Ibstock, England (52,681953N 1,400902W)

Day 24, 1575 Miles

First up, GREAT NEWS! The Europeen union has decided to strenghten the law of banning sharkfinning. This procedure is when fishermen cut the fins of one shark and then throw it back for a slow and painful death in the sea. The ban has been around for 10 years but had its loopholes. Now all ships in europeen water are under this ban, aswell for all europeen registered boats everywhere in the world! Well, Europe isn’t the bad boy in this but it’s a great start and hopefully sends a good message!

But now over to the whole awesome cycling stuff that I actually do. Germany got itself a halfway showdown after that I finsihed my pilgrimroute in Hamburg. I entered this biiiiig city with a smile since it was long ago I saw,.,.sexshops, stripclubs,.,homeless..well it wasn’t all misery. The tunnel that took me under Elb river was fascinating. I dismounted my bike and walked as one should, since it’s a onelane tunnel. That is if if you are a pirate aswell…I tried to take a picture but ended up shoved almost from people behind. That did not work out at all. So my bigcity visit this time was thumbs down but maybe next time:)
I started to feel a bit of a caged lion with this routefollowing so from Hamburg I chosed my own ways from the great cycling network here towards Julia and Amsterdam. Signs are everywhere so just do it:)

These days I had a good taste of the greatest challenge this adventure is giving me, lonelyness. Many people spoke bad english so the dialogues were often short and rather poor. So I put a lot more enrgy on cycling itself. When these brainghosts appear I tend to look at the silverring I wear in a necklace. Its engraved “Love, strength, currage” and I got it from my family, that reminds me:) And those people that has been around me have possibly noticed my bracelets, from I find great memories from people/places. Especially 3 comes from Linda and reminds me of our great time together. These things and I add music, closeness to writing & I feel I can keep my moral high in a good place. That strenghten me, that I can feel I can solve this sitatuon as well.

My body, driveness, focus and equipment has in its own part just grew stronger in confidence so I just keep rolling on! Holland it is with a lot more worse weather which in its turn led to far less photos than thought from beginning. Cloudy is good bikewise with is comfortable temperature and moistyness, but I can gladly clear off that wind and rain:) So Amsterdam I enter and wanted to Superhug Julia,.,.,.who wasn’t there. But then she came and the plan we talked about since last summer now happened; I have cycled to Amsterdam! As I wished we drank local beer at Roest ( a club with industryfeeling) and sat on Julias roof together with 3 friends of her. Sweden, Lithuania and Finland was there to present. Thank you Elin, Gentare and Sanna, nice to see you:)
Nightgrab of food was french fries, the best ones I had in a while! But the sleep in (inside!) morning after was probarly even better. We had luck on sunday and met some other swedish people on social holiday event, Midsummer. The swedish Club, with Petra in lead, hosts event every swedish holiday. It was very fun, indeed when we won on lottery:) An ikea cookbook is now representative in Julias student kitchenshelf. From that point me and Julia took seperate ways where I was going for my ferry to England. Thank you Julia for 2 great days, big hug:)

This afternoon was the ultimate windtest, especially good when I was under time preassure. Ferry was going lunchtime morning after so I wanted to clear as many km that I could. Great then that my route was along the sea or by a river, windiest possible places. Well, head down and get to work Sven! 35 km that evening followed by 50 day upon and I was safe. Gladly conditons were better 2nd day.

So yes, sit on ferry for 7 hours. That means cookies and movies=) I have finished Alcatras series so did a try with Arrow, a modern city Robin Hood that had a prelife as Robinson Crusoe. He does great chinups by the way:P I liked it and 7 episodes in a row later ment Harwich, England. Me and a cool scootergang threw ourselves out in left lane traffic, which they were much better at according to their brittish flag stickers all over the scooters. I even forgot which foot to use first. My whole world was insideout and upside down. I found my tentsite very soon, made some warm choco and started to focus on mornong after…

My days in England are taking me to Ellesmer Port (south of Liverpool) and down to Exeter in southern part. First up is Jim, my pirate/heavymetal friend and then down to Tom in south. Tom, me, Susie & Enrique created the fantastic4 that explored Mexico westcoast after my volunteerphase. I have not had as much rain as I thought from beginning, just a single shower on its tops. It’s cloudy and I can’t remember when I saw the sun for last time:) Good for cycling though. That leads me to reach Jim on thursday. The roads are,.,.,left,.,.,narrow and covered by bushes on each side almost all the time. That was a bit scary at beginning but used to it now, it’s good to hide behind when freecamping:) According to my map I have 5 roads/colors. Sven should stay on the white, yellow and red, green and blue are for bigger/stronger cars:) That simple it is…

So new tv-series but are still in Hunger games book, reached 60%. So the remaining 2 in this triology will keep me busy.

A big thanks to Nick who saved me one night and gave me water:)

Chris Smith, I regretted same second as we took seperate ways that I didn’t came along and accepted your invitation. Would have been nice!

So I think that’s it for this week, beloved friends. For next time I think I just have finished my dive in worlds deepest indoor pool, Nemo 33 in Brüssel (not Amsterdam that I stated before). And then maybe Luxemburg next, who knows where Airbourne takes me?

Thanks a lot for supporting my project. A lot of money has been raised and I have already sent off my first postcard! Brilliant!

Soooo,.,.che ciao!




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