Roadtrip, yes it is!

August 8th

Vancouver, Canada

Ahh, the feeling and smell of a fresh & clean Alexander is the best! Not a luxury that has been around a lot the last couple of weeks, but boy is it good! I have been running around today and exploring the area around the motel where we live. That is just outside Vancouver in a suburb called Surrey. The travelling has been very good as always the last week. We have left the american baseball for canadian hockey and are spending our last week abroad for this time. Me and Patrik are enjoying ourselves awesome and Frida isn’t that bad either:) She has been struggling a bit with the taste of the water, but luckily thet have Oreos over here! A savious for her (and all other girls as I understand?) that makes her mood up in a good spirit:) Everyone are suppose to be happy or there isn’t a real roadtrip. Rule #1:)

Well, writing it was. We are not here for fun! ….haha not..How can we not have fun? Two boys and one girl left San Fransisco together with a huge van, 2 bikes, luggage in x amount of weight and loads of candy:) We headed north following the coast line and stopped whereever we liked.
First up was an outlet center to make our wallets weep a little biut. Patrik has so far bought about 3 million t-shirts and a pair of running shoes. Frida has also bought a pair of fast trainers and myself are laying a bit low on that part. Only a small amount of work out clothes has been packed down in my bag. Work and gym? There isn’t time for anything else,is it?;)

More fun on the next stop, the awesome world of Six Flags! An amusement park with rollercoasters that makes your belly flip 4 times and that’s just before the ride itself! Believe it or not, but the not so hairy boys anymore, actually talked Frida into some rides too! She was so brave compared to me who still struggles to feel natural in womens underwear apartmend at H&M:) When our stomachs needed a break, there were swimming penguins and chilling lions around to look at. Top that up with american junk food and the day is settled:)
Less hard for the stomach is some winetesting so we thought, go for that! The fact that it became another beer brewery instead didnä’t bother us that much:) Russian River brewing co was the place this time and we ordered a big plate with 20 different tasting samples. See the pics for this one. Some of us were a bit more funny than others leaving the brewery. No names mentioned………Patrik;)

Yeahh this is going really well! 2 days of driving gave us beautiful views all the way up to Seattle, another great town on this side of the states! We started up with a visit to the Museum of flight and well cordinated, this day they also had a flight show with their local heroes; “Navy Blue Angels”. The museum offered loads of fun stuf to both see and touch. We walked around sucked in everything just like a milkshake from Mcdonalds, or “macys as you brittish say i think:)
The show was cool and loud! A funny fact was the pilots cars which were parked in the middle of the spectator area. lambourghini, ferrari, mclaren.,.,these guys know how to spend their money! They even got police escort into the area by both cars and motorcycles! Real rockstars!
Rounded that day off with the Space Needle. Nice night view all over Seattle, a must to do here!

Before we hit the city for real we explored some more nature. Mt rainer is americas 5th highest mountain and the national park surrounding it is well wourth a visit! We spent a day here and let our souls heal from everything. Well, the condition of our souls couldn’t be better but still:) The pictures yet again says it all, beautiful area! That makes you wonder why you don’t get out there more often? You, the nature and your gear. That’s all there is, nothing more and nothing more shall there be!
Town of Seattle up next, Pike Place Market is a good place to start. The famous market, which started as a farmers market, was huge and we experienced loads of different smells. Even tried those Piroshky things that are made here at the bakery. They come in both sweet and food alternatives and tasted really good! With that in our hand we explored the Gumwall which is exactly what it sounds like. Cool makings such as super mario were found made of different colored chewing gums:)

We spent some time around the EMP Museum. Here there were some different exzibits that made the little boy in us smile wide:) James Cameron showed us the world of Pandora with actual movie stuff and info about the making of the movie. Loads of toys to play with!
For Patrik the exzibit about Jimi Hendrix and rolling stones were a top rated thing. He really knows his music:) Off course the museum also had some Nirvana in there since we are in.,.,.,Seattle?!
As a cool ending there were an area with more movie stuff . Too bad Im not a star wars fan but apperently a lot of cool stuff can be found here. For example Darth caders light savour and the Yodas
stick:) Well, the nerd in me is still buried:)haha..

As a little end of Seattle we visited a chocolate factory tour together with “Theos chocolate”. The company was one of the first organic ones ion the chocolate business and have high demands on their manifacturers. A part from their winnings goes to improving the life of the workers on the farms around the world! We like that attitude and their different varieties of chocolate tasted amazing! We filled our stomachs and even bought some more with us! But the best part was the hair and beard protection hats we wore:) SOOO CUTE=) See the pics:)

USA history, heading for Canada! As we coudln’t take our car over the border we had to take a bus. And those who has travelled with greyhound know that experience. As instructions on phone we didn’t have to box in our bikes. Nice.,,.,.All until we arrived to the terminal. They did have to be in boxes so we started to take em apart at the same time we were in a hunt for big bicycle boxes. A lot of sweat, oily fingers and tape later we made it onto the bus:) Luckily the crossing over the border went fine and Vancouver are now infront of us:)
A big thunderstorm was the first that we encountered. Patrik and Frida had a close up which was handled just fine:) Meanwhile I was a “luggage guard” back in the station, eating ice cream at mcdonalds:) Go me:)

So yeahh, thats where we are now with a big chunk of Vancouver/Canada Spirit this last week! The city and surroundings have a lot to offer so we will sure be busy! See ya soon again, maybe for last time this trip! Live for travel, travel for life!




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