Väsby this time of year..

Ali gani..
..is how to say “hi, how are you?” in swahili. Feels appropiate now when the countdown is getting closser for departure towards Kenya. A few phrases there and there can’t hurt right? At the moment I enjoy the company of my sister and her husband to be pretty close to the airport. It didn’t take me that long to realize that swahili just isn’t something you pick up after a pizza and 24 hours lack of sleep. Lets stay on track with my hopefully approved english and let the local do the swahili show:)

As always, the backpack is awfylly heavy. i don’t know why that particilur thing always happen; you throw in a little of that and that, suddenly you are carrying a bulldozer. The bright side is that I feel that I have everything I need though:) Earlier this afternoon, something could have gone a little wrong. I felt like a grown up and thougt that a copy of the passport could be a goof thing to carry. But not better than the original itself which I left calmly in the copy machine. Luckily I realized my mistake in time to avoid an uncomfi situation.
I also want to point out that I dont travel all by myself. For my happy companionship I have Helge with me who is a play toad:) He has travelled all over thge world with different backpackers and you can follow him at helgresadventure.blogspot.com. The idea is before I go home I simply pass him on to a new traveller so he can continue looking cool=)

So tomorrow I will be standing there, ready to explore everything. I will dance around like never ever before! Cant be that hard? I mean, the advice from home was to stay away from sharks, drugs, baf guys and giraffs (!). I will deffinitly break 2 of those promises, such a bad boy:)

Next time I am one life experience richer and hopefully all hyped up from safari experience! HOW AWESOME!




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