“Ohh they were that many” SAFARI ROCKS!


Yeahh, that sure was something extra. My room is filled with outgoing energy from my tremendous smile. 5 days in the african wilderness was aweomse. To make it fair I break it down day by day to tell you all about it:

Day 1: After a supertasty english breakky, Dotcom (our guide/driver) picked us up in a toyota landcruiser -98 which became our home for the upcoming days. Also in our group were kryz (Poland), Oliver (Germany) and Jakob (Germany/Poland/Australia). Today we had a visit to Lake Minyara, which surrounds around a big lake:) The mood was a bit goofy with a lot of laughs. All of us were at the same level when it comes to having fun, so better safaribuddies wasn’t to ask for! During the day we saw a while lot of monkeys, giraffes, zebras and hippos. And for the big5 list we saw the first one; African Buffalo. The other 4 still on the list are lion, rhino, elephant and leopard. At dinnertime we were a little exhausted and talked constantly about everything! For food there were prettyconsistent with a starter soup, rice with something more for supper and fruit for dessert. We filled ourselves to maximum all 5 days:)
After dinner we watched a local african danceshow, performed by a local school. They had so much joy and deserved all applause in the whole world! Such a great end of a great start of this safari. A little chat at the viewpoint and then we slept very heavy in our tents, but nor before some arguing about star signs:)

Day 2: The morning was all we could ask for with an incomparable sunrise over Lake Minyara. Energy was everywhere and we could do anything we wanted!…well,,.,not all,.,.,it was still quite early. Serengeti was on the schdule fot the day and is one of the most famous parks around here. The day went really fast with high tempo, the big5 are almost done with only the rhino missing:)
The Lions was, not surpricing, the thing of the day and I have a really funny story from that occation. We spotted them laying in the high grass with only their heads popping up. I thought that there must be around 6-7 of them. That was when our guide, all trustabe to that point, had the splended idea to drive out in the grass to get closer. At that point we discover 2 other packs just next to and behind us. Just like that we were surrounded by 20+ lions and the guide exclaims: Wow, they were that many? SAFARI ROCKS!”. That wasn´t really ok regarding the lions privacy or our own security but was a little fun anyway. Came to be our little secret. A really cool and close lion encounter, but that was nothing of what was the evening/night had for us!
On the way to the campsite we also spotted a landrunning hippo, one of the most funny things I’ve seen so far:) Well, on our campsite for the night, we were in for a big surprice. The lion had killed and buffalo for dinner. Exciting since it was only about 300 metres from our tents. We stood there with our binos for a looong while and just studied these magnificent creatures. The situation got more intense when a female showed herself on a bg rock just on our left. Her plan was to take her 10-15 cubs over to let them feed on the dead animal. The only “but” here was that they had to pass between our tents and toilets:) So we backed away a little and simply let them pass:)WOW!!!!!! The strategy was one female on the rock keeping an eye out, one in front of the cubs and one in the back of t group. So cool to see! So intense that I couldn´t decide if I was 90% scared and 10% hyped, could very well be vice verse!:)
The fun didn’t stop there, at night time we were about 5 of us staying up late together with our guides. They told us that it was something they wanted to show us that they didn’t want to show the whole group. So he turned his big flashlight towards the bush surrounding us……and yes…big lion eyes reflected back! And we are talking about 30 metres from our tents!
– They come and drink at night when we go to bed, the guide said..INSANE! The pulse didn’t descend a bit during the night when we heard them outside roar and beeing “lionish”. I peeied in a bottle that night..

Day 3: It was really scary but I finally dragged myself out of the tent. Ending up as lion breakky isn’t my thing really=). Instead, we did a safari pre breakfast and saw the savannah waking up from dust. So beautiful! The target was to find a leopard but that didn’t happen until later on. After breakky we set on for Ngorongoro and the crater over there! Here we found herds of more kinds of animals than I can count. By afternoon we had spotted Rhino and leopard to complete the big5! Awesome! After that we got a little funny and played cargames in the car, our gang was as funny and cheerful that I wanted them to be!
We had lunch just by a waterhole full of hippos. Jakos lunch got stolen by a big hunting bird so unlucky for him..But fun! On the way to camp we imagined ourselves in a computergame ducking for trees in our way so the dinner was well waited for:) Oghali is an african dish which you have a dow you use as a scoop to pick up a mix of meat and vegetables. Yummy!

Day 4-5: These 2 days we didn’t see so much new stuff but enjoyed the beatutiful nature anyway! Had a great visit to a african village where we were presented to a coffee farm. Secil, our village homie, showed us around and told us about the life in the village. So nice to get away from the tourists! Secil thought us how the women take care of the heavy duties at home; clean,cook and pick up fire wood etc. We coudln’t really figure out where the man comes in the picture but I guess he is playing warrior somewhere=)
All the kids ran and greeted us with joy and “JAMBO!”. So sweet! If Jakob had an unlucky lucnh the other day, now it was my turn when a monkey stole my eggs:) Quick little bastard;)

Well, awesome days in Africa so far and I have a feeling Its glues to my mind forever. Did miss the cheetah but that’s a great reason to come back:) No time to spare, tomorrow I head for Kampala, Uganda. Silverback gorillas coming up! Life is good!





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