June 9th, Neumünster, Germany

Today is Sunday which means a whole 2 weeks since that emotional day in Eskilstuna when I left for a 3 year long bike ride. 14 days that has taken me all the way down Germany and this avergage size town. My cycling tan is in “ON” mode and the routines have found their place. I think its superamazing out here living on my 2 wheels on this great adventure! I meet a lot of people who just shake their head and thinks: Those swedes aren’t what they should be:)

So that any given cycling day looks like this: ALarm goes off at 07.37 and I snooze a little. A kickoff with oatmeal, honey an drymilk powder mix sets it, I always mix a little extra milk to have on the roads first hour. I take the tent down, put on my superhero outfit and get to work around 08,30. Some breaks before lunch contains of peanuts. At lunch (1 pm) I have rice with beans in one big tortilla bread. The mix is more than one bread so I eat some one the side too, I make enough to stans me for dinner to. That I put away in a doggybag:) Lunch usually takes about 45 minutes and then Im on the road again. More snackbreakes could now contain also some sugardrinks, if I feel like it. At 6.45 I start look around for a cool freecamp site and that usually takes me aroudn 15 minutes, piece a cake:) Dinner awaits and take up the tent again before I snuggle in with my book (at the moment The Hunger Games) or my laptop ( now watching tv-series Alcatraz). The difference from my bike ride with Patrik in USA isn’t big but there are some…

For an example now when I sleep alone in the tent it’s a bit colder. I really fell the lack of that extra bodyheat in there. During the day I always cycle at my own pace so that minimize the risk of exhaustion. I never have to chase up for anyone if I don’t feel 100%. It is boring not to have anyone to chitchat with, me and Pat were so good at that:) Also the picture taking is easier when we are 2. But I figure that part out and I do not feel lonely at all:) I know a lot of people follow me here on my website around the world so thank you for accompany me:)

So cycling it is, after last post in Traryd, Sweden, I threw myself over to Denmark…with a little help from a carferry between Helsingborg (SWE) and Helsingor (DEN). The original plan was to carry on down to Malmo and cross from there to Copenhagen. But with my choosed option I had more cycling in Denmark and got rid of 2 big t cities which can be a little bit of a hazzard.
When in Denmark I felt home already, thanks to the smell of seaweed and ocean:) Great stuff!. I set course south and touched Copenhagen before I went west towards mainland. I had an idea of going in the southern parts on the 3 small islands, but knocked that one down pretty soon. I lost a whole lot of cycling with that option so across mainland it was. Kolding ment south again towards Flensburg, Germany. Denmark has a well obtained cycling system with signs and a cyclemap to follow. The signs though are sometimed hidden or just gone so I had to improvise a bit, using my mobile GPS (CoPilot). With this buddy I have maps all over the world stored on my memory card and use it to fins Mcdonalds for free wifi, clever huh?:) I also use it off course to find certain adresses.
Denmark was not as windy as expected but very flat and nonvaried. It was green, yellow and loads of county which looked the same, So I was really pumped up over Germany after a while.

In Germany I follow this Pilgrimroute/Ochsenweg which are basically the same. They also have signs which makes life easy and very much better then Denmark. I will continue this route down to Hamburg and then round the bay towards Amsterdam & Julia:)
I set off the first little crash today when I hit a sand patch. I laid there and took a photo, happy as I was:) Another accident same day ment the end of my front fender, a super big puncture and offtuned frontbrakes. I just went on a path when the fender just flew up in pieces in front of me…Hahahhaa, “Whaaaat ar’ uuuuhh doinn there?!”,,.was my thought:)

That’s it for the day and I hope all of you have gotten your t-shirts. Do not worry, a 2nd wave is coming up so if you want to buy one now take a chance:) Just email me size and adress and we make it happen:) Ask me please for any further details:) All for charity you know!

I havent got a response over why the donation button goes to a swedish page but will figure it out when time comes:)

So family, Linda, friends, workmates and everybody else…Hope life is cool!



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