Interrailing Europe Summer 2007

Johan, Thim, Jonas and I took off on an adventure through the rails for 4 weeks. We flew down to Paris and then followed the route -> Barcelona -> Nice -> Monaco -> Milano -> Venice -> Croatia -> Budapest —> Prague -> Munich -> Frankurt and then flew home to Sweden. A lovely summer! 

Abisko – Nikkaluokta Summer 2010

Patrick and I felt the need for some hiking so we went up to northern Sweden. Just over 120 km´s over a couple of days including Kebnekaise (highest peak in Sweden with 2200 metres) was the result. Calm-and quietness are what I remember most from here! To be said is that we did NOT hike the last 20 metres of the glacier on top of Keb, lack of equipment make that a challange yet to conqueer.

Les Arcs / La Plagne in January 2011

A bunch of guys and a girl went down on one of several roadtrips to the French Alps. The snow is our friend!


Africa January 2011

A cool continent that breathes all that I seek to quiet my needs. I had a day in Nairobi, Kenya, before I went down to Tanzania. Here it was the safari that was the highlight with visits to Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire.My encounter with mountain gorillas in Uganda was a memory of a lifetime since I was alone with a group of them! After that, it became more adrenaline pumped down in South Africa …


Utah February 2011

Incredible amounts of snow mixed with American culture and nature made this month fun! Both I and Patrick would agree that it is how skiing and snowboarding should be experienced! Before we left the country, we did a couple of days in Las Vegas.


Philippines March 2011

Here I met up with Robert (Swede) on the island of Siargao for 2 weeks in surf spirit. Surely you do take it slow so after 2 weeks I took the opportunity to explore the island a bit more. I dived Moalboal and Donsol. A unique encounter with whale sharks was worth a notice.


Mexico April – December 2011

Wow, where do I begin to describe Mexico? A time that has shaped and made me into the person I am today. I came here to volunteer at a marine conservation project where my studyarea became corals. During my 10 weeks as a volunteer, we lived on a beach and dived daily to collect data. We also had other projects on the side, such as bird watching and partner work in the neighboring village of Punta Allen. After the 10 weeks I was back in Sweden for a month and then back to base on a scholarship, now working as a divemaster and one in staffcrew. I still have trouble putting words to descrive this time and all friends that i share for the rest of my life!


USA on a cycle Summer 2012

If Mexico created my diving personality, this trip showed us that nothing is impossible! Well known Patrick and I challenged the continentwith our bicycles starting in Yorktown, VA, on the east coast. 8300 km´s and 3 months later we arrived at San Francisco via Seaside, OR. So many lovely people, diverse nature and our discovery of our personal capacity make this adventure into something extraordinary!