Restday and more fun!

June 2nd

Tentthoughts inside a bull field, just west of Golden City, Missouri.

I widthen my smile, take my hat off and say godday! Today is the day before the day of our 3rd mini goal PITTSBURG,Missouri. Well actually Girard is actually the goal but that town is a piss in missisippi compared to Pittsburg. What we need on these days are great fast food, internet and candy:) Pittsburg can promise that but Girard is a little slow on he subject so to speak. So TacoBell, Mcdonalds and Walmart is the shit for tomorrow:)

Since we got off the carferry and entered Missouri, w knew that the landscape were changing up the road a few days. From the hilly random to the flat and not so much saying:) Kansas is onfront of us and that´s where we will be from tomorrow. Now the cycling is going to be all flat with only the endess horizon in front of our cute eyes;) We had a taste of it today, strong wind but workable, let us pull out an average speed of 14 miles/hour last 15 miles. That’s hopeful for future and maybe we can yet again gain a few extra days off! If we keep our weekly plan that means we are 4 days ahead of schedule, nothing speaks against it so why not? We discussed how to spend these days and came up with a couple of things. Extra days discovering the Rockies(Rocky Mountains), Yellowstone National Park and even lengthen our cycling, going south down west coast. At least one thing´s for sure. One rest day is planned in Pueblo, Colorado. That´s the biggest town on our route and pretty close to Denver. Some washing of clothes will be done and I would like to go to a cinema for relaxing.

I truly have the best cycling mate with me! One day I felt annoyed which was caused by numerous events of bad luck and bad concentration. On a “water top up” stop at a gas station, Patrik picked up Strawberry milk and twinkies (american delights) just for me:) Wow did my mood changed to the better! And good things kept on happening! We also bought with us our first beer which we drank on a beach to a lake not far away. It was a state park and the guys behing the counter were very nice. They let us use all the facilities and told us to camp just outside, so we didn´t have to pay a penny:) The cycling to that place was a bit unsteady and jiggelish after the beer:) But did we both sleep well after that!

Also had a rainy day the other day, but turned that one upside down to by having a movie night in the tent:) We saw “Point Break” with Patrick Swazey (RIP) and off course, ate candy, cookies and…….fireball whisky:) Great stuff:)

To sum up everything is cool yet again. We do our things, enjoy it as much as we absolutely can and just sliding the mountain of fun:)

Tomorrow I am also buying a Kindle:) So excited about that so if you guys have any books you want to recommend, don´t be shy:) In same category I also want to recommend my camera to everyone. It is a Canon Powershoot 260 hs. It has GPS Geotagging and all the amazing themes canon offers inlcusive underwatermode for us divers:) The Underwater case for it also has weights you can buy to even out the boyancy even more.
But here is the best part of the camera. The Zoom! It has 20x optic zoom but also a function that makes the digital zoom pics amazing! Also comes in great colors:)

June 7th

A corn/cow field between Larned and Nickerson, Kansas.

Hot, hot hot. There you have 3 words to describe Kansas so far. As we are sweating the sun dries it off immedietly, leaving tremendously stylish salt stains all over out clothes:) But shouldn´t complain, Stockholm Marathon kicked off a couple off days ago with 6 degress celsius and winds up to 20 metres/sec. Rather be here:)

Our route is still very flat and straight which let us maintaining our great speed. Around us we can see big John Deere harvest vehicles work these massives fields and a light wind in our backs feels great. Almost like a helping hand:) Although a helping hand isn´t really something we need right now. The luck is really on our side so lets take it from the bull field.

That day ended well as we hit another church who welcome bikers. The kitchen was well sorted so me and Patrik got three full meals out of it:) Dinner and breakky was all good but lunch was a bit questionable, which i will get to later:) This church had this centre huge room and then smaller rooms along the sides. After showers and cleaning up it was just that small issue of deciding where to sleep. We ended up sleeping in different rooms:) haha..Well, always nice to sleep inside and we are so grateful for all those friendly churches! And all americans for that matter! Haven´t met a single person that I didn´t like yet, so all grattitude to you guys:)

Well, a new day after that and the story with the horrible lunch:) The spot for the lunch was just in a State Park with a dip in a lake as a reward:) Feet, bum, and shoulders especially thanked me for the cold water. So fried eggs, tomatosoup rice and some veggies was in this mysterious lunch box and it tasted like shit honestly:) When Patrik asked me how it tasted I just said it´s food,.,.,nothing more:) And Im not the one who is picky about eatable stuff: can you chew it, lets eat it! Filled the stomach with more than just a happy feeling.

In Eureka, where we planned to sleep, we realized we covered 100 miles (160 km) that day! Felt great over all! We hit the city park where you can camp with a treat of a swimmingpool:) The poolmanager was a women named Becky and she loved having bikers around, so she let us in for free:) A great end of a 100 mile biking day. With this beautiful park and swimming pool we decided to have a day off to work on our not so hot cycling tan:) Said and done the upcoming day was lazy day:) Reading on our Kindles, listening to music and just chilling by the pool. Thats how the word “restday” is explained in my book;)

When we felt finished we got invited to Beckys (poolmanager) house to chill even more. Becky is one of those people that i think everyone should be able to meet some day! Around her is just a big aura of great positive energy that she wants to share with everybody. We talked a lot, met her daughters, son and dog Holly:) Becky is used to welcome bikers to her home and so far she had over 40 cyclists staying with her. I wanted to give something back so I made a pizza with banana and corn, something you can order at pizza places in Sweden. The TV and sofa was yet again that everyday luxury you miss out on while on the road so that made the night even better! I slept well fed on the sofa and Patrik upstaris in a very comfi bed:) Both of us are so glad we met Becky and we think of you!

Another day on the road, flat and fast and we ended up in Newton. It´s a small city with a great firestation:) That´s where we headed for this night. Compared to the previous one we stayed in Uttica, Kentycky, this one was more of a real american firesation we felt. A big ladder car and a firepole:) Now we talking:) All the firemen were so friendly and had a lot of questions. We tried to answer as many as we could not losing sight of our sweeties we bought:) haha:) We ate it all in front of a big TV with super comfi home theatre chairs. The tent felt very far away:)

As you can see I write a lot about food. That is also how the chat is going on the road. Me and Patrik as big fans of american food. And apperently we can eat a lot of it. So far we have lost 14 pounds each in weight (about 6 kg) so keep the food coming:) Wonder how we will look like on westcoast? in a couple of days we pass 50% reach. how cool isnt that?!?!

Happy, curious of future and in need of s shave. That is my state of mind right now. Coming up soon is our day off in Denver, Colorado where we have planned some fun activities. Read next post in 10 days and get inspired! Then I hope you follow your dreams too!




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