One dream becomes a plan…

80000 km, 46 countries, 5 continents, 2 wheels & 1 Sven =) A cycle journey
around the globe to find my own freedom and for a purpose is what airbourne’s up to next!

The idea began as a playful joke (like everything else) and eventually grew so big that it became a reality. In the spring of 2013, I take my bicycle & divegear to discover the world from a perspective I hope will be unique. Idiocy? Madness? No, just pure desire to fulfill another dream. I know I can, but I need your help to make this adventure mean something!

For charity …

The purpose of this adventure is a charity fundraising. Cycling and the feelingof doing something good for others strengthens my inner glow . I chose two different organizations to raise money for, seashepherd Marine Conservation & Swedish Cancer Foundation.Seashepherd marine conservation is to many well-known from discovery channel they work in a superactive way to maintain our marine world preservation. The projects are many and successful and with our help, these heroes continue their inspiring work!

Almost veryone has been in contact with the disease in one way or another,cancer. For me, close beloved relatives left this world after being hit. Donated money to the organisation not only goes for research but also education and spreading of knowledge.So how am I organising this fundraiser? Well, I’ve thought about this. From 1 or 2 months into the trip, my website will be a monthly pay service. You buy the montlhy pass for $4US and recieves a password to fully access the website to be able to see my photos and read my stories. I believe in the idea that no one can do everything but everyone can do something and that SOMETHING is significant in the end. 100% of the money goes straight to charity.You can also donate $15 to any of the projects, for this money you get a postcard from me from where I am in the world at that moment. I promise you that a postcard  from me is both special and entertaining =) haha!

A third way for me is to physically collect the money. This is done by logos on clothes, bags etc with a clear message that explains what I do and why. With me, I have a compendium to show off and to spread knowledge. I will approach this adventure to 100%! Are you with me?


Not just a bike ride ….

To just plow through our beautiful world does not sound very excitingto me. My scuba gear will come along so I can have my meetings with my fishfriends beneath the surface=) I plan my route with diveseasons and climate in mind. A top news and to my great joy, this enables that I will see many friends again from previous travels! (I have not forgotten you =). I come to visit with a cheerful smile and a massive beard. Not bad at all in my own opinion ;)

Diving, friends, nature, smells, new friendships, adventure and adrenaline.
Yes, this is going to be something out of the ordinary …

The route, time, figures, etc.

By far the most interesting of an adventure like this demands all the numbers. So here are some of the variety of those with some comments:

* The route is about 80000 km plus minus 5000 km.
* During my cycling days, I will average 100 km a day.
* I have counted for 80 rest days without cycling and in addition to these I have
40 days for “play” =). I will also work in New Zealand for 4 months to rebuild my travelfundings so to speak :) Add this up and we land at about 2 years and 8 months of freedom!

* The route looks like described in the picture and I will go clockwise so begins south
through Europe and biking eastwards through Asia.

* I will start my adventure by myself but look forward to be accompanied by you! During the U.S. bike adventure, both me and my bearded friend Patrikfelt that is an interest out there so do not be afraid :) Please contact me and we let it happen.

The same applies to those who would like to have a visit from a bearded bike nerd ;)
Please contact me when I’m around. The fact is that I update my position daily
via a high-end GPS, featured on my website. I want to share every last inch of this adventure!

There you have it all in black and white in pure form of facts, a crazy guy
cycling around the world for charity and his own freedom seeking. He will greet
their friends both above and below the surface, and share to inspire others to
follow their dreams! Ahh ….. Rock on!:)

In a short amount of time I want to present my own thoughts and ideas about things. The story of  how the idea was born, my life after ‘Free Willy, bike trip in the USA “,
training, preparation … well EVERYTHING I want to will be shared in the new

Once the money is in my pockets it’s on! At the earliest May 1st. The itch is there and just can not get it out of your head for even one second:) Thats my everyday dreamfactory!



Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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