Now the date is finally set ….,,, .. or is it? ;)

In a taxi, March 26th

Very shilly-shallying back and forth, thoughts here and there. If I had a basement with a large & round track I had still walked around it today :) Should I go then or thyn? Enough money? Do I have time to dive Sardinia then? Well, dear friends, that you will do do if you cycle off at May 26th. The taxback was really nice to me this year which was the total opposite of what i´ve planned. Since I have multiple jobs that usually ends up with a whole lot of tax to pay back to government. But not for Sven:)

If You who peeked into the site, youp probably has noticed some new stuff. Sponsor Page has got a pair of faces, which feels so much fun! Donation feature is in full swing (although it is not automatically updated yet, but I update it manually) and that you can now buy a T-shirt to benefit swedish cancer foundation and Seashepherd. I would like to flag a little extra for that right now, every penny is worth so much and nothing is too little. If you buy a T-shirt U.S$8.50 (at least) goes to charity. That is if you choose to pay U.S$23 for the t-shirt. As a true postman I will send it to you where ever you live in the world. See details in this link

So to all of you friends out there, why not get oine for you or someonelse?

Me and Mattias always wear shirt and tie on friday:) We are also diving together when I reach Thailand.

Today, it’s two months until I cycle off and I have taken my dear companion. Primo Victoria, as she is now named, on a maiden trip today, although with a little more racing profile than usual. Sweden is still very icy so it has kept me from the streets. The gravel defied me and …… I lost. Punkture was a fact after just 30 minutes :) So fun was that…. But endorphin sprayed like mad until that. As fun as bouncing around on a floor full of cheese doodles and enjoy the crashsound (Oh yes, I’ve done that today aswell =)

Sponsors yes.,., Firma Petteri Ruokolainen, TechnicDesign and Forever gym has helped get me to the starting line, which I am extremely grateful for. Not only they, but all people around me show their support in an incredibly brilliant way. The glow within me to cross mountain after mountain is stronger than ever! But not yet.,,,., Not yet.

I would like to tell you about another great experience the other weekend when I was standing on a small stage for the first time and talked about my and Patrick’s cycleadventures in the USA. SPF (Swedish pensioner association) was sitting in the audience where I had encounted for 30 or so listeners. But like a rock concert the “arena” was filled and just like that I stood there in front of 93 people =) We together took us through the U.S. and I hope you all had as much fun as I had. I would also like to thank you for your gift, a very nice gesture =) So now that I’m on it, I would like to continue talk about and what has happened yet on what’s to come. Hopefully someone else keeps in touch and we can let this happen?:)
The swedish Scholarship “adventure of the year 2013″ was something I had hoped to add in my resume, but it went to this a unique adventure to say the least on the Norwegian coast. A guy will paddle the 3000 km only by living off nature (fish, eat seaweed and clams). This is to demonstrate the disastrous ongoing health across the country that is the Baltic Sea, where such an adventure would not be possible. I wish this crazy luck and tasty meal, seaweed with some barbecue spice may well not be entirely “behind the float” .. ( a swedish expression=)

Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan Kyrgizistan. So reads a visa list up giving a headache. Stuff needs to be sent here and there and may also require visits to London / Berlin. According to some it is possible to solve in neighboring countries while down there, but according to tohers one will not enter at all. You know what I think? Just do not give up, smile a little about it as it clears itself out:) I will follow up this story continuously as it is very interesting in their own way. But is it worth it? Well, check out Eric’s blog you will understand why. This legend rode Stockholm -> Singapore in 2012 and has inspired me to a new level! He Seems to be a likeable guy with a good sense of living. Something I very much look up to. Life is a wonderful gift with a table of contents for more than jelly candy with all its additives. No, I am not advocating anyone to stop eating sweets when I myself am a candyaddict number 1 =)

A part of my preperations is of course exercise. Quantity wise, I have done less to what I had originally intended. This is because my big amount of hours in order to finance the party. But I feel like every hour in the gym or roads I do feels very well and I feel in good shape. Again, it is not the physical part that will fail me, I will become degraded anyway. Being able to live in an unpredictable daily lives in terms of weather, broken equipment and setbacks are just a dry crisp bread sandwich, put little butter and add a slice of cheese and it becomes a wonderful snack. Serve together with hot choc life becomes quite good =)

I got a little visit from a local radio station last week that was a little curious about my project. The recording was also made with a video camera that will be followed up when I go later in May =) Did not know that I could be nervous but knees swung around as the worst rubber ever. I think I got into something that could almost be likened to an interview anyway. Below the link …in swedish:)

So, 3 months is the target I have from the start to take my bikebum down to Sardinia. That’s when the diving season draws to a close. Bike-wise, it is way ahead of time but I am going to visit all the great friends along the way =) It should work, and when I thought like that before, making it almost always is a fact :) Divewise I should arrive in Thailand somewhere in January and then explore Southeast Asia in March -April, which should be awesome! Australia will then take into during their “winter months” which means cooler water. On diving language it means the chance to see big stuff!. I can not hardly wait!

Yet most thoughts circulates around Central Asia. How will life be there? I have respect for the challenges and tough conditions but welcomes them with open arms. Erik on has displayed an honest image with amazing views, catastrophic roads & Nature without equal. I shudder a little when I think about it, I am going to be there true Airbourne style:)

From Seashepherd I read a reported a success return in Melbourne. 3 ships (Steve Irwin, Sam Simon & Bob Barker) has for some time pursued a Japanese group of vessels in their hunt for whales. Seashepherd managed to block the Japanese from succeeding refuel their ship and were thus forced to return home. Thanks to their campaign (with Swedish Peter Hammarstedt) that saved the lives of 100’s of whales, according to their report on the website! Good job, I think!

So keep supporting and donating a buck celebs, it will not hurt.,.,. I promise =)

I still working in the dream factory, Airbourne living is not entirely unlike even in near future!





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