated something in my soul and kind. This is something that I really want to do for a while in my life! The science part of diving, living simple on a base and not having to wear shoes (or pants sometimes) haha..Within GVI there are marine projects going on in Seychelles and a new one in Fiji. That is where I am aiming! And yes, I will bring my 2 mankinis over there tooJ

After the first five weeks our basemanager Vicki left us for our new basemanager Rhu. Vicki has been a big reason for my positive attitude to this experience. We shared hut and had many funny conversations, many of them regarding pantsJ Thanks to her I can now say Peculiar (maybe spelled that way), which means strange or awkvard. Fits me as good as a pizza in a pizza cartonJ Hopefully I meet her again someday in scubaunit or not,  until then smile and love your life! Miss you!

So with that Rhu moved in to my hut the pants discussions continues as beforeJ But he had the nerve to turn down my future ideas regarding mankini exploration. Maybe for the greater good. I like his energy to solving problems and I think the upcoming weeks will be effective.


The volunteers are a really cool gang! Among them there are plenty of Swedes and that means vikingpower from top to toes. We have one guy called mclovin who I really like, the name comes from the movie Superbad and he actually looks like him and acts the same way sometimes….and yes…..his last name is Fogel..haha..We have shared some awesome moments in and off the water, spotting sharks, rays,lionfish, corals and actually one Manatee! That is a big seacow or seaelephant!


Last weekend was my holiday and together with my new friends we did some dives in cozumel, spotted a seahorse, yellow coney (rare apparently), some big groupers, rays, moray eals. Exciting dive with some swimthroughs/tunnels aswell. On sunday we did some cenotediving (kind of a cave). I been to that place before but it was exciting over my “crazy base hair” this time too. We entered “batcave” and surfaced to see all the bats flying around. Although we only saw a couple this time. Fun anyway! J


Finally Cecilia arrived! I have been waiting for ages and told all kind of stories about her to the volunteers. She is doing really good with both her fish- and diving training. Impressive, because she is still an avatar,,haha.


Ahh driving boats is sooooooooo fun! I will upload some videos when I get a chance later so you can see how everything actually happens. Often the weather makes the surface choppy and with big waves but now and then its actually flat and that means playtime! Some donouts now and then keeps that playful little character inside me alive.


Less than a month left and then I hit Swedish ground again. Reloading for “free willy” bicycling adventure in USA. Patrick is working remarkably good with his beard. Good boy!


Sven the divemaster has found his course in life, only thing now is just heading for it in supahspeed! Miss you family, relatives and friends! I want to come home and tell you about everything really soon! You are the best!


Sunday today and more diving tomorrow! Sven out!



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