So whats happening today? NOTHING!

Siargao,,,Phillipines,,yeah where to start? I found this place with some help from a guy named Robert. He has basically moved here and opened a touristinformation centre. He knows everybody and everything so what he doesn’t know just doesn’t exist!
Robert told me that Siargao is the paradise and I am ready to agree! We surf, swim and….well,,not so much more:) The first days my tempo was still a bit high but I got “slower” graduadly. It could be best feeling there is!. The locals around here are superwelcoming and very happy. I´ve had a blast so far and enjoiyed every single moment. Except me and Robert there are actually 2 more swedes here. First, Roberts friend Oscar who’s staying over summer and Frida who is from Eskisltuna (my town!). She use to work ina famous cafem not far from where I live (Marys cafe). The world is so scary small sometimes!

The other night we were invited to a pig party which is exactly what it sounds like. They kill, barbeque and eat a pig. I thought it sounded pretty cool at first but when I realized what it was about I wanted to throw up! My vegetarian thoughts became really friendly a that point!. The sounds when they took the knife and cut the barbequed pig open can not be described but i have a go at it anyway. Imagine a piece of fat and wrap it tight in thin foil, then take a knife and puncture it so everything falls out. YUK!! Now I know why I have a fever and feel food poisened at the moment. Disgusting! The only positive with that is that I have time to write here:)

Something else that is something else is the prices here in ASia. I have a single bill at every bar that i pay after each month, just like everybody else. So tomorrow before I elave I will pay off my debts which is basically nothing, although there have been a lot of beer in this warmth.
I have decided to leave the island and put some time in diving before I go on to mexico. A big reason is that I have decided to end my surfing career. It takes to long time to learn and I dont have the effort for it basically. I think it’something you have to be grown up with to get any good and enjoy. Wind and kitesurfing are still close to my heart so Im not ready to give it all up yet!
So wait a little longer and I will write you something about the diving, hopefully awesome:)



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