Soon Finished

Hey you all again!

The real end is approaching and a new chapter has been written in my dive career book. I want to stay here forever so feel a little sad:(. The whole experience includes all the people, everything I have learned and beautiful diving has given me something I will never forget. I have applied for a schollarship to come back and be a part of the staff group. I have applied for october 1st and will know somewhere in august hopefully. If not I think I will widthen my dive wings on an internship in Honduras, diving is the shit!

That’s my planning head for the moment, not bad at all. But look backs is fun to and lets start with the turtles that are everywhere at the moment. It’s mating and nesting season and they are crazy:) We have spotted them on surface doing it! we have also been taken turns mapping the nesting that has occured during the night. We walk superearly and look for tracks basically. From there we can pick out species and if they laid eggs or just checking out the area. Awesome!

After the phase some of us are doing a roadtrip on westcoast with surfing and adventures. We are a cool and tight gang of 4 people, rock n roll! I will write about this in my last post which will be up somewhere between 21-23 of june. I will be back in Sweden at 3 pm june 24th with flight BA778 from London Heathrow.

We have also started yet another side project here which is about a village called Punta Allen in where we clean beaches and roads. The village is in the run iof starting a recyclecentre so we help there to and making it happen. For help we had kids running around playing and asking so many questions. Real happyness and enjoyment!

Well, sleep a bit maybe. We just had a partynight that never ended and the time is 8.30 am. oopps..:)

Take care!

Sven Out!



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