The skills to make unreal to reality.

Using 3D technology, we present products and systems in a very attractive way. Complex systems are simple and easy to understand when you can explain features and processes with total freedom without physical limitations. We can start from finished CAD files, which saves time and money, or start from a simple sketch or idea. The films are of such quality that you can view them both at the cinema and HD movies on YouTube. Or why not email or PowerPoint.


We offer taxi- and logistics services customers of all needs.  We are 100 drivers who all share the same goals – Safety, security and quality. As a customer you feel welcome with us.

We are open 24/7 – all year round!

Throughout the ages function, quality and new technologies have been key elements in the development of Primus outdoor equipment. Since 1892 our goal has been to make life outdoors as easy and convenient as possible for you.
Our products are tested over and over again to be climate-friendly, simple to use and easy to carry. And quality pays. Primus OmniFuel is best in test year after year. Today we are a part of people creating big and small adventures around the world.
I use Primus Omnilight Ti with pan Eta Pot.

At Brunton, our passion for the outdoors is carried over into our daily tasks and is easily recognized through the innovative and professional grade products we bring to the market. We offer an opportunity to work with a diverse and creative team who appreciate the outdoor culture.
What mattered then, matters now.
In 1894, D.W. Brunton created the Pocket Transit: a compact, precision compass that freed outdoorsmen from the bulky equipment of the time, and set the course we still follow: never accept, never settle. Our home and headquarters in Riverton, Wyoming, at the foot of the Wind River range, is both inspiration and proving ground for products created to that creed, made for those who overcome and achieve. The drive to excel changed everything back in 1894; it matters more today. I use Brunton Embed + Solaris4 USB Solar charger pack.



FOREVER is a health club that offers experiences beyond training. Our goal is to create a sense of community not only by training activities but also include for example babysitting, events and lectures. We take personally care of every customer and by his or hers wishes and requirements, we create a program that suits him or her. We have a wide range and emphasizes the importance to vary the workouts. While we offer physical training, we arealso an oasis of relaxation mentally. Let go of thoughts of everyday worries and recharges the body both physically and mentally with ENERGY.



Windfree eliminates wind noise and provides better hearing!

The human ear is not designed to move faster than 15 km/h. These days we ski, skate, ride, sail, cycle and jump at speeds of over 50 km/h. This generates wind noise of about 100dB. Many of us have been looking for a way to remove the wind noise without impairing hearing. Different types of ear plugs and ear protectors entail a reduced sensitivity for equipment and details. How sails are trimmed, how a horse is breathing or how gears engage. With Windfree you can sharpen your hearing and retain the sensitivity.

Windfree removes the wind noise and allows you to hear.

Really fast animals are adapted to cope with high speeds much better than we are. Their ears are protected by fur that allows sound to reach them but not wind. Our development work was largely based on this phenomenon. Windfree comprises a foam with a cell structure that removes wind noise and allows you to hear twice as well.To increase comfort, we also use Outlast®, a material that is cold when it is warm and warm when it is cold. Outlast® was developed by NASA for the purpose of evening out the temperature for astronauts when working in space.



I am using the Swedish Post app Real Postcards to send you the thank you donation of at least $25 U.S


Only a few drops of XiniX AquaCare makes the difference between drinking and unsafe water. XINIX has sent water disinfection to Haiti via MSB Agency (the Swedish Rescue Services) and the Star of Hope.

Bacteria-Free Water – A Necessity.

XINIX products are used regularly by tourists, military services, rescue, aid agencies, adventurers, business travelers,  schools and kindergartens.
XINIX AB is an innovative company with water disinfection as its specialty. We develop and market products for water and surface disinfection and for medical care and oral hygiene.
XINIX products are based on a unique Swedish innovation.
XINIX has a long and broad experience in water treatment and focuses its activities on the health and well-being sector with its important disinfection technology. We have put great emphasis on our products intended for water disinfection in places where clean and safe drinking water is not available. Out in the countryside, on trips or in connection with disasters and especially in countries where there is only contaminated water available. The company’s products have great advantages, as they provide the user bacteria free water taste and odor-free and have a well-documented effect. Our goal is to always offer our customers the best and most effective products to prevent unwanted diseases eg due to polluted water.