Hi my name is Alex but you can call me Simba..

..is exactly what I have introduced myself as to the locals around here. The funny thing is that all of these people always try to sell you something or offering to show you directions for tips. What Ive realized is that they are very good at remembering names of different travellers. Must be hundreds passing by their spot everyday! So I don’t fins it particulurly strange to hear ” Ey Simba whats up?” or “rasta, how are u doin’?” because of my hat:) I do like my role here as the chilled out rasta dude:)

Last night Nairobi welcomed me nighttime with no troubles what so ever. A little dealing on the airport and a taxi drove me to my hotel at the fully ok charge of 7 U.S dollars.
_ Yey, finally some backpackers to chat with! I just couldnt wait to feel the travelling athmosphere in a shabby hostel room:) So guess If I had a surprice when I couldn’t find a soul at the hostel accept the one guy behind the counter. That was a boomer but no time to weap! My other friend, my computer, can be a pretty good company too:)

I woke up the next day like a dwarf that just had been attacked by a supersized fork, KATCHONK! I have some people to meet today. My social metre was down at its lowest so time to get going. So I attempted a guiness world record in greeting people a good morning before I jumped in the cab, taking me to city centre and from there continuing towards Arusha,Tanzania. Off course the transport wasn’t all synced so I had plenty of time to explore the heart of Nairobi…which wasn’t super exciting honestly. Jusy another city,,,so I stretched a little bit to reach Langata and a visit to a giraffe centre. The place is a rehabilitation centre for endangered species and besides 3 fantastic, longnecked animals I also met Pumba:) As seen in one of the videos, one of the giraffes got a bit to close which was all fine by me:) All that has to go with nature or animals can get as close as they want:) Finished off by buying some fresh pineapple, not a bad start of what is hopefully going to be The adventure.

An offcourse bumpy 6 hour bus ride later, me and my pants arrived in Arusha,, Tanzania. You guys that complain about the uneven winterroads, plan a visit over here and open your eyes a little wider:) Doesn’t take away my smile and joy of beeing in such a cool environment. Around me I saw gigantic Masai, kettle, african villages with children and women dressed in big jewelries. The men are wearing the classic Masai warrior outfit accompanied with a stick. Too bad the bus didn’t stop anywhere. Would be amazing with just a quick meeting with one tribe. Maybe some other day:) Taking a pciture wasn’t an option since the windows were as see through as…an african bus window?!

The first day in Arusha was a blast. I walked around different agencies to find a good safari deal, which was really fun! People are greaing you with mambo which I think is buddy or something. Could also be taxi, Im not really sure:) After a whole lot of visits I decided with a certain company for a 5 day adventure starting tomorrow:) I wanted 5 days to have a taste of all different parks around here, we like! Back at the hostel I sat down to plan a bit more anbd realized i dont have a single day to waist:) Straight after the safari I set my adventure compoass towards Uganda and silverback gorillas:) Wicked!

I also wanrt to mention my interesting breakky together with a paraglider. He showed me pictures of this and it really got me hooked! So thats a new note in the book of my ToDo’s! A bit expensive but what is mioney but paper in a bag? Nothing compared to real experiences! Another local, Abrahim, showed me around town a little bit and as a thank you I bought a painting made by his mother. We also tried something really funny tasting beer. The description said “rich, creamy and full of vitamins”. The taste reminded me off a mix between beer and tropical juice:) Not a boo and not a hooray, I rate it somewhere there in between!

Thats my life at the moment, all hype for safari tomorrow!









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