On my very own 2 wheels..

A little bit of Cozii with two legends is something a cyclist really deserve for no reason whenever, throw in a bit of some tasty beer, nostalgic music and some bbq and the reciepe for a happy Sven is complete! My adventure has started, which I sensed the very first day. Headwind first day and 110 km to my grandmother in Järlåsa didn´t really flew right away but I reached well in time for dinner (best time of the day!)The feeling was incredibly awesome in cycle perspective, but the start was very emotional and I bounced back and forth in the emotional aircastle. THANKS TO ALL WHO WAVED OF ME IN ESKILSTUNA! It was very hard saying goodbye to friends and loved ones, but you all made me feel special. I bow…

Love, emptiness, courage, ambition, joy, excitement ….. You name it! Everything was there!

Linda, the eight months we had together was absolutely gorgeous and I miss you loads. To hug and kiss you goodbye was very painful! I know you felt desame, you are worth so much more than the past has given but we look ahead. All of love <3 I love you!

The first day I was joined by Linda’s father Hanno, who cycled the swedish classic Vätternrundan 20 + times and it was really fun. We talked happily and lucnhed in Västerås before our noses choosed opposite direction. It was super fun! After that it was just me against the world .. TJOFLÖJT as we say in Sweden!  Tomorrow it’s off to 2 divefriends from my time in Mexico during a marine survey. David and Nadia will all get a little SvenSpice to their everyday pasta :) Wednesday is a planned  visit with sister Tove, her Per and little Elliot, Thursday greats coffee at Karlberg Castle Park with Robert and hang out with Filippa. This completes Airbournes warm up phase before the real adventure begins and we head south. Bye bye Stockholm!

My windy first day was saved by WindFree, a smart headphone-like invention that reduces wind noise and allows you to put energy into other things. Really super smart! Buy it at www.windfree.se & enter the code airbourne, and 30 swedish crones goes to my project :) Suitable not only for cycling but all sports have the wind factor!

So take care everybody, meet soon again! My position is updated daily on the map that you  find at the very first page!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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