San Giuliano Terme, Toscany, Italy

Day 102, 7931 km

Hey Everybody!

Over 100 days have now passed since i left home and cycled off for a great
adventure. I have seen a lot of Europe and Africa is coming closer and closer.
My brain that controls the cycle-and adventure part is all busy with this but
the other parts of the brain is a little sad. Today Linda, my girlfriend and
future, flew back home to Sweden after our perfect week here in the areas around
Toscany. From the pictures in the gallery below I reallt feel all the joy and
love in all the pictures from this week, a week that has also contained a lot of
talking and thinking about our life together. I watch them a lot and will
continue watching them upcoming days when I will try to collect myself back
again. The most beautiful thing that I feel is that now i have finally got an
answer of that big and scary question that has been haunting me for many years.
That is what my future life is going to look like? The travel part is just a
section of it and nothing you live for all eternity. The name Airbourne and the
website wAS born in 2010 but the soul and way of living was started already in
2007 with my interrail ride through europe. All together that is summed up to 8
years of travelling and adventure. To be able to WANT to quit that part is now
all inf ront of me and I can see it. It feels more great than ever. With Linda
everything has just been there and growing stronger each time we spend time with
each other. I was created to fulfull this cycle journey around the world, no
questions asked, that is my destiny in this world. As sure of that, I am to
spend the rest of my life with that beautiful girl <3

Wow, what a start! But if you want to have a great week with your love you can
not look (and smell) like I did when arriving to Hotel Granduca in San Giuliano
Terme. That was our home for the week. The shaver worked hard like a machete and
after a while everything of what was called a beard was gone. Also throw in a
shirt, some other newwashed clothes, flowers, a baguette and you have the
reciepe of a succesful welcoming ceremony:) Linda had spaghettilegs (Italian
humor:), was nervous as I but we both let that go instantly and laughed at all
the bums around the airport. Really, there was bum after bum sculptured in all
different shapes:) I gave Linda her baguette and flowers and got swedish treats
back as a reward:) YES!!

Välkommen Linda!

Welcome Linda!

The Hotel was suited just outside Pisa by the mountains and we spend a slow
first day. We had so much to talk about and Linda had been awake for more hours
than recommended by any human. The village of San Giuliano has a couple of
restaurans/pizzerias, a small foodstore, a couple of bakeries, a square, a
sportfacility and great walking possibilities among the nature surroundings.
Supernice to have a chill place coming back to!
Next day was tourist day and we entered Pisa with cameras fully charged. First
up of course the square Piazza dei Miracoli with the famous leaning tower. We
weren´t alone so had a bunsh of tourists to laugh at, all of them doing the pose
of “saving” the tower from falling. We counted to 7 tourists at the same time
doing this and the interval between any of the other was never longer than 5
seconds:) Silly…yes but a torist is a tourist:) We walked around in botanical
garden, bought souvenirs and had a great day!

Go straight west of Pisa and you find the coast and Marina di Pisa. We came here
to tune in our suntan and have a cool beachday. Cycletan isn’t on top ten on the
most sexy pics of a man=) One day we spend on the cliffs and another on the
beach itself. When the sun got to hot we just jumped in the sea bringing a
camera with us. Goofing around is what we do best and the pictures kind of tell
that truth:) All the italians with their minimal swimming outfits thought we
were nuts but thats ok, that’s how we do it. To cool of even more we bought
Gelato (icecream) pretty much every day of the week.

On the right opposite of the coast is Lucca, a small town surrounded by a great
wall which was really nice walking on, spotting gardens and nice views. We came
here one day and didn’t really have a plan. For that we found a torturemuseum
which contained pretty much all ways you can hurt another person. Many of them
had a red thread though, To stick stuff up the bum!…uhhhh..Lunch someone?
Lucca was fun but not as fun as our Real date we had one evening by the tower in
Pisa. Wine made us both really “laughy” and strange. The feeling of eating more
than just the maincourse was special though. I tried my best to behave like a
man on a date, you know help the girl with the chair and so on. I succeded
pretty good and give myself a 3,5 out of 5. Room for improving but all good:)

The beach, a bit of city and slow tempo in homevillage was the basic frame this
week. The frame also contained pizza, pasta, holiday, thoughts, hopes and love
between 2 people which will never burn out! Unbelievable! I want to say thank
you to everybody who congratulated me on my birthday yesterday and for the great

Well, Im cycling on now after this holiday, maybe a little cryish for a while
but will try to man up:) On september 30th it’s grapepicking start in the
village of Lantignie in France. Another little detour which opens up the
possibility to meat my family in Alicante, Spain, and time in cold season in
Africa. Also some more money to the treassure chest is never wrong:)

Another week, back to cycling and next time we speak i will be entering France
for the 4th TIME! Wow, who made this route anyway?:P




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