Pisa, Italy

Day 93, 7901 km

Hey but hey…

..is something I SAY….from northern Italy, more accuratly from Toscany and Pisa. The town is sunny and beautiful and after 93 days it’s time for me to spend a little more then just a few days of holiday. Because this is no regular vacation charter coming up, my GIRLFRIEND is coming to see me. My beloved Linda is on the plane in less then 48 hours and it’s something I’ve had in mind more than ever last week. A those of you following me you probarly wonder if we are a couple or not, the answer is YES! We are ment to be, we both feel it, and I feel so lucky having found someone like her in my life. Yes, a bit sidetrack from cycling now…But it’s wourth it, she is wourth it. Today’s post is all to you Linda and a big thanks for the support and love, Our love that will grow stronger each year<3

So, a happy me that is and will be bouncing this week. On the roads it’s been the same most of the time, even though sometimes some “grown up-words” finds its way from my mouth. But that’s ok, I´ve seen great people on TV do that:) I left Agrigento and its cultural history all towards the eastcoast to throw myself in my other home, the ocean. I now pass a lot of nectarins everywhere, more than olives. Those magical juicy fruit was all over my mind thise days when I lay there in the ocean, resting my sour legs floating around in the sea. A nice and returning theme of breaks along the coast up to Messina. Here I left Sicily and went over to mainland of Italy. I surpriced myself with the choice of campspot after arrival from the ferry. In the middle of town there was an abandonned garden in which there was no visibility to. Suited me perfect, since I was stressed over darkness. In situations like these, the small successes, I feel extra satisfied with myself and celebrate with a little Woohoo! I followed west coast up a couple of days to Pizzo before turning inland towards the mountains and Villagio Mancuso. Some really tough and “climby” days were established but I fought it, with great responce of super nature all around me. At the highest points, evening temperatures were under 20 degrees celsius and that, ladies and gentlemen, is wourth all the trouble itself:) In the village there were a typical vacation celebration going on with tents and stuff. I had a nice look around, camped and went downhill morning after like a bazooka! Funniest part in the cycling world:) Pisa was getting closer with the heavy stuff left behind.

So full throttle back to west coast and what a welcome that was! The roads were incredibly fast and I did 600 km in 4 days. My flow was good, just listen to this. At first night, me and Primo Viktoria (my bicycle) found a possible campspot in a garden just by a factory. Now a man (Gilberto) shows up and I check with him if he thinks it’s ok I camp here. It turns out he is the owner of the factory and a bit curious on my adventure. Not just the that he let me sleep there, he gave me cold juice when I was preapring my tent. And better off, he invited me for a pizzadinner down at his pizzeria:) I off course accepted and almost swallowed the pizza whole, it was so good. Then these beautiful words comes out of Gilberto, “would you like another one?” I thank you so much for the great food and hospitality. Just what I needed after those mountain days:)

My luck did not turn at all from that moment, morning after I met up with team Road Bike along the road. Paolo and I was going same direction so he pulled me for 20 km:) And better off, invited me for lunch with his family! I was over my head glad! We talked about cycling and I had a great time with his family. Thanks a lot for everything! So you can understand why I like Italy so much with its great nature and welcoming people?:)


All over this country with men wearing speedos ( they even think it’s ok with combining those with a t-shirt?!) I also want to give my grattitude to all those drinking fountains with cold water. Sometimes I just sit there for half an hour with that “cold gold”. Sooo tasty in the heat! As cold as the most fantastic Ice cream variety I tried. It came in a hamburger bread (but sweet) and the feeling of having icecream doublehanded is priceless. See the gallery down below. I will deffinitly bring that home to Sweden. I got the force to go all the way up to Naples, the home of pizza and mozzarella. I tried a combo of those and got the real buffalo mozzarella. And yes, it worked so to speak. What didn’t is town itself with cycling. Paving stones all over and made the ride very bumpy. I was worried over Primo Viktoria but she made it through in one piece. Just another day and then I was in Rome, the capital with its great history which was seen all over town. I set compass too Colosseum, which was a little dream come true watching. I almost felt Maximus (Russell Crowe) breathing my neck; “What we do in life, echoes in eternity!”. A restday in a park here was good for cyclebody- and mind. At afternoon I left Rome through the vatican, another beautiful set but much to less heavymetal to me…

2,5 days to Pisa, yep it’s getting closer now! I CAN DO THIS! Along these days I have kitted up with to take myself as far away from that dirty cycling dude in the picture you see here on the blog. I bought new clothes and shaving stuff (don´t worry, I will grow the beard back after this week=). In Livorno, which is big brother neighbour to Pisa, I stopped for an all you can eat buffet with wok/japanese food. That kept my digestion busy for a couple of hours sleep in the park,.,WOW.,.,When I could manage I took myself to Pisa to spend my last night in tent before hotelstay. But lucky me (again!) I met up with Vito who gladly invited me to stay over at his house. Very nice guy with interesting conversations up til late. Thanks for a plesent stay Vito:)

I will happily share my other futureplans wit you. My dad will play some golf in Spain with some of the other “oldboys” and that’s a great time for me to visit, since a yet unknown number of my relatives is going to be around. The golf competition is called El-toro and is deadly serious,.,.,sort of. That gives me some free time in wait for their arrival which I will spend picking grapes in France for 7-18 days. Gives some extra cash in the piratechest:) The territory is north of Lyon and harvesting starts september 25th. The whole thing sets me in phase with Africa too since I can not go to USA before march, that is when spring arrives. I will explain down below my plan and it all sorts out perfectly:

After Pisa I will cycle towards Nice in France. Then my planned route is like this:


Somewhere there in the middle I will do a little runoff to the area north of Lyon for grape harvesting. Don’t know where exactly. Here is some information about the route in pdf. Remember I only cycle Nice – Carcassone.

Then we continue like this:


Exciting or what?! Also here I cycle off towards Alicante in middle Spain somewhere. Here is some info about Afrika, where my route starts in Carcassonne.

Last piece of the african puzzle:

dakar-ghanaEpic bicycletouring! The route has changed a lot in the information, But you will notice in the pdf what shouldn’t be there. Here it is: Senegal – Ghana.


I happily call this the first real challange of this tour, Waka Waka! Now I do not want to write anymore because I am on holiday:) Haha. You hear from me in a week!




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