Shoes or no shoes? Sept 6th

Well lets see, its tuesday today,,,aha,,,time flies like if it would have wings plus jetengines. The days are busy so far so I guess thats why, everything is new and exciting..Woohoo!

The first week have been more diving into books than in actual water. Dive physiology and physics, Equipment and General skills and environment are the big subjects to learn in this course. Ohh yes,,,the books are thick but as you know….I am kind of……AWSOME! Scored 92% on the Exam and passed naturally..Felt good so now I can focus on the fun part which all takes place in the water.

Since I have spent some time in Playa del Carmen before, I tried to find to find new places where I havent been before. One of those have come to be YoghurtBar! A chill place with nice healthy food and free computers and internet for customers..I say YES! One of the staff, Ben, says he wants to be a diver but doesn’t want to pay for it. Instead, he wants to earn money from the start. I tried to explain to him that it kind of doesn’t work that way so he doesn’t want to be a diver anymore..=) Haha..funny guy..

I felt the hunger for endorfine the other day so I joined a gym for the month. Huge place with including towel…service thumb up! But didn’t made a good impression the first day…As always I walk barefoot inside though I only have flipflop sandals (or gendals as u say in New zeeland) in shoes. A huge guy walked to me, crossed his arms and starred down at me as if trying to activate his laser eyes! WEAR SHOES OR LEAVE was his words…my answer…Amen brother and left quickly before turning into something less vertical. But since that close to “pee in my pants” happening, the guys at the gym accept blond guys..FootFive!!

But bakc to the diving…So far I have dived 4 times, 2 in the ocean and 2 in a cave. The first oceandive was a what we call a drift dive. That is when there is a current and you just fly by and watch stuff. But this dive…Nahhh..I would rather call it “racingdive” or “computergame dive”. The current was wicked strong! I had to help a small japanese girl (poor thing, she was scared out of her sweet eyes) otherwise she would have slammed into several corals. But it was fun and very exhausting. Had a headache rest of the day due to high level of carbon dioxide in “dead air spaces”, which I now know beacuse of my DM course=) Go Sven Go!

The cave diving was in Chac mool cenote. This cave had more Halocline than previous other cavedives that I have done. Halocline is when salt and fresh water meet and create a dizzy or fuzzy appearence or line in the water. really cool to swim through! Forgot to bring my camera on this dive but there will be more of this kind of diving, in which I think every certified dude out there must try. The feeling of visibility in 100 metres plus and watch those thin lights from holes in the ceiling is soooooooobeautiful!

Really fun is also that my friend Cissi is coming to join our crew in PezMaya from November! She is a close friend of mine and will bring all kind of good stuf to our group. I raise all the thumbs I have and Highfiving infinity!

Lets go to bed now and see whats happening tonight. Have had some crazy dreams last couple of days  so the adventure dont stop just because the day turns into night. LOVE YOUR LIFE..Sven out



P.S Check out my Videochannel where I post some videos from time to time, For now its only a couple of short ones but more will come..

Theres also some new photos but nothing wourth seeing so far=)

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