“Why do people poo on the bridge? if I would poo one day it would be in the woods like a bear”

Hi all happy folks and crazy basterds:)

I have just spoken with mum and dad back home in SuperSweden. They make me more and more happy for each day! So glad they are my biggest fans around:) So big congrats to mummy who turns 29 (!) tomorrow:) Woop Woop!

So 1 week has passed since last written words so pretty tight post after olast one. But do not disbelieve stuff isn’t happening, cause it’s everywhere:) Weathermaster is a bit grumpy so no diving for last 5 days, so we call the situation “a cave made of broken plastic dreams”.
We’ve had fun anyway so lets to the usual lookback.

Kitchencrew #1 is now named for me, Simon and Nick! We put some extra energy into it since we had a little extra time. Reciepe for 21 persons are as follows: Tune up your best machete and collect 11 coconuts. Use the milk to soak the rice for a few hours, then boil is as usual (NOT in coconut milk). Then add some greated coconut as a finish. To this you make some love curry made with mangocutney and passion:) Add garlicbread as an appetizer, then serve the food in coconut shells with the hole covered with a palmleaf. That is also a nice decoration!. Then recieve applause from guests and be proud of yourself:) We deserved a good night and it tasted awesome!

On the checklist of wild animaols we can now add crocodile, a lazy guy who seems to own the bridge:) And it’s from the same bridge the headline quote is taken from myself in a margarita rush:)haha!

We have also started yet another sideproject. once a week we go to a local farm and help them with their everyday duties. We started with digging a huge compost from scratch which was a hard work but worth it ten times over by the feeling of doing something useful! The smile on their faces was just priceless. As a thank toy they cook for us, tortillas made just by the table on a stoneplate:) I learned that the swedish word for showercabin actually means “how are you?! in maya:) Good stuff!

Last friday was paralympics day where we compete in funny games hut against hut. We dress up and come up with a funny anthem. The games were “norwegian drunkness” which is when you spin around a stick tighten to your forhead facing down. A classic fun when people fall to left and right! Followed by a blind adventure course where the “victim” has a bucket on the head. james must be deff becaue he dissapeared out in the water:) Poor boy;) We laughed so hard and let him keep on going by himself:)
Last event was wheelbarrow race with fins and mask worn. The winner of the day was Lala legion as shown among the pics. Lala is our local milk brand and the cartoons made a cool armour:)

A great partynight without any drugdealers ended this week. Now we look forward to diving next week. Its been 3 weeks and i have found my place! This is where I want to be.

Sven is living it!



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