Happiness in a nutshell!

May 27th

Behind the garage of an elderly home just outside Goreville, Illinois

Put a rocketlauncher on the back of a firefly and it gets fast. Thats a physical fact, but the big riddle still is how time can fly by in just a second. I check todays date and it says almost end of May which means more than 2 weeks on the road! If anyone can explain that strange fastness, email me..

Time flies but not at all without anything inside it. The big climbo in Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia, was a challange that we passed and as a reward the downhill section on the other side was a treat:) See the video in end of text! On top of that we ended up in a church for a lunchbreak. The sign said welcome all bikers so we had to stop. In there was heaven..litterally. A sign said help yourself among the stuff in the kitchen and so we did. We stuffed ourself with pudding, chips, cookies, cheese and drinks. The whole thing just came as a big random surprise and the smiles on our faces were wider than bigfoots mustash. A nap was well in place after that:)

With some time we have also found ourselves in the everyday tempo so things are happening without thoughts, just like normal workdays at home:) This is how an average day can be like: Wake up at 6.30 and I make the breakky, which is flavoured oatmeal together with milk made from powder and water. When its done I wake up Patrik and serve him In his sleeping bag:) Not bad for him getting breakky on bed almost everyday:) After that we pack up, change, brush our teeth and get to work at around 7.30. Its often quiet moist at the mornings which is nice comparing to the heat we experience sometimes during midday. Just over 2 hours later we have a snackbreak. Nuts, snickers and sweet drinks is our best friends:) I have found some honey roasted peanuts which I can’t be without! After that we ride until 12.30-13.30 when it’s time for lunch. At this point we have covered between 40-45 miles. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day! Althogh the variety isn´t that imaginary;) We have rice, pasta or mash that we serve with beans in different shapes. Often we also throw in some soft tortilla breads:) It’s still so good so I don’t complain at all:) After lunch we rest a bit with naps or music, then back on the road again. Some more snack breaks and then we finish between 16.30 and 18.00. Dinner is the same as lunch and we relax more with books and checking maps for tomorrows encounters:) The most common places we put up our tents is outside churches which welcomes bikers all the time:) If you´re lucky they even have picnic tables, outside power outlets and waterhose or tap for needly wash ups:)

Wow that was boring everyday stuff! You people who know knows that I don´t cope with everyday life! So now I spice things up with telling you all about the funnier stuff that has happened! I want to start with our FridayFirestationFoodFest! We heard some rumors about a firestation that opened their doors for passing through cyclists like us, but only if you are cool. Luckily we are the face of coolness! Here we had aircondition, matresses and a kitchen all too ourselves,,,,and there was something more…hmm…YES…FIRETRUCKS! With many tent nights in our backs the relief was legendary! We prepped up for movienight with candy, pancakes,jelly,whipcream,chips,dip, soda,milk, chocolate, white bread and cheese:) And we ate absolutely everything.,.,.,.,almost;) Morning after we played around in carhall with the firetrucks, shooting funny pics:)

Night after that we set aim for the united methodist church in Marion, Kentucky. Also rumors led us here and gave us a living room and sofas to sleep in. They even had WIFI! Wayne was the friendly man who let us in and showed us around with his great hospitality. Im so glad people here are so friendly! it just makes me want to give back so much, and isn’t that what creates the wonderful world we live in?

And guess what? It gets better! Even when our first obstacle hit us in the face, friendly amazing people show up when we most need it! let me tell the story about Marnie and Nancy who lives outside Eddyville, Illinois. Patrik just got his first flat tire ( maybe it was time after 1000 miles). Marnie, biker aswell stopped by and offered us a better pump than we had:) On top of that we got served some cool drinks in the almost 100 degrees fahrenheit. During the fixing and replacement of tube Nancy, Marlies friend also come by. It turns out they live just uphill where we stopped! I guess they saw how tired and hot we were and asked us in for lunch:) The positive energy was so welcoming and we were fortunate to meet the whole family over lunch. There were also Al, the man in the house, 8 dogs with Turner as the most forward one, a some goats with a baby one called Sheldon (after “big bang theory” off course), a pig, horses, cows and two cats:) Thats what I could count at least:) A very big family is just a understake:) And the lucnhtable wasn´t that bad either! Patrik got hamburgers and I got a wonderful salad with fresh fruits and berries! And when the words out of Nancy mouth was heard: ” Around my table, i expect you to eat much”, the happiness was total! :) Memorable was also the Amish homemade cheese, oatmeal cookies and watermelon.
After a tour among the animals it was hard to say goodbye! Nancy and Marlie, we still talk about you and how wonderful you were to us! Big hugs! The food we got with us in a bag was eaten evening after and was filling our stomachs yet again:) Amazing isn’t enough! :)

Its these small random things that makes travellling so magic! You never know what’s around the corner, noor good or bad, it’s always exciting and always comes out awesome! The happiness of discovering an outside power outlet in a church led to a movie night in our tent (MI:4 Ghost Protocol, cool Flick!). A hose led to a shower which gave us so much energy for the day after! Small things, big results! Wooohoo!:) Always live your life to the fullest!

For the actual cycling, it’s going really well! We are pre 2 days pre schedule which can be explained with our increased average performance. We now do 70 miles/day instead of 60. Its what we are capable of without any signifficant over effort. We have entered our 3rd state (Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois) and have by tomorrow covered three of our 10 goals on the way to Astoria, Oregon. When we reach our goals it means internet, upload of pics, junk food (mostly Subway) and new post in blog.

That’s where we are now! For all you new visitors and old ones, Love Your Life!



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