Ocean is bluer on the other side

July 9th

Cape Disappointment, Washington

First a geography lesson; Cape Disappointment is a state park just north of Astoria across t border between Oregon and Washington. A beautiful place facing the coast of the pacific.,.,.DID YOU READ THAT!? Pacific! We just made it all the way across a whole continent! The feeling is incomparable to anything else when you think back. By our own force we travelled over a whole continent. Off course in this means a lot of thoughts and feelings but as always we finish with that in the end of this post. “A Scott signature” I could call it ;)

After 4th of July our minds were set on a couple of difficult and days filled with struggle. The route were about to take us alongside Colombia River in the “wrong” direction windy wise. The river goes all the way to the pacific which itself was a good motivation source for us. It also works as the boarder between Oregon and Washington states, which we crossed a couple of times upcoming days. We did recognice a lot of wind power pöants facing our way which didn´t bring our hopes up that much:) hehe..
So we reached the river and.,.,.,.,talewind?! what?! Just a small one but something was strange. We didn’t complain at all, opposite we smiled and shifted to racer gear:) Patrik, who should be nicked routecalculator, had estimated our riverdays with 50 miles per day according to the wind forecasts. First day and the computer showed 97:) Woohoo! Found a nice spot for tent pitching and started to watch a movie, what a great day. Then suddenly we heard weird noises from Patriks sleeping pad (and it wasn’t farting). The sound escalated and in the matter of seconds Patriks sleeping pad was “no more”, slepping with the fish, finished, dead. A pleasent surrprice is what a guy with manners would have said.,.,.,.we swore a lot instead:)

The damage wasn’t that big after all. All of you that owns a thermarest sleeping pad knows that it’s self infalting abbility isn’t catastrophy so we just delt with it until we could buy Patrik the “Kuf” a new one. Kuf is swedish for weirdo:) haha..
Next morning our hopes weren’t that high jet again with the wind. I mean, who could have 2 lucky days in a row on colombia river? Well, we had:) Basically no wind today as well so that inspired us to give ut full speed and keep on going. The wind didn’t blow up even in afternoon so we stopped by Maryhill Winery for some winetesting moments. A totally strange environment that was fun to try out but nothing that will become a routine on travels again:) But been there, done that as they say….

“ABORT POST, something is happening live right now. Patrik is going to toilet for #2 and he is bringing music! Something I’ve taught him:) Ohh..I’m so proud of the Kuf! Haha..You should try it too! ”

Well, stay calm, carry on,.,. The winery made us a little happier and we finished the day with good mileages again. Found a beautiful tent spot beside a like and a sign…”camping prohibited”. But we did it anyway, Gangsta style! It was just to good to missout with a nice dip in the lake pre sleeping. Sorry Rangers! Kuf-Patrik also survived another night on his “pancake-sleeping pad”.
Coming up, Portland. A crazy cool bicycle town voted #1 in the subject. We can all agree with that statement after seeing all the nice bikelanes everywhere! Felt rather failed though that everyone else looked so cool in their bikes. Retro and sporty styles came accross one another and we felt like the guys who weren´t picked for the school cycling team:( Patrik found a new sleeping pad in a local outdoor store and took the shot talking his language with the guys behind the counter. Me, on the other hand, enjoyed an icecold cherry soft drink just like the other kids. We both felt lucky in different ways:)

A big town like Portland can get quite big and more time elapsing then first expected. That, combined with tired bodies and hungry stomachs, resulted in something very beautiful. BUFFET AND MOTEL:) The mood was at the highest after that (beside the fact we couldn’t move because of all the food) knowing that the pacific was less then 36 hours away. A couple of hours that flashed by in an eyewink and now here we are:) Sitting here with the pacific as my neighbour. So that means we are all finsihed and the thoughts is jet to come,.,.,.,.OR IS IT?!

Ha! No forget it!, Here comes the bonus! We decided a time ago to EXTEND OUR ROUTE WITH 800 MILES! Going south all the way down to San Fransisco is to hard denying. Highway 101 is famous for its beauty so lets go for that. That’s also where our beloved friend (and girlfriend) shows up July 25th.
Uptil that descision the conversation was a bit like this. “In Astoria we have to pick up 2 big boxes, unmount the bikes, sort out buses and details with that, it would be so much easier cycle the last 800 miles…..”True story. That is how we feel so that is how it’s going to be, doing it our way basically:)

That means this travelblog is going to be cycleinspired for another 10-12 days. So sorry about that! Can’t help me and Patrik are so awesome and look so cool!:) To great for our own good! To all of you at home vacationtimes might be coming up and we hope it gets filled with whatever you wish for. You are cool, amazing and best of all,.,.You have the right to be so! Spread all the joy the best you can to other people and catch up in a couple of days on this blog..

More to come!

Patrik and Me says “Hi” (which means shark in swedish)




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