Life is marvellous, even better than mail on sundays:)


First, I want to thank you all for your great comments and points of views. It’s so exciting logging in and read your warm and welcoming messages. Family, relatives and friends THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Now back to the rock n’ roll. Last time I left Tanzzania for Uganda. I still believe I will return to the area and explore more of the great nature experiences over there. Africa is awesome!
Bumby bus co took me to Kampala which was an 20 hour journey that got a whole lot better when we swapped bus afer one third:) The new bus can be compared to a rockstar tour bus, the seats were like big chairs with plenty of room No strange I slept like a baby! When I woke from my cinderella sleep I found 2 new friends in Fiona and Adriane, 2 locals who became my female heroes. Apperently the gorilla tours had to be booked quite a long time before, something Simba off course didn’t plan that well;) She made a few calls for me and used her angry side (wow, note to self; do not mess with Adriane), so after a while I was booked for a tour to Bwindi, close to Kongo boarder. I was so lucky since trying to have a phone call in english was as succesful as talking to a cup of hot milk. I am still so grateful and we spend the rest of the day with great local food and some dancing lessons:)

Next morning was G-day! For gorilla, nothing else..In my group there were suppose to be another 2 persons but they never showed up. So the driver Alvin and me went for a private roadtrip:) That was a succesful misshappening as the future was about to show…The social part was suffering for the expense of the experience off beeing alone with such great animals.
As the only white man in the village (Musongo on swahili), I was popular among the villages on my evening run that night:)

Next morning was about to be a day I will remember for the rest of my life (yes, another one). We drove a toyota v8 4wd up to 2400 metres above the sea and trekked the last bit in the jungle. The trekking was really rough with tight bush, mud and humidity. Machete= yes please=) As another challange, only whispers are aloud in the nationalpark which was quite hard for me too! Well, the effort was so worth the 30 minutes I spent together with the gorillafamily. There were 2 females, the alphamale and one smaller one. To describe them is just to much but I can give it a small try. They have our eyes, they move like us and their charm is unbelievable! One female thought I looked funny and came forward to play with me by giving me a punsh on my leg:) I trembled a lot after a closer contact then I expected! So I found myself alone with my guide and a gorillafamily, just like a dream actually! A dream I even got a diploma for which im going to save for special occations:)

A cup of adrenaline please,.,.,no take 2!

Its time for me to report from adventurous South Africa. I see my days here as a little appetizer of what can be something else. I only had 4 days in a country where you need 4 months! In my oppinion it’s a lot like australia with left side driving and woolwourths:) But back to that..
First I want to talk a little about my hostel in Kampala called Red Chili. This Hostel had absolutely everyting you could have asked for as a backpacker. You can tent outside in the garden, join a dorm room or have your own room. Here you also find a cool bar, pooltable, free wifi, loads of people, swimmingpool, book exchange and a puppy named Kyser. So I find it just as perfect as a hostel should be!

But back to Cape town, I arrived here on a thursday and started to plan my days, as always way to late but got it together pretty good anyway:) I have stayed at a super party hostel so a little lack of sleep is something to count for, but I’m still happy as always. Vanessa from Sweden works over here at the hostel, she was a really cool girl who talked very good about capetown, and why shouldn’t she?!
A little sleep and i kicked off my friday going to the coast and hopefully study my friend Carcharodon Carcharias, or Great White Shark. We became a fun gang from Holland, Norway and germany that made the day memorable. We sang a lot of Astrid Lindgren (famous swedish children author) because Peter from holland liked the swedish singing sounds:) We did even miss a shark when we were singing..ooppsss. But there were more of them fortunatly. We saw total 4 individuals who hanged around the boat for 10-15 minutes each. The biggest one was as far as our cage, 5 metres! Awesome! To get the sharks close and study them the crew uses tuna mix which is used by the engine to spread it a little bit, together with 2 fish heads tighten to a rope. THE SHARKS ARE NEVER FED WHICH WOULD BREAK SO MANY RULES AND REGELATIONS!
The company who arrange these sightings is GVI, who are the same one Im going with in Mexico and they seem to have so much fun while collecting all the data. Can’t wait for those days!

Great White friday turned to Bungy saturday! I tried the world’s highest artifficial bungee which measured 216 metres! My plan was to make it a little more fun and do it nude, but the children in the restaurant who watched the livefeed would be scarred for life. A good reason to keep the undies on:) Just had to do that little extra:)

The sunday was a “chill by the pool day” after all exctiting stuff the days before. The day went fast to monday as I am writing this. The time shows just a little more hours until take off for salt lake city! Winter fun together with Patrik is going to be amazing and the channanigans can’t wait any longer:)
Patrik, Heads up for a blast!

Next time I will serve some action films from my headcamera, hopefully with powder everywhere!








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