Cycling is on

Hi guys!

First of all, ITS ON! Me and Patrik is here in the U.S, in the countryside and of course in our biggest adventure ever! The first few days has been AMAZING and leave so much to offer to the future.
At the airport everything went smoothly. We checked in our beloved once (yes, bikes) and headed against the food/drinkin secion. Here we enjoyed some free food thanks to superawesome Alexander “Sven” Scott. I took down a job as a mystery shopper, which means that you evaluate differerent saleplaces all around the society. This time the two fast food chains “Waynes Coffee” & “Taste” good some taste of my testingfist! It all went great so we went down to olearys for some preflight “fruitjuice”. i had some vanillacoke (galliano and coke) and Patrik had a big portion of manlyness with whisky together with a bottle of Sam Adams.
If travelling spirit didnt bring out happiness, the drinks surely did! We both bursted out laughing after patriks toilet visit. The dude came out, looking confused (or Patrikish) and said: ” I found a pelican in my bag!. People turned their heads around one after another and wondered what he just said?Pelican? As posties both of us are, I understood from the beginning that he didnt mean that he found a bird in his bag. A pelican is a tool we use in the post to open up plastic bands around magazines and such. On top of that whole amusement, Patrik got extra checked in security, “yeahh unfortunatly we are making a random test and you are the lucky winner today” Funny is that he always gets these “extra checks” and its hillarious every time, see him stand there and look innocent:)

Well stay calm carry on, we got our selves to USA together with our bikes. On the transit we got some new fans in some female flight attendences. We cant help we are so cool and awesome:) A quick looksie in washington happened before going to a motel just 20 km from start of our big thing.
1 day pre schedule we started our journey to the pacific. The plan was to go on saturday but we couldnt get hold of our selves:) So on friday morning we puzzled our beloved ones together and realized Patrik left his cyclecomputer behinf and mine had a broken cable. Due to the love and faith in the technical wonder of that piece of equipment we solved he issue and bought new ones pretty soon after that.
On the way of getting to the start off course more fun stuff happened ( as always with us 2). Most of the time our brains cope well together but at a stoplight a little sitaution appeared. Light turned yellow so as the guy in front I stopped. Off course when doing that you should give sign to guy behind. ooppss…Patrik “superspeed” crahsed into mu bum and hit the ground. On the way to express my “sorryness” on the side of the road, where he managed to get himself, I forgot to use my own balanze and,.,.,., whoopss,.,.there was I on the asphalt, looking like a overpregnent kangaroo:)

The result of that, surprisingly, turned to be blood from me and not a single drop from Patrik. I think he is more of a man than me :(
Well yet again, stay calm carry on. We found ourself at the start of journey in front of Yorktown monument & the Atlantic. The monument is a symbol of the surrender of Great Brittan back in the days. More precisely in october 8th 1781! I should be a history teacher!
the first days of cycling has been wicked! We have cycled through beaches, beautiful countryside houses and mysterious forest areas. The cycling tan is on and we are adapting ourselves pretty good!

As I mentioned before the plan is to have an average of 92 km per day over 69 cycling days. on top of that we have 7 rest days not planned in. That gives us a target oif july 25th.
We do encounter different problems and unexpected challenges but when we do, we do just as PADI/ EFR would have done it; Stop, think, act. We always look forward and thats why we are going to make this happen!
First challenge is in 2 days time, a climbo of 600 metres over just over 47 km. Did I hear some doubts? i say BRING iT!

Sven out


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