Sunday May 26th 8.30 am Central European Time, GET HYPE!

I’m a boy, I have seen me like that for a long time and will probably continue to
do it for a good time to come. Maybe with a little more experience than the other “boys”
have but the smile I will spread on Sunday can not be mistaken
…. like when you get your first car racing game for Christmas, WOW!

The summer of 2012 was one long and fortunate dream that I can not thank Patrick enough for that I got to share with him, to cycle through the United States. As the return from the adventure came around, next one started to make a charity fundraiser and cycle around the world. From Day 1, I realized that it will require effort, wits, planning
and as usual some luck.This is just what it takes to plan everything….
Preparations are now seen in my archive called “things I have succesdully completed” and has been great fun! In 5 days, I stand at the starting line for something big, with
sun in my eyes, perched on the cliff from the lionking (sort of). Now it’s up to me and it  feels more important
than ever. The support you out there share with me I have with  me  every day like an iPhone with a high school student. It feels like I thank you all  in every post but you are worth the highest rating. Highfive!

Sitting in my taxicar for the last time and have been preparing for a mass mailing of
T-Shirts tomorrow! Finally, you should get your long awaited symbols of benevolence
and reflection, the 91 of them are flying out ….. Strong! Funny situation was to see my shirts wrapped in plastic in the back in my car,,,, looks a little,,, suspicious …. lucky to our friendly neighbourhood police is gone and eat cupcakes,,, hope so: P

Through t-shirts, lectures and donations, we are now up to US $1200, woohoo. I have gained a good confidence in my own ability of creating ideas for mini projects to raise more money. Marathon, football matches etc., …. We will together
indeed raise the $2.500 each to the Cancerfoundation / Sea Shepherd. So decide it for yourself and it will happen. Horrible events as sharkslaughter, whaling, cancer
and its relatives are around us and always gives me a reason to continue the fight.

I also feel so incredibly happy with my equipment that I have chosen. Thanks
to you Sponsors / friends through various ways makes me bike away with confidence,,,  Below shows a sample of some stuff I’ve chosen for its performance. I want to continue describing its “in action” during the journey. Archie and his gadgets to the world gives odds of 1.3 (1) 3.4 (X) 14.2 (2) ….


Me and my sisters son Elliot, trying out my Hilleberg Akto tent.


So how do you really follow this adventure and how does it work? Well hey, when you clicked on, visible at first is the welcome page. You change to english up in right corner.  At the bottom there is a map showing where I am at the minute. By default, it is well zoomed in but with the arrows in the map you can zoom out and get a good overview. Clicking on a point will now show date & time when I was exactly at that point. Expect a daily update so you can see where I’m having fun anywhere anytime you want.

Now that you know where I am, it is not that fun to know what I’m doing, in addition to wearing out my poor bum. Click on the blog and suddenly my stories come up with the last post first. Little difference from my previous blogging is that the images will be posted as a slide show in every post. Text and images will then be linked together when the reader is caught and they will come out with,,, a beautiful symbiosis one can say =)

The key feature is of course donate button on the first page where you can, if
you want to,make a contribution to this objective. This is in swedish at the minute but I really want to fix it! Keep in mind, I cycle 80000 km for this and you
Simply click around a little. Who does the work anyway? :) Haha .. After you
click donate to go to the page. Down to the left, you can click
on to donate by card, unless you are a member of paypal. From here it will be the same feel as a normal internet purchases and your donation appears as Airbourne on your statement. Remember, if you donate at least $ 25 to get a postcard from me with a personal touch, read more here.

Well time to finish by recalling Sunday 26th May at.8.30 central european time at Eskilstuna Taxis call centre at the train station. Here I am joined by a small media procedure before the race starts. I’ll ride to Uppsala via Västerås and then on to Stockholm. Then it becomes south towards finest Malmo. Many friends to visit, maybe you too? Shout to just so we can have a snack or a beer, your choice :)

5 days, 5 days, 5 days,.,. This is going to be big!


\ M / __ (“) __ \ m /

Did you enjoy what you just read?
My around the world cycle adventure is for a cause and that is to raise money
for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation is
wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and recieve a personalized
Real postcard from me:) Click here

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