Interlaken, Switzerland

Day 53, 4704 km


Oooopsidaisii.. what one can say when stuff don’t go exactly as planned. That´s exactly how Switzerland has been for me so far, but at the same time its all good. In my head I always make things work to my advantage, see the bright side and just continue. Life is more fun that way:) You guys that have been on (at the moment I have big problems with the links, more about that later) have seen that I have been stuck on the map for almost a week. This is the cause:


This is my rear rim which really isn’t in top shape, so I swapped her out for this one instead:


A real top of the line that should be able to carry my heavy back(my bum) and everything in the back. No matter how you do it, the biggest stress is in the back. My previous rim was ok but couldn’t stand the weight, which my new one should handle much better. We give it a go! I also threw in some regular maintence (new chain and cable check) for the service guys, meanwhile I was waiting for the rim to arrive. So stuck in Biel, lets find some cycle friends to stay with…

I found Brigitte and Hans for 2 nights, which felt at home..,.,.really home since the whole apartment and building look just like my parents’. The elevator was just the same! Hans and Brigitte took me with open arms and we came up with things together. Imagine a bicycle that you can fold and pack in a suitcase? Then Faltbar LINK is for you! The whole idea is very interesing and they are fun to go with, even for touring which Han and Brigitte does! Pricey (starts at 1400 euro) but handmade from England. Very cool!
Around the corner we met the next guy in the theme of cycling. Patrick ( I think) make his own steelframes and is very good at his thing, not just making them but come up with ideas. What about this one with the cables in seperated tubes inside the frame:


Maybe not superconvenient but indeed cool. So 2 stops with bicycle theme? Finished? Noo,,,On to the Velomuseum (bicyclemuseum) which in fact is a private collection of the owner. Here you find examples from more than hundred years! Aswell some very modern ones. 2 floors of eyegluing was the result and all this bigccity influed acitvities made us long for the lake and cold water.,.,said and done=) Swimming here became something I did for more times this week. Beautiful place with bbq and great view of the mountain on the other side. A week that also had a cultural music festival which we enjoyed later together with..,.,.LOCAL BEER! That one did not escape this time neither..
Thank you very much Hans and Brigitte for the welcoming stay, the generous donation and much more:) Look forward to that postcard:)

Now to my 2nd cyclefriend/host. Beerit lives in her own little jungleapartment, filled with aquariums containing fish, geckos and a turtle. Very interesting to sleep and imagine your long away somewhere else:) Beerit is a veterinarian and has worked or travelled basically the whole world, we had a lot to talk about not the least since we share passion for diving. 3 days including a bbq night and a dayhike up the mountain was great fun, not at least for the dog Cairo who joined us. Thank you Beerit and have fun in life:) So with that my rim was ready, I tried to join while the guy was working but couldn¨t do that unfortunatly. Maybe next time:)

Up until today it has been mountains and I have been tested a few times. 14 degrees slope for 5 km and 7 degress for 7 km. The feeling of reaching the top after hard work is amazing, althoug very hard work. I have chosen St. Gotthards pass for my final cross over the alps into Italy, a 2000 metre challenge which Im looking forward to. I have some movies that has to be edited which I can upload in a later moment. It got to me that I should do this more often, so you guys can reallt see whats going on from my point of view:)

So today I discovered that my Kindle eReader is broken so have to change that one. I have a lot to read and for the moment it’s Harry Potter time! 1st one finished and into 2nd, thought that I will also watch the movies on order so maybe sorceres stone will show tonight on Svens camping cinema?:) Also my laptop charger is a bit crazy. I lay all this responsibility on Switzerland so on a couple of days everything is fine again:) Donations are coming in and that is the most important part. As I said, always look on the bright side of life:) Haha..

So the website, the links takes you to a strange place and I been struggling with this for a while. Together with the chatsupport we try to make this work well. The problem is that it comes back when it’s good once. But I don’t give up! Soon we are there:)

That’s about it this week and I thank you very much for reading. Many photos to see and next time more oh these from mountains and such:) Stick around…



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