Utah is superAwesome!

11 days since last time and I have flown over more timezones than fingers (yet almost). So lets go for a usual lookback and find out more about my airbourne experience. All you have to do is open your eyes and suck it in!

I felt a little sweat already at the airport in capetown when the amateurs behing the counter couldn’t find my USA visa at first. But I doublechecked with my own papers and after that it was much easier to find it apperently:) They told me that if they let me aboard the plane without a visa the airline had to pay $10.000 US! I smiled and walked away…
The arrival to USA was in perfect line with a huge snowstorm that Patrik had the fortune to endore. 15 hours and a detour to Denver was the result of his day:) Well, he got there together with his and my darlings (our skis and snowboard) so the day was a blast anyway! We bounced away towards the rental car and set course to the first “In n’ Out” we could find. USAs’ burgers in its best shape!

We are now staying at Studio6 where a little fun things have happened=) Would be booooring otherwise,right? One day there were a couple of police cars just outside our part of the motel. Apperently one of our neighbours died during the day. Sad for him but the cycle of life has to be that way:( Another day we were witnesses to a car crash in a crossing. A quite big one so people ran over there to help. Our help wasn’t necessary so as good tourists we just drove past without starring too much…
…drove past in our toyota camry 2011 who has been great. A little weak but it’s ok. Together with our snowchains we can go everywhere…almost.
So far we have had 2 days off the sloped which 1 of them we spent in Great Salt Lake national park. We headed for Antelope Island which strangly had no antelopes but instead a lot of bison! BIG animals! We explored the island and some indian history over the day and then drove back to our beloved motel.
The other day was a real roadtrip with Monument valley, a national park with really cool red rock formations named after what they look like, “elephant butt” or “camel butt” was a couple of examples:) The area is sacred to the local indians so we learnt a little history aswell. We did also get a really good view of the mountains around Utah on the 7 hour drive. Amazing! Believe it or not, tha japanese photofreaks are around here too!

But it was snow we came here for and Yes we got it! One morning when we did our morning routine; check the weather, road status and avalanche risks. One morning to our fully happyness, we realized that snowgod gave us 37 cm snow over the last 12 hours. Wow, finally we got what we came here for. But we weren’t alone..As one weather guy so nicely put it: On powder days you have no friends! It took us almost 2 hours to get to the mountain, something that had veen done in 35 minutes the other days. The ques were massive. People went mad and you really had to use your elbowes to get somewhere. But thats the charm and makes those first turns even better!. It wasn’t the real featherlight champagnepowder but the amount waS insane! Surf along in bottomless snow is just a feeling one has to feel for yourself, I just can’t describe it.

We have also timed in SuperbowlSunday here in the states. My team (Green Bay Packers) kicked Patriks team (Pittsbrgh Steelers) ass easily:) Made me a little more cawky than normal to Patriks expense. As tradition we bought loads of food from KFC that lasted 2 more days. “When in rome….” is a very well sutied expression for this mkoment. The food coma was worth every second of feeling like an american!. But whats special with superbowl is the halftime entertainment and all the tv commercial that os superpricey! All fun to see that live while watching the game.

As we of course weren’t alone in the slopes these days, a good idea is to just get away from it and find your own way down the mountain. That is exactly what me and Patrik has done for most of the time. I have snow shoes and carry my board on my back, Patrik has skins that gave him the abbility to walk uphill with the skis. We’ve found a special place which take us about 3 hours up and a nice untouched ride down. Got a little surprised one day when we ended up crossing a little creek. That made us realize our equipment wasn’t suited for scubaskiing:) All soaked but of course still happy! My boots were a waterfall when we finally got home again.
The day before that we met Amanda, a bartender girl who also ride boards. She was really funny and we met up yet again after our little water experience. She laughed hard and gave us a ride back home again=) Americans are very nice to us so far, keep that in mind..

..because one day I apperently got stuck with my backpack in a tree. That resulted in that a pocket got opened and my wallet took a jump for it somewhere in the woods. Luckily someone found it and I got it back with all thr 340 u.s dollars in it! How cool is that?! People are awesome!

Other than that we have tried several Fast food chains such as In n out, panda express, kfc, dominos and subway. When in rome…hahha..

So a couple of more days here in snowheaven then we head for Vegas. And as usual, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so you’ll here from me next time from the Phillipines:) Time for me to return to my Beer now,.,.,Miller.,.,.,so american!



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