July 28th

Downtown, San Fransisco, California

From cycling pants into shorts & compression shirt into t-shirt. Life and our adventure have now taken another turn. A couple a days ago we rolled down (and up) the streets of San Fran’, which meant the final goal for this time. Loads of memories and discoveries have been encountered and the ride have rocked more than Rocky Balboa! Even though you win or lose it’s always good to have a look back and think about decisions you made through the way, good ones and bad ones. We always want to learn something for future!
Kind of silly to think about that little Alexander and Patrik has cycled 5000 miles over a whoile continent:). WE DID IT! WOOWW! WE summed up some funny numbers to read further down but first the last bike stories:

Halfway down to San fran is a town called Cresecnt City, where we left off last time. After some piza we camped on a free camp spot just outside town. A pretty place close to the ocean from where you heard the breaks smash against the rocks, KAABBAMMM!! Yet there were some smaller creatures we remember from this little sleepabout. Mice invaded our tent and bags and made some unsignificant small holes here and there. We did indeed read a lovely “warning stone” which stated clearly that mice were around. Did we listen to it? Should have:) And the fourlegged animals wasn’t finished there, on the way out we were trapped inside by some crossing elks who didn’t want us to pass. We solved this by waving our lovelysmelling clothes and they dissapeared with a dismissed look on their faces:) Haha..
Cycling was continuesly hilly this day but as a reward we met up with a swedish-american family who lived between Eureka and Arcata. Siv, from Jonkoping in middle sweden, married to Rob and one of their sons Bjorn was home this evening. Rob told us exciting stories from his bicycling career and showe us cool pictures from Europe. Bjorn just graduated from Lunds university (southern tip of Sweden) and was now planning his future:)
We had a great night with sauna and great food. The whole family were so kind to us and very nice. We felt so grateful when we left that morning. Lovley people of that kind you really want to stumble up on again!

Cycling next day involved another great thing we been longing for. The magnific Redwood trees. Of course we seen them before on pictures but they were so much more bigger and proud in real life! A couple of miles on the sadle we will remember for the rest of our lives! Just want to highfive every single one of them:) We stayed at a campground inside the national park that night to really suck in the whole aura of it all.
As I have talked about before, we stayed at designated camp spots on west coast due to laws, regelations and over picky cops. But good thing is the more people you meet:) One night we talked to a couple from Belgium and the next one a mexican family felt bad for our small (in their measurement) tent. We got some strawberries and juice because of that, funny and lovely people:) New people from all over the world means a lot to share and talk about. We all share the same passion; bike touring!

Now a funny story about two hairy boys who decided to make some pancakes one night. The mood was at its highest due to the hot tub we spotted in this campsite. The whole chaotic situation started when I was making the pancake mix. i used my waterbottle and shaked it for a while. Long enough for it to build up preassure and mini explode when I opened it. Got mini soaked in pancake mix from that experience. What was left of it I tried to make into acctual cakes in the community kitchen. But for some reason I got strong electric shocks everytime I touched it. Only me felt this which was so weird. Well, back to basics with our camping kitchen. That didn’t go better due to lack of a working spachelor. We went Mcgyver style and made one out of cardboard but it wasn’t a success. So I sent Patrik to fetch some real cooking devices from somehwere. Didn’t know from where but we had a problem and needed to solve it:) Delicious pancakes were at play for gods sake:)
For this we used to much fuel for the kitchen that we had to abort. Otherwise there would be no lunch the day after.,.,We might also abort because of the small bugs we found in the mix.,excellent. But with new powers, mix and with Patrik we tried the community kitchen again. Since I was somehow kind of nuclear loaded, Patrik was the responsible for the making this time. But there were so much people and lack of working stoves that we were sent to a bbq. That attempt lasted for 25 minutes until we gave up with lack of…heat. Important factor in food making. So finally it was our turn to use the stove and from here on (with Patrik maneuvering the spachelor) it went as it should. Summed up it took us over 3 hours to make 6 pancakes:) We laughed so bad through the mess but had to hurry not to miss the hot tub session:) Well earned we thought.

Next morning rise and it took us to Bodega Bay, where we spent one rest day. We wanted to time it with the arrival of Patriks girlfriend, Frida. She flew in to San Fransisco the day after we planned to arrive there. So another rest day isn’t that bad at all. We spent it the same way as me and Patrik always do; Loads of food and candy and internet chill:) Nothing strange there. Can honestly say I agree with the guy from “Zombieland”, twinkies are king!
So hyped up we took next day really easy and arrived to the bridge of bridges; Golden Gate! The crossing had to wait 1 day since we wanted to check out the area around it first. Sausolito is the town just before bridge and here we found some really cool places. We ate at an lighthouse inspired restaurant at first. Then the day continued with a visit to a place called “Bay Model”. Here some guys in white lab coats built an identical replica of the whole san fransisco bay area with actual simulated tides aswell. They can simulate a full 24 hours tide section in just 15 minutes. This model is used to simulate different nature and human affections to the bay. For example with an oil spill, they just poor in some oil in same area in the model and see where the oil is spreading:) Cool Stuff! For “Mythbusters” fans, it was here they made the episode where they tried to escape from Alcatraz. We also had the time to visit a mammal recovery center. Seals and sealions are helped here to fortunatly come back into the wild. The damages sytretches from lack of nutrition or human damage. Was very interesting and the people are doing a great job! Go Go Go!

So we crossed the bridge finally on our last cycling day. Patrik was like a kid on Xmas eve when he went and met Frida at the airport. But first we really had to freshen up. Shavers, shampoo, perfume and everything flew around the room and now we actually look like humans again:)
Frida arrived as scheduled and together we have playing tourists around San Fran these couple of days, which includes bike riding, visit to a market, steep road spotting and so on:) Great town! We even met up with Fridas uncle over a bit food at Bubba Gump shrimp co (Forrerst gump inspired). Hard to dislike the food and surroundings at that kind of place:)

So tomorrow we rent a car and drive up the coast and suck out everything it has to offer! The plan is to leave USA for Vancouver,BC, at august 7th. Then we fly home to Sweden august 15th. So loads of playtime left:)
Numbers is always interesting after a trip like this, so let’s do it:

Total distance: 5170 miles (8320 km)
Start: May 12th
End: July 23rd
Days: 73
Average cycling per day: 71 miles (113 km)
States: 12 (Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California)
Tent nights: 60
13 nights in churches,houses,fire stations, backend of a truck, motel,couches and a trailor.
Food facts (approxemetly)
29 kilo nuts, chocolate, bars etc
42 kilo beans
380 tortillas
15 kilo dry rice/lentils
12 litres oatmeal
50 litres gatorade

Thats a lot:) And here the list of stuf that broke a little bit:) To us it feels longer than we felt because we never suffered for real at anytime:) Also here are som stuf that are naturally worn out:

3 tires
2 chains
2 grip tape sets
1 bicycle computer
One front lowrider
one back lowrider (the welder worked a bit)
Mice holes in bags, one jersey and tent. The tent also had a pole broken.
2 pair of cleats for the shoes
1 solar charger
4 tubes
2 sleeping pads
1 stänkskärm
1 3,5 litre water container
2 sporks

Stuf we dropped:
2 towels
1 jersey
1 cycling jersey
1 pair of flipflop

I think thats the list. The most important when stuf brakes is to have a positive “to fix” attitude. Then nothing can stop you! Me and Patrik works good as a team and I think that’s why we accomplished this challange in the way we did. Don’t worry, be happy:)

So, we will continue with 1 or 2 more posts before we fly home. No more cycling though but funny “avergae joe” vacation pictures will be uploaded and stories told. When you are reading this and hopefully want to get out yourself, do not hesitate to throw us an email with questions! Sharing experience is awesome and we love to inspire others to follow their dreams!

And a big thanks to:

Posten Fritid (Swedish post)
thank you so much for your genereous contribution to our equipment. This adventure is memorable because of you and we feel proud working for such a caring company!

Timo and the others at 2XU
You guys have opened new doors for us regarding work out solutions. Your compression clothes every really leveled us up and we felt revovered every morning! The fitting is perfect and padding in the BIB cycling pants is awesome! I recommend everybody to try out compression clothes from 2XU. Recovery is at least as much important then the workout itself!

Family, friends, coworkers and everybody else
we miss you so much. Your support has been overwolming and it’s been great feeling your support all the way! We are longing for telling our stories over and over again until you can’t take it anymore. Hope you had a good time reading about our cycle adventure; we sure enjoyed reading your comments!

Yup, life goes on. Frida and Patrik snoores in bed next to mine so why not an evening walk? I feel excited as always and nighttime is a good time to smile:)

See ya!





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