Tarare, France

Day 144, 9266 km

ay and make a jump for it!

Almost 3 weeks since last post and I have moved 50 km so that does not deserve a
map in my opinion:) So more room for funny stories! My hands are ready to
flicker as never before, although they have been “punished” quite hard these 2
weeks with cuts and a black gapesugar layer that will stick for a while:) This
exprience and together with others in same kind are really an memory for life.
To work together in a group towards a set goal when the obstacles are heavy
work, long days and cold weather is truly a challenge. We came very close and I
am very happy to have been a part of it. I did even get the chance to play a
leaderrole with a little more responsibility. I think this happened because I
was there first at showed some interest to become that figure. It went well in
my opinion andn was good for me.

Life as a grapepicker is heavy with long days and sour bodies. Either you choose
to fight and make yourself harden to learn something and grow as a person in
agroup, or you give up. Most of us was in the first option and for that got an
experience to remember forever. We are tested both physially and mentally during
the day and can drink it down with wine at the evening:)
During the 14 days of work we had people coming and going but the base was
created by 6 swedes, 4 dutch, 1 english, 1 scottish & 2 danish people. The
people that arrived with train was my purpose to pick up. Said and done, other
than that I cleaned, prepared equipment and moved stuff until the others came. 2
days of those was all alone together with Germaine, a 76 year old lady that is
still going strong at the Chateu since the fourties! A lovely lady who though
did not like the day after our goodbye party..”It looks like whorehouse”

Jerome, our boss, thought everything was fine as it should be. Boy I got
surprised first time I met him. I introduced myself and he answered in perfect
swedish with no accent what so ever. I then learnded that his father married a
swedish woman and that he spend a lot of time over there, even since his
childhood. Jerome was great as a boss, that kind of guy you want to work hard
for and have fun at the same time. He joked around a lot and ayolso insisted us
to learn the right technique to pick faster.
When we aren´t picking we need to sleep somewhere, right? So a Chateu from the
1600 sounds ok? Château de la Bourdonnière is an awesome place to stay at. We
slept in the back section in 3 rooms set up for grapepicking nature. Not the
cleanest of course since we are so dirty all the time but we thought it was a
perfect home for the time. The view is not that bad neither, in clear weather Mt
Blanc (4810m) is visible at the horizon, Massive! We had that luck one morning
and yes, the camera was there. Before that we all rised for breakfast at 6 o
´clock, all dark. We leave around 7.15 when the light breaks through and work
towards 2nd breakfast at 10.30. Cheese, wine, eggs and bread isn’t so bad at
all:) Lunch and dinner are beeing eaten home frensh style with food coming in 3
waves plus dessert. Of course some wine to drink which also was available during
whenever:P. When the truck was full (3-4 times per day) I had the job to take
the grapes to the Cooperative (drop off place for grapes) to get the weight,
grade and sugarhalt. Grades just like back in school:) Last grape load are
beeing dropped off at 18.30.


So dinner after that and then a que to shower. That makes the days dissapear
fast and one good reason why I did not had the energy to write sooner on the
website. But now here we are:) Yes, we are tired all the time but that doesn’t
stop the funny fielddiscussions from jumping around, including funny questions.
Linus, a swede, brought my #1 favorite: “If you were a whale and suddenly got
feet, where would you go?” :D. Great guy, I would also like to thank Scottish
Collum for his laughable swearwords all the time, English Sam for always beeing
happy, Blonde Jonna for amazing quotes, Dutch Alex for great Guitarplaying and
all the others for contributed to a great group! The goodbye when I left was
memorable, thanks again:)

Thanks everybody for all the great comments and for still buying postcards, Keep
it up so we can grow the charity money pile even more.

Enjoy the pics down below and check back soon for the movie.

So, 14 days of work and the salary of at least 700 euro should arrive next week.
Money that pays for flight o USA and a little more, self five to Sven:).
I will try to upload a movie I made with the life on the farm. Alex is playing
guitar so just that is wourth seeing and hearing. My set goal now is to race
down to Torreveija to meat family and relatives. On the way I am crossing
Pyrenees and Andorra before entering Spain, the most hilliest country in Europe.
So the legs are beeing tested yet again:) They were a bit tired today after
first cycling for a while. I think loads of food, cheese and wine is the crooc,
back to biking and shape will return, no doubt:)



Did you enjoy what you just read?
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for sick/relatives that deal with cancer(Swedish Cancer Foundation) and to
work against sharkfinning (Seashepherd). A gift in form of a donation

wourth a lot, nothing is too small <3

Make this into a memory, donate at least $25 and

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