Imagine a basketball player out of snow!

Another city has been crossed off and airbourne has found its everyday tempo I must say. When I sit there in my rockingchair 40 years from now, numbers will remind me of Salt Lake city. Or what about:

2 metres of snow during 17 ski days!
A funny sight was when the snow was so deep that their partner had to dig them out with a showel!

11 cm average of new snow each day!
The record was 0.8 metres during 48 hours.
90 dollars is the speed ticket if you drive to fast:)
130 km/h was the max speed of our snowmobiles.
12 dollars for a quiksilver shirt
Unknown number of calories we ate from junkfood:)

I think that’s the most important numbers that I can remember for the moment. Life these days has off course circled all around the snow and that isn’t strange at all:) Since last time some funny incidents have happened so here we go again:
I learned that the girls don’t get impressed at all when you are trying to show off but ending up crashing into a sidewall. Downside of it was a cracked nose on my board so that’s a change up in about 2 years. To bad but fun to buy something new:)

Yes snowobile, that was fun! On a day off to rest our legs we took the chance and had some fun up in beaver creek. We rented the toys for 4 hours but the actual playtime was a little shorter. Un experienced drivers and deep snow wasn’t the best combo so to speak. Got stuck 2 times and the last time we had to call for help through gps alert. When te gu arrived it took him about 4 seconds to get it loose:) Yes, we are that manly…
Plys these 2 stops my toy broke down so we had to wait 20 minutes for help there too. All of this but we always have fun anyway! That’s the best part. A sunset over beaver creek is always better than rainy Sweden! Glorius!
On the way back home again our stomachs grointed a little so Texas Road House wasn’t that bad at all! The place was awesome with talky waitresses and highvolume americans everywhere:) We did get free snacks since we probarly looked a bit lost:) Add the countrymusic and moosehead to the cool environment!. The steak tasted like heaven itself!

My backpack is getting heavier with all the new clothes we have bought. Surfbrands are supercheap here compared to Sweden so me and patrik now look cooler than ever!

So lets talk about the police, just a few hours ago we got pulled over by a patrolcar. My foot was a little bit to heavy which resulted in a small fine. Our first thought was off course; where is the camera?! The officer wasn’t on that jokemode so he just gave us the fine. As a sum up, stay away from mountains while snowboarding, don’t get stuck with snowmobiles and behold the speed limit, 3 things, can and will do!

A bit more fun is that now I know what my speciality in mexico will be. I will be a coral geek and have 1 months to learn them all. Its 51 species including latin names. Piece of cake! I can already see myself in phillipines on an ordinary day. Wake up and a morning surf or a little run. Hang around with the other surfers for lunch. Followed up by a siesta and some coralstudy. Evening includes channanigans or just another wavesession. Mars is going to be great!

Another news in my travelplans is my visit to Jenny in San Diego just before Mexico. SHe ius a happy, energic and hardcore girl who lives together with some other swedish dudes. School is her thing while some of the others are pilots in the local scandinavian pilot school. Seems to be a cool gang and I long for it and I long for it already!

Well, You only live once and now it’s Las Vegas in 1 hour! Rock on!

Family: You are about to refcieve a postcard really soon although it’s a bit stoneage:) I feel I have to support my work I guesS. Tobey, 2 questions, Cane one throw rice on the wedding and follow up question, can I swap rice for something more creative?=) Jonna, Work hard! You are going travelling girl!

Frida, Cissi and all others at Post Sweden. Almost 2 months now and I do miss you. That has to mean that we are a happy crew on a good place to be. You are above awesome!

Grandma and grandpa: Hope you find a computer in Spain. I really like reading your comments, make me feel you are around all the time!

Jenny: See ya soon!

All others: Take care and have fun!




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