Life after the Yellow Stone

4th of July (Happy holiday America!)

Motel Room in Walla Walla, Washington

Yes, you read the right word. A motel room! And it feels so nice! Had a good row with churches and
stuff before but lately it’s been a lot of camping in our beloved tent. It’s really good, believe me, but
nothing beats a real shower and aircon sometimes. And not talking about a fridge with cold beer:)

The days after the big Yellowstone adventure has been a little average. The pacific is closing up and
we can acutally start counting days now:) Who would have thought that 7 weeks back? Yet, some
obstacles are left and for now mossies is one of them. You can’t even take a pee in piece without the
little biggers trying to make your thing be eaten alive. So quick out and even quicker back in again is
a winning motto!

Have to live with those along our route who now took us to 2 old cities who were important back in
the days when gold were the new facebook status update. For a cyclist it´s hard (or easy) knowing
what to do when you see a sign saying “home made icecream/candy”. But when those 2 are next to
eachother it ends up in a longer break than usual:) Spent also some time talking to a crazy
american/norwegian local who mentioned the word viking at least 20 times:) full of energy and we
almost choked on our candy laughing at him:) Nice dude:)

The landscape became more and more green when we entered the town of twin bridges. Here we
stayed in the cyclists very own house in the park. That’s how lucky we are! Shower and bbq was
ready for us and you all know what that means….S’MORES! Which we had together wtih some
awesome garlicbread! The mossies weren’t that bad this evening so a little piece and quite was
terriffic! Bicycling went on next day as usual and we ended up hostesses with a doctor couple who
made us a fantastic pancake breakky! That’s something americans made up really good! From here we
had a really nice bikepath to follow and it was fast too! A good hundred miles later and we ended up
in another hot spring. The stop was just by the road but to get to the actual hot spring, a trekk of 1
mile was necessary. So we brought food- and camp gear with us and stayed the night there.
Accompanied with us were 3 americans who were a bit much god and jesus fanatic for our taste:) SUr
thing Jesus was a cool fellah but these guys based everything on it and tried to take us with them. I
will happil have their faith which off course gave them a lot of energy. Thats very cool!

Next day ment go to hospital for my bike. A aluminium frame broke so the weld had to come out and
fix it. Not a big deal so we were back on the road in no time. Glad it went so effective. Because next
day winds were reallly giving us a hard time! if you counht out the day before that and count the 3
previous ones, you can add up almost 295 miles all over those 3 days:) Off course with the wind this
wasn’t one of those days. But every problem has a solution and this one is called music. Let the wind
be outside and you stay inside in your very own mental chamber and it will all go away:) piece of

With that struggle we are now in Walla Walla for 4th of July. The day was spent by a visit to the park
and drinking superb beer at a brewery:) That all of course are in shade comparing to the feeling of
beeing in a motelroom. A big Highlight everytime:) So that’s where we are now. Just one state away
from that pacific on the other side. Feels very strange to be able to count days now. I hope you stay
with us untilo the end, without you we aren’t as cool as we lock ;)



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9 Responses to Life after the Yellow Stone

  1. Martha says:

    just sent a post thinking i might have enoeunterced you guys. The date on my camera puts my arrival at Mount Gleason at around 2 pm on the 27th of may. Thanks Kevin

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  3. Acho que essa teoria da conspiração bem “complexa”… pq a batata do Dorival tá assando desde que o Inter caiu na Libertadores… aí perguntam “bom, mas se ali já se tinha a ideia de que Dorival não era mais o cara, pq esperar pra demitir depois de um jogo contra o líder e cheio de desfalques?”Deixo a pergunta: afinal qual o momento certo pra trocar o treinador? Alguns dirão que no início da temporada. Acontece que o ano tem 12 meses e ninguém se sustenta com maus resultados…

  4. http://www./ says:

    A small theatre would be an instant fail. How many established ones have already closed or are closing throughout the city? The Uptown, University, Beach, Bloor, Carlton, etc. If it’s not AMC or Ciniplex then there is no point in even trying. Sadly it’s big box theatres or nothing. Plus we do have the REVUE theatre on Roncy which I’d be willing to bet isn’t frequented by most readers to this blog.

  5. http://www./ says:

    The Islamist thrust with getting non-Muslim women to wear the Hijab, burka, etc has been to present it as a civil rights issue by telling them that it shows solidarity with Muslim womenwhich is a fantastic bit of twisted logic,

  6. http://www./ says:

    Great, thank you! Alarac still won’t be making levels very fast since I’ll be focused on Sabine, but it will be moving! I’m still laughing over Sinking Sands.

  7. http://www./ says:

    25 oktober 2012Dank je ja, de dubbele lading heeft mij ook doen besluiten om het toch maar te plaatsen misschien is het te heftig en het is geen persoon die ik op de korrel neem. Dank je voor je hart, doet me goed  

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