Giddys Place, Donsol, Phillipines. That’s where i am right now and sunbathing just next to the swimmming pool. I think back on my time here in phillipines=) Soon life goes on and I am happy with the island. The weather has been surprising with only 2 sunny days in the whole of march. It has been cloudy and grey with small showers everyday, luckily the temperature has been warm so the days hae been doable anyway:) I do lack some color but I hope I can get it back later on in Mexico! I am not the most lookish man alive so lucky me:)

Since last time I have been diving in 2 places and 2 dives in each spot. I started with Moalboal which is 2 hours from Cebu. A small coastvillage just in my taste:) The self confidence went to the top already during my testdive that I have to do since it was a while ago I was diving. You reherse some safety drills and stuff like that. My instructor saw that i was confident so we went for a full normal dive instead for free:) My first dive was colorful but not so much more. the second one though had some swimthrough and murrays looking through. But the highlight was my very first frogfish, addorable little creature! I was really happy with the day!
After another chillday I was on foot again going north for Donsol. Here I had whaleshark and mantaray in sight. I took a 22 hour ferry with crazy good food! During these hours i also watched some movies on my computer and got a pack of new friends, I think we were about 7 people trying to see what waS going on on the screen:) So nightbuses and nightferries is a big yes in my taste! You don’t have to pay for accomodation that night and you can also sleep in the terminal sometimes:)

In Donsol I waited a couple of days for the wind/currents to drop a bit. But the mantadives didn’t happen:( I was a bit dissapointed of course but thats diving, you just can’t control what the old whitebearded guy upthere has to say about it. During mars “Mantabowl” had only been open for a few times. But nothing coulod stop my snorkling with whalesharks! Such cool and big animals. Me, Gabriel from Kanada and Raoul from germany have been the not so suited up gang here in Donsol. The 2 of them were karoekee superstars which I encountered 1 night, me on the other hand, my performance can be disgussed:) But we had loads of fun anyway and that’s what matters!
I went diving on another place when mantanowl was canceled and it wasn’t bad at all; giant shrimp, turtle, lobster and loads of new gish I haven’t seen before. So the gallery for this trip is a lot of underwater pics. Beer with me:)

So almost halftime now and I smile big when I think back. On 3 months i have done a roadtrip, safari, jungletrekk,megabungee, great white sharks, loads of snow, great snowboarding, buffalo, nationalparks, Las Vegas, surfing, do-nothing-feeling, forget-what-day-it-is feeling, diving, snorkling, partying. It feels like the end just because Mexico is the last country but time is only halfway. My mind is playing tricks on me:)

Something like that! Now it’s time for me to do some more study on corals. I feel I’m improving and have learnt approximitly half of them by now. Go me! Miss you all back home and everywhere else! Hope you have a blast justlike I do!




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