Frensh Alps..Roadtrip..GO!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Another journey is on! On January 1st did we set our course towards La Plagne in the french alps. With us was our beloved minivan in a more upgradeable version than last year. The aim was certain and same for all of us; POWDER up where it cools the most:) So this years roster looks like following:

Robert Wiesner: The only trustable rider beside myself since he understands that boardriders outcool skiers 7 days a week. Normally he stays in a student room once belonged to the prince of Sweden Carl-Philip. In 2 years time he´s up in the air playing fighterpilot! Now that´s wicked!

Peter Hultberg: The gadget freak. What Peter doesn´t know about stuff isn´t worth knowing about. He is related to once the strongest man in the world, Magnus Samuelsson. To some people Magnus is famous for his wiggling hips in tv-shw “Lets dance”. Speaking of career swap:) Peter skis in Onepiece, that´s cool!

Erik “Kiruna” Ramnelius: The man from the north. If you ask him what he woulod like for food the answer 97% of the times will be “pieces of meet”. Together with Patrik, my flatmate, the most aggressive rider in the gang.

Patrik P-dog Blomstrand: He´s got the beard and…..yeahh thats basically what you need to know. My flatmate since 6 months back and a really chill dude. Likes his outdoor pants from “fjällräven” a bit too much.

Cissi Norberg: The third postie in the gang and single female in the gang, respect! Has a wonderful laugh, always telling us funny things and never touch the brake,ever. The last fact is something many french guys can agree to:)

Anton Karlkvist: Loves his harmonica and we love listen to him play. A cozi guy who always wear soft fabrics. Out of the slope he spends time knitting in the room, which in writing seconds a necktube (!) is beeing made. Thanks to him I also know the basics in knitting: Into the cave, get the treasure, out of cave and over mountain:) Great fun.

Acke Scott: Massive sugardaddy of the group!

Altogether we are three pilots, three posties and 1 musician with accents from the north, middle and something you just can´t map out. Trying listen to this in the car when everybody is hyped up is just a big mess, but a good mess. Now Patrik got grumpy because I classified him as postie and not pilot. Well, guess next round is on me then…

Okidoks, back to the trip itself. The road down got as sweet as a roadtriop can be. The bus was filled with stuff everywhere; Coke cans, computers, cables, pillows and all kinds of music. We had loads of fun all of the 23 hours it took us down there. As always there are a small “situation” and this time Patrik and Robert was a little responsible. They thought it was unnecessary to fuel up and kept on driving. At next fuel station the fuel prompt showed less than 15 km left of the tank! Thats where the quote of the week comes in “Kör ba” which means “just do it”.
We were actually really polite and kind to our fellow traffic mates this year. Something that was discussable last year:) I guess we have all grew up a bit….maybe. A funny incident was on a stop for a female toiletbreak. All back in the car a donkey (!) shows up outside, alive and healthy. We sad hello and continued…
All down at our destination the next step were to divide ourselves into the 2 studios that we booked. I was lucky (or unlucky) to stay with 2 war/military geeks that had their gadgets/ stuff in an order that would make every priest jellous. My stuff were categorized as a little more sandstorm but life is all about take and give right?:)
The snow this week were a bit thin at first but after a couple of days finally snowgoid gave us that fluffy white sparkles we all love!. Friday became “shred of the week” and we found a particulurly sweet top for a 2 hour hike. We captured 4 beautiful rides from that top and my new board felt like it had found its crescendo. The feeling was awesome and surfing wasn’t that far away.
In the lift back to our village we ended up in a sweet reaggae crew so a bit singing wasn’t bad at all:)

The Area of La plagne offers 225 km of slopes and a highest peak off 3000 metres. So the oppurtunities were there but the lack of snow made it impossible to see the full potential, maybe next year! Another roadtrip can’t just never fail. So our week has been great with one exception…cheesecoma! Fondue is great, I agree….But after a while it really starts to sicken you down into the deep bad swamp:)

A great start of Airbourne 2011 and more to come, prepare for Africa on wednesday WAKA WAKA PORQUE ESTO ES AFRICA!

Dream Big!



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