High Wycombe,N51*37`43″W0*44`58″

Day 35, 2149 Miles

Hey but hey!
Today I write to you smelling good! The other day I found my hideout just behind a shed just next to some water. Here I have washed not only my clothes but myself aswell:) I don’t smell anymore! But anyway, I’ve had plenty of showers lately with no less than 5 vacation days:) A little more than planned but hey, England and friends is a good combo that I gladly put some penny/time in.
I got myself and my “horse” to Emerells Port cold fingers as a follow. The weather has been acting funny with rain and clouds, making dressing superhard. Too warm (which I hate) and then too cold. So when Jim met me, bouncing, with a shout of “SVEN IS HEERE!”, I immedietely got warm again. Jim works as a sharkfeeder at the local aquarim here, Blue Planet. So I had the luck of following him to “work” this day. Here Jim did a small diving show for the kids where he introduced them to scuba diving and then fed the rays in there. After that it was the regular inside cleaning of the tank on schedule, a wedding is coming up so better make it shine more than my regular cyclemode:) In wait for him I had the time to explore all the stuff around there such as giant squid (baby), otters, piranhas and much more! When Jim came up from the tank I had the pleasure of inspecting him and 2 workmates fees the sandtiger sharks from surface. Always fun to see an aquarium “backstage”, where Jim earlier took me around the facility and described all the work behind it, interesting! After that it was my turn and I actually fed a lemon shark! Sooo fun:) I sat a little close but it was alright…The fact of the day goes to the one that showes sandtigers have spots as juveniles which then dissapears.

We rounded of the day with videogames and boyschat, which also got me into Micronesia, a place fairly priced reachable from Manila….hmm…we’ll see about that. Thanks jim for 2 great days brother, DOOOMMMMSKAAAALLLE!!!

So back to work on my cycle “Primo Viktoria is though name) and head almost straight south towards Exeter. The sun is actually showing its face from time to time and the landscape is more hilly. My legs had to work a lot more and that was good exercise for my Alps crossing coming up in about 10-12 days time. I pass this gorgeus castle: Tinterin Abbey

In the slopes I meet Jackie and Simon, two enthuiastic cyclists on a tandem for the day. We chat a bit and Jackie challenges me up the slope to their house. I don’t make the first one but second was easier, which was good enough for me to come in for some “tea” (which I think could mean both dinner and coffe/tea here in England, not quite sure). Well, for me it became both=) Jackie and Simon also had visitors (cyclists aswell) coming for tea (as in dinner) so we had a really lovely time with great food/drinks. Lets see if I can remember it all; Vegetarian hamburger, sandwich, hummus, chips with hummus again, sushi, pie with vegetables, homemade bread, fruitsallad and cheese+crackers. Wow it was amazing! Of the 7 people we were 5 vegetetarians and all cyclists, boy I was at the right place!
The day after Simon and Jackie were about to do a hundred miles route and another interesting challenge are coming up for Simon. He is going to cycle 600 km in 36 hours. All you pensioners out there, beat that:) I wish him all best of luck. Alan, Val, Rick, Jan, Simon & Jackie; thank you very much for an lovely evening and a nice bed to sleep in:) I think about you still and enjoy those cyclelives of yours that you do!

So I “rolled” from there happy and got myself to Exeter with no extraordinary efforts. Here I first met Jen, a visit that just came up a few days before. Jen is also a buddy from Mexico, we were volunteers at the same phase. We enjoyed beautiful Exeter waterfront (at a pub called Waterfront), which is a university town. We sat down together with Peter, a friend of Jens who I could stay with this night. Jen was a bit unpopular with her landlady since her birthday party weekend before:) Hahaha..You go girl! Her real birthday was same day I arrived so big congrats to you again!
I would say that the night went on with a lot of girltalk:) It was fun! After a goodbye hug i cycled “across the street” to Tom, another Mexico familiar. We did not do girltalk but explored Exeter – Exmouth waterwise, by renting a canoe. Good company, good music and fun photoshoots made this day great, calmly just gliding down the water.
Tom was nice enoguh to let me go freestyle in the kitchen, which led to my favourite back home, vehetarian pasta roses, and then the other day Svens famous lovesauce known from Mexico. He didn’t complain at all, not even when I aswell made a cheesecake:)
Tom studies at uni at the moment but now during summer he has started this observation science project, regarding the chileen flamingos at the zoo in Paignton. So aquarium with Jim and zoo with Tom, all animals everywhere:) Toms observations are 3 surveys daily and take about an hour each, and are about how the flamingos react to outside factors. A study that together with a friend is a part to a PHD for that friend:) Good luck with that Tom! So a zoo means to me alot of playing with the camera, therefor the large numbers of animals in this weeks gallery. We also had time to watch both the semifinals of the FIFA confederation cup. Brazil and Spain in the final on sunday, I better find a pub that night..
Tom and I said goodbye and I cycled towards Oxford for another friend…

Sarah, also a mexico legendery companion. Starting to see the read thread over here? Sarah and I had a great day in Oxford talking about travelling, walking around the colleges around that creates Oxford university. Great time with a fine place, we also had ice cream which I had much to less of:)

The donations are adding up and it’s very fun to see you all active in my project. Even more postcards has been sent away and I like it! If you find something strange on the website, or some link doesn’t work, feel free to email me ackescott@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do about that. In august I will start the monthly fee for the website, all for charity off course. The first page with the links and map will stay free, but the blog with stories/pictures will be $4US per month. A message will appear but we will talk bout that later=) Not at all a big sum so it would be great if as many as possible are active to let us reach $7.000 which is the target. We are closing up to $2.000 at the moment:)

Thats my post this week, hope you enjoyed it. Im off to find a campsite now, but shower? Nahh, can not be to luxurios:)






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