Remiremont, France, N48^00*59″E6^36*49″

Day 44, 4384 km

Hallo, und danke scönn:)

Today is…..thinking….smelling something burning…..tuesday..Yes that’s it:) The feeling of forgetting which day of the week it is can only be decribed as priceless. It sure is something else when comparing to my 2 job everyday preparing stage. My schedule is very flexible but with a little structure in the end so I’m actually getting somewhere. Just the way I like it! Up up and away,,,just like an airballoon.,.,.If these were flying horizontal that’s the way I would describe my day after last post here on Airbourne. From High Wycombe in England I did a personal distance record with 107 miles (171 km) during one day. And with that I had a stop at Mikesdiveshop in London and passed through the southern of this big town, which are messy sometimes. The day ended pretty close to Dover where my ferry back to Europe was waiting next day.
My visit to the diveshop was a success, although with one little negative discovery. I talked with Steve and Christian who were impressed over my adventure and my packing. Steve was a wonderful help and kitted me up with the specialhose I needed, changed my battery on my Suunto d6i computer, got 2 scratchguards for the same and a clip for my manometer hose. I also threw in the wireless transmitter for my computer so I now can monitor my air consumption from my wrist:) The negative part was that my regulator needed service, which Steve helped me out with. Hopefully I get my “reg” in time for Sardinia. I can’t thank you guys on Mikesdivehsop enough for everything! Great service and personal with a lot of knowledge. Super!!

I reached Dover with some extra pounds to spare, since the exchange guys don’t like coins. In my eyes this means.,.,.,COOKIES! I passed a gigantic hill just to get the cheapest ones and felt that is so typical Sven, but I was a happy boy:)
In the terminal, the cyclist always goes in first hand and nicely waving to everybody else when we pass the que, just like when there’s a red light. I have developed some really good skill in that! I met some friends with as heavy bicycles as me and we shared experiences. 2 of them I actually met again in Belgium later on! How cool isn’t that?!So…Dunkirk in France ment regular traffic again (on the right side) and I raced off for Brüssel. It’s very calm on the roads and I really feel my pace is smooth and nice, but still effective. I miss the sign that I entered Belgium so must have been a small one, smaller than my cyclebum:) Not even the second flat tyre slows me down (second since start in Sweden). When in Brüssel I stay with Alberto, Violette, little Alicia and a baby. This was very convenient for me since I need some good sleep before the deepdiving I’m up to the day after. That’s in Nemo33, worlds deepest indoor pool and also my first divestop:) Alberto has been on a 5 week tour in France before and loved it. We had a very nice time and they had a wonderful daughter in Alicia. I do not doubt that the small baby is less than wonderful aswell:) Super thank you guys for letting me stay, I really enjoyed it and wish you best of luck with future familyplans:)

YES, finally! Some diving. Nemo33 is arranged like some sort of an artobject where the pool is an aquarium surrounding the kind of exclusive restaurant. The divers create the life in the aquarium. Through the deep hole I reached 34 metres, funny:) The dive was fun and different, but did make me long for the ocean even more, FISH PLEASE!! Below follows a recording from the dive (the cycles seen are used for aquabike, spinning in water:)

With wet stuff you don’t get far, that’s my rule of thumb,.,.,almost. So I had actually arranged a second meeting with another hostfamily (luxurySven). I came to Peter and Maya, two very friendly people who I shared a little drink with, listened to some music and met their pet penguin. Not a real one but he was nice anyway. Peter does some films on his sparetime and Maya dances. Peter also have some experience from Sweden so we talked swedish, which he was very good at! We both agreed on that swedish hot chocolate (O’boy) is the best! Thank you very much for the dryspace for my gear and wonderful company! Good luck with everything:)

From Brüssel I headed south,.,.but wait.,.,.,AHHHHH..,.,.IKEA! STOP!!….I think it’s time for swedish sweets. Oh yes it is. Thank you very much Ingvar Kamprad for letting us swedes feel like home almost everywhere in the world:) Bang on target pal!
Well, now we head south and this time with no map. Since there’s so much countrychanging going on during small amount of days I tried to use my gps on my phone to save some money. Works great so far, when I can charge it everywhere with my solarstuff from Brunton. I got a little lost once when my planned way was infact a highway, but cleared that out with less of problems. It’s nothing that SuperSven can not do!! hahaha. Soon enough I camped 20 km outside Luxemburg to make a visit to this mysterious place. A distance that lets me in the town in the morning, make my visit and then leave for camping just outside:) Perfect! I had no expectations what so ever on Luxemburg, it just feels different. So I gave it a spontaneus shot. Hit the centre was supereasy and didn’t take any time or ques at all. I did walk the Wenzelwalk to see the “good old bits”. Very beautiful and from time to time I heard swedish voices:) Meanwhile I was playing asian and taking photos of everything. Really fun! The crowds were little so I could easily enjoy a little nap just off the path. Life is good!

Well, Alps is up next and then head down to Genoa and Sardinia, in which I plan to be in about 10 days. Which day of the week it or date is all up to you to figure out:) The only date I know is Thursday august 29th. That is when Linda is coming to see me<3 Can’t wait!




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3 Responses to Remiremont, France, N48^00*59″E6^36*49″

  1. HI Sven

    you may remember me (and Jonathan). We first met on the ferry in Dover and then later in Namur We were on our way to Luxembourg together and I went on to Bonn in Germany on my own. great to see your progress, we are both back at work – you have a much more enjoyable and exciting time.. We managed to travel for 10 km in the back of a police van when my rear gear mech died on me, just outside a small town. As we didn’t know where the next bike shop was we asked at the local police station who transported us there … Very funny. Hope you are getting on well with your travels, I will look at your blog to see how things are going, I am thinking of another trip (not as long as yours though).

    best wishes


  2. Acke says:

    Hi Martin!

    Wow, what an interesting storyend of your travel! Glad you made it though! I am now in france and picking grapes, a great load up for Africa in a while!
    Take care and ride safe:)

  3. Dominga says:

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